LIVE STREAM: The third presidential debate

By   /   October 22, 2012  /   14 Comments


President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney spar tonight in the final presidential debate ahead of the Nov. 6 general election.

And join’s own M.D. Kittle for our post-debate watch party. Click here to join the fun.

[youtube bk6_bFYNs3U#!]


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  • Is Romney asleep?

  • Did he just say Romney doesn’t have a plan to reduce the deficit? Obama doubled it. And has yet to produce a budget. Finger points both ways on that one.

  • I’m all for giving the states more power.

  • J

    how come obama didn’t meet with our ally and friend, isreal?

  • J

    wonder if we will get to hear how obama plans to share gov’t secrets with russia?

  • J

    been clear to them…hey come to the white house for a visit and offer a few more apologies obama

  • J

    obama’s body language, for those who know nlp, suggests dismissive and creative thought and action

  • since you came into office, now the US is divided!

  • J

    ummm obama had to be pulled off the golf course to start a decision on giving the go on bin-laden

  • Obama is only concerned for what is good for him, not what is good for America!

  • J

    obama through biden under the bus

  • J

    damn obama does have some big ears….never really paid attention

  • J

    whattttttt obama just denied benefits to ft. hood shooting…how is that caring for our vets?

  • J

    very stately and presidentiallooking romney