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Cabinet salaries cut: Gov. Martinez says administration “will lead by example”

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New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez

From a news release sent out to us media types Wednesday afternoon:

Today, Governor Susana Martinez announced significant cuts to cabinet members’ salaries. According to Martinez:

  • Each cabinet secretary will earn a lower salary than his or her predecessor
  • Cumulative salaries for New Mexico cabinet secretaries will be cut by at least ten percent over the previous administration
  • No cabinet secretary will earn higher than $125,000 per year. During the previous administration, cabinet secretaries earned as high as $188,158 per year.

The announcement is part of the Governor’s ongoing commitment to fiscal responsibility through cutting government spending and closing the state’s budget deficit.

“Families and small businesses across New Mexico are being forced to balance their budgets and cut back on their spending,” said Martinez. “It’s time for government to do the same and my cabinet will be leading by example.”




Rob formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Helen Ulibarri

    Leading by example. Will you ensure that your Exempt Employees pay their fair share for the housing on the grounds of the Penitentiary? The housing should be paid for just like anyone else who has to pay rent. The housing was built in a era long before faxes, email, cell phones. The Exempts do not have to live on the grounds and they should consider this a privilege not a right. This is one of the issues that destroys the morale of the Corrections staff. Please address this1

    Can you imagine what it is like to live in Espanola, because you can’t afford to live in Santa Fe-drive all of the way to your job at the Penitentiary, using your own car and gas, and seeing these exempt people who have no business being in these houses living there, rent free, utilities free, having the inmates take care of the landscaping and any maintenance, having the Penitentiary pay for any painting, redecorating that the Exempts want to have done. This is a real issue for the common employee.

  • Mary

    Helen, again… griping ignorantly. MOST people in this country are “expected” to drive to work from their homes in their “own” cars and use their “own gas”. that is not a shocking expectation. The “exempt” staff are Administration. that is be underscored. Their positions are of the nature that close proximity is paramount to the swift and responsible response to any and all emergency situations and urgent matters. They are expected to work and DO work WELL beyond their “40 hours” They are expected to travel, to attend meetings off grounds to attend to “business”. The federal government reimburses at $.55 cents per mile (that is across this nation) so if you “do the math” the Corrections Dept is being fiscally “smart” to use state vehicles than to pay out monthly on federally allowable mileage reimbursement costs. As for Housing, it is common practice, nationwide, in residential programs (not just in Corrections and certainly NOT just in NM) to have your “leaders” very closely by in case of urgent matters 24/7/365. The privledge of living on the grounds (and i agree it’s a privledge) should not be taken for granted and is the “perk” to have your home life so close by your work life and the “fish bowl” lifestyle it creates. To have the inmates “upkeep” the homes is smart. to upkeep the homes is responsible as the facility should upkeep ALL the buildings they “own”. As for the “re-decorating”, you are sadly mistaken. Keep in mind that any upkeep outside of basic care is the financial responsibility of the admin who resides there. Dont always believe rumors or what you hear. If the “common employee” is having an issue with this, then they should continue to work hard. they should EARN the promotions that would then shoulder them with the RESPONSIBILITY of what the “tenants” in these houses have and they too can have the privledge of living so close. The “grass always looks greener” until you look at it from INSIDE the “fence”. If the “morale” of the Corrections Dept is being “destroyed” over these “small potato” issues, you are sadly wrong. The “morale” is being destroyed by the “Negativity” of the staff, like you. This type of negativity is like a “Cancer’ and SURE to rot the morale from the core. I suggest that perhaps you find a healthier avenue to express your resentments, your anger, your hurt, your pains. You could benefit from some professional guidance and life coaching that could heal your angry soul and perhaps find some positive meaning in your life. Stop and smell the roses, Helen. Life is what you make it.

  • http://www.wh2toersbijnsc.com Carl Toersbijns

    Kudos to the decision to cut back salaries 10 per cent. Now to be responsible, that 10 % savings should be put back into the general fund with scrutiny and oversight on how these “savings” are spent otherwise this notion and noble act is void and moot serving no purpose other than redirecting the funds to another expenditure that is perhaps not necessary thus wasteful.