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NE video: Hagel backs Kerrey, turns Obama job talk aside

By   /   November 1, 2012  /   17 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Although he says he’s turned down jobs offered him by President Obama, former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel won’t say what he’ll do if Mr. Obama asks again.

Hagel was in Nebraska today announcing his last minute endorsement of Bob Kerrey’s bid for the U.S. Senate against Republican Deb Fischer.

As Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan reports Hagel’s critics wasted no time downplaying the move, a move which caught some by surprise.






Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • not much ‘grand’ left in GOP

    Would Mikey deliberately pull ‘false information’ out of where the sun doesn’t shine and spew it through his pie-hole? Mikey! Chuckie turned down several positions in the Obama administration. Tsk, tsk, tsk Mikey –you could have (should have it seems) twittered Chuckie about his ‘job offers’ before you made a fool of yourself! Unless Mikey is hoping Mittens will offer him something better than Ag Secretary; then Davy could appoint himself to take Mikey’s job! Oh well, somebody has to say it: “Mikey: you just aren’t smart enough for any pay grade higher than Ag Secretary –besides, you’ve been suckin’ on government teats your entire adult lifetime –that’s why you seemed so appropo as Ag Sec –you were utterly in your element—bwahahahabwahahahaha!
    Oh well, Nebraska might get two backbenchers: Senator Tweedle Dumb and Senator Tweedle Dumber (assuming that Valentine celebrity with her Vogue fashions, sophisticated hair style, speaking eloquence, unparallelled intellect, worldly background of diverse experiences, magnetic personality, vivacious charm, extensive education and expansive breadth and depth of knowledge wins the plurality of redneck votes with a push from Joe Ricketts who seems to be in dire need of a blow —).

  • Jazzee

    WOW big surprise Hagel would work for obama RINO
    Kerrey’s commericals are all lies
    balanced budget, tax reform, etc. he is lying again

  • Nevhusker

    Both of these politicians would do and say what ever it takes to get elected or a cushy government job paying big bucks as long as some else like you and I joe taxpayer is paying for it!

  • Nevhusker

    The only difference between Chuck Hagel, Bot Kerrey & Harry Reid are the Protitiutes working at the Nevada Brothels. These political protitiutes charge a lot more per hour than the ladies of the night!

  • jimino

    A senate salary and perks PLUS $100,000 in federal grazing rights for her family business. That’s a pretty good gig.

  • resistwemuch

    not much grand: Angry people are not always wise.

  • AL

    Hagel? What weight does he carry in his endorsement of Kerry? Nothing, zilch, nada. Hagel and Kerry will hi tail it out of the state so fast when Fischers wins we will never hear from them ever again….and good riddance!

  • tri pacer

    Chuck Hagel the traitor! Never have liked him, at least I used to like NY Bob before he tried to be a NY senator in NE.! I sure hope people can see this for what it is, a power grab. Why do these guys from somewhere else want so much power? How could we elect a NY senator in NE? HOW??

  • tri pacer

    AMEN Al!!

  • tri pacer

    Neither are stupid uninformed ones.

  • tri pacer

    DESPERATION, MONEY and CROOKEDNESS! “pretty important jobs”, cleaning the toilets maybe?

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Chuck U. Bagel, you stinking RINO. God but the gadflies are thick in Nebraska right now. Ole Carpetbagger Bob must have stepped in some Ben Nelson in his haste to run back here to vote and then ole Bagel jumps in with his two cents. G D Rino’s and carpetbaggers, get lost.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Never learned to spell prostitute in either Nevada or Nebraska.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    You wouldn’t know a REAL Republican if they bitch-slapped you twice. You people just love to toss RINO around like you know what a REAL Republican is, but all you sorry ass goose-steppers know is the neo-fascist dribble spoon fed to you by Karl Rove, Joe Ricketts and the original fascist brothers, the Kochs and their little propaganda machine, Americans For Prosperity and their Tea Party Brown Shirts.

  • Nevhusker

    I was in a hurry at the time. Excuse the spelling errors. The concepts are the same correct spelling or not. All three of these men are hard core bought and paid for politicians who are nothing more than Political Prostitutes. Since Harry Reid is from Search Light Nevada home of a famous Brothel I thought the analogy was fiting.

  • Nevhusker

    History Lesson # 1 The Democratic Party was the one that aggressively fought to keep women from getting the right to vote in the United States. I bet you either never knew this historical fact or have been in denial regarding this fact. Explain this to all those young Women Voters and Single moms!

  • veteran

    Can’t get re-elected, so have to grab power through the back door. Hagel made himself insignificant when he was a Senator.