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VA: State probes nursing home over ‘mentally impaired’ votes

By   /   November 3, 2012  /   19 Comments

NURSING VOTER FRAUD: State Sen. Tom Garrett says there are an “untold” number of fraudulently cast ballots in Virginia.

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau

FREDERICKSBURG – A Henrico County nursing home is under investigation for possible voter fraud.

An activities director at Lexington Court reportedly helped mentally impaired patients cast absentee ballots. One of the patients, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, had not voted in 15 years and said she was unaware that a ballot had been cast in her name, a source told Watchdog.org.

A family member told WRIC-TV that the Lexington patient had “no idea” what was going on.

The Richmond television station reported that a state investigation is under way, based on information gathered by the Sheriff’s Department in Louisa County, where the Alzheimer’s patient’s vote was delivered.

State Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Louisa, told Watchdog: “We know there’s a problem, we just don’t know how big it is.”

Garrett, a commonwealth attorney who prosecuted voter fraud in the wake of the 2008 election, said there were “hundreds of illegally cast ballots in 2008, and for every one of those, there were an untold number more.”

Watchdog.org reported earlier on irregularities involving voter registrations and absentee ballots at nursing homes in Virginia. See that story here.

Also, the Fayetteville Observer reports on nursing-home shenanigans in North Carolina.

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Kenric Ward was a former San Antonio-based reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • During the last presidential election, I saw people bringing mentally handicapped and non-English speaking voters to a site in Stafford and taking a sample ballot and marking how the person was supposed to vote. It made me sick.

  • Please if you see anything like this again, please report it. We all need to do our share.

  • PerriwinkleB

    Serena, The last time I voted in California (about 5 years ago) the sample ballots had fake names on them, but no names actually on the ballot. So, a voter could be shown how the marks are to be made, but not where to put the marks. Also, how did you know these people were mentally handicapped? Having worked with learning disabled students, I know that some students who are mentally handicapped in some areas are actually excellent readers and understand what’s happening in the world. These are difficult questions: where do we draw the line at mental competency? One last thought: just because someone speaks limited English doesn’t mean they don’t know issues and candidates.

  • this is so disgusting that DEMS would do this. I am sure whoever is doing this is taking underground classes on who to target to get votes and do this! DISGUSTING and they should be in jail!

  • SAD that OBAMA is so desparate that the democrat party would stoop this low!

  • DH234

    I heard the patient voted Republican from the report I read.
    They are probably desperate, too.

  • DH234

    Serena makes grand assumptions…only the lowly Dems could do such a thing. Wonder where she got that impression. Seems Republicans have had the most voter abuse on their shoulders this election…if not the others!

  • DH234

    They didn’t jail the people that got caught throwing Democratic voter registrations away on the Republican dime a few weeks back. Why didn’t they?

  • There is no indication in this story that it was either Republican or Democrat that were involved. In fact, in the referenced link to another story, it says both parties do it.

  • I just think that there should be a place where people’s pictures and name are stored with their choice in the ballot. Only investigators and those people can look up the records and ensure that their votes are accurately represented. And voter ID should also be required.

  • Just my 2 cents but I believe absentee ballots should be abolished for everyone EXCEPT our military who are stationed outside of the country. I understand that everyone has the right to vote and I am not advocating taking that right away from anyone but with the voter fraud that goes on there needs to be another way to get those absentee votes and to do it legally. So what if it costs extra I am willing to help foot the bill for honest voting (if such a thing can exist).

  • it isn’t the Democrats that are dong the cheating, it is the repukes. and especially Romney and clan. His own son Tagg Romney OWNS the voting machines in quite a few states.Gee I wonder why he would purchase a voting ,machine and especiallly election year??? You all know why because every one of the dam Romney’s are LYING CHEATING ABUSING AND USING PATHETIC BASTARDS. Everything out of Romney’s mouth is a god dam lie. I know as a livelong resident of MASS. He NEVER accomplishesd one dam thing he said he dis. HE LOST jobs, didn’t create them, he ran the budget up to a huge deficit, he CUT teachers and schools, he RAISED our taxes, he implemented ROMNEY CARE that was for PRO CHOICE Planned parenthood, contrraceptives and ABORTION. To this day ABORTION is covered under Romney Care in MA. had 8-00 vetos in 4 yrs. shipped jobs overseas. he left MASS IN A MESS. Why on earth he is spending election night in Boston is beyond me as he isn’t even carrying his home state as we can’t stand him iup here in MASS. WE KNOW WHAT HE IS ALL ABOOUT AND IS NOT A PRETTY PICTURE. HE IS AN EVIL SOB. He even hired Illegasl for the cheap labor.

  • Democrats. A lower life form.

  • Here now, speak for your self, many people in Mass have spoken nothing but good of him, sorry you did not get some free stuff from him but am sure Obamians will share their foodstamps and might even allow you to use their free phone so you can call someone that will actually believe your crap

  • You love Obama, bird of the same feather flock together. Just love America. Democrats collect the name of dead people and illegal so they can win.

  • DH234

    But the Republicans are the ones right now getting in trouble with
    registrations being thrown out by their hired hands. Democratic registrations thrown out. They are much more guilty of the abuses in voting .

  • Or absentee ballots must be cast in person from at least 60 miles away from your home address. Your 2 cents just took away the voting ability of every trucker, every government contractor currently overseas, and every member of Congress who can’t afford or is unwilling to pay for a trip home just to vote.

  • TrueBlue73

    I’m from MA and you, madam are a clueless talking points liar.

  • You obviously have reading comprehension problems. Read again and try to focus.