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NE video: McCain says ’51st’ vote on the line

By   /   November 2, 2012  /   7 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Despite insisting he’s “confident” Deb Fischer will win on Tuesday, John McCain’s stop in Omaha today is just the latest sign that the Senate race is still not etched in the GOP win column.

During the last few days McCain, who ran for the White House and lost in 2008, was stumping for GOP Senate hopefuls in two states, North Dakota and Montana, which are considered toss-ups.

Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan reports.




Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Nevhusker

    John McCain supporting Deb Fischer was and is a good thing. If you ever talk to Deb Fischer in person and talk to Bob Kerrey in person it doesn’t take long to know who is authentic and who is MEMOREX! Deb Fischer for US Senate She is the real deal! Not Paid for by Harry Reid Memorex!

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  • Buzz

    Nev (not a husker) : Bob Kerrey is the new Senator from Nebraska come Nov.6th –Fishy Fischer is bought and paid for by Ricketts and the teapartiers.

  • bill

    Bob Kerrey is everything Nebraska isn’t!! If your going to vote for Kerrey you may as well kept Nelson. After Nelson voted for obamacare everybody said Nelson was doomed, so they bring in Kerrey and he supports obamacare, yet you folks in eastern NE are voting for Kerrey. Go figure. Kerrey is all about gun control, abortions, queers getting married and against a balanced budget. Why would you sell yourselves out and Nebraska by voting for Kerrey?!

  • happy

    @bill Are you one of Deb Fischer’s sons? Or, are you her pastor?

  • Dave

    Another out of Nebraska politiician supporting someone he doesn’t really know. I guess it is understandable with McCains age, and the fact that he chose the crazy lady from Alaska to be his vice-presidential running mate, that he would now endorse Diamond Deb Fischer. He is grasping at straws to become important in Washington again.
    How sad.

  • Dave

    I think that talking to either Diamond Deb Fischer or John McCain would cause me to throw up. They both believe they are entitled and crooked.