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Video report: Will immigration hit GOP gov’s race?

By   /   November 14, 2012  /   16 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

The political past and present are set to make their mark on the 2014 governor’s race.

KFAB’s Gary Sadlemyer asked Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan about the race where an open seat and, according to at least one recent poll, closed borders and immigration are likely to play a key role.




Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Jazzee

    question: if we ‘forgive’ all illegals and allow them the same rights as others then why do ANY of us have to follow the rules??? No tickets for speeding, smokers can smoke where they want, bikers can bike on any road, etc. either we are a nation of laws or we aren’t and that should apply to ALL not just some. The joke of comphrensive reform will never be followed–big gov would have to hire thousands to make sure someone does this, that, speaks English etc seriously believe that will happen? Not sure what the answer is but we better be very careful how we do things….don’t you question why Arizona was sued for tigher laws but sanctuarycities like Omaha are allowed?

  • Darth Watchdog

    The World-Herald poll says that 58% of Nebraskans are for a path to citizenship. This is the same OWH polling group that said Bob Kerrey was within 3% of Deb Fischer, and just a few days later, the actual difference was 16 points. Can their poll be trusted? Probably not.

  • Pat Boyle

    This is a nation of laws. The laws change with the times we’re in. I don’t understand your statement. I think your argument is the punishment associated with the law but it’s hard to tell, your statement is scattered. There are laws that only apply to illegals (some) and not citizens (all).
    I don’t question why AZ was sued. I question how Jan Brewer (Gov. AZ.) was elected.

  • Will Bob Kerrey run for governor of NE in two years?

    I think he could win by talking with the conservative farmer and rancher communities about global warming, climate change, the destruction of their way of life if we don’t cut back on CO2 emissions AND how they can see many jobs and a lot of cash in their pockets by supporting wind and solar farms. I think the farmers and ranchers get about $20,000 per tower per year to rent a small piece of land.

  • racefish

    What Jordan didn’t say is the even sadder news for the Democrats is Obama is still president and in Nebraska, he is definitely not popular. We’ve also seen a number of states filing petitions for session. Will they get the message?
    Obviously, they think they have the upper hand. Does that mean they’ll be shipping in voters from other states the same as Wisconsin? Who knows.

    With Obama in the White House, Powers as the state Dem chairman, we could possibly see Larry the Cable Guy run and win big time.

  • racefish

    You don’t need a Democrat in the state house for that. Any farmer or rancher can sign a contract with the power company and do it on their own.

    Kerrey’s biggest fault was going along with Cap and Trade which would add more cost on food and transportation, and his support of Obamacare. That doesn’t go along with the Nebraska independent streak.

    I would still like to know his stance on gun control, private property rights, taxes, and business regulation.

  • D. Mark

    We need to talk about illegal immigration in the race, that is the problem in this State. It has been proven we cannot secure our borders, so our elected officials need to take action and quit pandering to illegal immigrants! Immigration is not the problem, illegal immigration is the problem and needs to be solved so we know that everyone in the United States is here legally!
    The citizens of this State needs to make sure when they go to the polls, that the people elected are the ones that do the wishes of their constituents and not to the ones that benefit with illegal immigrants! Our elected officials need to make sure that our laws are obeyed by all, which is not being done today.

  • Pat, I’m sorry but Socialists reasoning has never made any sense to me nor has their excuses for 20+ million illegal aliens to live in our country, using our resources, getting preferential treatment over that of citizens and LEGAL immigrants. Jazzee makes perfect sense for those who believe in a Sovereign country w/borders.

  • If Nebraskans do not elect a Governor who strongly opposes and will deter illegal immigration to our state we will likely become an official Sanctuary state for illegal aliens. As it stands now, Sen. Brad Ashford along with five others on the Judiciary Committee are pro-amnesty/pro-illegal alien and REFUSED to hear any immigration bills in the January 2012 session. In essence, making Ne a DeFacto Sanctuary State. Hopefully, Sen. Janssen will decide to run.

  • Mrs. K

    There are many decisions regarding immigration; many, but not all, must be decided at the federal level. Let’s rescind the quotas for immigration—thousands who are illegal immigrants who applied within the last ten years or more will finally have their paperwork reviewed and processed. If the quotas are removed and current immigrants can have paperwork reviewed within 6 months or at most a year, then most of immigrants will be able to get residency. Then, instead of attacking immigrants with inhumane discriminatory laws that judge people based on their skin-tones, accents, or names, let’s make laws that impose heavy fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants; many companies thrive on exploiting underpaid, over-worked immigrants. I worked as the payroll assistant for a gardening company a number of years ago; I had to check the social security number of every new hire or re-hire, yet it was illegal for us to discharge anyone whose name and number did not match that of the database and we could only give that person a letter. The company got visas each year to hire workers from a different country because they worked hard and accepted the pay they received; workers hired locally didn’t want to work as hard and wanted higher pay.

    Let’s require a national ID for all residents, from birth to death, that must be renewed every 5 or so years, and get rid of easy credit. A social security number is too easily stolen, or a card faked.

    Let’s tighten big-government welfare programs. Sure, I was on WIC at one point and extremely grateful for it, but felt bad because I was living on others’ tax money—and getting things I normally didn’t eat, like lots of cold cereal. It is easy to say shame on others, but we are quick to accept anything Uncle Sam sends our way, no matter how it affects other people. Let’s remember that the majority of immigrants are like the majority of hard-working men and women, fathers and mothers who need to provide for their families and who do so the best they can, enduring unspeakable hardships, being underpaid and treated poorly in warehouses, etc.

