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CO: Secret energy lab spawns million dollar govt employee

By   /   November 24, 2012  /   News  /   1,228 Comments

By Tori Richards and Earl Glynn | Colorado Watchdog

GOLDEN, Colo. – The federal government’s dream of a renewable energy empire hinges on a scrubby outpost here, where scientists and executives doggedly explore a

National Renewable Energy Laboratory campus

new frontier.

If you live outside Colorado, you probably haven’t heard of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL for short. It’s the place where solar panels, windmills and corn are deemed the energy source of the future and companies who support such endeavors are courted.

It’s also the place where highly paid staff decide how to spend hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars.

And the public pays those decision-makers well:  NREL’s top executive, Dr. Dan Arvizu, makes close to a million dollars per year. His two top lieutenants rake in more than half a million each and nine others make more than $350,000 a year.

Dan Arvizu

But what is really going on there? Energy expert Amy Oliver Cooke drove out to the site, which looks something like Nevada’s Area 51 with its remote location and forbidding concrete buildings. NREL had started a construction project and Cooke wanted to see for herself. She didn’t get far: a man in an SUV seemingly appeared out of nowhere, stopped her car, and told her to leave.

“A beefy looking fellow told me, ‘It’s top secret,’ said Cooke, director of the Energy Policy Center at the Independence Institute think tank. “I said, ‘I’m a taxpayer and I want to see what you’re building’ and he said it was it was ‘top secret so we can bring Americans a better future.’”

With its bloated budget and overseen by a $533 million a year government-funded management company, Cooke isn’t buying it.

“NREL has given us two of the most significant boondoggles, one of them being ethanol and the other being (bankrupt) Abound Solar,” she said. “They were part of the team that pushed Abound Solar along. In fact, they wrote in March 2011 on their website how proud they were of their role in abound solar.

“Am I impressed with NREL? No, not really,” she said.

Ed Perlmutter

NREL’s taxpayer-funded management company has seen its budget more than double since 2006. That’s when one of its most ardent supporters, Rep. Ed Perlmutter D-Lakewood, was first elected to Congress. The lab sits in the middle of his district.

But Perlmutter’s ties go beyond merely promoting green legislation and lobbying his colleagues for NREL funds. He has received $12,670 in campaign contributions from executives of NREL and its management company, MRIGlobal, a company that describes itself as “an independent, not-for-profit organization that performs contract research for government and industry.” Perlmuter’s father has served as a trustee for MRI and MRIGlobal during the past decade. Between 2003 and 2005, Perlmutter was also a trustee. These positions were unpaid.

Perlmutter did not respond to phone calls seeking comment for this story.


Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, NREL started in 1977 as the Solar Energy Research Institute, a Jimmy Carter-era response to the 1973 Mideast oil crisis. Its budget, then about $100 million, was slashed during the Reagan era.

By the time Perlmutter was elected, NREL’s budget was $209.6 million. It increased steadily before ballooning to $536.5, a beneficiary of President Obama’s stimulus plan and a $135 million contract spread out over five years to construct a new science center. Its current $352 million budget is down slightly from last year’s $388.6 million.

From its inception, NREL has been managed by MRIGlobal, back then called the Midwest Research Institute.

To handle lab management, MRIGlobal partnered with Ohio-based Battelle Memorial Institute, which describes itself as “the world’s largest nonprofit research and development organization.” The pair formed Alliance for Sustainable Energy, a separate non-profit in 2008, for the sole purpose of managing NREL and installed NREL’s top executives as its directors.

Despite record federal debt, municipal bankruptcies and a nagging global recession, those executives enjoy pay packages that are out of reach of most Americans who pay their salaries. MRIGlobal and Alliance tax documents obtained by Watchdog show most earned well into six-figures:

  • Dan Arvizu, Alliance president and NREL director

2010: $928,069

2009: $691,570

2008: $652,159

Bobi Garrett

  • Bobi Garrett, NREL senior vice president of Outreach, Planning and Analysis

2010: $524,226.

2009: $398,022

  • William Glover, NREL deputy lab director and CEO (retired)

2010: $557,571

2009: $407,361

2008: $315,465

  • Catherine Porto, NREL senior vice president

2010: $406,339

2009: $223,553

The budget to manage Alliance is mind-boggling — and rising. For 2010, tax documents show, Alliance received $532.9 million from the Department of Energy, a whopping $189 million more than they were paid in 2008.

In 2010, MRIGlobal’s tax return shows DOE funding of $104.8 million, while Battelle’s tax return reported $4.55 billion in government grants. Its activities included management of five national laboratories (including NREL) and operating as subcontractor at a sixth.

However, at least one expert who has studied NREL doesn’t see any problem with the fact that the agency is overseen by a management company.

“I have no problems with the contractors operating the lab. They would do a much more efficient job than the government,” said Nick Loris, an energy policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation. “It should lower the cost of these projects.”

But what Loris doesn’t like is the entire concept of placing the government in a role of making energy affordable. That should be a job for the private sector.

“It’s not the government’s role to make energy cheaper. There is no reason the taxpayer should subsidize this,” he said. “We’ve seen the failures when the government gets involved in these projects. If they are going to be successful in the marketplace, they wouldn’t need help from the government”


In fact, the billions that have been siphoned into renewable energy have yet to produce a fraction of the promised return, Cooke claims.

Solar and wind still remain prohibitively expensive and not viable for general use as are corn and wood chips to fuel cars. Yet NREL labs continue to work to this end. Cooke predicts that numerous taxpayer-subsidized companies will go bankrupt in the coming years just as the overinflated housing market came crashing down.

And it’s not just the money, she said. It’s the environmental threat.

Solar companies have been fraught with bankruptcy

“I’ll tell you what’s pollution,” Cooke said. “It’s solar panels and wind turbines abandoned — things with toxic chemicals in them,” she said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen to these things. What do you do with a farm of abandoned wind turbines that are 500 feet tall?”

Despite its bloated stimulus funding, there are signs of financial trouble at NREL. The company offered to buy out 100 jobs when its budget dropped between 2011 and 2012.

Perlmutter spokeswoman Leslie Oliver expressed concern about the buyouts, calling NREL the nation’s green energy “crown jewel” and a driving economic force, the Denver Post reported.

“What about next year?” Oliver said. “Where does this stop?”

On his website, Perlmutter blamed Republicans for the cuts and claimed NREL generates 5,500 jobs. Its direct workforce is listed at 1,700.

By all accounts, Perlmutter’s relationship with NREL will continue. He spent two years trying to pass legislation to give solar companies a break with bankers before successfully adding the language to the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.

He is co-chairman of the New Democrat Coalition Energy Task Force, part of the Financial Services Committee. Perlmutter has leveraged that role to keep alive a 20-year-old energy tax credit to producers of wind technology.

That credit would have expired at the end of the year. But the Financial Services Committee produced a bill to extend the credit for another year, which carries a cost of $12 billion over the next decade, The Hill reported. It faces stiff opposition from House Republicans.

Meanwhile, as energy expert Cooke predicts, the green business is still shaking out unsustainable ventures. The Danish wind company Vestas, which has several Colorado production sites, announced on Nov. 7 that it will shed 6,700 jobs through the end of next year.

Who’s to blame for the industry’s troubles? Government subsidies? Poorly run companies? Insufficient demand? Foreign competition?

Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party.

“It is clean and it is the future of energy production,” Perlmutter wrote on his website. “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

Contact Tori Richards at [email protected] and Earl Glynn at [email protected].

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Tori formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Constitution101

    The Tea Party is a sentiment Mr. Perlmutter. It’s ideals come from the Founders of this nation. Colorado Watchdog has exposed your cash cow. You progressives won’t stop until you’ve run this nation into the ground with your wasteful ideas that don’t work. How many companies have gone bankrupt in the energy industry despite taxpayer money propping them up until they go out of business? Here is one link that shares some of them: http://blog.heritage.org/2012/10/18/president-obamas-taxpayer-backed-green-energy-failures/

  • ryan

    BWAHAHAH this is a ridiculous piece. My good friend works there researching and creating more efficient solar cells amoungst other things. You people need to settle down.

  • anonymous

    It’s not that you’re not allowed on site ever, but you’re not allowed to enter the site without permission and checking in, which includes showing an ID. If you visit http://www.nrel.gov and then click on Visiting NREL in the bottom left corner, you can find lots of information about visiting NREL. You can always stop at the Visitor’s Center during business hours and get more information there as well. There are also scheduled “public tours” of the NREL site, as well as occasional community open-houses. While the site might look blocked and restricted, it is primarily because of the safety concerns with having non-trained individuals on site. If security was rude to someone that was onsite without permission, unfortunately that is one of the things you have to be prepared to experience when you are trespassing, especially trespassing on government property. There are plenty of signs indicating that it is private property, as well as guard stations and a Visitor’s Center that can be stopped at to talk to a person before trespassing.

  • CTwitch

    Not the full story by any means. Private companies are not always capable of testing and retesting early-stage technologies that may have the potential to be scalable on a much larger level. NREL’s partnerships with CO universities, NIST and NOAH are extremely valuable for Colorado (on an economy and community level), not to mention for the renewable energy industry nationwide. Unclear where all the hate is stemming from in this article……politics will always have an impact on nationally-funded entities, but NREL’s reputation as a professional and well-respected lab with high standards for its employees and its projects should not be ignored. Some respect is due here.

  • Well
    if we’re going to attack high salaries for renewable let’s first go
    after the defense contractors who make 5 times that salary or more. Just
    take a drive around the suburbs of DC. All those ten room mansions that
    are mostly funded by our tax dollars. It could be argued that primitive
    renewable technology is more of an investment, sure you’ll operate at a
    loss at first, but you’re investing in alt. energy. When you drop a
    bomb on a country from a drone strike that’s literally a million dollars
    just destroyed in a pile of black schlag, creates no jobs, and invests
    nothing in America. Let’s take a look at defense company salaries and
    we’ll go from there.

  • Yes, most of the breakthrough inventions are made on the taxpayers’ dime and then given or sold by the Feds to the highest campaign donor…and then they sell it back to the taxpayer for a profit, i.e. our natural resources…what a game, huh?

  • [email protected]

    Is the author of this post slow in the brains or just a deranged lie machine? Having no prior knowledge of this site, it is certifiably the Fox News of blogs. I can’t stop people from lying and making up tall tales, but this is an absolute laughable post. Tori and Earl are fabricating these stories to drum up readership, obviously. Coincidentally those are the names of my goldfish, two other beings with the same ability for abstract thought. (No offense to Tori and Earl the Goldfish.)

  • Meanwhile COGA is begging Congress to keep larding up Big Oil with taxpayer subsidies, and oil shale boosters are proposing $50 million in taxpayer subsidies for oil shale, which has yet to produce any commercially viable fuel. I look forward to that article. And “Area 51” really?

  • juandos

    Really? There’s a push on by some to make ‘Big Oil‘ pay less in taxes than they already do?!?!

    Got a credible source for that $50 million claim?

  • science101

    What a crock of hyperbole, Tori Richards and Earl Glynn. NREL is anything but “remote” or an “Area 51”. I’m glad that you show the salaries of the people working at NREL, many of them scientists. It shows how the they values scientists for making grand contributions to advance science and technology to be shared by all people. Earning a PhD is a huge commitment and we should be valuing their contribution to develop cleaner energy technologies. Call it wasteful spending, but in the end if we don’t change our ways, we’ll all be living in a wasteland.

  • John Dietl

    The Green Iron Triangle indeed.

  • Jack Frost

    I invented a 5-gigawatt quanozoidial power interloper out of a coffee can, some Popsicle sticks and a rubber band. It works forever for free and uses no fuel and makes no pollution. I just need about $500 million from the gov’t to perfect the paint scheme.

  • vb_guy


  • Chose

    The 10 people defending the waiste of tax payers dollars must have an inside interest in the company.. Be it they themselves or family or friends work their.. Only justification I can see reasonable enough for defending the absolute waiste of valuable tax payer dollars.. Coal and oil will always be the most sensible energy source

  • Patriot1776

    Bust it up and let the people send them all to prison.

  • vb_guy

    what exactly was “fabricated”

  • BurtonM

    Wherever there’s blatant tax money abuse or corruption. the stench of democrats is never far from it.

  • steadykat

    really? They may have respect but their salaries should take cuts for heavens sake. This is a taxpayer funded place primarily and we the people do not have the $$$$$ to pay these people this much money!!! They have been getting millions for the last 40 years and WE ARE STILL ARE NOT ABLE TO PURCHASE AFFORDABLE SOLAR ENERGY!!!!!

  • ererereeeetr


  • Hoofie_of_Falls

    Shut it down. Shut it all down. It’s just part of the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” cult. If they let you in there you’d laugh your butt off, and then start crying. It is an expensive scam WE pay for.

  • craigmk1974

    “A beefy looking fellow told me, ‘It’s top secret,’ said Cooke…”

    They didn’t want the public to see them playing cards, watching TV, sleeping and laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Don

    Hooray for the Tea Party!!!

  • Payoffs……the mafia at work…what’s new folks?

  • Eric W

    I wonder how much our government spent on the development of nuclear energy projects back in the day. I often wonder how our government’s spending on things like this compare to what relative projects of a less transparent time.

  • Big Oil makes about 5c a gallon profit and Pays the Government 35 to 75c per gallon Tax… who the f**k is ripping us off?

  • BigBoa

    For 300 million more, the mighty Boa will be happy to help with packaging. After all, it’s only money…..

  • ss442es

    This is why Obama needs to go and right now. “Top secret?” this idiot in the White House and the dollar being worth nothing, China is buying up all the high tech companies that are folding up. As far as I am concerned if it is taxpayer paid for, it is taxpayer owned and anyone should be able to see it. But really, it needs to go.

  • peteee363

    if this work is so great, and promising, why are you not attracting money from investors? because white elephants don’t attract money, they destroy it! and the giant sucking sound on taxpayer dollars seems to be full wind turbines ahead in colorado.

  • Leave it to Washington to waste our dollars!

  • Andylit

    I wonder how much of a return in the form of affordable energy we got from Nuke plants.

    I wonder if there has ever been an administration less transparent than this one.

    I wonder if perhaps you are smoking something.

  • FreudianSlip

    Bravo to Tori Richards & Earl Glynn for a very fine well documented investigative report. Now please do one on Battelle’s $4.55 Billion annual income and who and what they really are. Please give us the names and addresses of their owners, principles, stockholders, board members et al. It’s time to reveal the people behind the corporate curtains who are raking in all the federal money.

  • Bill in NJ

    Irrespective of what you think of the story, those are NOT federal salaries. Something is rotten in the state of Colorado.

  • Eric W

    Wow! The Manhattan Project cost $26 billion (adjusted for inflation…$2 billion then) over a four year span. Crazy money!

  • elcid87

    If the word scientist is used in a sentence with “Man Made” climate change, then remove the word scientist with political hack. Thank goodness the high tech Harvard (belly laugh here) and Princeton (bigger belly laugh). Any fool who supports Al Gore with their Univerisity of Virginia lies is an idiot. UVA, where climate change meets lies.

  • peteee363

    i suppose henry ford and the wright brothers had large taxpayer funded experiments to create the automobile, and airplanes? NOT!! nor was microsoft, apple, or mcdonalds. solar is never in my lifetime going to replace coal, nor will wind power. but fools like you will gladly part with your money, just like the fools in vegas. only in vegas you get free drinks, and hot showgirls!

  • SamIamtwo

    And Japan’s gov’t simply hands over money with no expectations. This has been an ongoing process for decades…It’s like people wake up and realize, dam we still rely of the B52? Over 60 years and you should see the rust prevention costs on that one…not just the upkeep but rust prevention.

  • Anon–you know what I am sick of? I am sick of being told where I can and can’t go. These fuckheads work for ME. It is MY money that is paying their million dollar salaries. I’ll be goddamned if I am going to put up with it much longer. Trespassing? Bullshit!!! These a-holes would not have a problem “trespassing” on my property to confiscate my firearms would they? Keep stepping on our neck you jackbooted thugs and we will pull our knives and cut the ligaments in the back of your knees. We will bring you down….not now, but soon. Keep it up.

  • Mark Urbo


    Here is the left’s “constitution” at work. The perfect poster child for the policies of the left and Obama is Detroit.

    Nearly Half Property Owners In Detroit Failed To Pay Their Property Taxes Last Year


    Democratic government, unions (especially public sector unions) and the left have combined to DECIMATE [as in nuclear bomb] a once great American manufacturing mecca with their leftist “utopia” tsunami of failed BS !


