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VA: Military absentee ballots going AWOL in 2012

By   /   September 6, 2012  /   News  /   227 Comments

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau

Requesting and sending absentee ballots can be challenging for military personnel.

FREDERICKSBURG — A 92 percent drop in absentee-ballot requests by military personnel in Virginia is raising concerns that the Pentagon is failing to carry out a federal voting law.

With only 1,746 military voters in Virginia requesting absentee ballots so far this year — out of 126,251 service members in the state —the Military Voter Protection Project says the system has broken down.

And it’s not just in the Old Dominion. MVPP Executive Director Eric Eversole reports significant declines in absentee-ballot requests by service members across the nation.

Compiling data from Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada, Eversole’s organization found that military families have requested 55,510 absentee ballots so far this year. That’s a sharp decline from the 166,252 sought in those states in 2008.

The dropoff is ironic, considering that Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) in 2009 to help highly transient military voters obtain absentee ballots wherever they are stationed.

“The fact is that an incredibly small percentage of military voters are requesting absentee ballots for the 2012 election, even though a majority of military members — roughly two-thirds — will need to vote by absentee ballot,” Eversole said.

Eversole acknowledged that personal responsibility figures into the equation, but he said service members aren’t getting the same voter-assistance and access that civilians receive through motor-vehicle offices and social-service agencies.

“We’re not seeing the same level of emphasis [on military voting] that we saw four years ago,” Eversole told Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau.

The former Navy JAG Corps officer blames “the federal bureaucracy and a little bit of stubbornness by the Department of Defense. The buck stops at the Federal Voting Assistance Program.”

FVAP’s director, who reports to the undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, left at the end of May, and the agency leadership has been in transition.

Pam Mitchell, acting director of the military’s Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Pam Mitchell, FVAP’s acting director, acknowledged findings in a recent DOD Inspector General report that indicated difficulties service members had in reaching voting offices at military installations.

“Over the last six months, we spent a lot of time reaching out to every single one of the 221 installation voting offices,” Mitchell said. “We now believe that voting assistance for our absentee voters is absolutely the best that it’s ever been.”

She said “between now and the election,” FVAP officials will make weekly calls to each of the voter assistance offices “to ensure they are accurately able to capture changes that may occur.”

Don Palmer, secretary of Virginia’s State Board of Elections, said, “It is immensely challenging to deal with DOD on the [absentee ballot] issue.”

Nevertheless, Palmer said he remains “hopeful that the numbers will turn around.”

“The Commonwealth has created a position to focus specifically on this issue and will increase its outreach program to inform military voters that the month of September is the most opportune time to successfully prepare to vote in the presidential election,” Palmer told Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau in an email statement.

Eversole praised Virginia’s SBE for making itself a single point of contact for military voters, unlike other states where service personnel must navigate through myriad local election boards.

But he places the absentee-ballot issue squarely on the feds.

“The MOVE Act was designed to create a more systematic, automatic procedure to update [service personnel’s] voter information. The military would provide servicemen a form for voter registration and absentee-ballot requests upon arrival at a new duty station. This isn’t happening,” Eversole said.

He cited Air Force statistics from the second quarter of 2011 showing that the branch provided voter service at only seven of its 22 installations voting assistance offices. In the third quarter, the Air Force said only five service members received assistance from the offices.

“The Air Force is not alone,” Eversole said. “All of the branches provided very little voter-registration assistance.”

Cmdr. Leslie Hull-Ryde, a Defense Department spokeswoman, disputes that assertion.

“We regularly collaborate with the services and states to enhance our efforts. In fact, FVAP facilitated Virginia’s research into a new online ballot delivery system to transmit blank ballots to military and overseas voters more quickly.”

Hull-Ryde told Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau that “more than 341,000 federal post card applications [for voter registrations and absentee ballots] have been downloaded from the FVAP website.”

For the same period in 2008, some 566,000 applications were downloaded.

But Hull-Ryde cautioned, “Please keep in mind that there is a sitting president this year with an uncontested primary, unlike 2008.”

“In January, June and September of this year, FVAP sent e-mails  to every service member with a “.mil” e-mail address, reminding them to register to vote,” she reported. “Additionally, 30 days prior to the November election, those service members will receive another reminder message.”

Robert Alt, director of the rule of law program at the conservative Heritage Foundation, calls the situation “a national disgrace.”

He pointed to a 2011 study of 24 states alleging that a paltry 4.6 percent of military absentee ballots that were requested and returned were actually counted in 2010.

“The military is one of the most underrepresented groups in the country. It doesn’t seem like correcting this problem has been a priority for this administration,” Alt said.

While it’s true that more military personnel have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan since 2008, Heritage troop-strength analyst Jim Carafano said the vast majority remain stationed at bases outside where they’re registered to vote — still necessitating absentee ballots.

Alt, who was embedded with troops as an Iraq war correspondent in 2004, called the military voting system “broken.”

He cited the example of New York, which mailed absentee ballots to troops just 22 days before the 2010 election. Even though federal law requires a 45-day window, the state received no sanction from the U.S. Department of Justice.

“Many [troops] believe their votes won’t count,” Alt said. “They’re given such short shrift that they consider it a waste of time.”

Eversole doesn’t blame politics, but, rather, “a lot of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.”

“At the end of the day they just don’t want to do it,” he said.

Contact Kenric Ward at [email protected] or at (571) 319-9824,


Kenric Ward was a former San Antonio-based reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • jerri wolf

    Wow. this is disturbing.

  • I guess it’s not suprising!!!

  • Phyll

    Disturbing at the least. These are American with the most on the line. Their vote should be the most important. Every step should be taken to see to it that they have EVERY chance to vote. Our Government needs to get off their behinds.

  • CitizensKB

    Why would the party in power want to put pressure on the agency which reports to them, to force them to get people who are not going to vote for them, to vote? It’s not as confusing as Pam makes it.

  • Perhaps they feel their ballot will not be counted so they intend to vote in person, hmm?

  • FAWCO US Liaison

    This is devastating… for anyone involved with military and overseas voting and for America as a whole. This concerns the military but the situation for overseas civilians is dismal as well, with insufficient voter outreach, an unfortunately revised ballot request form, and the persistent belief among overseas voters that their ballots do not count, so why vote… People need to be informed and reminded that federal law requires that all votes be counted before election results are certified, however, so I believe the problem referred to by Robert Alt rather concerns inadequate voter education – ballots improperly or insufficiently completed and therefore “thrown out”. As in other areas, overseas Americans are far too easy to forget and/or neglect…

  • I’d like to see a complete list because if there is a disproportionate decline n swing states then this is more than incompetence, there is mischief underfoot.

    Factoid: During Tim Kaine’s administration, the US Federal Court ruled that 16 electoral boards denied the military vote. http://defeattimkaine.com/page/election-integrity

  • TruthDetector

    Simple for the incumbent regime to deny their ’employees’ the right to vote.

    “Oh, you requested an absentee ballot? We don’t have a record of that. Sorry, maybe 2016, okay?”

  • The civilian army as well funded as the military is making sure the military is muted

  • Anyman

    Just one example we cannot trust this government, people better wake up and look around to what is happening to this country

  • Obama says that you military need to kill Americans that will not submit to Obama rule.

    What does the rank and file soldier say?

  • Blackcross

    Veterans…This is not by mistake. The time is coming…will you support the constitution or will you support the executive branch? Be bold and support your vow to the constitution….a 30 year vet and senior officer.

