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COMMENTARY: 'Fearsome Four' just made Dem party look bad

By   /   June 2, 2012  /   No Comments

By Dustin Hurst | Wisconsin Reporter

CHIPPEWA FALLS – I guess I should be flattered, really.
Democrats at party headquarters in downtown here think they need four men to remove me from their building.

I mean, I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall and weigh, well, too much, but I’m not the Hulk. Actually, I wish I could be Ironman, but I digress.

Yet, while charging my phone on the second floor of the Metropolitan Block Building ahead of a rally for Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democrat hoping to oust Republican Gov. Scott Walker in a special recall election slated for June 5, four male staffers felt the need to give me the boot.

Maybe they saw me as a threat, seeing how earlier in the day I wrote about Barrett’s appointment of a felon to a spot in his administration.

Here’s the thing: This is not the first time this has happened to me. I don’t mind at all, actually, because my job is more exciting when people do things like this.

Perhaps what the Democratic operatives didn’t realize is that Barrett wasn’t likely to share any super-secret information at the rally — info that, if shared, would cost him his chance to oust Walker.

And though the Fearsome Chippewa Falls Four didn’t know it, I spent my entire Saturday traveling with Barrett across the state. I drove nearly 300 miles today just to cover Barrett’s stump speeches.

I went to a dairy farm in Hillsdale, and then to a small café in St. Croix Falls. Suffice to say, my rented Volkswagon Tiguan and I have spent hours of quality time together since I flew into Wisconsin from my home state of Montana on Wednesday.

Which is what made the anxiety of the Fearsome Chippewa Falls Four so, well, weird. I already know, nearly by heart, Barrett’s talking points. The mayor thinks Walker is a divider who favors rich folks over commoners; he started a Badger State civil war; and is owned by out-of-state billionaires.

Did I ace the quiz? I think so.

Kicking me out of the rally makes the Democratic Party of Wisconsin look suspicious, as if they’re hiding something. Are they planning a last-ditch strategy that will guarantee Barrett’s ascension into the governor’s office? Is Chippewa Falls the headquarters of the effort that will ruin Walker forever and for always?


Barrett came here to share his talking points and energize the troops. That’s what good politicians do three days before a hotly contested election. Barrett knows that because, as I’ve observed in covering him, the mayor is a good campaigner and politician.

The Fearsome Chippewa Falls Four only make themselves look bad, but to what end?

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