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NE video: Ex-Johanns aide backs Kerrey ad

By   /   October 30, 2012  /   16 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

With time running out in the Senate race Democrat Bob Kerrey’s controversial land ad attacking Republican Deb Fischer continues to take center stage.

The latest act (see video below) played out Tuesday as Kerrey defended his claim that despite his political past and present he’s ready to work with Republicans on Capitol Hill.



Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • burned once

    You had your chance to show us how independent you are, all you showed us was when your party called you followed and gave us huge tax increases.

  • Jason

    Once again, Senator Kerrey demonstrates that he is capable of attracting broad Republican support. A vote for Kerrey is a vote for an effective congress. A vote for Fischer is a vote for gridlock.

  • OutWst

    Really? Is this what you call “fact-based information”?

  • You’ve got to be kidding…

    Vicki Powell’s endorsement of Bob Kerrey will only help Deb Fischer. She is universally known as the “dunce” of the GOP, has always been a Democrat, always will be, and just needs to change her registration to what is always was, liberal Democrat. This is news?? Not worth the band width you used for the story. What next Deena??

  • Beatrice Jones

    In the past three weeks, it has become glaringly obvious that the only thing Nebraska Watchdog is ‘dogged’ about is promoting the Democrat agenda of refusing to post facts and discuss issues, preferring to attack based on non-issues, even ignoring their own Facebook poll results. Yawn. I’d throw a shoe at you but then you’d probably yap all the more. It’s pretty plain whose lapdog you are.

  • jaelynn

    Really? This is ‘watchdog’ news?
    C’mon Joe….are you a watchdog or a lapdog? Kinda disappointed. Just sayin’.

  • Jazzee

    excellent post and so true

  • Jazzee

    Right we tried you once and then old ben just continued with the lies so no thanks there old Bob head on back to NY….you have already said two different things…balanced budget but raise taxes
    work with other side but love obamacare
    I find it interesting you have said ZERO you the big military man on Libya and those 4 dead Americans…..any comments Bob?????? or maybe a word about how the military brass is acting???? 4 dead Americans remember
    and oh yes two more soldiers killed today Tuesday by our Afghan friends any thoughts about that?? what about obama negotiating behind the scenes as usual about staying LONGER in Afghan????????? waiting BOb
    OH and what about abortions for any reason even gender selection like your hero obama??? how about babies born alive after abortions should we save them or let them die like obama voted for?
    COme on Bob so worried about a 30 year old lawsuit….give us some answers
    oh yeah right no ONE asks you any questions now do they

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Funny how the rabid, right-wing Tea Baggers label any one not as totally nuts as themselves as a “Liberal”, even though the MAJORITY of Republicans in this state are centrist/moderate in their politics, Ben Nelson was as Republican as could be before he switched Party affiliations to run for Governor – but never changed his political beliefs – just his Party label. This State has had a long history of great Republican politicians as both Governor and U.S. Senator, Norbert Tiemann, Kay Orr, George W. Norris, Carl Curtis – ALL of whom would look upon you as just a bunch of John Birch Society neo-fascist crazies.

    It seems what pisses all of you off so much is that it is we Republicans who are capable of critical thinking – not the mindless, knee-jerk goose-stepping to the Party Line of Herr HeineyMan and Frau Fischer as they do the Koch brothers’ bidding – who are siding with Kerry because we are able to REMEMBER back to what the world was really like back when he was Governor and U.S. Senator and would rather have the known quantity of a MODERATE with with experience, than the rabid rigidity of a back-stabbing, lying, petty, vengeful, schemer who has NO respect for other people’s property and is a total hypocrite as she sucks off the taxpayer her Government subsidies all the while deriding Government programs.

    It IS a question of character, and Dilbit Deb Fischer has NONE!

  • ToucheTurtle

    I, too, remember the “Good Old Days” when I NEVER one time had to worry about the federal gov’t taking away my freedoms . . . speech, the right to bear arms, the right to worship anywhere I want. Yes, I well remember as a young child growing up in rural Nebraska when the biggest thing I had to worry about was getting home by 6:00 at night so I didn’t miss dinner, and the rest of the day I was free as the breeze!