  • FreudianSlip

    science101…..Clearly you are a government paid troll in here. Find another dark corner for lurking and next time learn to spell and form proper sentences.

  • Eric W

    Where do my messages keep going? Must be a conspiracy.

  • TaxRevolt

    Follow the money and you will find the corruption. NREL may have been conceived as a benefit for Americans but it has long since become a slush fund for improprieties.

  • FreudianSlip

    Troll, you are full of it. Slink off somewhere else to cut and paste stupid comments.

  • Eric W

    As I was trying to say….the Manhattan Project cost $2billion over a four year period. That’s over $26 billion in today’s dollars! Those filthy bastards.

  • elcid87

    When government meets science, science dies. The tiny little scientists will do what ever they have to do to keep money coming in. The engineers and scientists of the world will do anything to keep their paycheck. Just look at NASA (Not A Science Agency…..anymore).

  • peteee363

    oh yes, then why are all those workers in north dakota pumping all that oil TODAY! it is shale oil in nd that is making the lowest unemployment in the country today. a local hardware chain flys in workers from wisconsin to nd to have enough workers to open the store. and the subsidies oil companies get are called normal tax deductions for expenses. most every legitimate expense is written off profits to adjust the taxable income, just like you do on your tax forms. while wind and solar recieve actual tax subsidies that hide thier true cost.

  • JJinCO

    Free energy is very expensive.

  • miscalienous

    as we are now in a ‘you don’t need that’ society (money, guns, etc.), let me propose that the executives in charge or this facility can probably manage quite nicely on $80,000 taxpayer dollars per year.

    seriously, this is nowhere, colorado. who needs $500K a year ?

    and yes, they can refund the last 10 years overpayment, like the city manager in bell, california.

  • richardsh

    Remember the days when people were actually paid what they were worth?

  • miscalienous

    i agree. let”s cut all these dumb salaries, defense contractors, epa, nrel, the department of education et al. oh, and congress too.

    nobody needs a semi-automatic AR15 to go hunting, nobody needs to earn more than $80K per year, and nobody needs an abortion either.

  • Eric W

    Of course, I believe it was FDR (another worthless liberal) who authorized the project, leading to all that wasted spending.

  • peteee363

    nicola tesla died poor and broke, and has advanced electricity more then anybody in the history of mankind. albert einstein was a patent clerk before becoming a great mind. they were never paid these sums of money, yet managed to actually produce something.

  • GoldenRudy

    I guess i would be smiling too if I was getting that type of $$$ from the taxpayer and had the POTUS running cover for me.

  • VolatileMix

    where is a chris dorner when you need one!?

  • crudcutter

    Pure theft. Ethanol starves people around the globe and makes chicken and beef unaffordable at home. The EPA, NREL and the DOE should all be closed and a lot of folks indicted including the clowns listed above.

    Perlmutter needs to get a real job he can handle, maybe asking whether you want paper or plastic. That won’t tax his IQ

  • Rita__A

    i agree, I hope someone gets to the bottom of this NOW. Unbelievable!!!

  • miscalienous

    your friend needs to go and get a real job.

  • HarryObrian

    What everyone who is angered about this typical waste of taxpayer money seems to not realize is… until you vote them all out nothing will change and things will just get much more wasteful and you will be paying more and more taxes until everyone is dead broke. Socialists believe that your money is theirs to do with as they please and you have absolutely no control over it. Until everyone believes that in their hearts nothing will change at the voting booths, nothing. Paying some 3rd rate theory only PHD to produce something that won’t be viable for 50 to 100 years is here to stay….

  • alaskanvarmit

    They have pissed away billions since 1977. Time for a new rationalization.

  • peteee363

    ethanol also is destroying motors on vehicles. why are we using it again?

  • scewed-over-taxpayer

    If so many of you think this organization is so wonderful why don’t you invest your money instead of expecting the taxpayer to make R&D investments. If it is so wonderful I would expect there would be plenty of venture capital lined up to get a peice of the action. You could also expect the investors to demand accountability for their investment. But since we are just taxpayes we’re supposed to just shut up and take it.

  • Absolutely correct. As a former research administrator (not in govt.) I can attest to what you say. It isn’t just the government, it is also hundreds of research universities, institutes, and huge numbers of so called non-profits, all of them collectively sucking at the government tits. I used to annoy my co-workers simply by referring to the research funds as taxpayer dollars. Somehow it seemed right to point it out even though they didn’t like to hear it.

  • Utter and complete nonsense, troll. Good inventions do not need government assistance, as they are GOOD inventions and the public DEMANDS them. BAD inventions, conversely NEED propping up because there is NO DEMAND for them. Simple , unless you are a highly eductated, modern, proffesorial, progressive troll type. If you are one of these, then sure it deserves YOUR respect, just not anyone else on earth. Thus , they always have, and always will fail .

  • GoldenRudy

    You are comparing the development of a weapon that saved millions of lives to a bogus, enviro extremist pipe dream of a scam? You need to “try” harder.

  • alaskanvarmit

    Can you point me to these cells or any technology that is part of these cells created by this farce?

  • miscalienous

    so you are saying that these people aren’t making this money, that abound solar is a success story ? are there any other ‘success’ stories coming from nrel and cohorts ?

    since 1977…let me see…is solar energy, or wind energy, or any energy apart from gasoline energy practical yet ? it’s a 1/2 century later. how many billions have to be pissed away before we consider it a failure ?

  • Bawanna

    Perlmutter. The name says it all.

  • GoldenRudy

    No, crazy comment is more accurate.

  • Abbey

    There is indeed a stench, and it rises from both parties joined at the tax trough.

  • Eric W

    Right! That’s the point I was trying to make about all the wasted money we flushed on the Manhattan Project!

  • jgilman1

    It is NOT government property. At best it is a government run bloated bureaucratic waste of time. But I’m sure as we always find out after the fact something far more nefarious going on.

  • miscalienous

    it amazes me how ‘not taxing someone’ becomes a subsidy.

    it isn’t your bloody money in the first place, you moron. a subsidy is when you take money from one person / company and give it to someone else.

    typical liberal ignorance and bs.

  • Eric W

    Folks didn’t even know the project was happening, let alone know whether it would be successful. You need to try harder.

  • Abbey

    The dislike and disrespect comes from continual failure on the taxpayer dime.

  • Most of us know that if private investment isn’t going toward an “innovation” it is because its future looks bleak. Private investors want to make money.

  • GoldenRudy

    And the Democrats via ObamaCare want to limit the $$$ a medical doctor gets for saving lives on a daily basis. Talk about upside down.

  • miscalienous

    i agree. let them go and persuade private investors to create a private company. if they can’t do that, then they are no better than any other scam artist, scientific or not, sucking at the taxpayer teat.

  • Back in the day when defense contractors were dominating the California landscape, we used to say that about Lockheed. They were supposedly playing a game called battle ship instead of working. How times have changed as we are running out of money.

  • Cronyism Good old liberal cronyism, where are the dirt dobbers of occupy now.

  • WeThePeopleUSA

    Top secret? B.S.!!! This is likely another fake “green” company whose only relationship with green is the money taken from U.S. Taxpayers and funneled through this Gov’t shell corporation that simply channels it back to Obama into an ever growing hidden fund to help Obamacare limp into being next year.
    This is not Iran! Taypayers have a RIGHT to know why half a billion dollars is going into this NREL sham. Who do these people think they are? Our Gov’t is becoming a third world thugocracy under Obama. He needs to be impeached now!

  • jgilman1

    In forty six years the government still hasn’t learned the what the private sector knew forty five years ago. It doesn’t work. Throw another Trillion at it, that’ll do it.

  • Ok, Starlight show us the pictures where you have been there, instead of blowing smoke out of your behind.

  • GoldenRudy

    Re: Defense. Nowhere in the Constitution is there any mention or reference to an EPA, Dept of Ed, “nrel”, but there is a requirement for an Army and Navy. But like Lady Clinton recently said, “…what difference does it make?”

  • kimwal

    What an f…ing bureaucratic money stealing nightmare! These guys should be imprisoned and embarrassed. How do we start?

  • Here we go another liberal attaching a battery and alternator to a bicycle frame. This one is aluminum.

  • Gotham

    I’ve seen promises of more efficient solar cells coming on the market for the last 30 years, and now you think tax feeders are going to finally bring them to the reality. Yeah.

  • Eric W

    Work for YOU? Who do you think YOU are? Oh, right….you’re a tax payer. Can YOU just walk into the White House? Can YOU just stroll up onto a military base? Can YOU just wander into the gear room of the Hoover Dam? Paying taxes doesn’t give you the right from doing whatever you want. It only gives you the right to benefit from the projects and services paid for.

  • Surely you jest, nobody could be so blind. The guy who is mostly responsible for wasting dollars on green projects which have no prospect of becoming a viable reality for we the people has resigned his post as the head of the EPA. He is returning to Stanford University where no doubt he’ll be raking in the research funds from us the taxpayers to continue his pipe dream. That is how it works, university career to government career and back to university career and the tax money keeps flowing. No checks no balances when you have the right contacts.

  • peteee363

    it also does not attract money if it shows no promise of actually working. which is why embyonic stem cell research gets no private money, yet adult stem cell research not only gets investors, it has already proven itself as a real future to curing diseases.

  • Eric W

    Space Exploration and Nuclear energy. 2 things that would have never happened without federal spending. Likely two of the achievements Americans are most proud of in modern times.

  • Gov’tGasbags


  • Eric W

    Just stating the facts, bub.

  • How about big Facebook or big GE? Neither pays any tax but both are friends of Obama. In fact Facebook receives a tax refund? How does that work? No wonder the current administration believes we are too dumb to notice.

  • Krejoe

    Progressives are communists! Marxist lie. Obama lies!

  • Money laundering since 1977 in my book.

  • brassia

    Term Limits is desperately needed!!!
    I am not sure our country will EVER recover after Obama’s disastrous Emperor ruling , that had a dangerous impact all over the world as well

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • brassavola

    Unfortunately republicans are silent on ALL issues!! WHY?

  • knighttemplar01

    Yes, bring us a future where corn instead of feeding the nation and third world, goes into the tank of your obamamobile. And then we have the employees making more then any normal scientist or engineer, a million dollars for what, every green company supported [with our tax dollars] obama and biden visited are bankrupt and we the tax payers are out billions of dollars, so the only green here was what lined his supporters pockets and the democratic natl. committee coffers, pathetic!

  • gardengnome132

    But, but, but…this is the most transparent administration of all time! King, er, I mean President Obama told us so! We must trust him to know what is best for us and not ask any questions.

  • Mark

    I am writing to you because I have written a novel called The Liar and His Loans, a first-hand account of my life in the world of mortgage fraud. Some readers may call it raunchy, crass, vulgar, and demeaning, and I am here to tell you: they’re right, and that’s why I wrote it. Yes, it is peppered with profanity, but it’s also as honest a look at the sub prime mortgage crisis as you’re likely to get. What you are about to read is not just the tip of the iceberg that we see in newspapers and on TV, but more like the exact spot where the Titanic hit and went down, sending a boatful of fancy furs and shining jewels to the bottom of an indifferent sea while the music still played.

    The real reason I wrote The Liar and His Loans was to put a finger on the American pulse during a time when its heart rate sped up, as well as to offer an engaging story that hopefully makes its readers laugh and think in equal measure. In the end I’m trying to show the American workers and strivers who are not seeing a better day, those who are not seeing a way out of this mess we are in, an alternative to the fatal alternative of, well, suicide. At the end of the very long day, we are all in this together.

    Any help or suggestions are welcome. If you don’t have time or don’t review books, please forward this to someone that might be interested. Any help will be greatly appreciated and never forgotten.

    Thank you once again. The book is available at Amazon at the following link and all other e-book retailers.


    A link to a revue of the book on AOL Real Estate is below.


  • murrayw

    If you have no ethics and no charater, you can do very well by climbing aboard the Oboma gravy train. I don’t how people can feel good about stealing their neighbors tax dollars.

  • The left will continue to attack the tea party because it’s a threat. The tea party is about govt spending and uncovering all the fraud. The democrats of this country must wake up and join the tea party and IGNORE people like chris mathews, rachel maddows and all the propaganda arms of the left.

  • gardengnome132

    That is the question. How *do* we start? If we don’t do it soon, we’re done and we might as well move to Greece.

  • We either stand up and take our country back or we sit down, shut up (except for some useless posts on the internet), and take what’s coming to us.

  • mymanz2

    what a waste of tax payer money

  • juandos

    Absolutely NO argument from me mike on that score…

    Everytime these liberal losers and people who flunked basic economics in school whine about how Big Oil is somehow getting over or not paying their ‘fair‘ share or something similer they apparently can’t fathom the idea that this extra money Big Oil should be paying comes out of OUR pockets…

    I just wish once some of these idiots would google the lease prices for what an oil company pays just to take a bet that there might be oil on some patch of Gulf of Mexico ocean but that its thousands of feet deep…


  • murrayw

    Why doesn’t your “friend” et a job with the private sector instead of wasting my taxes?

  • Your last point is right on. I would install solar if it were affordable, alas it isn’t. However, unlike most greenies I do use simple solar by drying my laundry outdoors.

  • jazzdrums

    The U.S. government has approved the sale of U.S. taxpayer-backed A123 Systems to a Chinese company, despite security and economic concerns about sensitive technology changing hands.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/29/us-government-approves-a123-sale-to-chinese-firm-despite-security-concerns/#ixzz2LmDsp3Ex

  • Tell us how you really feel 🙂

  • gardengnome132

    Exactly right. Well, this is what we’ve come to expect from the collectivist liberal trolls, they cannot address the issue so they offer the usual straw man arguments. I see he’s made his inane comment over and over again in the thread. He’s learned well from his mentor, Obama.

  • adrshepard

    That’s not an apt comparison. The Manhattan project was based on a sound theory that brought about a true revolution in weaponry and eventually energy. It acheived its goals. The same can’t be said for NERL, apparently. Supposedly, their goal is to produce viable alternative energy sources. They haven’t done that yet, and the only real energy breakthroughs, if you can even call them that, are so inefficient that they need massive federal subsidies to compete with traditional energy technologies.

  • murrayw

    I want on board as the VP of governmental relations. For a million a year I will carry bummers gol clubs and promote the quanozoidial thingy.

  • Government out of control.

  • iworkforaliving777

    What a bunch of crooks. And BO is head of these band of thieves. How ya feeling now Middle Class America. BO sold you a bill of goods. Now we’re living the Great American Nightmare.

  • Simple. They’re deathly afraid, for whatever reason, of what the mainstream press will say about them.

    Why that is, I couldn’t begin to imagine. I can’t even fathom why they care what the press thinks about them when they hate Republicans anyway.

  • Lame response there. Every government official, whether politician, law enforcement etc. works for we the people, unless they work for a private employer who doesn’t receive any government funding for anything. As such we should be able to visit a government agency or government run institute without having to jump through hoops. The very least I would expect is a modicum of respect for the taxpayers. If you like to be a serf that is your choice. Some people lack the strength to be otherwise. As for the gear room at the Hoover dam, my family has been there albeit many years ago, before 9/11.

  • SammyAdams

    It saved millions of lives? The Japanese were on the way to a surrender, and the results of the Manhattan Project slaughtered (and led to premature deaths) of millions of civilians. Just because the US dropped the bomb, doesn’t mean it was a good thing. Did the project accomplish their goal? Yes. Would we have nuclear energy without having massacred millions of innocent people? Yes. Was the flexing of our military technology the only thing that made the US an unquestioned force allowed to back all of the world’s financial transaction? After a couple decades… Yes.

  • Leftists do not seem to see that these policies create a ruling class of elite 1%ers who think they know better than the rest of us who will continue to get poorer while the politiciians and their cronies will get richer with taxpayer dollars.

  • Poor Bernie Madoff should be released from prison right now.The real criminals in America right now are these fakers fleecing the taxpayers.If an American public company ran like this, the SEC and justice Dept . would be all over them with indictments and people going to jail.

  • MicheleLloyd

    Rocky Mountain high…

  • Love the raises they get on our dime. The first guy received a 50% increase in three years… almost a 300K raise or over a hundred thousand per year… Who in the real working world where your company is funded by production of goods receives a 100K salary increase per year? Sadly, they could find smarter and better people for a sixth of the salary. Traitors and scumbags.

  • Remember, the fricking congress funds this crap,but I imagine the Pelosi regime grandfathered in billions for years to come for this scam.

