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MO: McCaskill leads congressional candidates in out-of-state campaign donations

By   /   September 7, 2012  /   News  /   41 Comments

Claire McCaskill

By Johnny Kampis | Missouri Watchdog

ST. LOUIS — Although Claire McCaskill is Missouri’s senator, they seem to love her in such places as New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

An examination of election donations shows that McCaskill, a Democrat, is the only Missouri congressional candidate who gets more individual campaign support from outside the Show Me State than from within its borders.

Fifty-seven percent of the $6.3 million that McCaskill has raised for the 2012 campaign from individual donations comes from other states. The next highest is District 5 incumbent Democrat Emanuel Cleaver, who has raised 41 percents of his $269,000 from people in other states.

Bob Biersack, a senior fellow at the Center for Responsive Politics, whose website OpenSecrets.org tracks federal campaign finance, said incumbents who have spent time on Capitol Hill have built a wider network of contacts beyond their state’s borders.

“It’s not at all unusual for incumbents to have more out-of-state money,” he told Missouri Watchdog. “They have a set of financial constituents and a set of voting constituents and they’re not always the same.”

St. Louis and Kansas City are McCaskill’s top two metropolitan areas for donations. She has raised nearly $2.6 million from residents of Missouri’s largest cities. But she also has reaped $542,000 from New York, $412,000 from Washington, D.C., and $260,000 from Los Angeles.

Her opponent, Republican Todd Akin, has gotten less than 20 percent of his $1.5 million from individuals outside Missouri, a percentage not likely to change much after his controversial statements on rape and pregnancy led many in the GOP pledging to pull his funding.

Todd Akin

His top out-of-state locales are Wheeling, W.Va. ($36,000) and Washington, D.C. ($23,000).

Biersack said U.S. Senate candidates are more likely than U.S. House candidates to get more money from other states. Those from the larger states tend to get more from their constituents, while those in more sparsely populated states often get more donations from such areas as California, New York and Texas.

Some of Missouri’s other congressional candidates have garnered at least one-fifth of their individual campaign funds elsewhere, including:

These numbers only include donations from individuals of more than $200, as reported to the Federal Election Commission.

Include gifts from political action committees, and the totals go way up. McCaskill, for example, has raised more than $12.5 million overall.

OpenSecrets.org numbers also don’t include outside spending from the so-called super PACs, which have poured millions into the state for television advertising in the past few months.

Christopher Witko, associate professor of political science at St. Louis University, said he hasn’t seen a study on whether the outside influence might draw attention away from local issues.

He said he doubts that financial support would have a strong effect, as politicians will help their local constituents “whether they gave them money or not because they vote for them.”

Witko noted that some candidates attract more national attention. McCaskill, for example, now holds a key Senate seat in the parties’ fight to control that legislative body.

“I just don’t think it makes any difference in the end,” Witko said. “If you elect Claire McCaskill you know she will vote with the Democrats pretty much all the time, and if you vote for Todd Akin you know he pretty much will vote with the Republicans all the time.”

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Johnny Kampis is National Watchdog Reporter for Watchdog.org. Johnny previously worked in the newspaper industry and as a freelance writer, and has been published in The New York Times, Time.com, FoxNews.com and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A former semi-professional poker player, he is writing a book documenting the poker scene at the 2016 World Series of Poker, a decade after the peak of the poker boom. Johnny is also a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors.

  • Kevin Morgan

    Considering the amount collected and spent by PAC’s to defeat McCaskill that is donated anonymously under Citizens United, it is impossible to claim that she is leading in out of state funding. You would have to overlook the PAC’s money and that it is being done directly to benefit her opponents. Without those figures, this article draws a conclusion that is misleading to readers. Good for her opponents though if that was your intent.


  • John

    Claire is a rubber stamp for Obama’s failed policies. And it seems that in a poll of most Missourians, they don’t care about the Todd Akin legitimate rape comment. You, and your husband can vote for McCaskill because me, my wife, both of my sons, their wives, and my daughter are voting for Akin so we have you covered by 5 votes. I also don’t believe all Republican candidates will loose all races.

  • Kevin Morgan

    John- Mind telling me which of Claire’s votes bothered you most? I ask this because most of the complaints I hear about McCaskill are empty talking points from PAC ads designed to smear her. Seems like you and your whole family would want to base your voting on reality instead of a bunch of regurgitated spin. The “Obama clone” spin doesn’t address any real votes or positions for either McCaskill or Obama. And as far as Akin is concerned, your wife and daughter are voting for him? Do they care that he wanted to redefine rape? Do you?

  • I’,m an Independent and I think both political parties are a joke and a rues, because there all in it together…they are all corrupt, lying, cheating, self indulging and could care less about any of us out here. The only thing they care about is their own political self interest. So all of you might as well shake hands and get along..none of them are worth defending or talking smack to each other over. My Lord, don’t you think they do enough of that by themselves?

  • Republicans are not the ones that are doing the lieing in this campaign.

  • I am a woman and the comment that Todd made was a mis-spoken comment that was blown all out of wack. I don’t think I am in Todd’s districk but If I were he would have my vote.

