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MD: Endangered GOP incumbent battles challenger in 6th District

By   /   November 5, 2012  /   No Comments

By Sam Smith | Maryland Reporter

BARTLETT: “For me to win it has to be a very robust Republican turnout, very robust. It’s a very Democratic district.”

ANNAPOLIS — In the final hours of Maryland’s most closely contested congressional race, 6th District incumbent Roscoe Bartlett was marching in a veterans parade and phoning voters, while Democratic challenger John Delaney was knocking on doors and urging on volunteers at his own phone banks.

“The one thing in life you can’t fake is showing up,” said Delaney, a multimillionaire banker from Potomac. “I plan on showing up for people.”

“Getting acquainted with the constituents of Montgomery County is the biggest challenge,” said Republican Bartlett, who picked up 300,000 heavily Democratic voters in a redistricting plan designed to push the 10-term incumbent out of office.

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