  • There is no such a thing as “The Tea Party”; what exists is The Tea Party MOVEMENT, that his, a common mindset of tens of millions of Americans who adhere fierily to and agglutinate around the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the overall conservation and strengthening of the America our Founding Fathers instituted, to which effect generations and generations shed sweat, tears, blood, limb and life. That is, The Tea Party Movement is all out for that America that the Left –now headed by Obama and the hardcore-Left marrow of the Democrat Party– detests viscerally: “America –despite its many imperfections and ugly defects and flaws– the overall most powerful nation that history has ever seen, yet the most generous and the first overall-superpower ever in human history that, rather than subjugating, liberates and even feeds peoples, and that stands out and excels as the world’s utmost inextinguishable beacon of freedom, everlasting fountain of effective-democracy, inexpugnable bastion of individual rights, and inexhaustible mother lode of free entrepreneurism.” Anonymous

    That’s why Obama and the Democrat Party have created one of the best tools of the Left to consolidate power: a well-remunerated and perked-up “nomenklatura” (read about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomenklatura).

  • franklin56


  • Blade_Runner_1776

    Tea Party? Typical left wing, overpaid bureaucrati, nut job. He got caught and is trying to deflect criticism, just like Bill Clinton tells the world his impeachment is a badge of “honor” (whatever that means to lefties) for perjury.

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    Colossus — The Obama Project. “Obey me, and live; disobey, and die.”

  • Clover1111

    Yes, always blame the taxed enough already crowd for their distaste of your waste.

  • Can you say corrupt fascists?

  • ROLYAT136

    The head “ladrón” was came to his current position, if not relative salary level, during the reign of GW Bush.
    Thanks again George. [I guess I’ll have to take it out against Jeb when he runs. 😉 ]

    Sure this “dung heap may have devised the idea of “ethanol” but they somehow got it accepted by a supposedly democratically organized government.
    “Fool us once – Shame on them. Fool us now – _____ __ __. (fill in the blanks)

  • I would like Dan Arvizu to come on this forum and tell us all EXACTLY what he personally and NREL has contributed to alternative energy in the last five years. Did he or his lab increase the efficiency of solar cells or find usable methods to increase the performance of wind turbines or even reduce the operating cost of them? How many patents did the lab file that were granted? Based on results, what’s your record?

  • glissmeister

    And never expect a republican of the orthodoxy to point out that Democrat’s lie.

    We need to flush every republican from office. Until the orthodoxy of beltway republicans are flushed from their current positions there will be no way to clean the big white bowl others call Congress.

    We elect a Congress. They turn it into to a Toiletarium.

    Flush them all. Swirl every turd.

  • Bryan Hipple

    Thanks for pilfering the nation for a pipe dream, American tax payers’ kids will be left with the bill! Enjoy your wealth while it lasts, it won’t do any of you elites any good when your all dead!

  • joedoakes202

    At least a strip club is honest money and puts people to work and makes a profit.

    This crap is worthless. It’s like tits on a bull.

  • glissmeister

    Hooray for the American Tribe!!

  • glissmeister

    It’s the orthodoxy. The bad hygiene of insider-dealings.

  • stuck_in_ca

    I bet he voted for Obastard.

  • Maybe while we’re considering slashing govt support for alternative energy we should consider slashing the tax credits we give the oil companies.

  • FFlintstone

    Everyone knows that oil won’t last forever. Only complete morons think the solution to our future energy needs in wind and solid technology from the 1970s. We have enough oil to last hundreds of years. Something will be invented/discovered in the future that’s a clean and cheap energy source.

    Only an arrogant baffoon thinks that its up to them to solve a problem that won’t exist for another 100 years. Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Our knowledge of science is growing as well. Someone in the PRIVATE SECTOR will come up with a brilliant idea that changes the world. It won’t be the leader of The Chum Gang and his ovepaid scientists. I’ll lay 1,000,000 to 1 odds to anyone who wants to bet that Obama will solve the future energy needs of mankind.

  • glissmeister

    They are utterly corrupted stakeholders in the orthodoxy.

    Worse still, YOU do not matter to them.

    Nor do I.

    Scum, they are.

    Fools, we are, who put them there.

  • Brassmouse

    A billion dollars a year, and HOW is this gonna save me money month to month?

  • These people have higher salaries than POTUS!

  • Jaels_Song


  • FFlintstone

    Seriously. If solar technology was the solution to our energy problems, investors would have been lining up for decades to get in on the action. Rich people don’t hesitate to put their money behind a good idea.

  • goodbye America , thanks you scum

  • disqus_nwJ4uy1QtW

    Like congress and DC, it is time to start taking these people out. Millions of us to thousands of them. We can afford taking them out one at a time,

  • treachery

    “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

    God bless the tea party, nice to see green energy paying their fair share.

  • Itsy_bitsy

    More of Obama’s fraud on green energy! There is no way anything will come from this that can actually justify the huge money pit waste! Not one thing the liberals have pushed in the energy field can give us any return for the money spent! If this were a private company, these government officials could be arrested for defrauding the investors!

  • David_from_San_Diego

    I think the salaries listed are obscene for executives of “non-profit” companies — especially “non-profits” whose revenue is derived from government contracts.
    Do you know how much $928,069 is in Colorado? Its about he same as $1.4 million in L.A. or San Diego. And why did he get a 35% raise between 2009 and 2010? Did he invent something? (I doubt it.) What was his salary in 2011 and 2012? Aren’t we entitled to know?

    I would like to know what these people’s “qualifications” are — and, more importantly, how they came to be selected for these positions. I think I already know the answer to both questions, though.

  • rirjf jrfjfnfnj

    The congress needs to defund this crap

  • It isn’t his money, he didn’t earn it. The Left: Disgusting, unprincipled looters and parasites.

  • tonycoza

    how are these “executives” receiving 33% increases year after year? Then, to top it off, they make hefty donations to their local congressman who then, makes sure they continue to get huge budgets, for producing absolutely nothing but more taxpayer supported, bankrupt companies, whose top exectutives, are, w/out fail, o-bundlers!! this man’s presidency will go down in history as the most shameful 8 years that the main-stream media ever put together.

  • News Reporter

    Unless that guy telling you to leave is Army Navy Air Force Marine, sheriff, local police or FBI…. you are welcome to drive right by him. If he pulls out a firearm, you are obliged to shoot him first.

  • David_from_San_Diego

    If you want that $500 million in taxpayer funding, you are going to need to start spreading some “seed money” around on “K” Street. Have you talked to Harry Reid yet?

  • ace65

    The vast majority of government is redundant unnecessary busybody work.

  • jb80538

    Solar and wind are not practical sources of consistant energy. Coal works well but barry wants to kill the coal indusrty.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    No longer surprising. Endlessly amazing.

  • Criminals all. This Govt does not have my consent. This Govt is nothing more than a crime syndicate without consent of the governed. Last I checked less than 20% of the Citizenry support this crime syndicate… They are the ENEMY of America… The time to encircle DC and arrest these parasites is TODAY!

  • tkdblkblt

    What a surprise. Started by Jimmy ‘the peanut brain’ Carter. The Dept. of Energy should be eliminated along with the education department, the commerce department, OSHA, Labor Dept. and several others who have absolutely failed in their assigned missions.

  • jack

    Thry need more R&D, not grandiose projects.

  • Thanks. And you will never, ever hear this important distinction in the State media. They seem to have a vested, almost religious aspect to their agenda of dead, unborn babies. Put like that, and since there’s truth there, it’s a creepy as hell.

  • Jreece

    No one person needs to make a million a year fuck the government who’s with me


    Shut’em down!

  • The GOP is full of progressives… Nixon took us (temporarily) off the gold standard after all…

  • There are near always exceptions to every rule, genius. In general, it’s not wise to trust bureaucrats (ie. people who didn’t earn the money directly) to decide what to do with other’s earnings.

  • 2inthehat

    If the media were not actively deceiving the public there would be riots in Washington over the current state of affairs.

  • Now…now…wait…hold on…you..you…you..didn’t building that. The tax payers built that. Where’s my teleprompter?

  • xsnake

    Until repulsicans find a way (and the nerve) to get around the regime/media propaganda machine, nothing will improve.

  • Last time I checked Bernie didnt point a gun at anyones head and demand money for his ponzi scheme, like the Govt does.. This Govt no longer has my consent and that makes them an illegal crime syndicate.

  • That’s awesome and sounds funny. I love using honesty and language against so called ‘political correctness’ (ie. enforced lying)

  • Sure Fred. Stick some solar power in your gas tank and see how far you get.

  • This government is out of control. There is so much fraud, waste and abuse it’s not funny. If just 10% of cuts would come from the Politicians and pork in Washington we wouldn’t have to worry about the sham sequestration.

  • GoldenRudy

    Yes, it saved lot of US soldier lives in addition to many Japanese lives, both military and civilian. Your revisionist history just does not stand up to reality. Even the Japanese government has admitted that as bad as the atom bomb was to the two cities involved, it did save many lives. And you are aware that there was a coup underway by Japanese military officers in Tokyo to stop any suggested surrender. “Woulda/coulda” means nothing to the millions of men ready to invade the home island. Also, the atom bomb stopped the USSR from securing additional territory. But, I’ll guess that is what really upsets folks with your similar beliefs.

  • It’s also raised food prices around the world, and countless people, mostly children, have died horrific deaths as a direct result. But the Left does, not, care. That’s the truth.

  • joe

    wow talk about stupid American corruption…right under your noses and nothing will be done….how does it feel knowing the Chinese are laughing at you while collecting interest on the money you borrow for this corruption..hahahahahaahhaha

  • I know what you mean, but you have to admit, it wouldn’t be a good smile.

  • 2inthehat

    Someone should pay to truck in every single unemployed American citizen to the Washington Mall. What have they got better to do? The amount of people there would be bigger than anything ever done and would make a big statement.
    How would the main stream media cover it? *crickets*

  • ckmiller81

    I think the Air Force Academy football coach makes more but that might not be taxpayers $$.

  • Let me fix that for you… no one person who is paid with money confiscated from other people needs to make a million..of course you were just trying to bait and switch corporate CEO pay…but guess what they are paid with their corporations OWN money and they can be paid whatever someone else thinks they are worth.

  • JhoffaX

    A country this stupid doesn’t deserve to lead the world..

    AND IT WON’T for long..

  • GoldenRudy

    If you think “nobody needs an AR-15”, what will you do when someone says “nobody needs a computer to access the Internet”? The word “need” is the Marxist operative word. It is none of anybody’s concern or business what I or any other law abiding citizen “needs”.

  • teslan

    This place isn’t all that remote. My house is considerably more remote then this place. You can see it from I-70 just when you head up into the mountains west of Denver. There are signs saying where it is and there is a visitors center.

  • Old pharmer

    As a non participant in the Tea Party and really see little they do except give Democrats a name to blame for whatever the Democrats don’t get or screw up. They are a minority within the minority in Washington. Here, these programs are dealing with Billions of dollars and when a few million are shorted, it is the Tea Party that is dooming the environment and humanity. Golly, don’t you think they could create for themselves a real dynamic force and elect a Tea Party President and control of the Senate with all the power the Democrats assign to them? This is tantamount to having your doberman neutered by a chihuahua. Could it be that just this nonsense of chasing the illusive rainbow of perpetual motion is folly?

  • eric, you can’t get the gist of what he’s saying, when he wrote that the government works for us, for me, because you value the collective over the individual. You do this because your ideology is what’s called Leftism, and statism. You, or most of you, have substituted God and self governance for the State. You basically worship a bureaucratic collective, at the end of the day. Lol. 😉

  • LButler234

    I find it interesting that at the same time the Tea Party is dead, we are still able to cause the failure of green energy success, budget compromise, security for state department employees, etc.

  • Fred Bowerman

    Time to protest with guns on this place.

  • “Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party”? Is there one Democrat-liberals-leftist-progressive with even a hint of moral and intellectual courage and honesty that also is not psychologically dysfunctional?

    Or one scientist, engineer or other professional associated with so-called green energy who even vaguely remembers integrity and the scientific method — and who’ve had any training in fundamental economics?

  • It falling around your worthless liberal @ ss Obama!

  • Obama is a (unt.

  • jakeandlizzie

    What are ya gonna do? We have passed any possibility of stopping what has been started by the money spending Democrats and Republicans. 1/3 of the eligible voters don’t vote. Our right to have a vote has been taken away a corrupt federal government and judicial who will not take the action to ensure only qualified voters cast a vote as required by the constitution. They will not ensure the accuracy of the voting system. Money will flow and cannot be stopped.

  • Fred Bowerman

    Eeeeef all these thiefs

  • Ed_Stark

    Corn as fuel? What MORON had this brainstorm? Yes, let’s compete with our cars for food.

    The left’s disregard for the value and dignity of human life is evil. Plain and simple. Whether you define that word in a spiritual manner or not is irrelevant. It is EVIL.

  • Dejonn

    Imprison obama

  • Actually, Sammy, you’ve got some facts wrong. Here’s some education for you about what really happened, and why:


  • Black Dak

    I’m in the wrong business.

  • Seems there’s no one — Obama, his administration, his Department of Energy, his EPA, his Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive Party, his Obamamedia — who has the intellectual horsepower and experience to understand the concept of commercial availability.

    Or who has the intellectual and moral honesty to do real science and engineering, not the politicized science and politicized engineering that passes in D.C. for real research and development.

  • Tinkabell

    Well said.

  • LButler234

    Do you think the press will ever cover the story about Ethanol and the rise in the cost of food world wide, poor people are starving and all the msm seems to care about is the hoax that is climate change.

  • Fred Bowerman

    Retardpublicans are weak!

  • They lack the real or figurative testicularity? Or they’re just as ambivalent about serving our country’s needs rather than their own and their party’s? Or both?

  • drill, refine and we will be fine. mine and refine and we will be fine. these other industries will catch up when the time is right. as long as big brother is in charge and picking losers we are all screwed. drill and mine, drill and mine, drill and mine. oil, gas, and coal are renewable resources. do it now and save america.

  • according to odumbo we subsidise the oil industry. moron democrat marxist pig.

  • More Government Corruption under King Obama

  • oldvlc

    I can think of no more ugly site than a wind turbine “farm.” They are so ugly and dangerous (hundreds of birds, including bald eagles, die in collisions with the blades) and they are noisy. So noisy that the hoity-toity residents of Martha’s Vineyard are outraged at the constant hum of them in the bay up there. Unintended consequences always follow liberal lame brained ideas.

  • Disgusting. Getting close to the time lead needs to fly.

    And yes I too am in the wrong business apparently.

  • pvtgomer

    where are the odd ball occupy people……….bet there won’t be a whimper from any of them………….heil emperor O

  • Maybe a group of American citizens need to take Dr. Arvizu and the rest of the staff for a little walk in the country for a little old American justice, the old fashioned way.

  • socraticsilliness

    billions and billions spent for nothing. About 40 yrs of taking tax payer’s money and they’ve given us bankrupt companies….Perlmutter, you should be in jail next to Madoff…

  • Enderr

    Term limits is called voting.

  • How about you presenting, in detail and with credible objective traceable evidence, your reasons for saying, “all the wasted money we flushed on the Manhattan Project”?

  • Fred Bowerman

    The odummy house of cards will come tumbling down before four years are up!

  • Enderr

    I can chrome it for $50 million, that will make it faster.

  • Fred Bowerman


  • lambfound

    Is it any wonder Obamas encourage young people to go into government work. It’s a license to steal, and the money is endless. Wonder why Axelrod is heading a department at Univ of Chicago teaching college students to go into government service. They figured it out long ago – money grows on trees, and there is no accountability, no one gets fired, and the benefits are first class. Taxpayers are the chumps. And they can’t find anything to cut….it’s obscene. There is NO green energy that works!!

  • vperl

    Does the US Senate provide oversight

  • Obama and his entire Democrat Congress needs to be replaced,

  • Fred Bowerman

    Left’s protocol blame the real Americans . Go get’em Tea Party.

  • ex_engineer_x

    Reads like a page out of Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged.

  • The Girl

    These lunatics have to be stopped.

  • gofer1

    You are so very wrong. The Japanese were not about to surrender. They were prepared to fight to the death. Remember kamakazis? Invading Japan would have cost untold thousands of lives on both sides because of their determination. You can’t possibly think the bomb(s) were dropped when they were ready to surrender. They didn’t even surrender after the first bomb. It took a second one.

  • InflamedTexan

    How many more stories of wasted money and government corruption do we need to read?? They are popping up everywhere???????

  • sharkeye

    There should be no government involvement in anyway with these companies. I feel if the president wants this, he and congress should fund the projects, not the people who don’t even get a vote.

