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VA: Virginia’s Virgil Goode says Romney leading GOP ‘over a cliff’; tea party steams

By   /   August 20, 2012  /   News  /   10 Comments

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau

FREDERICKSBURG — Racing against a Friday deadline to collect enough signatures to make the Virginia ballot, Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode says Mitt Romney is “leading Republicans over a cliff.”

Constitution Party presidential candidate and Virginia native Virgil Goode could spoil Mitt Romney’s party in the Old Dominion.

Goode, a former six-term GOP congressman from Southside Richmond, told Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau in an exclusive interview he is “cautiously optimistic” about qualifying for the November ballot.

The state requires 10,000 signatures from registered voters.

Goode says his campaign has submitted nearly 20,000 signatures while going for more to ensure he has the mandated minimum of 400 in each of the Old Dominion’s 11 congressional districts.

To some, the presidential bid by the 65-year-old Richmond native looks quixotic, and even downright dangerous to some on the right.

“He’s a great conservative heading on a trip to nowhere and willing to take us all down with him,” says Rick Buchanan of the Fauquier County Tea Party.

Conventional wisdom suggests that Goode — a social and fiscal conservative — could peel off just enough votes from Romney to throw Virginia to Barack Obama. Various polls show Obama’s slight lead widening with Goode in the race. The president won the state in 2008.

Virginia GOP Chairman Pat Mullins has said Virginia, along with Florida and Ohio, are crucial to the 2012 election, and that Romney must win two of the three to beat Obama.

Goode says the two major parties offer flawed choices, and he rejects the electoral calculus in his home state, where he previously served in the state Senate and twice ran for U.S. Senate.

“We’re going to take a lot of votes from Obama. Disgruntled Democrats will not vote for a Republican, but they’ll vote for me,” he predicted.

The former representative, who lost his 5th District seat by 727 votes in 2008, was first elected as an Independent, then as a Democrat and finally as a Republican.

Both the Democratic and Republican standard bearers should worry seniors this year, he says.

“Seniors are concerned about Medicare and Social Security. I advocated in Congress a separate and distinct lockbox fund for Social Security. Obama took $600 billion out of Medicare to help pay for Obamacare,” he says.

As for the Republicans, Goode says the Medicare reforms proposed by Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would make “huge changes” — and not for the better.

“It will give you some money to duke it out with the insurance companies, which can be a daunting task. I would make sure all money in Medicare goes to Medicare,” Goode said.

Goode says the two major parties are also off base on immigration.

“Obama gave temporary amnesty to well over 1 million illegal immigrants, and Romney said nothing,” he said.

Goode calls immigration an economic issue, and he supports the kinds of restrictions enacted in Arizona and Alabama.

He said the administration’s decision to “give out more green cards makes no sense when we have 8.3 percent unemployment. The green card is a pathway to citizenship, and (the president) assumes they’ll vote Democrat. Meantime, the average citizen is getting the shaft.

“Romney says he loves immigration. I’ve called for a nearly complete moratorium (on green-card issuance) until unemployment is under 5 percent. We shouldn’t bring in foreign workers to do jobs that belong to U.S. citizens.”

Goode takes a further shot at Romney, saying the former Massachusetts governor “would cave in to political correctness.”

“He wouldn’t stand up to Obama’s amnesty order. He wouldn’t even stand up for Chick-fil-A. He’ll lead Republicans over a cliff.”

Despite his stern rhetoric and his commitment to balance the budget before Romney-Ryan would, Goode’s gambit frustrates and flummoxes tea party leaders contacted by Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau.

“I’d ask him why, knowing that his candidacy is utterly doomed and he risks bearing the blame for Obama’s re-election if he polls well enough in Virginia, why he would entirely throw out any future opportunity for public service and make himself into a pariah?” said Greg Letiecq of the Manassas Tea Party.

“He has served with distinction for many years and done much good. To end his political career this way seems to make no sense at all.”