  • Something smells fishy here. I would think the military personnel would want to vote and I think the administration is worried that it won’t be for Obama, so they’re not being helpful at all.

  • vote downs are treasonous sacks of crap that live in a candy land built by obama the confectionery

  • They are already stealing the election. I hope our troops understand what they are facing here.

  • Way2MuchGov

    Anybody think there is any chance that this is unintentional?

  • BY DESIGN! – Obama’s political TOOLS are using bullsh-t lies about not having the money, when watchdogs have shown they’ve had double the amount required, but DELIBERATELY SUPPRESS the military vote!

  • “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of Idiots such as those who made him their president.”

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    OF COURSE, B. Hussein Øbama & Co. look at and see current members of the US Military and Vets as second-class peons that are to be ignored, they place a much higher value on the votes of welfare flunkies and dropouts. Just look at how quickly Al Gore Jr.’s legal team sued to disqualify 10,000+ Military Absentee Ballots in Florida in the 2000 race, and he was the sitting US Vice President!!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    HELL, NO!!!!!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    NOT ME!!

  • paulibabba

    And the administration has the nerve to accuse the republicans of voter suppression!?

  • JohnDPMP

    The reason is as blatant as the nose on your face. It is apparent by every measureable standard that Barry Soetoro, (aka Barack Hussein Owe-Bama), is hugely unpopular with the military voters and, as a result of the fact and since good old Barry’s minions conveniently have their grimy hands on the levers of the existing government, it would be no hard task at all too limit, lose, misplace, etc, all those nasty votes that don’t go his way……
    Just like always however, the sycophantic corrupt mainstream media will not report it, report it out of context, and generally be Barry’s official “Brusher under the rug” propaganda voice regarding the issue.
    Rest assured my fellow citizens, if this criminal is re-elected this November, it will only be through massive voter fraud on the largest scale the world has yet seen.
    (Don’t even get me started on the way the Democrats have fought to make sure that no one has to show ID at the voting booths, another rather odd and conveniently well timed victory for them in light of the amnesty just handed to millions of illegal aliens under the age of 30……)

  • Obama’s Pentagon being complicit in de facto vote fraud, because the majority of the military votes will be for Romney?

    Time for our soldiers, God bless them all, to realize they’re being duped in an execrable fascistic way by the mendacious Marxist megalomaniac — and anti-America, anti-Americans, anti-military, anti-Constitution, anti-family, socially and racially divisive, intellectually and morally bankrupt, pro-Muslim, pantywaisted punk — who crawled out of that sewer called the Chicago Democrat Machine.

    Time for our soldiers to grasp, if they haven’t yet, that Obama and his thug-administration represent the clearest and most present danger to our Republic and way of life.

    Thing is, when the time comes, will the military stand with those of us who will refuse to let Obama and his thugs destroy this country — or will they be ciphers-robots for Obama?

  • Jason Major

    Obama people and Black Panthers are suppressing Military personal votes

  • cindy_in_tx

    The Democrats complain on a daily basis that Republicans are responsible for the largest supression of voter rights since the ’50s because of photo ID laws, but this is much worse in my opinion. Most eligible voters already have photo IDs so it’s not really supression, but not making an effort to get absentee ballots to military or not counting their ballots is actually supression. Why Obama with his Chicago-machine style politics is ahead or neck-and-neck with Romney is extremely puzzling to me.

  • shearwater

    In Ohio, those folks on food stamps, public assistance and who received a “free Obama phone,” will have those entitlements taken away, if they don’t vote for Barak Hussein Obama. This type of threat is terrorism of a high order for the poor. Obama needs to be called up on this bribery for votes. There is now free moral agency operating here. Simply the “Chicago way.”

  • Maureensay

    Notice teh states listed-all battleground states. Coincidence??

  • Revolution 2012?

    So the fraud is already under way from the DEMS. Yep, Romney does not stand a chance against these people because the White House has no souls, only allegiance to the state and power. This is why we have been commanded by the founders to tear down tyranny.

  • Redrider

    Simple explanation, really, at least for me… Can’t speak for the others, but I really don’t think it matters. The country is lost. Obama or Romney, it’s the same story. Those who claim otherwise are deluded. Enjoy the good times while you still can…

  • Anyone who thinks there is no difference does not know anything about Mitt Romney. Do your homework!

  • This sucks. It sounds like a hostile take-over is on its way.

  • This is a National disgrace!!! These Men and Women give their lives to uphold our freedom!!! Just one more thing Obama needs to answer for!!!

  • jeff m

    I don’t think we can risk letting the Democrat hacks investigate this or be responsible for fixing any problems.

    The answer is simple. If we know brave soldiers serving in the military and their state of residence allows it, we layout the money for postage and send them an absentee ballot. There is too much at stake to take a chance that the political hacks in DC and the Pentagon will do the right thing.

  • Why is this a shock? The system has done everything it possibly can to betray our troops. They gave their fingers to Obama and Romney long ago, and the RNC flat out betrayed them by moving the goal posts for Ron Paul multiple times. Their dismayal can’t be fixed by any amount of legislation. A resistance to vote is the first indication that our soldiers crosshairs are switching targets. The real enemies to the constitution don’t live in huts in the desert; they live in our capital.

  • Mary Winland

    This is disgraceful. These are the people giving us our freedom & they are being given the shaft.

  • Fuzzy

    Ummm, after they threw so many of the military absentee ballots out in 2008, isn’t this largely foreseeable? Why vote if you know the corrupt government won’t count the vote anyway? O’s plan is working perfectly to suppress the military vote.

  • Fuzzy

    Too late! Our freedoms are already gone.

  • Redrider

    I have. 15 trillion in debt. Bailouts for retarded behavior, the complete absence of the rule of law… Think about it. Romney can’t fix it. Nobody can. By the way, the Republican Party is just as responsible for this disaster. Ugh.


    I wish the military would just remove the Imposter in Chief from office

  • Freedoms Pstriot

    Add it to the long list of Treason charges all the BOZObama-Bots have committed for their Dear Leader.

  • this election may or may not be over until all of those military absentee votes are counted!!!!

  • Freedoms Patriot

    The time draws near when the 2nd. Amendment is learned 1st. hand.

  • tonycoza

    this administration is doing their best to make sure that as few members of the military vote as possible. the last time i watched this president give a speech in front of a military crowd, the reception was so cool and quiet that msnbc ended the live coverage. No live ammunition for our marines at one of our embassy in egypt. this president has no respect for our men in uniform, and they all know it. LET THEM VOTE

  • I don’t believe for one second that the MILITARY doesn’t want to vote and considers it a waste of time. Something is bad wrong. Hopefully that idiot in the white house will be ousted this election and something can be done to fix the “broken system”!

  • brodave

    CAUTION: Obama White House at work – actively destroying America.

    Fire Obama and his Democrats this November! Or else.

  • winslow

    this president and his administration don’t want the military to vote. They are doing and have done everything in their control to make sure our military men and women don’t vote!
    GOD bless our military and damn this administration.
    Hope I don’t offend anyone using GOD!

  • rhyzoolie

    When I was in the military and in ‘nam, we NEVER got our ballots in time to vote and send them in. Same shite different day, typical democrat BS!

  • Where is the ACLU and all the foaming at the mouth left wingers screaming about voter suppression? Our soldiers should be the first people who have a right to vote! You know darn well the obama administration is behind this.