  • InflamedTexan

    Yes please – as soon as possible.

  • William

    ObamaNation and it’s minions are toxic to this country and our society.

  • MonkeyWork

    1. They’re too lazy to travel that far.
    2. They tried to fight for your right not to be a slave to the bankers.

    They fought ’emperor O’. What did you do besides a lazy joke?

  • Northstar

    And what has been the damaging cost to our food …Untold billions…No wonder the Government food assistance continues to grow each day….Then to top it all off they sneek more of our money to this nonsense through the USDA budget….

  • gofer1

    You are hilarious. What have they come up with since 1977? The wasteland is govt. spending on boondoggles and 100 yr. old technology.

  • You forgot they defecated on the American Flag, never showered and raped women. They did jack to fight Obama. They love him and their freebies. Lay off the bud.

  • Binary_Warrior

    If they were such good investments the greedy SOBs in congress would be all over them with their own money.

  • Alittlebitofreality

    I just think this is lovely and they are doing all for the children!

    The ineffectual Republicans in Congress think that stopping $85 billion a year will help the deficit – These people spent that on cornpon in a hour and Congress is not concerned about it.

  • Time to fight back!

  • The Tea Party wants these overpaid functionaries to support Free Market Hemp and let us the people grow our own fuel and economy. We already know how to do it, just stop wasting time and the people’s hope’s on expensive technology when we can Go Green and Get Green the same way George Washington did , Hemp

  • effinayright

    What was that lefty slogan of the 60’s? Something about, “UP AGAINST THE WALL, EM-EFFERS!!!”???

  • gofer1

    You’re a liar. See how easy that is without any proof?

  • birdcage

    Drag the bastards into the streets and beat our tax dollars out of them.

  • When do the cuts start…shall we just keep robbing from future generations? Obama is very good at that. YOU DONT SPEND MONEY YOU DONT HAVE! and by the way….the sequestor was Obama’s brain child.

  • He and many others should be killed! Sorry to be this way but its ao out of control that I’m over it! If you think this one man getting that amount of our money is ok then you should be illuminated also!

  • thunderbob

    All Obama supporters!

  • gofer1

    At least they have something to show for it. What have they come up with since 1977?

  • Absolutely no one in government should earn more then the president. This is crazy and out of control.

  • gofer1

    Then let Colorado fund them and they can make a fortune off their groundbreaking work. No respect due.

  • Combat_Vet

    Have another glass of that kool-aide

  • FDRjr

    I wonder who is behind this writer and “investigation”? It must be evil Koch Bros. I am glad someone is trying to take us off fossil fuels. That certainly will not stem from oil or power companies. They are only good at keeping status quo and financing “investigations”.

  • BranMakMorn

    The tribe cashes in on our dime, It’s Wall Street and the big banks all over again, Like the fellows from Solyndra, watch them flee to the Bahamas or Israel when the shite hits the fan,

  • brodave

    The current US Federal Government is corrupt, bankrupt and broken far beyond repair.
    It is time to dump the current US Federal Government altogether.
    We the People need to form a new much, much smaller, much much less expensive and much much less intrusive US Central Government.
    It is time for a massive taxpayer revolt. Start now!

  • aleddie1

    Actually, they traveled to CO, but got high when found cheap and legalized “medicinal weed”.

  • James1754

    More tax payer money being thrown away. But we are making the left and our peerless leader very happy.

  • Peter McGill

    Wow, those are some nice year over year raises. Disgusting thieves.

  • “The tea party took over?” When was that ?


    Please correct this article. These people are NOT Government employees making that much money. They ARE Contractors being paid with Government funds.

  • LMAO, Everyone wants government cheese, some are smart enough to legally scam Obama’s Government for millions. Let’s raise taxes to keep the cheese flowing!

  • caiusKeys

    You know, I have a friend who appears on TV quite a bit. He’s very smart, but this observation gets at our disconnect: he wants to work within the rules to make things better, which is admirable. I however think the system is broken more deeply than that and requires a more fundamental restructuring. As David Rousset said, “Normal men do not know that everything is possible.”

  • NREL would be more efficient if they just burned the money they spent. Green jobs? That’s a laugh.

  • al gore must have his finger in this pie too

  • indythinker99

    No. Term limits doesn’t allow politicians to run for office over and over. Big difference. Obviously, you don’t understand the concept or reasoning behind it.
    Power corrupts. Our politicians are corrupt.

  • fedup

    yet somehow we will have no meat inspectors

  • Son of Liberty

    It’s AMAZING how Cultural Marxists condemn rich people that do NOT agree with their political dogma, but PAY other Cultural Marxists exorbitant salaries with money they confiscate from TAX PAYING CITIZENS.

    NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT ANYWHERE should EVER make that kind of salary. No one in Government NEEDS that much of the TAX PAYER’S money to live on, PERIOD.

  • This white elephant needs to be culled.

  • Matt

    Colorado IS becoming California. I lived in Colorado for almost 30 years…I FINALLY escaped. The state has transformed itself into a “BLUE” state and this past cycle the democrats finally took back control of both houses in the legislature. With Gov. Hickenlooper…expect more liberal associated policies.

    Add in the continuing expansion of mexican immigrants as well as minorities that are moving there to take advantage of the marijuana laws and you have a solid voting bloc for future democrat candidates.

    As far as NREL, you can go to the Visitor’s Center. Needless to say, it sure does not leave anyone impressed. It is ONE, yes ONE large room about 30′ x 50′ and has some interactive displays and a couple of flat screen monitors. If this is all they can come up with…well, it really is no wonder about the rest of the operation. Go there…check it out yourself.

  • Prime Controller of Planet X

    Nothing compared to many county Sheriff salaries. I think Arpaio is around 800k.

  • Son of Liberty

    But to a Cultural Marxist Democrat, a tit on a bull is sexually attractive…

  • golfnut6

    Any more questions about the need to sequester and starve the beast?

  • No wonder these cronies hate the Tea Party raining on their uber profitable Snake Oil scam.

  • Joe bob unhappyiless

    Let the markets work, please. We don’t want your shitty electric cars and we’d like to be able to see, so give us back our god dam incandescent light bulb. I’ve cut myself more than once because I don’t have the illumination from your replacement bulbs to get the job done. Your global warming theory has been proved to be bull shit… the researchers lied. Respect the 2nd amendment and focus on keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill..ie a national registration of the mentally ill, instead of all those who own guns lawfully. And look to a bipartisan solution to our nation’s health care issues rather than shove your plan down our throats.

    In so many words, leave us alone, please.

  • Kommando_Oskar

    Speak truth to power. Vote Tea Party.

  • Good grief, more WASTE and “transparency”, They aren’t going to tell us a thing,,,,,but it is supposed to bring us all a “better future”. (Like Obamacare?) Yeah, I just bet, Just knowing how careful the “Rulers” in D.C. are with OPM. (Other people’s money) we can not believe a thing they say. How terrifying.

  • suzanna

    don’t hold your breath libs can buy votes with a cell phone paid for by our taxes

  • Kommando_Oskar

    You saw his 1040?

  • We’d get more energy for our money if we just burned the money.

  • suzanna

    they want to be loved and invited to parties which are given by the Demons in DC

  • Kommando_Oskar

    What’s the difference it still taxpayer money

  • Thats the problem with the FEDERAL ELITE the communist party of America
    Shut them down asap

  • More tax money for incompetent Obama bundlers

  • Opinion-A-Tor

    graft 2 (grft)
    1. Unscrupulous use of one’s position to derive profit or advantages; extortion.
    2. Money or an advantage gained or yielded by unscrupulous means.
    tr. & intr.v. graft·ed, graft·ing, grafts
    To gain by or practice unscrupulous use of one’s position.

    Oh Yah!…”FELONY!”

  • banger377

    If government wants to spend more on new energy technology, they should bet on something that may be extremely successful, like the liquid thorium reactor. Virtually unlimited power, for ever.

  • john_ell

    Shut it down. Progressive big ideas lead to slavery and destruction. Progressive ideas don’t work in the marketplace so progressive thinkers rely on tax subsidies extracted from the productive sector at the point of a gun.

  • wvernon1981

    Of course the ideals of the founders would appeal to the tea party, given their cognitive tendencies to value stability rather than change. The Founders lived over 200 years ago. We might be able to do better but that means we must need to find ways of modifying our current institutions or implementing new ones. For that reason, that I do believe we can do better than the founders, that I cannot support the Tea Party.

  • 1eyeninja

    So these are the people responsible for corn in our gas.

    This is a good place for the revolution to start; about a thousand well armed citizens should show up one morning and tell everyone at this facility they have till noon to pack their sh!t and get the hell out or we’ll throw them out. Then move on to the offices of: EPA, Corp of engineers, Dept of interior, and ALL worthless, obstructionist agencies and SHUT THEM DOWN. Push HAS come to shove.

  • john_ell

    Just say NO to free stuff. Vote against those who promise free stuff . Vote against progressivism, don’t just focus on D and R designations. They are now meaningless.

  • Kommando_Oskar

    Krushev was right. They did bury us

  • john_ell

    Testify! I am donating my money to primary out every long-term apparatchik who has voted for this nonsense, regardless of party affiliation.

  • Kommando_Oskar

    If you want to learn How a lot of his came about, Watch the television series The Americans On TNT

  • John

    Hey Arvizu, can I borrow $500 bucks so that I can go to my grandmother’s funeral? Nevada flight to Maine. I lent you some of your paycheck. I am broke and work cut my hours. true story

  • I guess losing billions funding private companies wasn’t enough.

  • Rick A Hyatt

    But the greedy and the lazy of our country count
    “Entitlements” from the govt. for free…
    Sad but true.

  • Ohio_patriot31

    That´s the beauty of working for the government. By the time anyone´s the wiser, the greedy suckers have raped the taxpayers of $100s of millions of dollars and established a lifestyle where the execs snag up to $236K+ raise when the middle class sees less than $1K? Independent, not-for-profit organizations that perform contract research for the government get such sweet gigs. They are collectively laughing at us all the way to their vacation homes in Aspen and Telluride.

  • “We had to loot America in order to save it.”

    Our current fraudisdent isn’t worth 50 cents, but half of these turds make more than he does.


  • Rick A Hyatt

    Please use the correct term: It’s Democrat Socialists, or Commies, if you prefer.

  • iatworld

    “the world’s largest nonprofit research and development organization.”
    Who needs profit when government hands you 350 million a year?
    It’s good to be a democrat bundler.
    hang’em high and often.

  • Brandigo


  • VHG1

    “It’s top secret.” No it’s bulsh**!

  • Rick A Hyatt

    They’re scared to death of something so horrendously terrible that they won’t go there: http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com

  • Rick A Hyatt

    Homosexual blackmail.

  • AZWarrior

    Open it up to public review or send in troops to burn it to the ground.

  • Hal J Likakik

    Someone PLEASE expose this “money sucking” no access giving entity for what it is. Senior leadership here seems to be making excessive amounts of coin “at all of our expense” if justified…cool. Me thinks NOT!

  • so…… why can’t private industry do this without tax payer help? That is, if there is a viable future and a way to make money…… why do we need to pay bureaucrats this kind of money? Let private equity figure it out, just as we have with about everything else. Heck, these days we even leave space flight up to private investors, why should this be any different? It is hard to not see this as the Skeeter Bo team taking care of campaign donors.

  • Barney Frank

    Thieving bastards.

  • Kommando_Oskar

    I never expect ANY politician to tell truth. The majority are lying thieves. They shouldn’t remain in power As long as they do. Vote the bastards out

  • A former flaming liberal and wanna-be leftist, I’m a Tea Party conservative.

    What I value is civility, intellectual and moral honesty and courage, fiscal responsibility, adult governance, the Constitution and its freedoms and protections, harmony and common sense — — as well as less taxes, states’ primacy and smaller federal government.

    I also believe in being faithful to the idea of America the Founding Fathers expressed — and to all those who’ve given their lives, or body parts, or sight, or hearing, or mobility, or minds, or some combination thereof, to ensure that we remain a free country that remains committed to the dream of America.

    I also believe that taxation without representation failed with King George II, so we don’t need to try that experiment again,

  • nogard1951

    It would seem that the liberal herd is well past due for a severe culling. The fate of the country depends upon it. It is truly a disease of the mind and soul..

  • paperpusherj

    Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party.

    “It is clean and it is the future of energy production,” Perlmutter wrote on his website. “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

    score one for the tea party

  • Kommando_Oskar

    Comrade Obama And his gangster regime Want chaos. They want to declare martial law. The Feds have purchased 1.5 million rounds of ammunition. What do you think they want to do with them? We’re outgunned

  • WatchingAmericaDie

    Look at the pay raises these executives got. Unbelievable. Who determines their compensation?

  • AmericanKim

    Thank You, AMY OLIVER COOKE, for exposing yet another government theft of my hard-earned money.

  • MelAnosis

    this is a good example of why the stimulus did nothing but increase the national debt. If they wanted to stimulate they should have given a tax cut to everyone allowing the private sector to stimulate the economy using the free market. Obamanomics is synonymous with cronyism.

  • HAl J Likakik

    1.5 BILLION!!!

  • WTH? Everyone blaming left, right, tea party…it’s not a tribal problem. It’s a SECRECY PROBLEM.

  • brodave

    Welcome to Obama’s America. Suckers.

  • 1eyeninja

    incompetent govt employed retards can have all the ammo they want, they will be facing millions of heavily armed civilians, we not only outnumber, but outsmart them. I look forward to it being ON.

  • Prime Controller of Planet X

    Public data isn’t it?

  • Okieflyover

    They can’t find a way to make a viable return and their budget has doubled in 3 years and its always somebody else’s fault.

  • Hal j Likakick

    F, this administration. have done nothing but made us the laughing stock of the world and divide us a citizens. The FLOTUS for the first time crap…I am with Rush..I am ashamed! and embarrassed. What an F-n joke we have become!

  • Jay Santos

    Pay attention, the Federal Government has become a criminal enterprise. The names are not Corleone, Capone or Segal. At the point of the considerable guns possessed by the government, they will take your money. What they do with that money is none of your business.

  • WTF kind of monkey-sh*t is going on in there???Top-Secret my A$$… Heads will roll…!!!

  • donethat

    Surprise, Surprise.

    Social and economic morality being dictated by immoral politicians?

  • Gubbament Waste

    Both Parties have pet projects they like to dump taxpayer money into. Republicans like Big Defense and Corporations, Democrats like Big Government Agencies. Just another make-work, or make-rich project.

  • Twoiron

    Crooks and liars…in plain sight. Right under our noses.

  • BobGee

    Tori and Earl should investigate what happened at Benghazi. The MSM curiously isn’t interested.

  • DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

    February 19th, 2013

    classified ads

    Company produces cardboard cut-outs of “non-traditional threats”: Pregnant women,

    elderly & children

    Paul Joseph Watson
    February 19, 2013

    A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and

    other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that

    include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

    Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a 21-year designer and full service provider of

    training targets for the DHS, the Justice Department and thousands of law enforcement

    agencies throughout the country.

    The company’s website offers a line of “No More Hesitation” targets ”designed to give

    officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects

    that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition

    for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

    The targets include “pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in

    home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on

    playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

    Why are top training target suppliers for the government supplying the likes of the DHS

    with “non-traditional threat” targets of children, pregnant women, mothers in

    playgrounds, and elderly American gun owners unless there is a demand for such items?

    This is particularly alarming given the fact that the Department of Homeland Security

    has purchased roughly 2 billion rounds of ammunition over the course of the last year,

    enough to wage a near 30 year war.

    In comparison, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used

    5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month.

    The DHS also purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles last

    September, labeling them “Personal Defense Weapons.”

    The fact that targets of armed pregnant women, children, mothers in playgrounds, and

    American gun owners in general are being represented as “non traditional threats” “for

    the first time” is deeply concerning given the admitted preparations for civil unrest

    undertaken by Homeland Security as well as other federal agencies.

    A leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations”

    also outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots,

    confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

    This also dovetails with the continuing characterization of Americans who are

    “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as

    “extreme right-wing” terrorists by DHS-funded studies.

    The US military trained last year to take on another “unusual target” – zombies – which

    some fear is just a ruse to get troops used to engaging crowds of people with deadly

    force. As Alex Jones documented in his film Police State 2000, numerous “urban warfare”

    training drills stretching back well over a decade have revolved around incarcerating

    and battling the American people on domestic soil.

