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Recall land hit by vandalism: Sign of WI times?

By   /   May 16, 2012  /   No Comments

By Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON — To paraphrase Billy Madison: If destroying your neighbor’s property is cool, consider Wisconsin Miles Davis.

Yeah, we went with classic Adam Sandler in the mid-90s poor schlub-inherits-big-money comedy "Billy Madison" to open this edition of Recall Roundup. So sue us.

Anyway, nothing says Midwestern hospitality like burning your neighbor’s personal property to the ground. And nothing espouses progressive values of free speech like stealing political support signs.

As the historic recall election pitting embattled Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democrat's choice, edges closer, perhaps it's worth reminding Wisconsinites the world is watching?

The incidents of vandalism this week on opposite ends of the state are nothing new to the scorched political landscape that is Wisconsin. Earlier in the year, more than 80 pro-Walker signs were reportedly vandalized.

It hasn’t just been Walker supporters victimized. Remember the reports from December? A Chippewa Falls woman was accused of ripping up a recall petition. A Caledonia man’s recall Walker sign was torn in two on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps there are better ways to vent political frustration. Like testing the limits of "all you can eat." The Act 10 protest movement has nothing on Bill Wisth, the Thiensville man who protested a restaurant for false advertising after he was denied more fish on an all-you-can-eat fish fry night.

Back to recall.

Democrats were handed a double dose of disappointment Wednesday as results from the latest Marquette Law School poll showed more Wisconsin voters prefer Walker to Barrett than in previous polls.

Also, the state Department of Workforce Development released fourth quarter jobs data showing Wisconsin added 23,000 jobs in 2011. Previous estimates had Wisconsin losing more than 30,000 jobs during the same period.