  • effinayright

    Thus it begins…..Obama’s criminals are beginning to steal the election. It is my sincere hope that the US armed forces will counter any effort to suppress the uprising that will occur if he steals his way to a second term.

    Perhaps the Obamanoids know that, and if they do, it explains the millions of rounds of bullets they have ordered for the Homeland “Security” thugs.

    I keep wondering if Obama needs all that firepower in the event of his losing the election—or in the event he wins. Either way, he will have a tough time disarming our military.

    Obama delenda est!

  • Deborah Herndon

    Come on guys if you have requested a ballot and not received it or if you have mailed in your ballot, Speak out, make sure you get that ballot in time to have it counted or make sure it has been received in your district. We have to fight this war that is being waged on our rights

  • if feds dont count all the military votes, then can the feds (this admin.) expect to count on the military to protect their admin.?

  • Maybe because 74% of the Military “Get It” and supported Ron Paul.

  • What’s disturbing about it? There’s no difference between Barry and Mittens… both are owned by the foreign banks.

  • It is frightening, Blackcross! People are frightened. Scared. If things go too much further I believe people will go underground all across the nation and stop communicating via the Internet regarding their outright concerns. I wouldn’t be surprised to see quality encryption software go through the roof! http://encryption-software-review.toptenreviews.com/
    Truly, never have I felt the danger to our nation in my lifetime. We are in serious, trouble.

  • BMaxwell

    To all family members of the military: Get ballots into the hands of our mlitary! This is way too important!

  • azjustin

    110% correct. The administration knows that the Der Leader is not favored among troops, so as if by magic, the ballots don’t go out like they should.

    Now for the 47%, they’re being paid to vote and bused in with ballots pre-filled.

    The 53% need to have a voice or we’re going to lose everything.

  • azjustin

    NO! It’s not too late.

    Get your friends off their butts and get them to vote this election! There are millions of voters that KNOW something is wrong with our country and KNOW something needs to be fixed, but will be too busy to deal with it.

    If every one of us get one friend to vote for the right cause, then November will be a landslide towards bringing America back.

  • arcsinice

    Heil Obama!

  • azjustin

    Only if you watch MSNBC.

  • azjustin

    The military know, that’s why their ballots are being withheld. It was less than a few months ago that dems were screaming to make sure the military can vote.


  • 92%????? H no!

  • Something stinks… I smell voter fraud against our military service members. If this is the case it should be considered voter fraud at the highest form. If anyone should be allowed to vote it should those who fight for our great nation.

  • I switched from independent to Registered Republican because of Obama. Democrats are beyond despicable for the things they have done over the past 4 years.

  • There is no way… Obama is sleaze and I have said over and over the only way Obama can win is to CHEAT.

  • It is deliberate, the “dude” will do whatever it t akes to keep his perks. He should be impeached

  • JustSaying

    OK, let’s see if I got this straight… We have to “help” the degenerates , on the public dole, to register and vote but the highly motivated protectors of this divine right to vote are disenfranchised…

    Sounds like the community organizer in chief is executing his plan to the “Tee”… It’s up to US to retire this “enemy-from-within”!

  • Press Pro

    It’s intentional. The libs know at least 90% of the overseas vote goes to the Republicans. This is an example of their hypocrisy of “disenfranchising the vote.” Only in this case it’s targeted group is the military, who is desperate for leadership in WH, currently AWOL by way of the annointed messianic communist who unfortunately occupies the office. Let’s get out the vote, people. Vote for freedom and preserving and protecting our what used to be great country.

  • Obama and Cupcake Dempsey are working their magic. That’s right boys. Million of voting age illegals pardoned and registered, and military ballots lost at sea. Now that’s alotta hope and change.

  • TexanPatriot2

    The executive branch is failing to carry out these responsibilities. On purpose. It’s criminal.

  • TexanPatriot2

    This is the day of the freaking INTERNET. It is INTENTIONAL.

  • TexanPatriot2

    Too late. You’re on the gulag list.

  • Sharon

    This is intentional.

  • GiantClam

    Democrat voter suppression. The degenerates always find corrupt ways to “win” elections, even if it means disenfranchising our bravest American brothers and sisters – since they vote overwhelmingly against democrats, and for Republicans – and since they’re also mostly white and Christian.
    There needs to be a congressional investigation – immediately – and prison sentences for ANYONE found to be engaged in suppression.

  • GiantClam

    In a highly unusual move, soldiers were told to disarm when SecDef Panetta visited Afghanistan to address our troops. Can you believe that? What does that tell you about the relationship between the obbama administration and our military?

  • Yeah, she’s hopeful they won’t turn around until AFTER the election. These people are liars.

  • GiantClam

    “He cited the example of New York, which mailed absentee
    ballots to troops just 22 days before the 2010 election. Even though
    federal law requires a 45-day window, the state received no sanction
    from the U.S. Department of Justice.”
    Sanctions from the CORRUPT Eric Holder’s Justice dept?? He likely was responsible for the delays. We’re talking about ERIC HOLDER, anti-American racist who only seeks justice for anyone who’s skin is brown.

  • Miguel526

    Obama has clearly put his people in the way of military voting, hidden them inside the US Department of Justice, etc. That’s the Chicago way. Those caught wrecking military voting will need their teeth bashed out.

    What is needed is to make the US Dept of Justice and other responsible people (such as those New Yorkers who purposely squelched US military voters) pay one million dollars for each military vote undermined & uncounted by means of being sent too late or not sent at all.

    Those bureaucracies would have to pay out of all of their employees pockets, not from the taxpayers. If they didn’t change and eliminate their hatred for our soldiers’ votes, they’d have one or two thousand dollars taken from their salaries every month for a year, just to drive the point home.

  • DG

    A good start would be to stop free trade, to bring jobs back to the US so as to reduce the number of welfare recipients. Free trade is not really trade when China refuses to accept our goods in exchange for theirs, but largely insists on cash payment instead.

  • Philip Lowry

    And here I was thinking my vote would count. Guess not.
    I can deploy and die, but I can’t vote.

    Unless I’m a democrat, I guess.
    Then I can die, THEN vote. TWICE!

  • What we need is to impose trade restrictions that state that the only manufactured goods that may be imported into the US from industrialized nations are those that were manufactured with the same strict OSHA, EPA, workmans comp, and other regulations as are imposed on any such goods that would be made in the US. That would eliminate much of the cost advantage to shipping jobs overseas.

  • TheAudacityofGovernment

    Of course the military absentee ballots will go missing. I am sure they will “find them” in a box under some chair in some office..after the election. Isn’t this the way it always goes? And the typical democrats, who can’t scream “DISENFRANCHISED” quick or loud enough, will be nowhere to be found when the military is disenfranchised…crickets.

  • piratestevemartin

    Gutless excuses for human existence. Our soldiers overseas getting screwed like this. Up yours, Obama!

  • Black Panthers? Like, both of them? Man, some of you folks are unbelievably stupid.

  • What nonsense…

  • catdoc

    If the POTUS is re-elected we have generic problems that are more serious than what the President has done and will double down on doing. A significant change in the character of a nation is tantamount to a revolution.

    Carter’s revenge was the Department of Education that nationalized indoctrination with the help of unions.

    Think our military absentee ballots represent a problem? The number of undocumented non-citizens is larger than the combined five largest standing armies in the World. How many of them will cast ballots with the help and approval of the DOJ? They will dwarf the absentee ballots of our military even if all of them vote.