    See the other “non-traditional threats” that are being provided in the form of shooting

    targets to the DHS and thousands of law enforcement agencies below.

    Note: The website containing these targets has crashed since this article was

    published, but this graphic shows a screenshot of the page with the URL visible.

  • Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens”

    Paul Joseph Watson
    January 22, 2013

    2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow shockingly claims he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.

    Garrow was nominated three years ago for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize and is the founder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China. Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.” He is a public figure, not an anonymous voice on the Internet, which makes his claim all the more disturbing.

    “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm.”

  • sb

    51% of them will never even hear of this.

  • rejco

    All that money IS STOLEN!

  • Skitz00

    Elect me president and I’d have the FBI out to this place the next day to lock it down. Everybody would be told to leave immediately with only their personal belongings. No digital storage devices would be allowed out the door. The investigation would be interesting. This would be the first of many such lockdown-investigations.

  • TahoeGuy

    What a crooked raping of America. Makes me sick that more money gets funneled in so that it can in turn be passed back to lawmakers and the lobby. Hard to imagine how twisted this gets. And people wonder why we’re broke ars. Can this rats nest, fund and let the free market and actual intelligent people solve real problems in a commercially viable way.

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    same for the oil companys

  • TahoeGuy

    More like right between the eyes.

  • EdmundWright

    More liberal millionaires failing their way to wealth on the backs of tax payers.

  • effinayright

    UP AGAINST THE WALL! Isn’t that what lefties urged us to do with government criminals back in the 60’s???

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    I wonder did you read the article ?? you referenced non of it >< just wht yu believe. no kiddin huh tea 4 everybody right?

  • Mad Dog

    SAD state of affairs . . .

  • Philip Branton

    What everyone in this comment section needs to do is to send this article to every man and woman serving in uniform and ask them to forward this article to their superior Captain or Admiral or General and ask them if they make this much in SALARY after all the years they have been serving our country and putting lives on the line and carrying the burden of making decisions and plans that put lives in harms way for FOREIGN OIL and pipe line routes..!!!

    Anyone in Information Operations or Information Assurance would realize the short comings that are illustrated in this very article when it comes to “winning the hearts and MINDS” of our own countries citizens. Just look and observe this comment section. Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming the Tea Party. It really makes one smile to know that we all are SLAVES to Fossil Fuel OIL at the pump. The world economy ( as is the US economy) is a sitting Duck when it comes to its economic security being “pimped” at will. Just think how major buildings have back up generators but HOMES do not for the most part. What is really never spoken about is the (possible) coordinated refinery “choking” world wide that puts all of humanity at what risk.

    Amy Oliver Cooke brings up some great points in this article. We wonder if she has ever given any thought to how many lives in the last century have DIED for OIL and natural resources and then think how many troops have died to protect a Wind Turbine..?? ..or Solar Panel..? How much is one life worth or thousands or Millions..!? Better yet we wonder if Amy ever thinks or even knows how strategic patent technology could actually turn her HOUSE into an energy PRODUCER instead of having a monthly energy BILL? Does she know that her sewage is actually METHANE GAS..? Why are fart fans required in her bathroom..??

    Its not the economy …”Stupid”. Its the “ENERGY” …!!!

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    I loved when George done the right thing and Gave the banks the 5 big ones he called to the Treasury “Billions” some didnt want it so he forced um 2 take it wow. remember that printing of money i do.

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    There really is a mainstream “Press” wow

  • The republicans are silent because they don’t care! The government is in cahoots with each other. ALL of them are corrupt and need to go!

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    the “Fake” OPEC embargo ha devalued the dollar and china and saudie countries were demanding gold had he not Fort Knox would have been empty by 1976

  • Philip Branton

    WOW…this article was written in November …and then it hits Drudge today. What would any Information analyst understand about this dynamic and information flow..!? What would Drudge’s point be with this..?

  • LascoX

    I am all in favor of developing wind and solar energy but the government shouldnt be pissing away our money proping up failing enterprises and paying million dollar salarys to executives that produce nothing. Blaming the tea party for this is insane. The tea party hasn’t pushed to remove tax credits , they have only pushed for responsable spending and for the government to do thier job and give us a budget that actually works

  • Limo liberals strike again. How many ways can they waste our money?

  • localnet

    This looks like a money laundering operation. Interesting how these funds make their way back to the politicos. Shut it DOWN!

  • aurora9

    Why have these people been chosen for these high-paying jobs? More commies infiltrating our nation at our expense? BO doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t help him and his agenda. It would be interesting to know how their past histories read.

  • Top Secret windmills? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • Cawoonache

    Yeah, other than ending World War II, the Manhattan didn’t accomplish squat.

  • Mark Anthony Richardson

    brilliant piece of “Propaganda” the core of engineers and NASA are fine examples of wastful gov spending super glue wouls never been invented if NASA haddent needed something to hold rocket stage cousions in place cause ya cant drill a hole and put a bolt itll blow up. Health machines would not have been invented and oh yea computer electronics ws goverment spending and was hated and despized by republicans as “Wastefull” the development of blending corn whiskey was developed by gov spending and republicans farms get fabulous gov cash fordoing that now.

  • I see a bunch of fat cat politically connected pigs getting rich by siphoning public funds from taxpayer pockets. All directly related to a corrupt government.

  • WE have a half million dollar cop in ventura county, california….the asst. sheriff…pension from city plus sheriff salary
    The head of the University of California in the $900,000 range
    Government doctors in california in the million dollar range…
    Hordes of $300,000 to $400,000 and hordes of double dippers
    Thousand OKS, cAL CITY MANAGER OVER $400,000
    Former ventura city manager $325,000 no-payment home loan

  • I wonder if you read the comment to which I responded? It was that comment, not the article, that prompted my response.

  • CheeseNrice

    Harry, I’m afraid its going to take way more then a vote. We are going to have to bust the whole DC house down and start over. The Federal Gov’t has to go. Power has to go back to each State. Then we can start over.

  • xvicex

    Good for them at getting the high paying jobs.

  • C2ShiningC

    There is nothing clean about ‘clean energy’. Neobium in wind machines comes from the most toxic mines on the planet, producing “cancer villages”. They are noisy beyond belief. Solar has its uses, but powering the grid is not one of them. Both need gas fueled back-up generation. Mr. Perlmutter, you are just another ‘dirty’ grifter stealing what you can get away with. Shame on you, and your co-conspirators in Washington, D.C.

  • Dion

    If the private sector can not make it for profit, government will make it for poverty.

  • C2ShiningC

    Harry, we haven’t a chance when the vote is rigged. How did Joseph Stalin put it? “‘It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes’

  • Tomy T

    We can’t do better. Except for a few minor modification, the constituion, as written, was probably the closest thing to perfection there ever has been for a governing document. Most of our problems stem from our defiance of that original document, not becuase of our adherence. Government has its hands in everything.

  • Guest

    look at all those fat raises as the country was at the depths of bill clinton’s recession

  • unclejunebug

    Why no mention of the other SIXTEEN national labs and technology centers, with several managed the same way?

    (I am including our nuclear weapons manufacturing sites which really are not labs but are still propagandized as such.)

    Until 2008 NREL received one tenth the funding of the other National Science labs and now it is about one third as much.

    Why no mention that renewable battery energy is being handled by the Pacific Northwest Labs rather than NREL (where it should be)?

    So much for in-depth research on your topic, Ms. Author.

  • These people who happily work these jobs are ripping off taxpayers as a taxpayer your money is taken before you get it and spent on something you would never spend your money on how do live with themselves how do they sleep at night a million dollars a year for one guy that probably doesn’t care about the enviorment

  • You are correct, the ideas of the tea party are based on ideas from over 200 years ago. Actually, the idea of a republic, not to be confused with a democracy, which we are not (for good reason), is actually much older…on the order of a couple thousand years (see ancient Rome…pre Caesar). What you may be overlooking is this: The ideas of collectivism, or more modernly called progressivism, are older still. It didn’t start with Carl Marx. The idea that a government is needed to control equality among its citizens, that a government is the only solution to the problems that face society, is exactly what a totalitarian, monarchy or dictatorship government believes. It’s based of the principal that individuals are incapable of surviving without guidance, that certain individuals know what is best for the rest of a community. What the government is attempting now is older than the idea of a republic…this is not a brave new world. The progressive movement is in realty trying to revive the politics of the past…complete government control.

  • j_a_c_k

    Dear friends:
    These are aristocrats, part of the ruling class, there is no one to oppose them!

    The only people with any power to stop this are also aristocrats (members of congress the judiciary, State governments). In designing our nation, these were supposed to be the checks on this sort of abuse. Unfortunately we, the American People, have voted for these career politicians over and over again. We have created what the founding fathers feared most, an American Aristocracy. An aristocracy focused on preserving a cast system where they rule and we are surfs.

    It is more important to preserve the aristocracy than to preserve America. It is far better to be a member of the loyal opposition than to be practicing law in Podunk. If these people had been good layers they would be practicing law now, no these
    are good at politics and little else.

    God save the United States of America!

  • j_a_c_k

    Those people in Detroit who do not pay taxes will be dealt with as surely as the Black Panthers in Philadelphia were dealt with for obstructing a poling place!

  • nikola tesla wanted to give away free renew able energy 100 years ago but jp morgan would have none of that if this is a govt program its more than likely to hold down renew able sources and bury free energy

  • j_a_c_k

    Solar will begin to look pretty good when gasoline hits $50.00 per gallon! Energy prices must necessarily skyrocket to make the obtuse look straight.

  • 101, this ain’t about energy. this is about weapons that nobody wants their fingerprints on….

  • j_a_c_k

    We do subsidize business by letting them deduct their legitimate business expenses. Do you not understand that all money is the government’s money or more specifically the central bank’s money? They allow you to handle it but ultimately it must be given back to the rightful owner, the Fed, the ones who printed it in the first place! Perhaps you should start looking for something more substantial to represent you worth?

  • It’s all ideology, not common sense or looking our for our nations citizens. FIRE THEM ALL.

  • government wprker

    more government waste. doesn’t matter which president it is. government waste all paid by the tax payers.

  • sgciv

    I agree it is a thin line difference. However, this type of misrepresentation makes it appear Government workers (generally) are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. While there are a small few who make close to 200k (highest level Presidential Appointees), most are just hard working middle class people!

  • you’re goofy

  • Rick Charles

    craigmk1974 wrote: “But since we are just taxpayes we’re supposed to just shut up and take it.”
    But Craig, we’re supposed to bend forward and say, “Thank you Mr. President. May I have another!”

  • j_a_c_k

    There will never be term limits as long as the American People continue to re-elect the same people (over 90% re-elected last November). The mechanism for term limits is already in place every couple of years we choose to re-elect the same people, It is not the politicians being corrupt, we are stupid!

  • our constitution doesn’t work only when we’re led by liars and thieves on both sides. I’m 56 and I’ve never seen a constitutional president in my lifetime. Neither have you.

  • Sndrmrv

    How ironic. The rich are getting richer under Obama. The middle class and the poor are getting screwed. However i have to get Obama and the Dems credit for successfully getting the masses (the ones getting screwed) to point their pitchforks at the republicans, conservatives anf tea party.

  • BobD.

    Ethanol works fine. It allows the oil companies to produce lower octane gasoline (82 or 83) which gives them 2 or 3 percent more gasoline from a barrel of oil. When they add the ethanol, it brings the octane level up to 87 or higher as needed.

  • BobD.

    Remember when American corn farmers were producing corn so cheap that it was putting foreign farmers out of business? II guess now they can make a living. But nobody is starving because of ethanol. Half of the corn used to produce ethanol is protein and is used to feed livestock after the carbs are removed.

  • We’re still off the gold standard and have been ever since.

  • PassingBy

    Al Franken got into office through Democrat vote fraud. George Soros has a project to put a democrat into every State’s Secretary of State position because this office controls the voting process.

  • Rocky

    It’s only fair that the U.S. becomes a third world country.

  • heidihoneighbor

    Isnt anyone out there scared straight at what our country has become … over what our politicians and Government agencies have done to us?
    Do you seriously get up and physically go to work for this every day?
    We cannot continue down this path of stupidity.
    We cannot let our politicians continue to behave as though they do not work for the working class.
    We have reached the point in which those that are passive must make their voices heard.
    If they call you racist or accuse you of wanting to starve the children and punish the old then it means your voice is being heard.
    You need to fight back before this nation of OURS belongs to the UN.

  • 8644

    The view is nice as well…

  • tim adams

    I got news for all the parasites of Perimutter’s ilk, The Tea Party is going to send you back to the private sector without government grants or handouts for bogus non-profits. The Tea Party should expose all the worthless Perimutters feeding at the taxpayer hog trough. After the revolution, the Perimutters of the country will be in housekeeping or food service.

  • option31

    Okay let’s call BS – BS the Teaparty has what a dozen members MAYBE that are in Congress and the Senate, and they have this much power? LOL does not speak well about Pelosi, Read, Bohner, McConnell and the rest of the lifers that have spent us into oblivion all the while greasing their friends palms. The teaparty claim is cover for the failure of these people. These people are so concerned about the environment they are paid $350k to $1 million LOL yea they’re concerned about their bank account environment and that is it. Solar will NEVER amount to a hill of beans until government gets out of it and stops using our military to help big oil.

  • AJ

    OK, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box BUT……. SOMETHING is wrong with this picture!!!!!

  • Check This Out Guys thetempter .com

  • Oh come on. There is definitely a place for government in all sorts of next-gen innovation. Not every form of longer term development has a discernible or measurable path to revenue/profit fast enough to sustain itself with private sector investment. Let’s not let ourselves be left in the dust by other countries working on future-oriented science and technologies.

    But where is waste and gluttony, as this article appears to describe, sure, we shouldn’t let them get away with it.

  • Good thing we don’t have a Republican president.

    Otherwise, this blatant abuse of power and misallocation of tax money might take up valuable space in media that could otherwise be devoted to covering Kim Kardashian’s latest self mutilation or the latest gender-confused reality show…

  • juan hunoz

    Why is there no real effort to develop safe nuclear power using thorium? There is no risk of power plant meltdown using thorium and relatively little radioactive waste. Look it up. The U.S. first developed the technology and now China has passed us. Our ruination is all from vested interests and party politics

  • Andy

    Big Deal… Joe Kennedy ex-congressman runs a NON-PROFIT OIL Company that gives heating oil to poor and TAKES $750,000 a year pay and his wife takes another $250,000….Let him run a real COMPANY and has to pay himself in Profits !….PS Oil comes mostly from Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez who thinks he is buying influence.. That is one thing a Kennedy can fake better than any Oscar winning actor

  • Cronies… Just crazy spending of MY money for ‘secret’ pockets.

  • OldCalifornia

    I wish I could agree that term limits are useful. They are not. We have them here in California.The politicos that “term out” of one office simply run for another. IF, and it is a huge if, we could get campaign finance reform (using “human beings” instead of persons might get past court muster) and require a break between terms and any other office run, there might be a chance, but term limits alone are a disaster. The guy belone me (“Enderr”) is actually correct.

  • Black Eagle

    The best ethanol production plans were employed by farmers back in the 1960s, cobbled together with spare parts around the farm, and the product injected into old carbeurator-style engines with a little tinkering. They could take off a bit of their corn crop to power their tractors over the year. Very workable for farms, but a lousy idea for powering city or highway cars. The best solar water heating panels were made by Florida and sun-belt plumbers routinely in the 1950s also, with zero improvement on the designs, the original patents having expired decades ago. The original plans for photovoltaic panels were made from ordinary silicon-dioxide smelting processes, at 8-10% are more economical per watt than the fancy new things available today for ten times the price. Hybrid cars were cobbled together by tinkerers back in the 1970s also, retrofitting smaller vehicles. But all that technological innovation was destroyed when government got involved.

    The old equation to know if a given solar energy device works best, or works poorly, is to count the number of guys standing around in the office wearing suits and ties, versus the number in blue jeans assembling things. Back in the Carter days, they made solar-powered air conditioners for $50,000 each, which produces as much as a $100 window-box AC unit from K-mart. They made giant 2-blade wind turbines which self-destructed because they ignored the old 3-blade self-balancing designs made by depression-era engineers who had worked out the basics and bugs years earlier.

    All that government has done is to spend 100 times more “re-developing” old technology into new patents for bloated industrial monopolies, which then get additional public money as “grants” to keep the suit-and-tie guys supplied with big paychecks. And of course, just like with Hot Fusion reactors, getting billions more than solar or wind ever did, their slogan is “the breakthrough is just around the corner”. Now, THAT is the “top secret”.

