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MD: Congressional map is most outrageous in US, study says

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By Len Lazarick | Maryland Reporter

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland is still the undisputed U.S. champion, when it comes to drawing sprawling, weirdly shaped congressional districts, according to a soon-to-be-released national study.

Maryland has the least compact congressional districts in the nation, based on four mathematical tools for compactness, Azavea, a geographic information services firm in Philadelphia, plans to report in a white paper.

The 3rd Congressional District, zigzagging from Towson to Silver Spring to Annapolis, is the third least compact of the 435 congressional districts in the United States, the study found. The 6th Congressional District that runs 177 miles from Potomac to Oakland at Maryland’s far western border is the ninth least compact. The 2nd Congressional District, which includes parts of Anne Arundel, Howard, Baltimore and Harford counties, is the 11th least compact congressional district.

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