  • Moozmom

    I see opportunity here. Veterans and retirees get together and form a partnership to go where the military voters are, with ballots. War zone? Fine, send us over-we will get the job done that this administration is denying us. Veterans and retirees contact military nearby, setup vote day at base or military offices. It’s really, really that simple. Bring the ballots to the military; just do it.

  • This is planned by these people in the government…Voting is your right and they are taking it away from you, Vote, it is a right and most people on earth do not have…

  • dygene

    Something wicked this way comes!

  • callmebond

    This is the REAL voter suppression.

  • callmebond

    Romney is winning in the ‘swing states’ and with ‘Independents’. The polls are tainted. Go to the website unskewedpolls for the real numbers.

  • AdinaF

    Look, if one seeks to ensure that illegals, the forever gov’t dependent, and even the dead vote for the Radical-in-Chief, what better way to steal the election-even further-than to ensure that the Pentagon reneges on its due diligence? More often than not, the military is far less liberal than the general population. You decide what’s going on here.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • BigBoa

    Very interesting. Is that, or is that not, a list of a lot of the same “swing states” that O’Bozo needs to win? Ohio, for example. Hand out a million free phones, eliminate the military vote, and presto. Victory.

    The mighty Boa has warned you again and again and again. If O’Bozo is still in office come October, there is very little chance he is going to be removed by a sham election. He has been preparing to steal this since his coronation. The people have chosen to tolerate him, DESPITE knowing quite well that this is what he is going to do. Thus, the people are ok with this. Therefore, the people deserve him. It is just unfortunate that those who know better will also have to suffer the outcome.

  • washingtonreport

    Democrats do not want the military service members to vote. Each election cycle the Dems do the same shameful con game against our military.

  • jaquebauer

    The Obama regime, and its gang of Communists, Fascists, and Islamic Terrorist sympathysers will stop at nothong to insure the re-election of the Boy King. The DNC Commie pinko red diaper doper babiesh have broken more federal laws than Richard Nixon ever did, yet they go free to continue their assault on the Constitution and the American people. The Congress has proven to be a useless entity, asleep, aloof and brain dead. Impeachment proceedings should have been started the day after Obama was elected, but because of fear over a negroid uprising is Obama was subjected to the laws of the land his criminal past and fraudulent birth docs were overlooked. That in itself constitutes a criminal conspiracy, yet House repubes snore away, as Boehner crys over a hangnail or other insignificant thing. As the Obama Communists have destroyed our nation, and Obama has funded our enemies in the big sandbox, the media continue their slobbering love afair with a homosexual illegal alien who goes by the name of Barak Hussein Obama. Short of a revolution by the 3 per centers and oath keepers, we will have lost this great nation and what it once stood for in less that 4 years. Obama did in 4 years what the Soviets tried for 50 years and failed. Or did they ?

  • Jurgy

    definitely a left-wing conspiracy that will be under-reported by the msm …

  • BigBoa

    Fuzzy is pretty close to correct. It almost is too late.

    What the mighty Boa doesn’t fathom is HOW people can be so convinced that O’Bozo is “evil”, a “threat”, etc, and yet in the next breath claim he is going to be defeated in a sham election he has been preparing to steal for nearly 4 years. Perhaps since this nation, prior to O’Bozo, has never been subjected to a dictator, they don’t recognize one when they see one. Perhaps they remain delusional and think “it can’t happen here”. But it already IS happening here. Only a PRO-active strategy can now stop it. A reactive strategy is doomed to failure. The “conventional wisdom” appears to be that once O’Bozo steals it, the people will “band together” and run him out. He will already be prepared for that. This is why he has been consolidating power and seizing control over everything. It will be impossible for people to unite with no internet, no phones, etc. Or to travel with no food, no fuel…

    Either the people remove him beforehand, or this nation is doomed. He should already be in custody pending an investigation after his treasonous inactions cost the lives of Americans in the middle East. He is either a traitor or completely incompetent, or both. Congress won’t do anything about him. The courts won’t. The military won’t. The people won’t. Very sad indeed.

  • NoParty

    Why aren’t these forms onsite at all the foreign bases? Since our military personnel do have proper ID, unlike some of our citizens who claim it is too hard to get photo ID, it can be securely done . It should be safe enough to have the ballots available and distributed to the soldiers on their bases. For anyone to hinder the voting rights of soldiers seems criminal, and needs to be corrected NOW.

  • stan7160

    there’s so many examples of liberal democratic corruption that it beggars the imagination.

  • adirondack_1

    If you are in the military it should be considered bad conduct to not vote.

  • They are foregoing absentee ballots because they want their votes to be counted in November. There are no Guard units deployed, so the know they will be here and want to do everything possible to ensure they vote obama out of office and not have their votes ‘disqualified’ as they have been in the past for one reason or another by the Democrats.

  • Unclebuck7

    Impeach BO!!!!

  • RightWired

    And progolibs claim that we are oppressing the vote?

  • disgusting

    Of all people being blocked to vote.

    The very heroes that give us the right to vote.

    Get rid of Obama and his goons this November.

  • FedUp Express

    Wether they’re in power or not, the democrats will do whatever they can at whatever level to suppress the military vote. The democrat party has always been hostile to the military, and those in the armed services (if they have any sense) will vote republican out of self-preservation if nothing else.
    Military, especially older active duty and retirees, vote overwhelmingly republican. Obama fears this, and he will do whatever he can, legal or not, constitutional or not, to both prevent the military right to vote and to punish the military, retirees and their families.
    The Left has nothing but disdain for the military and evicerates it every time they are in power. We need to stand up and support our troups and their families at the ballot box, because they have sacrificed so much for us.

  • wow

    More disdain from the Democrats towards our military.

    The Democratic Party has become anti-American in every sense.

  • Minnalousha

    Can anyone answer my questions:
    1) what’s the maximum punishment for treason?
    2) Do we, as a nation, have anough wallspace?

  • Dan Austin

    It looks like Obama will get away with it. Get ready for another 4 years. After that, the democrats will be so firmly entrenched that they will win every election.

  • ecksnowcloud79

    This is what I’ve been hoping for. Not just him but all the communists that are in the gov’t too. The trojan horse, enemies within.

  • ecksnowcloud79

    It’s uncanny how, without fail, whatever the Dems are saying (accusing) about Republicans, is exactly what the Dems are actually DOING.

  • AFV

    What exactly are you saying? The candidates don’t conform to what you believe to be constitutional and voting for either is traitorous? 30years in the military didn’t help you. Please re-enlist.

  • AFV

    Yeah thats why Obama trounced GWB with military voters in 2008 because they trusted the moron from Texas? Let me guess you’re from Texas too…

  • Retired Soldier

    Public Execution has been the appropriate answer to Dictators the world over for denying their citizens a voice.

    The President and his party had do well to remember that……

    It may be fun and games to deny them their vote but it is deadly serious to those who are at the sharp end of the stick.

    Warriors do return from wars, the President can let them vote in this election or they can vote by other means when they return….

  • John McCain ran against Obama in 2008. Proving your knowledge of modern history is as poor as your understanding of the Constitution, loser. Try reading the federalist / antifederalist papers before you criticize another veteran.