  • Shame on you to stand up for a scum bag skunk..
    You must have no shame people don’t miss speak until they get called on it. How dumb can you be..

  • And which turnip truck did you fall off of..???

  • Anyone that would vote for a rotten scum bag skunk must be at the bottom of the barrel with him..

  • Wake up and smell the coffee..you are going to need it..

  • It’s also funny how Claire is trying to distance herself from Obama in some of her recent campaign ads. Never forget that she gave the deciding vote for Obama care.

  • Scott

    Kaye, if you live in Missouri you can vote for senator. THEY DON”T HAVE DISTRICTS. They represent the whole (we have 2 senators per state) state. Please don’t vote if you are that ignorant of how representation in Washington works!

  • M.J.

    Why don’t they walk around with a hat or a cup like a homeless person and talk to the people about their ideas for making their representations and beliefs count towards improvements. How much do you think they could raise? I have very little trust in evangelists for themselves. There is “no I in team.”

  • v

    Kevin Morgan wrote: Do they care that he wanted to redefine rape?
    Really dude? You actually have the arrogance to point your finger at that other person demanding they research and describe their position yet YOU make a claim like that above?!
    What a freakin hypocrite YOU ARE.
    Akin didn’t try to “redefine rape” as YOU say. You are twisting the truth.
    Geez, where did you read that one? What a hypocrite!

  • That is because she is a great Senator! She reads, thinks and does her job with integrity and not just some party hack! Akin on the other hand is a Koch Brothers bought and paid for lacky! He has the IQ of a turnip if he thinks medical science says a woman can’t get pregnant from a rape. Senator McCaskill voted against Obama when it was right to and voted with him when it was right to! She will not be like the idiot Republicans and vote in block even on good bills. She is all about helping Missouri citizens and people of this country in general! That’s what drives her votes yea and nay!

  • soonermike

    This is news to you IDIOTS.

  • it figures she would be getting money from the states mentioned. they are all marxist like she is.

  • she wouldn’t know integrity if it bit her in her marxist fat ass.

  • there are NO dem/lib candidates that are for the middle class. they only want equal poverty for every one. control of the masses by making all equally poor and dependent. I work for me, my family, my home, my country. not for a bunch of losers that suck off the government tit.

  • AMEN! and she is a scumbag skunk!

  • HER. She is the skunk in the chicken coop!

  • beachlover411

    I always knew that Ms McCaskill wasn’t doing what was best for Missourians, now I know why.

  • So when Joe Biden said that Republicans “would put ‘black” people back in chains he didn’t misspeak?

  • liberal media has stolen ur heart&soul, if you love your grand children and dont want a death panel to tell you, your not worth the meds you need! i dont care who you vote for, but did your mccaskill read the obamacare before she signed it into law? NOPE!! BUT IT HAS A DEATH PANEL IN IT! she is not telling you that because she knows you wouldnt like it… do some fact checking before you die by Obamas agenda..

  • are you really that stupid? stop watching liberal news, better yet get a ((XM)) radio look up conservative radio Patriot channel, just call them and tell them how dumb liberal media has made your view out on mars!!! please educate your self!!!

  • it shocks me that Missouri people are so out of touch on facts.. mccaskill votes for the party in washington. her record has been stealing money from you for years, she should be telling you, that the Missouri Constitution has not right to have obamacare take over your lifes, under the USA Constitution both parties have been not holding up to it for years, did you know that obama wants to kill the Constitution to force you to pay for illegals crossing the border, givening them a new home,car, food,healthcare, dont have to work to get it, if they do work, they dont have to pay federal taxs. even if you dont like AKINS statement, that nothing to what mccaskill has done to your future! your kids future. grandkids future. DID YOU KNOW that califorina has three cities go broke? but they Mccaskill signed a bill to take your tax dollars to give califorina for a high speed rail..? you are given our tax dollars to give califorina! to have something nice, while they allow citys to become a ghost town! thats not even close to what mccaskill has done to Missouri tax payers. educate yourself before you see an America you only can blame yourself for voting mccaskill and obama in office.. look up MARK LEVIN in wal mart, read “AMERITOPIA.” see just what your new channel isnt telling you! IF YOU DONT, WHEN the day you wake up, and see something going on you cant believe, BLAME YOURSELF!!! YOU VOTED FOR MCCASKILL!

  • Shirl

    Mary, you and your husband just keep on drinking the kool-aid and voting Democrat. One day, you’ll wake up and find out that there are only 2 classes of people in the US, the poor and the rich, and your Democrats will be right there among the rich. We have to get our country back the the tenets of our founding fathers, and that was this country was to be a republic…not a democracy. Because in a democracy the people would realize they could vote into office those who promised them more freebies, and soon government would control every aspect of our lives. We’re pretty close to that right now.

  • Rob

    Roger – How do you explain her failure to pay taxes both on the plane and her condo at the Lake of the Ozarks? So she is either corrupt or incompetent.

  • I think she is both corrupt and and very incompetent and indeed a rubber stamp for anything obama wants

  • Tom W.