  • Joeyblitz

    When ,is this madness going to stop. This is real .it is not a dream .We are being rectally raped ,by a man in a plastic suit,using a sandpaper condom.Obama must be impeached and hung for his horrific crimes against our Children. Never mind what he is doing to us. Just really think about how much he hates our White Children. And how much more his despicable racist wife wants all of our White children to perish ,while her utopian dream of black children eating broccoli floret,and steamed carrots ,dances through her racist ,wookie brain.

  • MaudVille

    Wow. Something is wrong with him.

  • OldCalifornia

    Golly. We know that being correct does not win elections. Neither does being wrong or telling big lies, but the latter group also seems to cheat by voting mutiple times, up counting the votes they want, and down counting the votes they do not want. Modern elections are no more honest, and maybe even less so than the old fashioned ones before the secret ballot. Modern technology makes it easier to cheat and not get caught. Not wanting voter ID is a smoke screen for the really big fraudulent voting and counting schemes.

  • wvernon1981

    We don’t know that we can’t do it better. Only that we can do it worse.

  • pvtgomer

    what joke? you started off right on with the lazy comment but then slipped

    I worked and paid taxes for 56yrs (I’m 69)
    joined the army at 17, served 6yrs, got married, raised 4 kids, bought a house when I was discharged with the help of “evil” bankers and was relatively happy until carter 1st and then obama came along

    …..occupy didn’t try to do anything FOR ME……..and just how did they fight the Great One???

  • RedstateDawnRising

    This is rape of the Tax Payer and is criminal… they all should be taken to law.

  • It wold be enlightening to know how these high paid employees are selected. Is it an open, fair, competitive job interview process, or political cronyism. It sure has all the signs of this, and sadly they use the climate change crises to cover their tracks.
    . . . They make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

  • Dave_Mowers

    While 151 MILLION Americans earn less than $500.00’s a week as wage-slaves, trapped paying for it as the one percent shelters their cash offshore.

  • Dave_Mowers

    Republicans came up with offshoring of the entire manufacturing industry.

  • KCVet78

    How can liberals who disparage the 1%ers allow this Government entity give out 25%-100%+ pay raises in one year (2010)? Answer: they follow and believe that the Socialist bourgeois status is theirs and theirs alone. The rest of us are the Proletariat and as such, need to be kept down. And they are succeeding by negating or screaming over the opposition (conservatives), raising taxes on others while they exempt their cronies in the Unions and left wing, and they hand out freebies to the ignorant or downtrodden to keep them dependent. Marx would have loved this administration.

  • 7thFleetVet

    Actually, the Kennedy’s are despicable.

  • Preposterous. NO govt agency supported by taxpayers should have these kinf of salaries at any level. This function needs to be in the private sector where there is financial accountability to turn a profit.

  • 7thFleetVet

    Kim Kardashian loves to play in the mud.

  • Between 1979 and 1984 I was involved with three different wind turbine manufacturers, so wind energy is something I know a little bit about. It works, but it is expensive, noisy and kills birds. Wind cannot compete on a cost of energy basis with any source of utility electricity on the grid. Worse, wind turbines do not displace any required system generating capacity because, even in windy places, sometimes the wind doesn’t blow or blows to hard to allow safe operation and the utility grid must be ready at all times to meet demand from more conventional sources.

  • 7thFleetVet

    This is Obama’s dream. In fact, I think it was a dream from his father as well.

  • AL

    read these comments and you see why Perlmutter is one of the most aggressive gun grabbers in the State of Colorado.


    When is this disgusting problem going to end?

    We have known for decades about this kind of waste–1 million dollars a year for what?

    a government employee?




  • The Department of Justice must be separated form the Executive Branch. And they could easily fill that vacant new prison they recently purchased for the State of Illinois.

  • socialism is bad!

    Only America can solve this.

  • Mark Urbo

    errrr, that would be the unions, and leftist regulations and their anti-business academic teachings actually. but don’t let facts get in the way of a good leftist talking point.

  • Our lying POTUS DOOFUS has repeatedly claimed in speeches that he was for ALL types of energy. However he denies the Canadian pipeline, restricts oil exploration/drilling on federal land and waters, does nothing in support of nuclear, and kills the use of coal. He only supports energy sources that don’t work and require taxpayer subsidies. He is killing our country in so many ways.

  • I. B. Watchin

    As an insider, I can tell you that not much gets done at NREL. Most times staff are on vacation or “working from home”. When they are there, they are BS ing about their weekend or their vacation plans. Paydays are marked in bright ink on the calendars in their cubicles. The large parking lots are loaded with large SUVs that burn lots of gasoline and the lone electric charging station has been dismantled. There are plenty of Obama bumper stickers on the cars. Looks to me like NREL is basically a money laundering operation: transferring taxpayer dollars to the public sector with the intention of enlarging themselves and making themselves look necessary. NREL is a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Whattheheck

    Any government worker shouldnt be paid over 150k and even thats alot. It should be law. The understanding is your working for the government for the people and you shouldnt get rich off of it, just enriching your patronism serving your country; that should be an honor.


    Government for the government, by the government, with no regard whatsoever for the people. You voted for it, folks, and you are going to get lots more of it. Buckle up and send those dollars to Washington. Obama needs new golf clubs. Sandra Fluke needs her free contraceptives.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    Those wage slaves voted for Obama. . .

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    Well someone is making a barrel of money building wind generators. If you have ever driven I-10 just west of Palm Springs. There are hundreds of the things. They are also around CA Hwy 58 east of Tehachapi, CA and south of Goldendale, WA and starting to show up on Ryegrass Ridge near I-90 East of the Columbia River bridge It seems strange that they are very seldom turning.
    Look on Google Maps between Palm Springs and Banning, CA.

  • gringorgulloso1

    These people’s salaries are a waste. Let the private sector find a way to harness green energy that provides more bang for the buck. This is a job for the private sector not the federal government.

  • Mr. Guy

    Could be a boondoggle, but how can one judge based on this article? It’s deliberately one-sided and borders on editorial versus reporting. Ms. Cooke didn’t get access to a secured location, so now she declares the place a rip-off, and that’s considered evidence by the authors? They can do better!

  • DesertEagle1776

    The means of production controlled by government is a definition of _________.

  • poorhardworker

    A colossal waste of taxpayers money! ‘nough said! End the funding!

  • putupjob

    I’m sure they’re all planning their awesome retirements and lives of leisure once this fraud operation collapses.
    And, it’s classified. So you have no right to know anything about it.

  • Thumpner

    Government employees are idiots and losers. None of them are worth 20K not to mention a million. Deport them all.

  • I heard Dan Arvizu is Al Gore’s nephew. Or was it Al Capone’s grandson….

  • ‘Perlmutter did not respond to phone calls seeking comment for this story.’

    Google this name along with ‘development’ and the whole picture begins to take shape. Colorado is becoming a place to be from, just like California.

  • scott young

    Nothing in Washington is ever going to change until they have to live by the laws that they impose on the rest of us. They have their own health care, pension, ect. The rest of us get by on the scraps that they leave us. Make them get by on Obozocare and it would dissappear overnight. Make them live on Social Security and it would get fixed.
    This green energy crap is just to feather their own nests. It’s all about campaign contributions.

  • No doubt, a “no trade” clause in his contract.

  • peedee

    My big brother works in high finance in WPB and my sister works for BEA, the EU based US aerospace contractor. They share stories with each other and me about the critical mass metastasization of Wall Street and Mil.Gov. There are no financial restrictions the judges haven’t been paid to overturn, and no dark ops they can’t keep from disclosure.

    “Looting! Looting, Eli, you boy. Drained dry … I’m so sorry.” (‘There Will Be Fed’)

  • peedee

    Uhh…that would be the Globalistas.

  • peedee

    Never happen. Google ‘price flexibility’. Demand falls faster than price rises. See if your home insurance will cover your new $35,000 solar installation after the next hail storm or winter ice storm. NOT.

  • JustB

    The term decimate describes reducing by a tenth. While I agree with your sentiment, I disagree with the magnitude which I believe to be much larger.

  • JustB

    I whole heartedly support single mothers, One dollar at a time.

  • Jon Weiss

    Just one more government rat hole down which the politicians will gleefully throw billions of taxpayer dollars, after which we will be told that the results must be sold to private enterprise, so that the government can “recoup it’s investment”, but in the end the taxpayers will pay twice for a substandard result. We will pay first for developing whatever comes out of NREL, then we wil pay again when the government moves any new technology to market, and in both cases the taxpayer will get nothing but the bill for all of it. Meanwhile, if this turns out to be a bust like Solyndra, the only thing that the taxpayers will get is another screwing by our so called “leaders”.

  • tjpride

    Solar collection is actually viable, given improvements in energy storage. Solar panels are not, and won’t be for decades. Similarly, current battery technology is relatively inefficient and bad for the environment, while solid-state batteries are in development and will revolutionize electric vehicles – just not right now. Wind subsidies have motivated wind farms in bad locations; ethanol from corn was the most moronic idea ever. The market should be deciding winners and losers, not liberal idiots.

  • Jon Weiss

    Washington DC of 2013, looks a lot like Chicago of 1933.

  • Jon Weiss

    Obama is blindly and mindlessly devoted to “Renewable Energy”, sadly Renewable Energy is not yet viable. Today, Obama condemns the internal combustion engine as too costly in pollution and waste, but had Obama been around in the 1700’s when the earliest experimental internal combustion engines were designed, Obama would have advocated killing all of the horses (the primary mode of transport at the time) in order to force people to convert to the new technology. For him it is not about what is best, it is about what is “new”. And new is always best, according to the Blackberry addicted “Technology President”.

  • calhoun211

    Its simple folks, dry out Oscumas BS and burn it. Enough to power up the US for years to come.

  • Exquisite Corpse

    Solar seems to work quite well for Germany. They have a peak PV capacity of 32 gigawatts. And yet Germany is located about as far north as Toronto. How come the US cant copy that sort of innovation? Oh, I forgot, thats right, coal and oil subsidies suck all the funding away from real innovation in alternate energy in this country.


  • But when it comes to slashing the budget, Obama threatens to cut essential services, instead of bloated programs that produce nothing.

  • Patriot_765

    The wind mills with their tax credits are killing the coal plants one night at a time. They drive the spot market at or under $0, because 1/3 of their cash flow is government tax credits.

  • Pierre Paul

    Tell us, Mr. Perlmutter, why you consider this a “noncontroversial tax credit” when your party criticizes the same tax credits given to “big oil?” At least “big oil” is producing something people can use NOW.

  • anjullyn

    I’m sure you’ll make an Exquisite Corpse waiting for alternate energy. The US has done the most to clean the atmosphere while Asia continues its drive to pollute and Europe is unable to sustain its power needs as it bankrupts its citizens. Until we utilize the amazing amounts of oil and coal that are available we will continue our descent into finally using the concept of rubbing two sticks together to make fire and heat.

  • lessthantolerant

    More proof the government and liberals are a detriment to progress.

  • Why aren’t leftwing pedophiles frothing and spewing spittle about these rich employees?

  • If Obama voters act like hookers they should be treated like hookers.

  • Mendoza

    Can’t say I blame them. If I worked for the government, the bill starts at $1 billion a year.

  • markit8dude

    Hahaha.. you’re using a wikipedia entry for your ‘Facts’?

    Try again, bub.

  • markit8dude

    2ndly.. do tell the cost of this, ‘It’s not the sun but we humans causing climatological disaster’ energy marvel?

    Oh, that’s right. A LOT more than coal/ petro.

    ‘Thanks’ for the laughs, E C.

  • Gerald Bakes

    Real Federal Spending Up $822.90 Per American Since 2008

    February 22, 2013
    By Terence P. Jeffrey

    (CNSNews.com) – Inflation-adjusted per capita federal spending went up $822.90 from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2012, according to official data from the U.S. Treasury and the Census Bureau.

    Real federal spending also increased $2437.64 per household between 2008 and 2012.

    Federal spending up? ……why? I guess you need to be taxed more

    I understand the FDA stopped checking sea food from Alaska for Fukushima radiation and also has stopped checking marketable seafood from the Gulf of Mexico for Corex related toxins from the oil spill but still continues it’s attacks on kool aid stands, gardeners and milk farmers.

    The EPA is in all out attack mode on business, closing coal plants (scrubber technology cleans any pollutants, there is no reason to close these businesses) and now is about to destroy home ownership:

    I would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ at the next Blackstone meeting after they get wind of this:

    “Additional costs will be added to how new homes are built, whereas the sales of older homes can be stopped in their tracks until they meet stringent government codes.”

    “The new federal EPA, HUD and DOE home regulations filter down to local inspectors who are required by law to impose them or fail the home inspection. Unnecessary and unreasonable code can be imposed on homeowners who find they “can’t fight code.” There is virtually no appeal.”

    “…the Environmental Protection Agency will have power to force many homeowners to virtually rebuild their homes to meet stringent environmental requirements before they can sell them. Living in a house that does not meet the EPA’s “green” regulations for roofing, windows, doors, insulation or heating and cooling systems will be slapped with fines. Electrical companies are now installing “smart monitoring systems” to track usage of energy by residents.”

    This is part of a much bigger plan, when thousands of people are forced to ‘walk away’, and that includes the hedge funds like Blackstone that have been buying thousands of single family homes, the federal government will ‘have no choice’ but to seize the properties (Agenda 21). IMHO

    Homeowners vs. EPA Home Invasion
    Posted: 11 Feb 2013 04:02 PM PST
    By: Sharon Sebastian

    The EPA and the rest of the federal regulatory agencies and Obama’s 32 czars are working more for the advancement of the UN’s take over of America than for the American taxpayers.

    The same EPA that just awarded a five-year, $2.5 million grant (US citizen’s taxes) to the UN’s University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP), where the fek did the EPA get that money while people still freeze in N.J.?…you’ve been taxed to fund UNU since 1972, how’s that ‘sustainablility and peace’ going? How many of these UNU professors and administrators are now retired with tax funded pensions? For accomplishing what?

    One ‘Federal’ dollar costs10 times more than a similarly spent ‘state’ dollar’. So growing the ‘federal’ government is stupid, unless there is another agenda not being shared with us. Accepting ANY ‘federal’ grants by your local politicians should cause great outcry, it’s still taxes coming out of your pocket but with less accountability or re-course.

    We all know about the DHS billion bullet purchases for domestic use,
    ATF ‘losing’ REAL assault weapons and having them stolen right out from under their noses, activation and provisioning of FEMA camps, FBI’s new role redefining ‘domestic’ terrorists, TSA wierdos and US government purchases of drones, surveillance systems, while the public pension system is collapsing, schools are closing and 1st responders are getting budget cuts and layoffs.

    Now the federal government is ‘focused like a laser’ to dis-arm Americans.

    WHY is the focus of mayors and governors not on what really happened at Sandy Hook, was it a three man hit team? Was it a ‘false flag’ massacre of children to push through gun confiscation? Why are these serious questions not being addressed at all by mayors and governors? The same damn thing can happen anywhere, by the same damn hit team, doesn’t that bother anyone? Where is the public demand for answers? Why are the CT public officials not being grilled on addressing these questions?

    … “and to make the ‘event’ so horrible that it will incite the Masses to demand government do something”.

    The Sandy Hook Controversy – James Tracy on GRTV


    And this:

    February 6, 2013
    By, James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
    McKnight Professor Emeritus
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Minnesota Duluth

    An Open Letter to FAU Faculty, Staff and Administration about Sandy Hook

    I argue a three-man team entered the school. One was arrested in the school, cuffed and put on the lawn. Two went out a back door; one of them was arrested and the other apparently escaped.

    Those arrested currently are not in police custody; their names were never released. That is a telling sign that we are being sold a story based on fiction rather than on fact.

    The absence of any terrorist threat and the existence of more than 300 FEMA camps and special boxcars to carry dissidents to them have been deliberately withheld from the public.

    Since Homeland Security has no foreign commitments, those camps and ammunition have to be for domestic consumption. Homeland Security appears to be gearing up to conduct a civil war with the American people — but 80 million armed families stand in its way.

    Veterans Today,12/20/2012, by Niall Bradley

    ‘Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control’

    “This logically tells us that the real perpetrators are being protected with cover stories of what really happened because if the truth were known, some section of the U.S. government would be implicated.”

    “…and the media focusing the emotional outcry onto the hot-button topic of gun control…I’m left wondering if this was actually the work of some highly trained professional hit team?”

    ‘Was the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, a psy-op, using what amounts to a ‘death squad’ and a carefully planned mission to terrorise people on behalf of the government, in combination with perception management to shape the narrative and vector the emotional fallout?”