  • Denying the vote to our Military . . . . I will go ahead and say it a great danger to myself and my family . . . this is treasonous and you know what we need to be doing to traitors . .. all the way to the top! Does anyone in America have an balls or sense of patriotism or urgency anymore?????? I am just one woman but I would gladly DIE if it meant I could prevent four more years of what just F**KED us up the A**!

  • It is the naivete, selfishness, arrogance, hatred, racism, greediness and vindictiveness of the type of voter who wants a man like Obama in the presidency. They are the real enemy. They are clueless and are enemies of the State. Not an overstatement: ALL should be lined up and disposed of . . . this is a matter of survival, NOT a difference of political opinion!

  • You are 100% right . . . the military has ALWAYS broken at least 70-30 for Republican candidates. The left and Obama LOATHE the military and have done everything they could to see to it that they cannot vote. This is treason and should be dealt with accordingly . . . all the way to the top.

  • BULLSHIT . . . the 2008 military ballots broke 65-35 for McCain . . . typical Democrat, makes up data as he goes along. Also, it was MCAIN NOT BUSH that lost in 2008. What a moron you are!

  • Kim Jady

    These are the same pentagon political lackeys who are pushing Obama’s socialist policies for him.

  • ThisIsObvious

    This is because most of the military wants Ron Paul. Most Ron Paul supporters will not vote for the lesser of two evils. Therefore they are refusing to vote as is many others.

  • HonestAbe

    Not too late to impeach.

  • Stevepvb

    This is a problem because the MOVE Act is to be implemented under the “watchful eyes” of Obama appointees. Any real questions why we are finding problems? No – I didn’t think so. Get this corrupt administration out of here!

  • Mustardseed

    I think what Blackcross is saying, is not to vote Democrat or Republican, but vote to save Our Country & Freedom. Vote with your heart and Oath.
    Also, many in the military who vote by absentee ballot are afraid. By doing so, they could be marked as terrorists and held with psychological problems, as they will be a detriment to Barry. This election, if we get there, is a turning point in our history. Please don’t assume this will be a fair election, not with a Marxist Socialist in the Whitehouse and those who surround him.

  • GrizzMann

    Democrats always have trouble with the Military Voting. I understand why, do you?

  • GrizzMann

    I am sure Felons, Illegals, dogs and cats, and the Democrat dead will have no trouble getting ballots.

  • Cu’


  • GrizzMann

    Normally I would object to the use of 110% in a situation that requires 100%.
    But, we are dealing with DEMOCRATS. They always have trouble with numbers. The three letter word, J-O-B-S, the three words i want to see , Made in the USA . And that is only in counting to three (3).


  • Mustardseed

    What you are suggesting is valid, but cannot be accomplished before hand by the Citizenry. It can only be done starting with a military takeover and backed by the people.

  • Dont forget that Al Gore and lawyers for democratic party managed to throw out 10,000 absentee military votes in Florida in during the 2000 election. The issue was an age old military postal process that did not align with the new Florida absantee voting proceedure. When he lost anyway Al Gore had the audacity to say every vote should count which generated numerous recounts. I have no doubt there are secret democratic initiatives to get the military vote thrown out again.

  • GrizzMann

    It’s No Easy Day, in the Pentagon. Another of those bumps in the road to reelection?

  • Tired of Polititians

    Maybe our soldiers saw the 2004 and the 2000 elections where their votes were tossed out or not counted at all…and they think…why waste our time…and Obama is not stealing elections, clearly that is a Republican tactic they used in both 2000 and 2004…

  • GrizzMann

    Apparently you have not seen the Chicago politics in action, imminent domain to expand Chicago’s airport into another county. Imminent domain to move Graveyards, to expand, move rail right of ways. This is just one of many DEMOCRAT methods of operation. Of course the lost and found vote counts and the multiple dead votes. Vote early and often?

  • danspot

    Umm. Please look up “ironic” in the dictionary. Although misuse of “ironic” in a story that barely passes for journalism is – you guessed it – “ironic”. (thank you, thank you very much)

  • It is no secret that President Obama has
    little love and much less respect for our Troops. Our Troops seem to
    feel the same way for the empty leadership of our Commander, So is it
    any wonder that Obama and his administration would fear the Military

  • BigBoa

    Well, military assistance would certainly help but it isn’t necessary. At least it doesn’t have to be.

    A bigger concern might be why the military hasn’t taken any sort of action at this point, despite the clown violating the Constitution every day. There is no question that the upper ranks have been infiltrated by muslims and marxists. Even more frightening is the number of people the mighty Boa has spoken with that say they have family members and/or lifelong friends now serving in the military who, when asked if they would act AGAINST the public if ordered to, refuse to answer.

    Consider also that the Congressional Black Caucus, along with some other radical groups, is pleading with the UN to “monitor” the election in November. What a convenient excuse to bring along the blue helmets. As if that isn’t bad enough, there are already several nations that currently have troops in our nation right now for presumed “training”…..

    There is a reason why DHS finds it necessary to order 1.2 billion hollow point rounds. Add to that several other “federal agencies” such as SOCIAL SECURITY? The WEATHER department? And others, all of which suddenly find a need to stock up on ammo?

    Surely at this point, NOBODY should be considered to be “conspiracy minded” for suggesting that SOMETHING is up….

  • d2lv

    We know which party is responsible for this. All anyone has to do is go back to the 2000 election and see the Democrat letter telling the election workers how to get the military votes thrown out; I am a retired AF officer and consider this one of the worst political movers sever.

  • BigBoa

    These free-loaders claim it’s too difficult to obtain ID, yet they manage to get their free phones, welfare/EBT, food stamps, etc, etc….

    There is ONE and ONLY one reason to oppose voter ID laws and that is to make vote fraud easier.

    If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. One of the most hysterical excuses is that some people don’t have SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION!!! It isn’t as if we are 5 years removed from the days of sharecroppers. Most anyone should be able to obtain the necessary documentation. If you CAN’T, you shouldn’t BE VOTING!!!

  • BigBoa

    He stated nothing but fact. ONE MILLION in Ohio ALONE!!

    Perhaps you would like to expound on why you call it “nonsense”?

    If O’Bozo took all those phones back, how many of those people do you think would STILL vote for him? How about if he cut off all their other freebies? No more free housing. No more free “O’Bozo stash cash” for buying crack and meth…..

  • BigBoa

    AH HAHAHAHa!!!

    You BUFFOON, YOU!!

  • Fix it.

  • Lynn

    those of you saying this is the Democrats fault, don’t understand. The Republicans & Democrats are owned by the same entities (The same banks that backed BHO in 08 are now backing Romney.) You are lead to believe you have a big choice to make between them. You don’t. Romney is the chosen patsy that McCain was in 08. They have to bolster his campaign so it LOOKS like the election is close so the voting equipment tabulators, have been proven to be easily rigged, can do their job without it being too obvious. But either way, if BHO or MR win the office of potus, THEY win. So they’ve got this game covered (upside down & sideways.)
    It doesn’t matter if it is MR or BHO in the White House
    Same insane deficits
    Same wars we have no business in & certainly can’t afford
    Same federal reserve
    Same Quantitative easing – utterly destroying the dollar
    Same bailouts (payoffs)
    Same stupid stimulus
    Same costly “free trade” agreements, destroying US jobs/economy
    Same Agenda 21
    Same loss of our national sovereignty
    Same mandatory universal healthcare
    Same WW3 (one just plans to take us to Armageddon faster.)
    Same unpatriotic Patriot Acts
    Same NDAA, w/President indefinitely detaining citizens without trial
    Same obliteration of our Constitution
    Same Executive Orders establishing Continuity of Government Plan
    Same FEMA detention camps
    Same United Nations usurping this nation’s liberty
    Same march toward global governance.

