DNC: Democrats monitor convention center trash cans

By   /   September 5, 2012  /   News  /   3 Comments

Garbage-toting media center patrons face a tough choice in the trash area.

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Democrats tell the world in their newly released platform they are seriously concerned about global warming and committed “to significantly reducing the pollution that causes climate change.”

That endearing environmentally minded attitude is on full display this week at the Democratic National Convention, with party volunteers spending long hours each day watching people throw away garbage, ensuring patrons place appropriate waste in proper bins.

Call it a miniature nanny state. The trash-checkers are dead serious, too.

Two female garbage monitors, who would not reveal their names, parked themselves at the back of the media row at the Charlotte convention center, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to direct trash.

They can’t discuss their trash task with media – convention higher-ups forbid it.

Just a few feet from the volunteers’ chairs sit three different-colored bins: Earthen tones of green for compost and blue for recycling, accompanied by an ashen gray receptacle for basic waste. As each garbage-toting media member approaches the receptacles, the volunteers counsel him as to where rubbish should end up.

Plastic and glass in recycling. Unfinished food products and paper head to the compost heap. Everything else, trash.

One of the volunteers told Watchdog.org Wednesday that they are simply doing their part to aid host city Charlotte, which would otherwise be “bombarded by trash.” The compost will head to the Mecklenburg County facility that handles it. They don’t offer a final destination for recyclables.

Perhaps the most fascinating detail is that neither volunteer is from the Charlotte area. The female duo traveled from some other part of the country to watch convention-goers here dispose of spent bottles, cans and food cartons.


  • So what’s your point?

  • Actorman

    to bad there aren’t separate bins for the convention speakers. Green for the cronie money supporters that get it back three fold in government favors, blue for the BS artists that lie until blue in the face and gray for the old guard that would follow this president over a cliff all in the name of the party.

  • KateInVA

    The irony of it is all the three kinds of trash are going into the same garbage truck, with no way to identify them according to a Washington, DC radio station reporter at the convention. Image over substance once again.