    Sadly, those days are nothing but a distant memory, and I wish I could just share one week of those days with my grandchildren so they would experience what I had as a kid. Those were the days when parents taught their children strong moral values: to respect their elders, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to show kindness and understanding, to help those in need in your community, and to have a good work ethic – it was honorable to work for those things you wanted!

    You talk about how YOUR version of the Republican party has no room for conservative Americans who belong to the Tea Party, a group who is standing up for those principles that were established in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Are you sure you KNOW what either party of days gone by were SUPPOSED to represent??? I doubt that members of either party would recognize the parties of today because their foundations have disappeared! Apparently anyone who thinks differently than you do is to be denigrated and besmirched. I find it rather sad that there doesn’t seem to be enough room for ALL of us to exercise our freedom of speech and still show respect for the other’s point of view.

    Perhaps the thing I find most disturbing is that in order to make your point, you find it necessary to brutally castigate others. Your down-right mean descriptions you have assigned to those you disagree with takes my breath away. Your expression of hate and venom speak volumes about the kind of person you really are. I shudder to think what kind of influence you exert on those around you!

    I see you post as “Watching from Lincoln” . . . . is Lincoln better for your presence in that fair city?

  • laughin

    What speech has been taken away from you and where? (your verbosity is regular on this site)! Supremes said Corporations can ‘speak’ with unlimited money & without transparency. Obama allowed guns in national parks; 345 million guns in the USA -nearly one per person; your family has the freedom to be shot in a movie theater, a department store, park, public school, a political rally–anywhere! You can drop to your knees & pray on a sidewalk, at a football game, at a museum, in a public restroom if your prefer showing your religiosity publicly rather than privately. (God preferred praying privately sayeth Bible)
    Those ‘good ol’ days’: blacks had to count beans, etc before voting, many were not allowed to vote, white/black restrooms, etc, KKK was rampant, lynchings not uncommon (Meridian, MS), rape was something ‘women asked for’–not a crime, back alley abortions resulted in deaths, few women participated in few high school sports (pre title 9), women earned 50cent per $l,00 man earned, disabled were hidden out of sight/out of mind, children w/learning disabilities didn’t attend public schools, families met expenses with one income, many workers had good pensions, some elderly were sent to county homes with no medical care, mentally ill were institutionalized, women couldn’t get credit, weren’t allowed to perform many jobs, DDT was sprayed over communities & schools, word ‘God’ was not in the Pledge or on coinage prior to 1950s, women were property by law in many states–domestic abuse was not a crime; children died from measles, mumps, whopping cough, polio, etc; as did many premature babies– Good old days????
    Touche: your memory narrowed to your isolated environ; you don’t seem to be any more ‘worldly’ in present reality than you are in your memories of bygone eras. See a therapist, soon!

  • ToucheTurtle

    You are doing what you regularly do . . . you purposely miss the point(s) and then recite YOUR version of “the truth” as information we should thank you for!. BTW, thanks for making my day . . . you have confirmed that you are one sorry son of a gun! Are you related to Watching From Lincoln, or are you one in the same???

  • laughin

    @touche; truth hurts, doesn’t it? Re-read what you wrote in 1st paragraph turtle! Your Paragraph II: Morals & values in accordance with Bill of Rights & entire Constitution have improved, moron, “in order to form a more perfect union.” Take classes to improve clarity of your writing and to improve your reading comprehension (or, don’t comment on NW)

  • Rodney Callahan

    You are a lying teabagger sister rapist.

  • DebMarst

    Kerry hasnt been bought by big business. He will be an independent and strong voice of reason for all of Nebraska. We need to pull together and he can help us work on this as he has excellent leadership skills and integrity. VOTE KERRY

  • Chris

    Bob Kerrey is one of the most outstanding people in the country. Nebraska and the United States needs a person like Bob back in the Senate….