  • lunaflyboy

    Take a good look at PAM! Is she appointed by OBAMA? I say we need to fire this Gal? This is fixing the election, plan and simple. She is rigging the process on purpose or she is a TARD. We are being Ruled by a TYRANT
    who will Steal the election!

  • JustTheFactsJack

    Blackcross, I find your comments to be borderline Sedition, and as a retired senior officer, a disgrace. It takes mere seconds online at http://www.fvap.gov/ for any military member to register to vote or request an Absentee Ballot for any jurisdiction.

  • Mustardseed

    You are a wise and informed person. Thank you.
    For those who don’t understand, let me say that “Party Affiliation” has nothing to do with this Election or the outcome. The determination of who the winner is has already been determined. We small people are allowed to vote only to appease us. The Puppet Masters are in charge and have been for a number of years.
    The purpose of this election is to slow down our eventual fall. The Marxist Socialist in the Whitehouse is taking us to a quick death. I believe he has been given the nod to continue in his work.
    Unless and until we American Citizens are resolved and like minded to take our Country back, we will continue towards our soon demise. We have reached a point of no return, economically. I believe to retake our Country can only be accomplished by the shed of blood. If we can depend on our military, militia, veterans and patriotic citizens to come together, we can save our country. It must start with our organized military and quickly followed by the rest of us in support. The military has the fire power that we citizens don’t.
    Should this endeavor to save our Country commence, expect foreign troops to be brought in. There are so many ways that gorilla warfare can be accomplished by citizens and militia to disrupt their schedules.
    Together, with a firm committment and desire, it can be done!!

  • We need all the votes we can get from our Troops to vote the right person in office

  • CallMeCrazy

    Hmmm, somehow I think the vast majority of people would still consider YOU to be “conspiracy minded” BigBoa. You really should take a long break from the Internet…

  • American Kazak

    The Feds should immediately walk into Pam’s office and arrest this planted Communist and charge her with High Treason and tamoering with a Presidential Election.
    The local Sheriff has the power of arrest under the Constitution of the United States. When are the Citizens going to say enough and start demandin the npoliticians do their jobs.
    Nice way to treat the Men and Women in Uniform that are willing to Sacrifice their LIVES for this country.
    If DC does not care about the troops, just might be time for the good Citizens to cover the troops backs and give something back to them.
    You have a Nazi Socialist/Communist oriented congress and senate doing what they want.

  • American Kazak

    Sorry. My mistake. It should be tampering and not tamoering.

  • TeddyNovak

    In 2000, the Democrats sought in court to block the counting of votes from the military. Now they just want to prevent them from voting altogether. Besides being a vile act, it shows that Democrats fear patriots (and hate America).

    This is the government the Founders warned us about and shows their wisdom in enshrining the Second Amendment in the Constitution. We’re coming to take America back.


  • Hendo

    This is not happening by accodent, applying for the absentee ballot on line and getting it are two different things. Our dedicated service people see right through this disgrace of a President. What a joke he is. I am ashamed of my President for the first time in my 48 year life.

  • debtom

    it’s not the soldier doing his part but what happens to that request afterwards. we don’t know that regardless of what the administration says. the WH knows our troops are fed up with Obama at least most of them. our troops are putting their lives on the line for the so-called freedoms of foreign nations while out own troops are not afforded the same. Their votes should be a foremost concern for this administration!

  • Minnalousha

    Like the old joke:

    “My dad voted Republican every time until the day he died. Now he votes Democrat”

  • Minnalousha

    You “hater”!
    How dare you disenfranchise dead people on account of their disability?

  • Patriot64

    If Obummer wins, I pray not, what State will let us in so we can secede from the United States of Islam& reform the “real” America? Alaska? Texas? Ugh!

  • Steve Fernatt

    JustTheFactsJack, I find your comments to be idiotic. It may take “mere seconds” online to register or request a ballot. It is EXTREMELY difficult to find that internet connection in the middle of a combat zone. Also, with the current America-hating administration and the criminal minded racist in charge of the Justice Department, they know their votes will be cast aside by some lawyer because they forgot to cross a t or dot an i.

  • Obvious voter fraud.

  • Will

    If you would look at who the military was sending most of their campaign contributions to by an overwhelming majority, you would see that the reason why they aren’t sending them in is because the candidate they wanted isn’t in the race anymore. Ron Paul was their choice (more campaign contributions to him than all other candidates COMBINED) and now that the GOP has stolen his chances, there isn’t a real choice anymore. Voting for Obama or Romney is like voting for Goldman Sachs or Goldman Sachs… Why bother?


  • they may dwarf our military numbers, but if the largest standing militia in the world, the citizens of the U.S. (85 million gun owners that hold over 250 million firearms) all vote against him, we can defeat osama obama.

  • WarriorBanker

    Then that’s military failing to meet its responsibility to enable soldiers to vote. BTW, I’ve been to some pretty austere COPs in combat zones. Never had any trouble getting an internet connection. The chain of command should be ensuring that happens everywhere.

  • catdoc

    I certainly hope so!

  • AFV

    Yes you are correct. Obama trounced McCain with military voters. Google it, you’ll see I’m correct.

  • WarriorBanker

    Please, put two or three more layers of tinfoil on your hat. The signals are still getting through.

  • WarriorBanker

    The right hates them too. That’s why the GOP voted against its own bill to help vets get jobs. That’s why it sends them off to fight its wars but then throws vets under the bus after their service. It’s fallacy to suggest one party is better than another.

  • WarriorBanker

    You also need a lot more tinfoil.

  • Andylit

    My question is about the number of “deployed” troops. It is all well and good to tell us that only 1700 out of 126,000 VA based troops have requested ballots. However, in order for us to evaluate the issue, you need to tell us how many are deployed outside their voting registration district.

    How many of the 126,000 troops based in VA are registered elsewhere? How many register as residents of their base area? Do most troops retain their per-enlistment home address or do they re-register locally as they shift assignments? How many are eligible and able to vote locally in person?

    I am not disputing that we have a serious problem getting ballots into the hands of the troops, but I would like to see more baseline data that details the actual scope.

  • AFV

    The only people who are trying to steal the election are republicans. You’re too brainwashed for facts.

  • wvhillbilly

    Perhaps it’s because both candidates are such a bad choice there’s just no point in wasting time voting.

  • chrism12743

    No accident, Military does not like Obama. This is good ol’ fashioned voter fraud! If that pos obama gets back in, all hell will break loose, it will obviously be a rigged outcome.

  • Fascinating comments. Off the wall, but fascinating. Can’t place a Democratic mandate to restrict voting, and all you “Constitution Experts” — um, the Pentagon is separate from the executive branch. If you checked, I suspect most of the brass have been more-or-less where they are for more than 4 years (which means they were more-or-less in place before the great satan African-American entered the White House). But all’s not lost. The Republicans have pretty much established what they think of the military: no voting in Ohio (etc), no cost of living increases in their (federal) stipends, no end in sight for their military duty — and on and on. Seriously. You-all are sick muthahs!

  • wvhillbilly

    Write in for Herman Cain. He’s the only candidate I’ve seen who had any sensible ideas, and he got crowded out by a vicious, organized smear campaign carried out by liberals who didn’t want him running.