John Jaggers of the Northern Virginia Tea Party was even blunter.

“Anyone not behind Team Romney and Team Ryan lacks the material to function in a civil society. The world works in dualities, and the two political parties work to ensure there will only be two parties. This third-party stuff is utter silliness,” Jaggers said.

But recent surveys indicate the two-party system is turning off voters in record numbers. A USA Today/Suffolk University Poll reported last week that 90 million registered voters plan to sit out the 2012 election — 10 million more than four years ago.

“Romney’s theme is simply ‘I’m not Obama,'” Goode grouses. “I disagree with that strategy.”

Still, Goode has no illusions about winning the White House, noting that his name may appear on fewer state ballots than Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin in 2008. Baldwin, who was on 37 state ballots, received 0.15 percent of the national vote.

While acknowledging that Virginia tea partiers haven’t appreciated his right jabs at Romney, Goode says his low-budget, grassroots campaign is about offering an alternative to America’s big-money political duopoly.

Stephen Farnsworth, political science professor at the University of Mary Washington, told the Washington Times: “I think in politics every now and then you run into politicians who have a strong commitment to values.

“Virgil Goode is one of those really committed conservatives that wants to be part of the conversation. To view him as an opportunist would be a misread.”

As he drove around eastern Virginia to garner the requisite voter signatures in the 3rd and 8th congressional districts last weekend, Goode said, “People from both parties tell me they’re fed up with all the negative ads and super PACs. I’m limiting contributions to $200 and no PAC donations.”

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Kenric Ward was a former San Antonio-based reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • A third party makes great sense. Obama and Romney are only offering less freedom and more misery. The Tea Party knows this but they are glued to the hip of the GOP. That’s to bad because they could make a real difference if they joined forces with the Constitution Party. Go Virgil Go.

  • gadsdengurl

    If Romney is nominated and loses to Obama that is it for the GOP. It’s over. We need to stage a coup at the Convention!

  • gadsdengurl

    Not ours.. we are not the GOP, we are tea party 2007

  • BeachPatriot

    John Jaggers comment is typical of a Republican Lemming who is to blind to see that for many years both Republicans and Democrats alike are destroying the USA and leading us over a cliff.

    I am a former Republican who now fully supports the Constitution Party.

    Countless elected Republicans are liars, liberals / moderate, back-stabbers, ruthless, and untrustworthy. That being said, I’d still prefer a Republican over a vile Democrat any day. Democrats are even worse.

    Stop voting for the lesser of two evils.

    Wake up, people! Vote for the best candidate on the ballot!

    Virgil Goode is the best candidate on the ballot for President in 2012.

    I plan to vote for Virgil Goode for President this November in Virginia. I am well aware of the implications of voting for Goode in Virginia in 2012.

    Is is not a “wasted vote”.

    Former US Congressman Virgil Goode stands for the right things. He is an honorable man.

    Think about this, a typical Republican, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was the swing vote who decided that ObamaCare is constitutional. Many other appointed and elected Republicans also stomp on the Constitutional and embrace socialism just like the Democrats. That is what Republicans are doing to the USA.

    Romney developed RomneyCare which was the prototype for ObamaCare.

    Vote for Virgil Goode this November!

