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NE: Akin comments spill into Omaha House race

By   /   August 21, 2012  /   News  /   24 Comments

By Joe Jordan  | Nebraska Watchdog

Controversial rape comments from Republican Missouri Rep. Todd Akin are spilling into the Omaha congressional race.

John Ewing

Both U.S. Rep. Lee Terry and his Democratic challenger John Ewing on Tuesday called for Akin to get out of the U.S. Senate race in Missouri.

Congressman Lee Terry

But in an interview with Nebraska Watchdog, Ewing said Terry has more explaining to do because Terry “stood with Congressman Akin as they tried to redefine rape during this Congress.”

Ewing said Terry was an original sponsor of Akin’s bill that would have classified rape as “‘forcible’ rape’ as if there is some other form of rape.”

In a statement to Nebraska Watchdog, Terry called Akin an embarrassment who doesn’t understand the true tragedy of rape.

“Because he lacks empathy, he should leave the race,” Terry said.

In his statement, Terry did not comment on his sponsorship of Akin’s bill.

During a TV interview over the weekend, Akin was asked if he would support abortions for rape victims.

“It seems to me first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin responded.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” Akin said of a rape victim’s chances of becoming pregnant.

According to Project Vote Smart, Terry—who supports abortion to save the mother’s live — opposes abortion in cases of rape and incest.

A spokesperson for Ewing said he supports abortions in cases of rape, incest and to save the life of the mother.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Hal

    Anyone holding the attitudes of Akins or Terry, for that matter, saying there should be no abortions even in the instances of rape or incest is a stance closer to the Taliban than it is to a true Christian or moral sensibility. No matter if Akins loses in Missouri—he can always move to Kansas or Oklahoma and he’ll fit right in.

    That said—I don’t think that “abortion on demand” should be allowed. Period. But, there are circumstances that sometimes can’t be controlled and there should be rational and reasonable exceptions made.

    My wife believes that these extremist attitudes on abortion could only come from a bunch of gray-haired guys in gray suits pimping to their base voters in uber-conservative fringe districts. But they have no caring or concern about the victims who are the “beneficiaries” of their votes and statements.

  • Roger

    It is amazing what an election will do for No Leadership Lee to find his spine. When the Congressman Anthony Weiner scandal hit the press, No Leadership Lee was no where to be found in calling for Weiner’s resignation. I had called No Leadership Lee’s office and asked for my Congressman to to speak up and at least condem the actions of Congressman Weiner but No Leadership Lee’s Chief of Staff said it just wasn’t something they needed to get involved in.
    Congratulations No Leadership Lee on finding your spine.

  • Roger

    Am I the only one that finds it a bit sad that Paul Ryan and No Leadership Lee Terry went to Washington at the same time. After 14 years in Washington Wisconsin has a Vice Presidential candidate and Nebraska has No Leadership Lee Terry. It is amazing what can be accomplished if you just have the will and courage to lead. Congratulations to the good people of Wisconsin!!!!

  • ricky

    Rep Terry and Rep Paul Ryan and Rep Akin from Missouri all believe the same things. If a woman is raped, it’s probably her fault. If she gets pregnant it was not really rape. The radical G O P want’s a woman to bring to term a child even if it were the result of a rape, a legitimate rape or a forcible rape.
    How insulting to women these people must be. I hope women are outraged at this bunch.

  • Spike

    Akins, Terry & Ewing all live in the Stone Age as do 99% of all GOPER pols. The World is faced with the End Game problem of OVERPOPULATION & that goes for people living in the wilderness of Nebraska as well as other unpopulated places. Just when will you pseudo religious freaks wake up to reality already??????

  • Kirk

    @ roger, agreed, I’m a Democrat but would not give Lee my vote. I would set it out instead. These are the types of career, vote pandering politicians we need to rid ourselves of. this is not to say that I agree with Ryan’s ideologies either.

  • Joan

    I find it very interesting that Lee Terry believes just as the majority of the GOP does about abortion. Example, it is ok for insurance to pay for erectile disfuction pills so men can rape women at will, rape their daughters, wives, etc but women should not have access to birth control pills nor abortion even if she is raped or her life is in danger. Then the real kicker is this same group of men in Washington don’t want to pay for these children they insist the women keep. Go figure. Lee Terry is one of these two faced men who stood along side Todd Akin and Paul Ryan. Things that don’t change remain the same, huh Lee?