  • “Military does not like Obama”: typical. Was this one of those polls you guys keep throwing under the bus when it doesn’t reinforce what you already think?

  • So Obama’s trying to block the military vote now by disenfranchising our men and women in uniform. Disgraceful.

  • Itsy_bitsy

    Obama gives illegal aliens, and fraudulent voters all the opportunities needed to vote in our U.S. Election, but he sure as hell is not going to allow the men and women of the Military, who risk their lives everyday for us, that same chance! Oh no!! They will not be allowed to cast absentee ballots if he can help it!! Obama should be seen for what he is, a corrupt leader whose primary background is in aiding & abetting illegal voting!

  • teaparty

    A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. Do you think your call for a Cain vote will beat the other two? That is simply taking a vote away from Romney.

  • Someone purposely makes things a little more difficult for them to vote and they respond by not voting? So what do they do if an enemy soldier shoots at them? Do show their disdain by not shooting back?
    Bring these puppies to me, I want to talk some sense into them.

  • GBSS

    voter suppression for military personnel. they don’t like that the military sends more money to ron paul than everyone else combined.

  • GBSS

    the reasoning that a vote for anyone other than Mitt is a vote for Obama is a way to get stupid people to participate in electing the other hand of the same puppet master. THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS WHAT HAS GOTTEN US INTO THIS MESS. STOP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING THINGS TO MAGICALLY CHANGE!

  • marypippert

    Gee, I wonder who caused this to happen? They should delay the election until everyone has a chance to vote.

  • Thomas

    Funny I get emails from family and friends in combat zones on a regular basis. Due you have data for you claim?

  • marypippert

    buy more amuntition.

  • Gee…what a surprise. Obama is simply practicing Chicago politics…nothing new here. When a criminal occupies the White House…how could anyone be shocked…about ANYTHING? (Question is…just how much damn longer are WE…WE…going to allow this SOB to remain in power???!!!)

  • mcsegeek1

    This administration knows that the military vote breaks about two thirds Republican. Make no mistake about it – they will do whatever they can to suppress that vote, and they are very good at disguising it. The bureaucracy of the DoD simply makes that easier.

  • mcsegeek1

    One thing I know for sure — you never served. If you had, you’d recognize a factual statement when you saw it. The military breaks about two thirds for Republicans, and has for a long time.

  • rcan

    And we all know who is causing the problem. democrats always have no shame. Just today news has it that all the government employees (think civil service military employees) are in bed with obama. I guess they know that their jobs will be in jeopardy if they don’t do something to help out the situation themselves – just make voting difficult for our warriors so they will give up trying, or “lose” ballots as they have before. It just may be that some very savvy whistleblowers will have to testify under oath to insure our soldiers get to vote on time.

  • A_Different_Al

    Right. Cast a futile throwaway protest-vote instead, and expect THAT to magically change something.

  • I guess you need to reread the article, there are many more problems than not being able to request a ballot, most troubling is the lack of enforcement by the DOJ(Department of Jokers).

  • So sad that Obama would rather protect illegals and allow them to vote than to enforce current laws and make sure our military has that right. The worst part is the apathy from the American public, most are supporting Obama but have no idea why, they can’t give any correct facts and have no idea where he stands on current events it is truly a sad day for the US

  • Fred Ward

    Facts from the democrats? You need to unplug.. Really. For instance, Obama has advocated a decades old economic policy that has historically failed every time. While doing so, he has disparaged economic ideas that have been proven to work. He has lied about virtually everything. He lied about his desire to decrease the national debt; instead, he increased it by 60%. He used stimulus funds to fund failed green energy businesses that no sane financial advisor would have advocated investment. He has not passed a single budget since he has been in office, and the one that he sent to the democrat controlled Senate… not one democrat voted for it. All the while, he has shut down four republican budget plans from the House. He has attempted to rewrite history by lying about well-known historical events (Thomas Jefferson, and other events). He has lied saying that he is not raising taxes on the middle class when in reality there are SEVEN new taxes that take effect through the PPACA that are not resticted by income level. Additionally, the PPACA is a direct attack on the constitutional powers set in place by the Constitution of the United States and a direct attack on the Bill of Rights. Not only that but his policies have done nothing but raise prices across the board for consumable goods. I could go on and on…

  • Cheryl

    It is imperative that members of the military get their vote in! With looming defense cuts under the current administration – all service men and women should do their part in helping to make sure he is not re-elected. I don’t think our country can survive 4 more years. Insist on getting your absentee ballots and make them count!

  • N/A

    where is the commander in chief?

  • N/A

    Veterans and military are already identified as potential threats by Homeland Security. I am not in the military and have never served but I have an American Flag decal on my truck which puts me on the same list.

  • BigBoa

    Yeah sure. You and your marxist and muslim buddies would LOVE that. You can not STAND seeing the supreme wisdom of the mighty Boa telling the truth and refusing to bow to any of your nonsense.

  • BigBoa

    Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. The mighty Boa has warned you, now year after year, that O’Bozo will simply steal or suspend the election and THAT will be the end of this nation. Despite warning upon warning, far too many continue along as though they are braindead. It shows up again even in THESE comments.

    At one point, a marxist from North Carolina was supporting the idea of suspending the election. Obviously there were several hundred comments to that article. The mighty Boa was nothing less than shocked to see the overwhelming majority all held the same line.. “We’ll fix THIS come November”…..how absolutely BRAINDEAD can people be? It’s about as moronic as being warned that someone is coming to rob the bank overnight and the response is that “we’ll take some money out of the bank and reinforce it tomorrow”……

    People in droves claim to believe that this moron is evil, out to destroy the nation, etc, and yet they STILL hold to the delusional idea that a sham election is going to solve it. He plans on going NOWHERE!! Do you, or do you not, understand this?

    Then there is that segment that believes if he steals the election, we’ll just remove him. Do you think he hasn’t prepared for that? WHY do you think he has consolidated the powers of his dictatorship? WHY do you think he is seizing control of everything from communications, cell phones, internet to food distribution, fuel distribution, etc? He will shut down everything and people will NOT be able to organize in the numbers needed. That is why it is crucial to be PRO-ACTIVE and not reactive. Just like the seizure of guns. Once he gives the order to do it, it will be too late to stop it. If you really believe he is evil, then you MUST give consideration that he WILL slaughter Americans to accomplish his goals. Again, the only solution is to be PRO-ACTIVE.

    This man should currently be in custody for his treasonous inactions that resulted in the deaths of our diplomats in the middle East. He is obviously either very incompetent, or much more likely, intentionally, destroying our security both at home and abroad.

    Congress is obviously not the answer, especially not with the spineless GOP who are already talking about the need to “work with the president” if re-elected. They are too afraid of being labeled as racists to do what is right. The courts certainly are not the answer. They’ve already taken up where they left off, already eliminating more of our rights this week. The military? They’ve sat by and done nothing while O’Bozo has violated the Constitution DAILY for the last nearly 4 years. The mighty Boa will say it again. Those who have known the mighty Boa for any length of time know he is a staunch supporter of our military. However, the military, just like congress and the courts, has been overrun with marxists and muslims. The mighty Boa has talked to a LOT of people with friends and family in the service who ALL are alarmed at the same thing. When discussing these things with them, and asked would they take up weapons against the public if ordered to, FAR TOO MANY have completely refused to answer. Remember, the service is not the service of 30 years ago. It has become a social engineering playground for the marxists. When you have people being disciplined for teaching the truth about islam in the military, people being booted for questioning the legitimacy of the commander in chief, the utter disregard of rules in order to appease homosexuals, and the numerous other things this military is being subjected to, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a large segment will indeed follow the orders of O’Bozo.