  • Dan

    I have no problem with immigration per se, i have a problem with all the immigrants who come here to avail themselves of the lavish welfare state, and cut the bs that that’s not the case, cuz that is pervasive. They don’t just come here to work, they come here for all the freebies and goodies that liberals promise them. Hell, obama is working with the mexican government to advertise immigrants to sign up for u.s. welfare programs. Obamacare gives illegal aliens FREE health care financed by more taxes on u.s. citizens and STEALING money OUT OF MEDICARE!!!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Susan, we would NOT have an illegal immigrant problem if Conservative Big Business didn’t pad the campaign coffers of elected Conservative politicians to look the other way with a wink and a nod so that the supply of cheap, under the table, benefit-less labor would continue to flow into this country. So far, the Conservative agenda has been to pay LOTS of lip service to rile up the ignorant base like you at election time, then do NOTHING to solve the problem constructively. This has occurred since the last Conservative President granted amnesty to the approximate 5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. at the time, then the Bush I Administration looked the other way and did nothing after that to solve the problem. Get your facts straight, or shut up with your Flush Rimjob talking points and sit down until you have something intelligent to say.

    You’re so ignorant that you don’t even know the definition of the word socialist, let alone have the intelligence to use it correctly in referring to the political landscape. Oh, and by the way, by definition Democracy IS a Socialist form of Government. Of course a Fascist like you wouldn’t know that with your limited education in political and social models and a whole heapin’ helpin’ of Koch-sponsored Corporate fascism talking points and half-truths as your only means of “education” politically. It’s no wonder that you had your *ss handed to you in your bid for the Unicameral, you didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell from the start, and certainly not with the way you went about it. Brenda Council made you look stupid in the final results, and she finished second!

  • @Watching from Lincoln, I seldom play into the Socialist’s game of baiting but your self-righteous indignation and ignorance of the many subjects you spoke of beckons my response. I’m going to trying very hard to be reasonable in my responses rather than emotionally attack you as you did me.

    On illegal immigration: I’ve studied this issue in our city, state, across our country and in other countries since 2006 and I stand behind everything I say about illegal immigration. Lack of enforcing our Federal Immigration Laws is the problem by both Democrat/Republican Presidents. Barack Hussein Obama is the only president to BYPASS CONGRESS via Executive Order/Policy to grant legalization (call it what you will) to illegal aliens up to 33 years old. If our laws were enforced, employers would not hire them, they would not be receiving benefits and services and there would be no Sanctuary cities/states.

    Next, you mention the “evil doings” of KOCH BROTHERS funding on behalf of conservative issues yet you fail to mention the very long list of millionaires/billionaires who fund Socialism/Liberalism (call it what you will) ie. Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, The Southern Poverty Law Foundation, The ACLU, The Sierra Club etc.

    Next, had you paid attention at all to the campaign in District 11 you would not have made the uninformed and outright false claims you made against me or my campaign platform. The fact that 6,185 Dist 11 voters voted for Sen. Ernie Chambers and 3,085 voted for Sen. Brenda Council – one who is regularly spews Racist anti-White and anti-American rhetoric and the other who is an admitted Gambler, embezzler of campaign funds, falsified campaign reports —- is a reflection of the mentality of those voters — and not having anything to do with my campaign platform. These voters would not have voted for me even if I had promised them freebies for the next 10 years.

    Lastly, I’m not afraid to speak up or speak out and do so bearing my identity – which is more than I can say for someone who speaks with a broad brush, maligns the character of others and speaks with little or no factual information and does so with an alias. I am not the one who lacks character, courage, civility or intelligence in this conversation.

  • Our Federal Immigration Laws do NOT refer to race, skin-tones, accents or anything else, their term ILLEGAL ALIEN defines one who is in this country without authorization. The fact that words like discrimination, inhumane, racist are used to support amnesty or support for the 20+million illegal aliens in this country is nothing more than a sympathy ruse. While 93% of our illegal alien population is from Mexico there are 7% from other countries – of all colors, including white. There is a reason for the term ILLEGAL ALIEN and we should all use it so there is no confusion.

    I notice in your list of suggestions you did not mention any compassion for the citizens and LEGAL immigrants who pay for illegal aliens and their children benefits and services via increased taxes and fees nor did you have anything compassionate to say to the families who have had loved ones killed by illegal aliens – 100% preventable and unnecessary deaths.

    The 26 million citizens and legal immigrants who are unemployed are ALSO hardworking and have every right to be in this country, who have every right to be the FIRST in line for benefits/services/jobs.

    According to your plan we should just go ahead and totally erase our borders and allow everyone in without being background checked for criminal behavior, medically checked for infectious disease, terrorist or drug cartel ties. Not to worry though, Barack Hussein Obama is working on erasing our borders and sovereignty as we speak.

  • P.S. My campaign platform was as follows: #1. JOBS #2. EDUCATION #3 CRIME/SAFETY #4. TAXES.

  • Kent Goertzen

    “Socialist’s game ”

    You claim to be such a good christian, yet you continue to use false claims like this, and bear false witness against those you oppose.

    And that is one of the big 10 commandments.

    You are sad and hateful woman. What a sad commentary on this state that you are someone trying for office.