    The John Moore show said that one child had 11 bullet wounds and that #4 buckshot could do that with one shot from a shotgun. Have you heard any media reports of a shot gun at the scene?

    SANDY HOOK ~ “I’m Sorry Governor, WHAT DID YOU SAY ???”


    Was Governor Malloy in a meeting with ‘Fast and Furious’ Eric Holder just a couple weeks before Sandy Hook?

    I would like these questions above answered before I’m told by this ‘federal’ government what is best for me. And then there’s this still not addressed:


    Breaking News – US Supreme Court To Hear Case Against Obama … hearing
    on the 15th of this month behind closed doors which is unheard of.

    ■A fraudulent and forged Birth Certificate
    ■Stolen social security number
    ■Real Estate fraud
    ■Tax fraud
    ■High Crimes and against the American people
    ■Election fraud
    ■A forged Selective Service document
    ■2006 US Senate Ethics violations

    Uh, this happened days ago, anybody covering this? Yoo hoo…yoooooo hoooo…


  • Pascal64

    On the contrary, this article seems to show the funding is being “sucked away” by the government cronies who are charged with solving the problem.

  • OscarWilde

    Global warming and clean energy are such scams making a lot of con artists very wealthy. Problem is that while I can avoid a scam on a person-to-person level, I can’t control the scams the govt gets involved in with my tax dollars.

    Worried about sequestration? No EMTs or fire firefighters need to lose their jobs – just end all the payments to worthless managers at the subsidized green economy. The only green in their economy is the color of the money they get in their paychecks. And they get their paycheck from you and me.

  • I Voted 8 Times!

    I wonder if this is in danger of being cut in the sequester or is it only our military, police and firefighters?

  • We must continue the tradition of waste and graft this country was built on. (Here, here!)

  • jerryhulick

    This an example of a govt. funded, POS, that needs to be eliminated, completely. Its waste fraud and abuse all in one building. It something only a liberal would love

  • Your tax dollars at work – doing nothing.

  • John Lewis

    The problem is the people who vote for yahoos like Perlmutter.

  • Jerry brandt

    You mean the tea party exposed this complete waste of a program. Cut it off!

  • So with all the billions of tax dollars pissed away in projects like this one… the only success you can latch on to is the Manhattan project? How about pointing out all the cheap, abundant, clean energy we are getting from this boondoggle? Oh, that’s right, it’s a lie. Just more worshiping at the altar of Environmental whackjobs.

  • eamonkelly

    I sincerely believe the idea of the new druids of environmental do-goodism isn’t to find abundant renewable energy to serve the needs of a growing or even zero-sum population but instead serves as a catalyst to reduce earth’s population to levels commensurate with what they believe should be consistent with energy production at a minimum output, the less the better. Oh, and to make a lot of money, too. Think misanthropy here, folks.

  • slowandready1

    Or they could use berrilium spheres.

  • sgfan

    This is government gone amok! The exact WRONG approach to energy solutions. Wasted taxpayer dollars in the hundreds of millions. So wrong-headed it boggles the mind. Some people should go to jail and one in the white house should be impeached. Shut this down now! We have enough oil in our own ground to take care of our needs for a long time. What are we doing chasing these politically correct rabbits that will only lead us into bankrupcy? This is idiotic!

  • tiredofit123

    The facility isn’t new–it’s been out there since 1974. However, it does beg the question what have they come up with that justifies the cost. And 30%-50% raises on six figure incomes? WHY?????

  • I’m in the wrong line of work!! How do I become a government kleptocrat and “earn” $1 million a year perpetuating a boondoggle?

  • 2BFree2B

    And the fools we elected sit on their wrinkled old butts and whine about cutting anything out of the budget because they have to make sure they continue to support all these clandistine programs at secret locations…and keep the worthless officers raking in millions for doing nothing. I hope Google earth lets the whole world know where this “off limits” top secret facility is.

  • 1eyeninja

    congrats, you just won “most incoherent post of the year award”

  • Corrupt, money-grubbing scumbags in government you say? No. It isn’t possible.

  • ef49

    We support these pigs and our young heroes come home from some shitistan somewhere and are expected to purchase their own healthcare? I say bring back the firing squad….

  • ef49

    A bigger problem is those same retards vote countless times!

  • sb

    boo hoo

  • slowandready1

    Technically, most American jobs left this country because corporations could make more money by not paying U.S. taxes on items manufactured in the U.S. and the profits they made from those goods. Keeping profits overseas, keeps more profits for the corporations and means less tax revenue due to the U.S. government because of the jobs that left the country. Additionally, all that economic wealth left the country because they were high paying manufacturing jobs.
    Neither the Republicans or the Democrats as a whole are to blame for this, but the congress over time raised corporate taxes until we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Each party needs to take responsibilty and lower corporate tax rates to bring jobs back to America.

  • egoist

    For every one of these, you can bet there are 10 more you never heard of. And, you knock one down and 2 more will pop up. This is what “out of control” means.

  • 1eyeninja

    Push HAS come to shove. it’s time for the millions of heavily armed citizens to organize and mobilize to show up at these facilities, agency headquarters and the offices of pols who have enabled this crap and SHUT THEM DOWN.

  • amazingoly

    We taxpayers want more information on this so-called project that is probably not needed or necessary. Lets have Congress take the cover off of this probable waste of our money.

  • americanveteran


  • beckwith


    Fuel from food is the worst idea ever.

  • Buckwheat

    A bunch of Solyndra IDI0TS making millions. Disgusting.

  • americanveteran


  • pippin2

    Anything “SECRET” from the American people makes me wonder??????????

  • Why am I opposed to everything the Obama regime does? This is insane! And inane. They are elites gone wild.

  • jtrollla

    Who needs Stephan Spielberg’s Dream Works when we have the unlimited creative genius of the NREL? I can hardly wait until they come out with the first prototype perpetual motion generator. A lot of green jobs just wait’n there…

  • americanveteran


  • americanveteran

    hopefully ur not supporting the 500 pound african welfare sows? cause one of those lap dances could_accidentally_kill_you…

  • Pitbullll

    The Democrat Party is today’s Marxist Mafia

  • servildos

    My biggest political regret: voting for Jimmy Carter. It’s the regret that keeps on giving. Never again.

  • armyvet129

    One requirement is you have to be willing to screw your fellow American’s out of their hard earned money by wasting tax dollars. It helps to have a family member you can wash the money through when you get “donations” from businesses you legislate for.

  • 1eyeninja

    F off, if you want to live in a turd world country then GTF out and move to one, there are millions of us who will fight this from happening, we will NOT “go along to get along” if you are not willing to join the effort then GTF out of the way or LEAVE.

  • klmdia

    Mr. Perlmutter, the NERL has always been a Democratic mechanism for the distribution of tax dollars to Democratic allies. It’s unfortunate for you that the local press has done its job and exposed your cash machine, but the Tea Party had nothing to do with it.

  • JackBootedThug

    “Perlmutter blamed Republicans…”

    “Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party.”

    This guy Perlmutter must sit at the lap of Obama…he’s learned to pass the buck very well.

  • Hominid

    Private entrepreneurs have been in solar & wind for decades – they realized that because of inefficiencies & other problems, the market would always be small scale and that alt energies could never sustain a grid or provide the power necessary for most applications. Gov is wasting tax-payer money to re-invent a square wheel.

  • JackBootedThug

    Ethanol is the worst idea ever…is not and never will be economically or environmentally feasible. Nothing more than a sop to the corn-growing conglomerates.

  • LButler234
  • The Doctor

    They will leave with pensions in the good six figures, which if they were properly funded, would represent a government committment of hundreds of millions of dollars at least. Isn’t that a fantastic use of taxpayer dollars? Or is it better to just have those liabilities there, unfunded and continue to spend and spend? Ever notice that they need “more” regardless of how much they get and never say how much more? And the example here of these guys playing venture capitalist badly with our money is perfect. They waste the money at least. They may be creating multiple conflicts of interest in how they money goes out in one form, benefitting individuals who then give part of it back in contributions. IG anyone?

  • JackBootedThug

    Hardly good advice. I was an engineer at the Rocky Flats weapons facility just outside Boulder. Security was contracted to an outside service that was armed with military weapons. Their standing orders included shoot-to-kill.

  • bubba_moscow

    Poor Bernie Madoff, if he had only heard about this boondiggie. A codling yuppie yanger yankee Yonker navel gazing group in New Yuk.

  • JackBootedThug

    The same can be said about electric automobiles…if they’re a good idea, and the public responds by buying them, fine. Take the government out, as well as the subsidies (actually, bribes) and let the market decide.

  • the govt should be subsidizing “research” not the operation of a company

  • These compnaies are shell cpmpaines for campaign donations .. this is hwo they operate… millions for “grants” then these companies turn around a make PACS which then in turn donate millions .. then they go bankrupt ….

  • Hominid

    The average voter is stupid, but the problems with our democracy are far more complicated than that. You have to overcome the party machines, the media bias, the Congressional seniority system, etc.

  • Chuhyona

    The truth is,v there can be no civil discussion, no “honest exchange of ideas,” with Leftists. It’s useless to try — in fact, it’s actually counterproductive, and even
    dangerous. You can’t have an honest exchange of ideas with people who are
    fundamentally dishonest, who try to hide their intentions and their agenda
    behind a smokescreen of lies. And if you think that isn’t what they’re up to,
    you need to go back and reread their playbooks — Alinsky, Gramsci, and
    Cloward-Piven, among others — again.”

  • Dickn52

    Well Michelle, when does this D congressman get the ax from the Tea Party? Sometimes the fraud, bribery, influence peddling is so blatant you just can’t duck it anymore. Re-enforces my belief that the Dept. of Energy and the Dept. of Education have to be dissolved.

  • Hominid

    Moreover, the outgoing guy is replaced with a clone. Another problem with limiting terms is that the seat-holder is no longer beholden to the voters and will be tempted to act his personal interests while he can. Finally, why would one want to oust a person who is actually competent & wise (which is sometimes the case). Then there’s the people’s Constitutional right to select their own representatives.

  • Dickn52

    It’s not the idea they care about. Make no mistake in believing he did this for the mistaken ‘good’ of everyone. He did this for the cash cow that it is. He is profiting in ways that we haven’t seen yet, but I can guarantee that it’s there.

  • Hominid

    Good luck with that!

  • 1eyeninja

    then it’s time to shut it down BY FORCE, about a thousand well armed citizens should show up one morning and tell them to pack their sh!t and get out NOW, those who won’t go will be literally THROWN TO THE CURB.

  • Dickn52

    Decimate is an old Roman Army term that meant to kill one tenth, or a ‘deci’, not nuke someone. Though I guess if you used a nuke and only 1 in 10 died you could call it decimation…

  • Hominid

    You must have missed the last election. People vote FOR the free stuff & the promises – telling them to vote otherwise is a waste of words.

  • Excellent article. It’s time for the Government to get out of the private marketplace. All the 0bama Boondoggles need to be exposed. He is Jimmah Carter on steroids. All at our expense and the expense of our once great country.

  • Fip1

    Of course, it is someone else’s fault. This kind of baloney is getting pretty tiresome. Did they forget to blame Bush?

  • you are making hookers sound bad

  • orlfla

    Is this unreal or what? I can’t believe what our government is doing with our tax dollars. We have to start thinking of a way to turn things around and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty doing it.

  • MangyQuisling

    Let me get this straight, Perlmutter claims NREL creates 5500 jobs. Only 1700 of those jobs are actual direct NREL jobs NREL’s budget for this year is $532 million it received from the Commie’s Energy Dept. this year! So if my math is correct, that is an average of $313,000 per employee, not to mention the Gov. perks of Healthcare (not O’Commie Care), a retirement plan of 75% of salary for life, and the fact that the Gov. doesn’t fire anyone. What is the address there? I want to send them my resume’.
    This looks like a welfare for useless scientists studying worthless technologies. I wonder if they get Bama fones, and free gas, and don’t have to pay their mortgages cause,Bama gonna do it! Huh,huh. He like black foke.

  • John_In_Michigan

    There is a big difference between a weapons program begun during a world war and a pie-in-the-sky energy scheme that produces nothing. The Manhattan Project had a workable atomic bomb in less time than these clowns have managed to waste billions.

  • KaiRyssdal


  • Hominid

    You’re a kook giving out wrong and reckless advice. He certainly has authority as a legally employed security agent and possibly even statutory authority as a deputy.

  • slowandready1

    LOL, the Department of Energy uses Federal guards and they also have shoot to kill authority at many of their sites, especially where they have “secrets” to hide. After all, the Department of Energy, of which this facility is owned by, do reasearch into nuclear weapons and do store nuclear material for making nuclear weapons. If they have Federal officers guarding that facility, they will shoot people that pull out guns. You can check out their website. Their visitor procedures are very similar to almost all federal agency facilities. You have to park in the “visitor” parking lot and must go to the “visitor” lobby and check in with security with adequate identification. You can’t just drive around there or you will get stopped by the armed guards. Try pulling a gun on them and see who wins the fire fight. Federal officers get real good firearms training and are trained to “shoot to center of body mass” and to double tap. They use hollow point ammunition and most agencies have switched over to .40 cal. They all wear body armor, have radios, multiple high capity magazines, and usually carry a back-up shotgun (if not an AR-15) in their patrol vehicle.

  • KaiRyssdal


  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Half a bill here, half a bill there – before you know it….
    Green energy is a boondoggle, we’re witnessing it now. The private sector can and will as soon as a viable, low cost production option (idea) appears on the horizon. As to Permutter – I hope that some serious look is going on with his personal finances. To say he’s too close doesn’t quite nail it and he is a Democrat, the lowest form of politician ever known to this planet.

  • This is where the problem starts it is in a congressman’s district so he gets funding for it and in return he gets money for his re-election. All this needs to be stopped as the only one that gets screwed is we the people.

  • John_In_Michigan

    We need the sequester times 10, for a start.

  • DT Dave

    Just Another One of OUR U.S. Government’s “BRIGHT IDEAS”!

  • Unbelievable. Can it. When renewable energy becomes ready for market, private capital will push it just fine without government help.

  • DrChambers

    Branding will be your downfall. For a nominal fee of $500m I will provide you a very marketable name. We’ll call it “The Power Thingy”! Please deliver my payment in gold bullion.

  • to Tori Richards and Earl Glynn…

    …hope you have your affairs in order, folks with money like that don’t like being put on the radar.

  • Yes, if it were such a fantastic idea other countries around the world would have already done so.

  • slowandready1

    I think the title for this article is a bit deceptive since the people running the lab are just a contract company and they could ultimately be out of a contact someday, (remote possibility it seems, but you never know). However, my point being if the Department of Energy (DOE) hired these people like back in ancient times to run this lab, but only recently we have a problem because the budget ballooned and now we take notice, then it not the fault of the contractor it lies with congress and the DOE. I would even point to the fact that these directors only raised their own pay as a result of the massive amounts of increases the government gave them in money. The government raised their budget, so they raised their pay. They equated the raise with they should get a raise also. Now that is good logic in the business world. As far as this confused and hateful little minded congressman from Colorado, he should really try to think what is best for his country and all of the people in this country. He is really putting it out there on his selfish sleeve that he is hateful, out to protect his interest, and everyone else can just rot.

  • What other 50-100 countries around the world are spending zillions on solar?

  • alpha2actual

    A combined cycle natural gas plant with a footprint of 350 acres located in proximity to the grid produces power equivalent to 3,500 wind turbines whose footprint is 7,000 acres of pristine landscape. The gas plant’s output is constant and can be dialed up and down to meet usage demands. Wind turbine output is intermittent and requires fossil fuel plants to inefficiently come on line to pick up the slack. The proximity to the grid reduces transmission mile connectivity to the grid while wind turbine connectivity is below ground and distant and thus expensive. Gas plants don’t kill raptors, passerines or bats by the tens of thousands. Absent subsidies and mandates the wind turbine industry wouldn’t be currently be blighting the landscape

  • PresObama Phone

    If a Republican is up to no good then Republicans want him held accountable. When a Democrat, take for example Senator Mandez the alleged child molestor…. The Democrats are silent and actually circle the wagons to protect the child molester. Do you think they actually give a damn if they are caught commiting voter fraud? They wont even punish a child molester!

  • Obama Izza Fuc-qwit

    So GOP, how about plastering $1M government salaries and this (plus a few other) boondoggles up as things to cut in the sequester to counter POSident Oblowhard’s scare tactic announcements. “you’ll wait in line at the airport for an extra hour so Obama’s friend here can earn a $1M salary.