    In an event, there is no other group of people that can save this Republic with the exception of the public. They, however, are far too apathetic, too lazy and too complacent, not to mention delusional. Perhaps because our nation has not been subjected to a dictatorship before, people still refuse to believe “it could happen here”. The fact is though, it IS happening here. Either the people come to this realization, and quickly, or the nation will continue riding down the drain.

  • Please forward and post this anywhere your military friends and family can be reached and encourage them to insist on getting their ballots.

  • If anyone should vote it is military personnel. Their very lives are determined by the commitments made by the “Commander in Chief”. How many of us are allowed to chose our boss every four years, think about it. Not voting as a military member is stating that you do not believe in the very Government you have sworn to defend with your life, what kind of thought is that? Serving your country is the highest calling of all. Currently voting is not a privilege, but a right, don’t toss it to the liberal swine that would rather see you dead.

    Semper Fi and God Speed to all Branches of US Military
    Gunny MIke

  • AFV

    You got a long four years in front of you. HAHA

  • creeper

    Is it possible that with many of our troops having returned home the necessity for voting absentee is not as great?

  • Charliegirl4u

    AMAZING!…..You would think that our Military would be the FIRST ones that would be thought of …that is quite a decline and obvious they care not enough to assist them……. But, like all else concerning the “evil muslim prez., and posse,” EVERYTHING is upside down….. The “poser” will do all to ensure his re-election to finish us off and if, PRAISE GOD, if elected out, I can’t see him bowing out gracefully….

  • Robocop

    It should be required that the commanding Officers ensure that all of his Officers encourage their men and women to vote and do whatever they can to ensure that they are afforded this privilege.

  • Optinetgroup

    The Congress should step in immediately and push the DOD to meet its obligation. There is no way the Admin or DOJ will do a thing to address.

  • Kats

    You vote does not count if you never cast it. There is no excuse not to vote, nor to find the means by which you can cast your vote. Only you can decide if you want to exercise your right and freedom to freely cast a ballot. If you choose not to, then you forfeit all rights to complain about the government you have.

  • kaylasdad99

    The argument is there to be made that a McCain presidency would have effectively been the third term of the GWB presidency.

    I’m more concerned with what is happening in 2012 than with discussing 2008’s coulda-woulda-shoulda’s, though, so somebody else can participate in THAT argument. I’ll pass.

  • kaylasdad99

    Preach it. I’m calling my broker and having him convert all my stocks into shares in Alcoa, Kaiser and Reynolds.


  • Zabilde

    So the number of ballots requested has dropped by two thirds since 08, Funny since the number of troops overseas has dropped nearly 2/3 since 08 which was right at the peak of Iraq and the pre0surge peak of Afghanistan. Those two countries alone counted for over 200,000 of the 511k stationed or deployed overseas in 2008 compared with the 197k currently stationed or deployed overseas.

  • WarriorBanker

    Great idea. Prepare to see your cost of living dramatically rise when all that cheap, Chinese-made stuff disappears from store shelves.

  • Marginalizing the military- current and past- is an essential, ongoing part of the Left’s agenda for power. The values of the Armed Forces represent the antithesis of what the Left seeks to impose upon America… MUST impose if they are to attain their goal of unrestricted control. In the last two elections, this sort of thing was a concern. We should not be surprised that now- with all the political chips on the table- the Obamanists will blatantly seek to suppress the military vote.

  • plainolgee

    They are preventing the military personal from voting

  • Infidel

    I could not vote when I was overseas with the army.The soldiers doing the most do not have an election officer.

  • NaMoNai

    This stinks to high heaven. And it is obvious what is going on.

    The Obama gang know that they will not carry the military vote and are doing everything they can to make that vote as small as possible.

    This is WAY past mere ballot fraud. This is actual treason against the constitution.

  • NaMoNai

    If it is so very easy to register or vote from foreign postings then the only sensible explanation for the dramatic sudden change in participation is that the registration requests and absentee ballots are being diverted, hidden and/or destroyed.

    There’s no other rational explanation for a 92% drop in so little time.

  • They should be, that is the basis of the law passed in 2009. So the methods used in 2008 were abandoned and then the Pentagon failed in its responsibility to implement the new law and thus the 92% decrease – no process is in place. I am sure our Commander in Chief is doing everything in the world to fix this?!?!?! Not so much. Nor is the DOJ. Illegals are more important. And I agree with. Steve, I cannot see these guys with iPads, printers, and wireless internet where they are. I have trouble with my wireless capabilities in Cali! I know you all are gonna freak out but Im going to say it anyway; a fifth grader would make sure one thing is up and working before throwing away the one you have. This 2009 law, no matter how simple will take the fat cat gov employees years to implement and millions or trillions of dollars, and I don’t believe it was ever intended to make any difference. I don’t believe the massive decreases in 2012, oops we didn’t fulfill the law- by design! Yes, on purpose, Obama doesn’t want them to have a say. Everyone can see this and no one wants to say it cause you liberals will fire off death threats and insults. Well I don’t care fire away. He is a lawbreaker and does not share American ideals. Remember the sneer “all this for a f’ing flag” ? I do and I will never forget it. I think we need to show him what else we are we willing to do for that “f’ing flag.

  • Hollywood or Vegas..

  • Amen!

  • Your comment illustrates your lack of understanding of why these guys are able to get up everyday and do way they do. The are risking their very lives – it matters to them. Wasting their time voting, but are cool with risking their lives. I would love to call you a name right now but won’t cause I’m not liberal!

  • Thank you!

  • I think this can be attributed to our indoctrination system, I mean the school system. Get the gov’t and the unions out of the education on ALL levels.

  • I want to thank all of you. I finally am reading thoughtful and intelligent ideas-I was thinking you all were extinct. I will keep blogs from this site on feed when I feel the frustration from watching all this madness and everyone ignoring what is right in front of our eyes. Like “hey, did anyone else see that?” resounding no. Starts to make you feel crazy!! So thank you!

  • Yeah. 96% decline!!!!!! how is that data! If there was a .000005% decline in illegal aliens voting you can bet the Department of injustice would be all over it! If 96% doesn’t scream data, your not listening.

  • I loved him, too. But OMG. Obama MUST go

  • WarriorBanker

    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. And you’re talking about an allegation based on lip reading, which is just fucking stupid. What a disgrace. But I’m not surprised.

  • Your must vote….if you don’t vote for Romney then you gave your freedom to Obama.

  • Lord, grant me the
    strength and courage to serve my country and fellow soldiers and watch over and
    provide for my loved ones at home.

  • delahaya

    Looks like this may actually end up deciding the election in a state or two…and maybe the ENTIRE election! Stinks to high heaven. Did anyone else read the story about the plane returning with all Afghan theater ballots mysteriously crashing and burning? This means NONE of the Afghan soldiers are getting to vote this year. Just pathetic.



  • to talk to your family in combat do you require forms???? to be filled out in the middle of battle ??? then wait for them to be collected and sent back home?? or even e-mailed , how long would that take ???? think please ….