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Education Spending Per Child

By   /   July 6, 2010  /   1 Comment

According to data from the Census Bureau, Maine is the 15th highest education spender per child. I’ve included the PDF I’m referring to.

According to the 2008 numbers, Maine’s public schools also ended the year about $788 million in debt.

In contrast, Texas had a colossal $56 billion debt. Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming were the only other states with less debt than Maine.

If you are a nerd (you know who you are), here’s the link to the full report.

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Stephan Burklin

  • Frank J. Heller, MPA

    USE THE NAEP (IES) data explorer and you ‘ll find Maine comes in 12th. I have the clip if you want it. It’s not that hard to use.