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NV: State Senate battleground as GOP fights for control

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By Sean Whaley | Nevada News Bureau

BATTLEGROUND: The GOP’s game plan is to win four seats to secure control of the state Senate.

CARSON CITY— The precincts have been walked, the issues debated and the media campaigns run. Now many Nevada voters will get to weigh in on five critical races to determine whether Republicans or Democrats will control the state Senate.

The 21-member Senate has an 11-10 Democratic edge.

Gov. Brian Sandoval
and many of his Republican colleagues are working to change this by winning at least four of five of the races in play on Election Day.

Sandoval, who is expected to push for further education refor

ms and other changes in the 2013 session, would love to have the leverage a Republican Senate would provide to help win passage of his agenda.

Democrats, meanwhile, are working hard to hold on to or even increase their majority in the Senate, where they have been in control since 2008. The 42-member Assembly is expected to remain under Democratic control following the election.

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