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TX: El Paso city leaders float idea for water park

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By Lee Ann O’Neal | Texas Watchdog

HOUSTON — Burdened by a plague of corruption among elected officials, looming pension liabilities and substandard accounting in the tax office, El Pasoans will surely be soothed by the latest idea from City Hall: A publicly funded water park.

WATER PARK: Should the city of El Paso use taxpayer dollars to prop up a water park?

El Paso city leaders are entertaining plans for a park, euphemistically announced Thursday as a “partnership” between a yet-to-be-named company and the good taxpayers of the city, the El Paso Times reports.

During a news conference to talk about the city’s bonds and the future of El Paso, City Manager Joyce Wilson said she couldn’t provide further details on the water park, and that the company asked not to be identified yet.

Wilson said that the company has several other sites across the nation, and has expressed “serious interest” in El Paso. The venture would be a public-private partnership, with the city having to contribute financially to the project, Wilson said.

The news comes after El Paso voters on Tuesday approved the highest hotel tax in the state to build a new minor league baseball park downtown — another project that has proven the city’s knack for numbers. City leaders may want to play down that 17.5 percent tax when wooing the tourists away from Schlitterbahn and Six Flags to their new water park.

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Lee Ann formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.