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Poll good news for Ewing and Romney?

By   /   August 23, 2012  /   19 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

A new poll finds President Barack Obama’s hold on one of Nebraska’s electoral votes slipping away but also sheds some doubt on Republican Congressman Lee Terry’s reelection.

Lee Terry

John Ewing

According to a recent survey of Omaha area voters in the 2nd Congressional District, Terry leads Democrat John Ewing by six points, while Obama trails Republican Mitt Romney by four.

Ewing’s campaign released the poll by We Ask America which indicates both races are far from over because many voters are still undecided.

The automated (robo-call) poll had 1,097 responses and a margin of error plus or minus three points.

Omaha House Race:

  • Terry           46%
  • Ewing          40%
  • Undecided   14%

Presidential Race

  • Romney     47%
  • Obama       43%
  • 3rd Party     1%
  • Undecided   9%

Ewing’s campaign believes the poll clearly puts them in the hunt and, among other things, will help them with fundraising in the final weeks leading up to Election Day.

Dave Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager, tells Nebraska Watchdog, “We are in very good shape and continue to implement our plan.”

Obama won the 2nd Congressional District in 2008 giving him one of the state’s five electoral votes.

Only Nebraska and Maine are not “winner take all” states.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Biff

    What a slanted headline….but to be expected from this partisan website.

  • Spike

    Terry by 20%!! Sad but true as he’s a total loser!!

  • D. Mark

    You think the other guy is a winner? Think again!

  • ProgressiveOasis

    Ewing was on KFAB this morning. His sole objective is to raise taxes so the government can spend more. I wish they had asked him about his real motivation for running…the retirement trifecta. He’s already pulling down a police pension, will get another pension payment from the county and a Congressional pension would be the cherry on top. Luckily, he’s toast when it comes to winning a seat in Congress. Even the majority of folks in North O won’t vote for him.

  • ErnieToldMe

    The “racial slut” incident will turn out to have been planned and executed by none other than Mark Welsch or another one of Ewing’s supporters in a vain attempt to get Ewing some free media.

  • jimino

    I’m wondering when Lee, who co-sponsored the “life begins at fertilization” bill in the House, to tell his constituents just how long a prison term he thinks would be appropriate for anyone getting or assisting someone in seeking an abortion, rape victims included of course. Or maybe it’s the death penalty, which seems to be favored by many of his supporters. Any guesses on when he will tell us?

  • Jason3

    Hey progressiveO….Lee Terry was only going to run for a term or two…can’t remember for sure w/o checking it out…So, he’s going to congress and getting rich with no accountability but John Ewing is a problem because he worked for his retirement/pension…If John E. is toast what about Terry…a do nothing congressman…with nothing to show for his tenure so far….

  • jimino

    I’d suggest you look to someone other than Ernie for information. Unless you are satisfied living in your cocoon of mis- and dis-information, which is likely.

  • Joan

    You are talking about pensions…No not one term Terry who signed off on Rep Todd Akin bill and all the other wack-o bills of his and Paul Ryans. Plus he has been pushing the TransCannadian pipe line which has been proven to carry hazzardous waste AND the company has not cleaned up their previous spills. Lee Terry is a checks in the mail and I won’t (blank) in your mouth kind of guy that cannot and should not be in Congress another minute.

  • ricky

    Please please please Mr Ewing get Terry out of the House. If anybody deserves to lose it’s Rep Terry. He has accomplished nothing.
    Why does Rep Terry side with this Akin fool and Paul Ryan and King of Iowa in their war on women? “forcible” rape and “legitimate” rape?
    Who do these men thing they are?

  • ips

    What exactly ha Mr. Ewing accomplish ????

  • ips


  • ips

    never thought I’d agree with you

  • roadrunner

    Assuming you are serious for a minute, please remember the previous treasurer (a Republican) who presided over a County Treasurer’s office that was rocked by one scandal after another. None from Mr. Ewing. In addition, his office has modernized with online payments, and economized so the taxpayer pays less.

  • road runner

    “racial slut”? How dare you! Your comment is libelous!

  • Jazzee

    YOU said it all…trifecta! Even though Lee Terry has been worthless I refuse to vote for ewing he is just another obama clone.

  • Dan

    If ewing and the o man are only in the 40s in the 2nd, then kerrey isn’t doing any better, and he needs HUGE margins there to overcome the rest of the state, not lookin good for new york bob. And as a conservative, terry is a rino hack, though not as bad as bereuter.

  • ips

    you can just keep running, scandals are just par for the course these days and who are you kidding, the tax payer pays less??? this is nebraska,we pay more

  • Dan

    Biff, it’s obvious to everybody that this website is a raging liberal rag and joe jordan and his cohorts are nothing but shills for big apple bob kerrey.