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Blaine House: Upgrade or Downgrade?

By   /   August 24, 2010  /   News  /   No Comments

Maine’s most famous home, the Blaine House, is a marvelous fringe benefit for the office of the Governor, but will it represent an upgrade or a downgrade for the next incumbent?

Records obtained from local tax assessors’ offices suggest that the transition into the 10,000 square foot Blaine House may actually be a downgrade for one candidate.

Cutler's Home in Cape Elizabeth

Eliot Cutler, Maine’s leading independent candidate, would have to downgrade if he emerged victorious in November. His shore front property in Cape Elizabeth features a 12,000 square foot home, a four-door garage, and a private tennis court. Cutler, according to the Cape Elizabeth assessor’s office, will pay more in property taxes this year than he would earn as Governor in 2011. Cutler will pay $72,318 in property taxes this year; the Governor’s salary, conversely, is set at $70,000.

The Blaine House property, however, includes a tennis facility, so Cutler could continue to practice his backhand stroke on his backyard court.

Paul LePage, the Republican candidate, and his wife, Ann, live in a 2,148 square foot home in Waterville, so the transition into the Blaine House would constitute a step up. He would, nonetheless, have to acclimate to denser city life, as he would be leaving 113,00 square feet of land behind.

In the case of Elizabeth Mitchell, the Democratic candidate, the move into the Blaine House would also constitute an upgrade. She owns a 1,332 square foot home seven miles away from the Blaine House in Vassalboro.


Stephan formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.