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  • Laurence

    Just so I get it right, here’s a quote from the TEA party rep, ‘“Anyone not behind Team Romney and Team Ryan lacks the material to function in a civil society. The world works in dualities, and the two political parties work to ensure there will only be two parties. This third-party stuff is utter silliness,” Jaggers said’
    Well, I’m NOT behind team Romney/Ryan. So, Jaggers has pronounced me as lacking the material to function in a civil society. Wow! What a sweeping cut-down to anyone who may have a different set of values. Is that his idea of being civil? Sounds judgmental and insecure to me. What’s the matter, are the 3rd parties tugging on your security blanket, Linus?
    I voted Republican since the 1st Reagan election. I have listened to the promises, but only lately took an honest look at what Republicans are DOING, not merely SAYING. Have they proposed any legislation to stop abortion in 40 years? No. Have they stopped Criminal illegal aliens from pouring across our unsecured borders? No. Have they decreased the size and scope of government? Just the reverse. Have they eliminated the national debt? They’ve ballooned it! Have they protected our liberties and national sovereignty? Patriot Act, subordination to UN commands, WTO, North American Union, etc., ALL acts of Republicans. How about repealing Income taxes, or abolishing the Fed? No. What about returning the federal government described in the Constitution to its 22 enumerated powers, leaving the rest to the States or to the People? No! Conclusion? Republicans say one thing and do another. I don’t agree with Democrats, but at least they’re up front about ruining the country!
    We have lost our way under BOTH major parties! It’s time we got back to home base. I’m voting my values, which are contained in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bible. Republicans don’t represent those values, nor do Democrats. So, I’m voting for what I believe in…the Constitution Party and Virgil Goode!
    BTW, a long time ago a politician challenged the existing 2-party duopoly of his time and dared to run on a 3rd-party ticket. His name? Abe Lincoln! His brand new Republican Party blew the old Whig Party right off the map. I’m glad he didn’t believe “this 3rd party stuff is utter silliness.” Sorry Mr. Jaggers, you only confirmed what I already knew. I’m voting Constitution Party.

  • Tea Party Veteran

    I’m a Sarah Palin supporter. I was a participant of the Tea Party rally at the Madison, Wisconsin capitol when 10,000 of us were surrounded by 100,000 vile, obscenity-screaming, froth-mouthed union supporters. Sarah Palin showed up and supported the Tea Party and the US Constitution. Where was Romney? Nowhere to be found. Where was Paul Ryan? Same-o. And he lived less than an hour away to the south. If Sarah Palin forces a brokered convention, I will be so happy! I like Virgil Goode, too. I can see him as a possible VP pick on a Sarah Palin ticket. Since I vote on principle, I WILL NOT vote for Romney. He is a pathological liar and wolf in sheep’s clothing stalking the herd of GOP voters who are so apathetic when it comes to voting their conscience. If you want to stop the RINOS from INCREASING America’s debt, if you want to stop the RINOS from DECREASING civil liberties, and if you want to stop the RINOS from STARTING another World War with Iran, I implore you to vote for true conservatives at the local, state, and federal levels…and stop the Obama and Romney big government liberal progressiveness agenda by voting on the principle of Liberty that is written in our US Constitution. Don’t Tread On America!

  • johadler

    If you will eliminate all the emotion from your thinking and look at the facts you might have a greater appreciation for the time committments these men running a real campaign for president have. They can not be all things to all people. Sarah Palin may have come to Wisconsin wherer I live but her time committments and responsibiities are nothing compared to Romney and Ryan. I was disgusted by the protests in Madison. Neither Ryan’s presence or Romney’s would have made a difference. This was a state fight and had to be won by the voters and we did prevail. Constant complaining and carping does not good. Anyone that does not think Romney is a better choice than Obama is should re-evaluate your position. The man’s resume should speak for itself. He is a capable man, he is a man who though wealthy also gives away his wealth. He did not get paid for the Olympics nor for being Governor. His motives are honorable. I am a strong Christian and the majority of the people who claim to be Christians are often in name only much to my great disappointment. Romney is a Christian not because he is a Mormon but because he believes his faith and lives a deeply committed life to his faith and to this great country. I urge you to see the move Obama 2016 I saw it yesterday and it was very revealing. We needed to know more about this man then that he was black and wanted hope and change what ever that means. We see the results. He was never qualified to be the president of anything. Mr. Romney would be welcomed with open arms in any corporation in the country. He will do a excellent job as President and has the sense and know how to solve problems. He is not a whinner and complainer he is a doer. We would be luck to have this man as our President and I fear we will be too stupid to understand that and we will blow the opportunity to have one of the finest men of his age.