    Sure, Claire has a lot of support from liberals out-of-state. She’s willing to throw Missourians under the bus for anything. Case in point: I wrote her asking her to stand against the MACT rule, which is an EPA rule against power plants and part of Obama’s “war on coal”. Remember he said he would bankrupt the coal industry. It is estimated this rule will cost 1.2 – 1.4 million American jobs (many in Missouri), and will cause electricity rates to escalate (about a 20% increase in Missouri is projected). Of course, this will hit the lower and middle class, and elderly on fixed incomes the hardest.
    Senate Joint Resolution 37, which would have overturned the MACT was voted on in June, and with Claire’s support, barely passed the Senate.

    Claire’s response was typical talkiing points of the Obama administration and the EPA, and talking about how proud she was to be supporting those ideals. No mention, reference, or concern about the jobs lost, or the financial hardships created, just how proud she was to support Obama’s agenda.

    On Todd Akin, I think most would agree he was wrong when he spoke about rape. Now, was he intentionally wrong, or was he just mistaken,and maybe misinformed? I think it is the latter, I have heard him apologize for it, admit his error, and I think that is much more than Claire McCaskill has ever done for the mistakes she has made which have hurt many Missourians. Some are unwilling to overlook what Akin said and if they wish to be unforgiving, that is their right. I think anyone can make a mistake and I usually do not judge a person on one mistake in something they say, especially if they admit it was a mistake and are big enough to apologize for it. McCaskill, though, chooses to do Missourians wrong on almost a daily basis just to be in lock-step with the Democrats in Washington, D.C. The example above is only one of many times she has chosen to support Obama rather than look out for Missourians, and it is my opinion she needs to go. She has made far too many “mistakes” and I do not plan to make the “mistake” of giving her my vote to have another term to do Missourians more harm!

  • Really, man? We all voted for McCaskill so somehow she is each and every Missouri citizens fault? Last I checked we had popular elections in this country and the idea that individuals who opposed McCaskill both then AND now are responsible for her tenure is both insulting and patently false. Lashing out at one another in a mocking and a militant manner will only serve to deepen the trench in which we find ourselves. I see more and more Conservatives behaving like the Liberals whom we rightly oppose and if we lose this years presidential election, THAT will be why.


    Well why not Claire (who was weathy before she was elected to the fed senate) will surely understand your plight at being so poor. SHE IS A COMMUNIST> ALL SHE WANTS TO DO IS PUT YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND IN A GULAG AND WORK YOU UNTIL YOU DIE,FOR HER BENEFIT!!!!


    And just what do you think Claire is?


    How do explain that she votes party line(dem) more than 90% of the time?

  • Not literal chains but figurative chains. Most republicans believe in white male supremacy. They think the only way to be is white, male and christian, if your skin is darker or you are female, then you are considered less than. Akin didn’t misspeak, he said what the Republicans believe and they have all asked him to step out of the race because he let out their “behind closed doors” beliefs. I live in MO and this is one of the most racist states, we are right up there with Mississippi and the other Southern states. This state is so crazy that people are afraid to go downtown because that’s where the scary black people are. I live in the city and go to school in Hillsboro and the look of horror on peoples faces out there is mind boggling when they find out I live in the city. I have actually been asked “aren’t you afraid of being shot?” My response is “No, I’m more afraid of being drug off into the woods out here, raped and left for dead under some leaves and sticks, never to be found again. I’ll take my chances in the city where at least there are witnesses around” You people are nuckin futz. These republicans don’t care about you. They want us all working for minimum wage, no benefits, no vacations, no public schools and no grants or loans for college so we remain ignorant of what they are up to. That, my friend, is communism. Know what the words mean before you throw them around so loosely. I’m voting for Claire and Obama because I want to finish college at 41 years old and stop standing on my feet 40+ hours a week for peanuts, I want my uterus and what goes on inside of it to my business and I don’t want religion shoved down my throat. I love that I can finally buy my own health insurance (because my employer doesn’t offer it) and my pre-exisiting conditions are covered from day one and I can’t be charged more because I’m a female of child-bearing years (which is BS, I’m 41, that’s not prime child-bearing years.) I want my nieces and nephews to grow up in a world where they will be accepted just as they are, however they turn out or whatever lifestyle they live. I want them to have the opportunity it be CEO’s or President if they want and it doesn’t matter if they were born with millions in their bank accounts or stocks to sell when times get rough. Shame on all of you.

  • You’re talking to a bunch of FOX News people, Rush Limbaugh loving hate promoters. You might as well talk to a wall. I’m with ya Roger and I hope more of us show up in November than these jerks.

  • Sure is alot of batshit crazy on this page. Typical right wing stupidity.

  • NEVER accuse ME of voting for that witch.

  • Mary, you’re a fool and you have no idea what you’re talking about. You need to stop getting you’re news from MSNBC, do a little independent investigation and LEARN something. America is at the breaking point NOW. Do you seriously think we can sustain another $6 TRILLION in national debt?

  • Jazzee

    here’s a little clue: obama ain’t fighting for the middle class he is destroying it…yes really…it’s the next step in his grand plan..only two classes would be left haves/have nots..and then we head on down the road so he can finish it off…i cannot believe how ignorant you are…it’s not about parties/should be about America