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FL Watchblog: College professor on leave after allegedly making students sign Obama vote pledge

By   /   September 17, 2012  /   11 Comments

TAKE THE PLEDGE: College suspends professor after he allegedly recruits students to vote for President Obama

It seems that a professor at Brevard Community College may have been attempting to draft students into “making the pledge” and voting for President Barack Obama.

This story comes to us from our Florida Watchdog Wire:

A citizen, whose nephew attends Brevard Community College, reports that he brought home the below bookmark pledging to vote for President Obama. The bookmark and pledge was handed out during a mathematics class taught by Assistant Professor Sharon Sweet. This occurred “while the student was in class at the request of his College Algebra teacher, Sharon Sweet, from Brevard Community College in [Melbourne] Florida.”

On the tear away GOTTAVOTE.org pledge form that students recieved, was the requirement to “state their party affiliation”. The student reported that Sweet has repeatedly stated her personal political views in support of President Obama in class. The student noted, “There is an older gentleman in the class that will argue with her but he said most of the students did not.”

GOTTAVOTE.org is a site paid for by the Obama-Biden campaign to urge Floridians to register and vote. The website is targeted at young voters.

The college responded with the following email:

Darla Ferguson forwarded your email to me. I am the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Learning Officer for the college. Thank you for referring your concern to us. The college does have specific procedures related to the political activity of faculty and staff. The expectation is that no employee of the College shall solicit support of any political candidate during regular work hours or on College property.

The college first learned of this concern on Thursday and an investigation was initiated. Any inappropriate activities will be curtailed and the faculty will be dealt with according to college policy.

Again, thank you for your concern. The college is taking appropriate actions. We do not want any student to feel coerced.

Linda Miedema, PhD, MSA, BSN

Vice President Academic Affairs

Chief Learning Officer

BCC Administrative Building, Viera

And here is the official statement from the school on the teacher’s leave of absense:

“Based on the allegations, Associate Professor Sweet has requested, and been granted, a leave of absence without pay effective immediately,” wrote John Glisch, associate vice president for communications at Brevard Community College in a statement.

“The college will continue its investigation into the matter, which will include interviews with all students in her class.”

Read more on Watchdog Wire and CampusReform.org.


Yaël formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Robert

    Fire her!

  • That woman needs to be let go.The educational systems are no place for people who try to take advantage of youn, developing minds. It is up to the individual to determine what he or she will do for a living, study in school and vote for president.

  • jkn2001

    This is a freakin’ math class! No wonder hardly any American kids can apply basic math skills.

  • This is an outrage. This woman needs to be relieved of her dutys. Her duty’s do not include, indocturation of the students to vote for any canidate. Shelley Spahn a consearned citizen.

  • Send her to Libya with a free week stay in our embassy

  • She needs a permanent leave of absence.

  • Is she there to teach MATH or to indoctrinate students into the brain dead, mind-numbed Socialist thought pattern? If MATH, she should be fired not just put on leave. Ridiculous.

  • i love the school’s response. she requested a leave?? why didn’t you suspend her asap or relieve her of all teaching duties??
    i she had done this for romney you would have tied her to the stake.

  • Live up to what is right and correct and do not let ms.Sweet teach at your college be agood leader !

  • I find it hard to understand why she is not gone by now!!!! There has been more than enough time to find out what happened and have her liberal back-side gone!!!!

  • she needs to learn about the constitution, and someone needs to let the students know what happened in Benghazi