  • Jeff

    @ Kirk – If you are a Democrat, why would you vote for Lee in the first place, he’s a Republican?

  • D. Mark

    At least Mr. Terry did not have to check and see if there were any warrants out for him before he ran for office as did John Ewing!

  • Ann

    typical smokescreen

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    @ Jeff – Why did Republicans in CD-2 vote for Obama in 2008? Same difference.

  • ips

    so,joan, exactly where did you get the information that men who rape use erectile disfunction pills. i would be interested in seeing the statistics on which you base your statements

  • ip

    i think, instead of outrage we need to clarify. anyone who is insulted cannot achieve good understanding in back and forth discourse

  • Up in Omaha

    No, Ann the truth.

  • Get a Clue

    Attempting to link Terry to Akin’s foot-in-mouth problem is such a stretch it shouldn’t require any response but apparently you Dems require some explaining. Terry’s bill mentioned ‘forcible’ rape which we generally think of as an assault as opposed to ‘statutory’ rape which we generally think of as maybe a 16 and 17 or 18 year pair of kids fooling around. The two are handled differently, as they should be, regardless of which genered kid was under age. Ewing should be ashamed for the way he and his staff are stepping into this very sensative issue. The one thing the public can be clear about now is that Lee Terry is pro-life and John Ewing is pro-abortion/”choice”. It’s nice to know where everyone definitively stands for once. Terry is following his Christian convictions and protects the unborn person, Ewing is still a little confused.

  • Jazzee

    The stupid guy in Missouri should get out of the race. If a woman is raped, incest life of the mother it SHOULD BE a decision between her/family/doctor and no one else and that includes the pro abortion liberals-stay out of it. The birth control issue is stupid it is free to many, cheap for others–are we women such victims that we can’t help ourselves?? These things are very personal issues and I cannot believe how dumb some women are to jump with some dumb party to help them figure it out–neither party gives a hoot what you decide and it’s none of their business. Grow up ladies stop being such children you have the ‘right’ to make up your own minds and make your own decisions that you will have to live with–it’s none of my business or YOURS what others decide

  • ip

    why can’t everyone get a clue and think it out

  • ips

    roger, give it up. different people have different talents and are meant for different things that doesn’t disqualify them from being good in what they do. your reasoning would lead me to think that you’re a loser because you haven’t been picked to be the president of America

  • Dj

    So it is the unborn child’s fault? Tell that to Jennifer Bowman. Her birth mother was raped and gave Jennifer up for adoption instead of cutting her life short. http://www.righttoliferoch.org/nforgotten.htm Jennifer is thankful her mother didn’t abort her.

  • ips

    i mostly agree with you but this really is a deep subject and maybe thanks to that stupid guy in Missouri we’re talking about it and agreeing about what ninnys women have become to be led down any single path by any party into what’s good for all is good for you, when it’s not. It is a womans’ decision to be weighed seriously and be made inside of herself most solemnly. because that stupid guy has a point, there is another consideration now, it’s not just you, you sure didn’t ask for this but there it is,what are you going to do.and whatever you do it will always be with you

  • Roger

    IPS you seem pretty typical of re-elect the incumbent at any cost. The point is NOT that I expect No Leadership Lee to be on a Presidential ticket. My point is that in 14 years what has No Leadership accomplished???? Other than getting re-elected he has done nothing. He is a mediocre lapdog of the Republican establishment. What significant legislation has he authored that has become law?? Go ahead I will wait ………….. Exactly what I thought NOTHING. That is exactly why he is known as No Leadership Lee.

  • ips

    nope, i’m not a re-elect the incumbent advisor, but this is a time to keep what we know. Terry may not be the most exciting congressman, but he is adequate. Don’t forget, he has put in some of the best town halls to let us know what was going on with the health bill, unlike some others where there was not even enough room for all the people to enter the building

  • Joe Sixpack

    Does do-nothing Lee Terry support paying for the mental health treatment that most women should get after they are raped and forced (if Terry’s bill was passed) to have the baby?

  • Adkin admitted and apologized for his mistake people..
    So quit whining already..I’m voting for Todd Akin.
    He is a better choice than Claire McCaskill..