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MT: Explicit campaign signs have some Montanans wiggin’ out

By   /   November 6, 2012  /   6 Comments

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

FORWARD: Dozens of these signs dotted the UM campus today.

HELENA – There’s nothing new about special-interest groups deploying shock-and-awe tactics to catch the attention of college students. But on this Election Day, some say a left-leaning interest group crossed the line.

Martin Kidston, a writer for The Missoulian, posted on his Twitter account  a picture of this sign on the University of Montana campus in Missoula.

Kidston is actively documenting voter turnout at the school and chronicling the groups herding college kids into the voting booths.

One of those groups is the left-leaning Forward Montana, owner of that sign. They are actively mobilizing younger voters using extraordinary tactics.

Montana Watchdog posted the photo to Facebook this afternoon to see what our readers make of the tactic.

Bottom line: not impressed. Not one lick.

“That’s what’s wrong with our country,” wrote Robin Marquez. “Lack of respect and pride. Let us not forget the seriousness of voting with intelligence.”

“That is a disgusting sign,” complained Debbie Price. “Shame on UM for allowing this.”

Some followers saw the signs as a symptom of a quickly degenerating society, a culture devoid of morals.

“If profanity is the best you can retort with, you probably didn’t pay too much attention in school,” wrote Mark Moore. “Signs like that are a perfect snapshot of the problems in America.”

“I hate how much profanity is used these days,” worried Kirsten Steele.

One person pointed a finger squarely across the political aisle.

“Leave it to liberals,” wrote a disappointed Ann Coffman. “Not funny.”

Montana Watchdog followers probably won’t like this Kidston photo, either:

If it makes anyone feel better, Forward Montana sent Montana Watchdog an email last week with the phrase “HOLY S***” in the subject line.

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  • Thank GOD for free speech and the first amendment, right?

  • Gob Bluth

    This is fucking unacceptable

  • Hannah

    F*CK YEAH DEMOCRACY. Who gives a f*ck how they did it? They turned out the f*cking vote, helped young people get involved and helped them voice their opinions.

  • George Straight

    Haha. Leave it to conservatives to get all butthurt about voter turnout. If people are so uptight that letters on a page get them riled up, they have a problem that church won’t fix.

  • Cassie

    This f*cking group helped lead to the HIGHEST YOUTH VOTER TURNOUT IN MONTANA HISTORY. It made people think, got peoples attention, and got them to the polls. They deserve a f*cking medal.

  • Cliff

    That girl is FINE. She can spew democracy-based profanity at me anytime.