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Falk can't catch a break, recall talk everywhere

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By Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — Here are some of the latest twists and turns from Wisconsin's historic journey through political recall.

No home-field advantage

Perhaps Kathleen Falk is thinking: et tu Capital Times.

Madison’s progressive newspaper this week pushed aside the hometown recall candidate for the bright lights of big city Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

In its endorsement, the Cap Times said: “On both style and substance, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the best hope to unseat (Gov.) Scott Walker.”

That’s gotta hurt Falk, a former long-time Dane County executive whose home base is Madison.

Falk, who has the backing of the lion’s share of organized labor in the state, seems to have lost the key endorsement chase going into Tuesday’s gubernatorial recall primary of Democratic candidates.

Barrett has picked up endorsements from party stalwarts U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl, two U.S. representatives, several state reps and six of the so-called Wisconsin 14 — the Senate Democrats who left the state last year to delay a vote on collective bargaining changes.

And the latest Marquette University poll shows Barrett beating Falk by 17 percentage points.
Tough week for Madison’s hometown politician.

Perhaps liberal Falk can find consolation in the idea that, in some ways, the Cap Times compared Walker to Republican icon former Gov. Tommy Thompson.

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Recall talk

In the Land of Recall, any topic seems to quickly turn to Scott Walker, unions, campaigning, elections …

Even a business turnaround is fodder for recall.

That’s what happened when the governor stopped in Waukesha, at building materials manufacturer Spancrete, to announce the firm is adding 30 jobs and recalling up to 60 laid-off workers.

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