    The House should immediately pass a list of easy (no pain involved) sequester cuts, publicize the heck out of it, and make the dems in the senate or obama reject it. But no, the GOP is just as much in the tank with such stuff as the donkeys.

  • RLABruce

    The problem is that there isn’t any genuine effort being made to create commercially-feasible alternative evergy source. Virtually EVERY alternative-energy company receiving tax-payer “investments” (our tax money!) has gone bankrupt. Obama has redirected the entire green-energy industry to money-laundering; the companies were SUPPOSED to go bankrupt after siphoning our money into his supporters’ pockets. That is Obama’s entire purpose in supporting green energy.

  • BoB

    buck ofama!

    μολὼν λαβέ!


  • lloydc1234

    The “great American manufacturing mecca” was destroyed by computers, machines, robots, cheap offshore labor and Cayman Island addresses. It is called progress and capitalism. Grow up.

  • lloydc1234

    $4 gas is practical?

  • rennyangel2

    More krap wasting MILLIONS to produce virtually nothing.

  • lloydc1234

    Like the unlimited power of the sun.

  • 1eyeninja

    hey ahole, this country was built by the backbone of a thriving middle class, but is slowly slipping into turd world status from the policies of your ruler obama.

  • RLABruce

    Obama is forcing us into electric cars by raising the CAFE standards on fuel efficiency. Manufacturers have to include electric cars in their fleets to meet the unrealistic fleet-wide mpg requirements. This also increases the price on conventionally-powered cars which brings them closer to the incredibly high prices of the electrics. Eventually ALL cars will be the same high price.

  • rennyangel2

    Oh, then the recipients donate their largess back to legisltors who vote then more subsidies Don’t say you get nothing. You get more of the same. Forever.

  • lloydc1234

    We do subsidiZe the oil industry. You can’t spell the word.

  • Lee

    Since when is clean energy top secret?

  • It’s called ‘Leftist welfare’; “political patronage” or just plain graft; but for heaven’s sake “tax the rich”; they only EARNED their money…..by “stealing it from the poor”………
    If you don’t think the left is greedy then you need to think again; and if you are a leftist, why aren’t YOU getting any of the $$$$….??

  • lloydc1234

    What is wrong with wind, the sun, coal and natural gas powering my car instead of oil?

  • Victor_Velo

    I will bet you that those big concrete buildings in the photograph are EMPTY. If you look up the NREL on Google maps, you will see nearly empty parking lots. Yeah I know, it’s Sunday. Not surprising this outfit has been around since 1977 when Jimmy Carter was President! How many great inventions has the NREL delivered to the American public?

  • disqus_rTJMPLolm3

    If the so-called mainstream media were doing their job this would be exposed in a series of articles or “special reports”. Too bad the lame stream public seem more interested in drivel that passes for “news”.

  • AtlHarleyDave

    Don’t you mean “evil rich” sarc.

  • lloydc1234

    Do you really think busnesses would only send $20/hr job offshore and not a $17/hr job. Get real.

  • RLABruce

    Obama’s election, and reelection, are symptoms that the voters have figured out they can vote themselves stuff. Limbaugh calls Obama the “Santa Claus” president. You can’t beat Santa Claus. The change needed is for people to vote for our country’s best interests instead of their own. With the loss of any sense of civic duty comes politicians like Obama.

  • Outstanding journalism. Thank you for relying on the facts and avoiding hyperbole. As often is the case, government does create technology or advances, the free market does. Mr. Perlmutter is an odious toad who should be dismissed for his self-dealing. Thank you again Ms. Richards

  • I’d like to say the best minds deserve the most bucks to get their ideas from paper to reality. But, when the best minds come up with two big busts like sited in the article and have nothing to show for millions of dollars wasted – I start to question that this NREL is really what it says it is and not just a cover to funnel money to really top secret (weapons and worse) technologies. What’s with the top secret protection. It makes sense in area 51 – which is a weapons development facility (obvious) – but why a research for cleaner renewable energy source. Wouldn’t they want people coming – school trips to excite young minds and maybe open a door that wouldn’t have been otherwise. It’s the government for pete’s sake – they don’t have patents they need to worry about – or corps stealing their ideas. All the better – if someone else can actually do what they are claiming they are doing then good – we still get clean, renewable energy. No. With that kind of top secret security – there is no doubt this place is a cover for something… for lack of a better term sinister.

  • Mike

    I sure hope that is true

  • lloydc1234

    Tax “RATES” don’t mount to a hill of beans. It’s what you pay out of your pocket. Have you never heard of “loophole” lawyers and “cookbook” accountants. Ask GE, they will explain it to you.

  • Good Lord!! “A beefy looking fellow told me, ‘It’s top secret,’ The USG is making everything classified so “We the People” have no idea what they are up to any more. Forget transparency & Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) nowadays.
    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is a must read cause it’s decent, taxpaying citizens standing up to this secret federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s provocative so I recommend it.
    It’s time we have open government again & not have a ‘secret government’.

  • First, register as a Democrat. After that government doors open for any employment.

  • lloydc1234

    Reagan started the liveline cell pone program and Bush expanded it. Get the facts.

  • They are pissing our money away on dreams. Meanwhile, Americans in the Dakotas are bring up oil despite the government energy policy. For you idiots that voted for Obongo I hope you like you new price of gasoline.

  • Oboy_must_go

    How about eliminating those jobs? Can anyone say sequester!

  • dareisay

    They’ve been in business since 1977, and they still haven’t found a reliable alternative? And they blame the Tea Party??

    You can’t make this stuff up, what a waste of our money!

  • dwinkle

    At least Big Oil produces actual oil. Big Green only produces big fat bills.

  • 1970greenie

    That would be the intermittant, low density power of the sun. Wait. I’m sorry, do you understand energy density?

  • 7papa7

    I would like to know why congress, especially the republican run house, is funding this boondoggle. Congress holds the purse strings. They are getting funding because congress is approving it. It is time for congress to start doing their job and stop wasting our money. It is time for congress to start showing some fiscal responsibility. If they won’t then it is time to fire everyone in congress and start over.

  • EddieInFL

    There is NO place in government for business endeavors. Government exists for the defense of the country, and the coordination between the independent states. Government is NOT an investment bank.

  • Change “wants” to “Has”, and kill to “Killed”

  • Oboy_must_go

    This is just the tip of the iceberg…We can easily eliminate 100’s of billions of dollars every year if we wanted to. Congress needs to seriously CUT FUNDING in area’s like this!

  • 1970greenie

    So you must be talking about solar panel cars? You couldn’t be talking about EVs because they are charged off of the grid and with 200 years of coal and another 200 years of natural gas, and the fact that the grid can operate with no more that 20% intermittant sources like solar and wind….but you knew that, right?….

  • Oboy_must_go

    Congress needs a new speaker of the House….Someone with some balls!!!!

  • 4juices

    Don’t forget those who vote multiple times.

  • About as much as $8.00 gas is. Where we will be in another 3+ years. That’s the plan, and it’s working perfectly. Proof? How many so-called unnecessary (pleasure) trips are you taking now?

  • Big___D

    Making Energy Cheaper??? You must be fricking kidding me! …they don’t care about making it cheaper, they just want to make it “greener”…or that’s their excuse–for squandering our borrowed dollars. The federal government has no business being involved in this. Look at all the earth-shaking contributions they have made since 1977…NONE. (Or if they have, it’s a secret). That’s the dimcrats strategy to get rid of conservatives–make us all have strokes over this.

  • craven

    Shut it down.

  • bnchy

    The sad thing is that I am not the least bit surprised by this and I’m sure there are millions of others who feel the same way. My response is how many other similar outrageous tax payer money wasted leftists political projects like this are out there.

  • stonehillady

    Wind, Solar & Corn is NOT energy efficent. There are folks out there that are innovative & can convert H20 to run their cars, free electro-magnetic generators to light their homes, & our Government has them on the run with threatening them & refuse to allow them to manufactor or get loans to expand research, even though they have patented their designs.

    Folks, it is all a hoax & the Big Guys won’t allow production of cheap, clean energy. Tesla Motors have been restricted to NOT product carbon batteries that can hold a charge for days & recharge in minutes…You have to understand if the Big Boys can’t enslave us with expensive energy, they don’t want any energy if it’s cheap, clean & reusable.

  • carl6352

    so these clowns is why we get fuel with corn that robs fuel octane. while making corn farmers rich for no purpose than to do that. we have screwed this nation so much since the 60’s with people like this guy running this boodndoggle we are going to leave our kids a bleak future because of our greed. babyboomers have destroyed a once great nation. we will not look good when they write the history of our time running things! i also love the blaming of the tea party. the democrats worst dream. people who actually look around and see the stupidity and unconstitutional things going on that we are forced to pay for!

  • 4juices

    Voting all them out is mission impossible. The solution really is term limits.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Defund the illegal EPA!!!! That would be a good start, then just work down from there.

  • MichMike

    Pre-funding future campaign contributions. obama’s way.

  • John D

    Another example of how the corrupt Obama Administration is bankrupting our country. This boondoggle needs to be shut down.

  • junipersnippets

    So? The Vile-crats are wasting your money. What else is new? Nothing ever happens to them when they are caught. They all know they can get away with it. Vile-crats are all about theft, lies, and deceit, because their father, Satan, is the father of all lies and destruction. And they will be with him in the end, which, by the way, is coming to a town near you.

  • Bill Powell

    ‘Tits on a bull’ cost us nothing. This ain’t that.

  • S schmedly

    Nice pay increases 2009 to present. They must really be producing. Yea! Close them down along with the department of Enegry,transportation and education. Caps $ on all Federal elections term limits on senate and house members and do not let them vote their own salary increases- act like you got some sense.

  • Endoxa52

    Hope “Sequester” hits these blokes hard.

  • John D

    $500 million for Soylinda is practical?

  • Jeffrey2099


  • Conservtive Guy

    Blame Pres. Bush

  • Jeffrey2099

    The rate of increase in the top dogs salaries indicates that they have great influence over their compensation and are trying to squeeze out every last dollar before the money runs out which won’t be long. March 1st possibly.

  • John D

    The US has well over a 100 year supply of oil. Geologists have estimated that we have more oil than most of the middle east counties combined. It is available by fracking. The evior terrorists and the corrupt administration are opposed to fracking because it keep energy prices low and it willl ruin their dreams of Slar and wind energy. .

  • S schmedly

    Oh I get it your playing the ‘i am smarter than you card? Are you a science wiz or a government person who learned a new word and a way to get funded.

  • junipersnippets

    Gee, Slow, nobody else gets raises like this. And your argument – “but only recently we have a problem because the budget ballooned and now we take notice” – is exactly the point. It’s because the government has been SO IRRESPONSIBLE WITH TAX PAYER DOLLARS FOR SO MANY DECADES that we find ourselves in this position. Once OUR money runs through the hands of Congress, it somehow becomes their money, and they have absolutely no inhibitions. They are drunk with power and they are not at all afraid of the people. They are never held accountable for anything, unless they post nude pictures of themselves to under age girls.

  • Anyone else get the feeling that every American taxpayer is living in a real life version of an Atlas Shrugged movie where the government confiscates money for their boondoggles and the only people that end up getting any benefit (wealth) from the whole mess is a few well placed government officials? “From each acccording to his ability to each according to his need”…..that about sums it up. This story is on par with the fact that the federal government is purchasing and stockpiling, with taxpayer dollars no less, enough ammunition to last the next 50 years. It’s times like this that you have to ask yourself if there’s something they’re not telling us….don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

  • John D

    What is wrong with the government giving you $7500 to buy an overpriced electric car? If you do that, you are a parasite.

  • griefman

    NREL sounds like the perfect starting point for the sequester. And the Libs still maintain the US Government can run a better Healthcare system. GOD help us all.

  • Revelation

    Thugs and thieves, plain and simple.

  • Gungy

    Amy Cooke is 100% correct…..The “public sector” democrats continue to be relentless in sending billions of tax payer money to a “private sector” company. An industry that has produced solar products for decades in the first place. Where’s the return on all this money “we’re” paying for? – other than billions budgeted & monstrous salaries tax payers are funding? Obama and all his noise about researching alternative energies confuses common sense. Sounds like he’s trying to invent the wheel. The wheel has already been invented and used for decades!

  • junipersnippets

    Are you sick enough yet? Have you had enough?

  • Just another reason for the people to rise.

  • John D

    Wrong again. How many oil companies have gone bankrupt recently?

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    These are the liberal elites who are bankrupt morally, ethically, and financially. They are the ruination of America.

  • ZigZ

    Since the 1970, more money has been spent on global cooling/global warming/climate change/green energy, which are all one in the same, than on finding a cure for cancer since cancer research started around 1910.

  • Shanghied1

    Thieves should be in prison, not in the white house and on the government payroll.

  • bevus

    Permutter is dirty, and a dirty politican along with most of his family. This is not military, therefore, should not be SECRET! if it IS military, then make it military. But, I thihk it is a slush fund organization for making Obama wealthy.

  • WenkTenk

    That just sounds like some really crazy smack to me dude.


  • John D

    Dave, may I remind you of the old saying: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • carl6352

    nothing. but one day someone in a garage not being paid by the goverment as a bribe for campaign donations will figure out a battery that can hold power enough to run a car longer than 50 miles before a recharge. thats the volts range obamas baby. or he will discover a engine that gets 100 miles a gallon with out tax payer financing. that is how things are discovered not this area 51 installation you and i are paying for to keep these guys making almost a million dollars for nothing working! you just put back in the worst president since jimmy carter who ran the debt up in 4 years twice what bush did in 8 years with 2 wars going on. with no end in sight for spending more and more. he has also added to a over boated goverment another 15% of goverment employees that we pay for. in the last 4 years the goverment was the biggest employer in the nation that the private sector pays for with taxes with less and less taxes coming in we raise the debt higher and higher. whats even loonier is the world is only buying small amounts of that debt bernanke and obama are buying the rest with no money and like a ponzi scheme the pyramid collpases at some point. when they can no longer devalue the dollar we will be facing super inflation like they had in the ussr we are talking 20 to 30 percent inflation and like the ussr we collpase as a nation! planned or not that will happen while we had a great ride you will your kids and mine a bleak future. happy?

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    Well, Perimutter be happy you’re a democrat… this would be all over the front page and on every news source associated with the lamestream media if it were anyone other than dems and Obama… Taxpayers… Wake up….. and he blames the Tea Party… seriously?

  • Bill Powell

    I agree with you. Get the government OUT of science and research. The government research arms have brought us nothing of real, useable value for a very long time. On the bright side, they did give us the atom bomb – but not much else. Government blows billions every year on things that only cause harm to others and hardship, both monetary and physical. There is now SO much wrong with our government, I doubt it’ll ever be fixed.

  • John D

    Maybe you should take your own advice. My 12 year old grand daughter understands business better than you. She understands that onerous government regulations and high taxes destroy business. They reading something besides the NY Times .

  • 7papa7

    Amen to that.

  • Indispensable Destiny

    He is not a government employee. He and others on the list are contractors. They work for Alliance which manages the lab. All DoE national labs are operated by contractors.

  • S schmedly

    Ah yea right. Our government has proven not to be good stewards of our money. Read the article again. Corrupt follow th

  • mrvicchio

    WOAH, you guys are so screwed now, no hard reporting on failure by Government shall be allowed, don’t you keep up with CBS, NBC, CNN and other mainstream media? A good solid, “Follow the money and see the fail” article is bad juju! (And I love it, keep it up)

  • John D

    unfortunately the low information voters with a 30 second attention span will continue to vote for the corrupt thieves that call themselves politicians

  • AMTRAX , Fannie & Freddie .. Billions upon Billions lost ! Raines walks away with millions !!! The US Government is the biggest PONZI scheme ever !

  • shootist MP

    Thieving bastards. Fire them all. Close this boondoggle, NOW!

  • John D

    And Obama took it to a whole new level.

  • COTom

    Over the past 200 years, we’ve had a quite a signifcant amount of change,especially since the advance in electonic devices – most all from the private sector. As a Tea Party member, I’m not against change but resist the public sector subsidizing these non-productive businesses. Simply – why should my $2.50 transit ticket be subsidized with $40.00 from the public sector? Your dog needs to find a different hydrant.

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    from this article it sounds like there was NO negotiating the contract on the part of the gov’t…

  • junipersnippets

    Very true. But can you imagine how high Obama’s unemployment rate would be if government workers were held to a real world standard of integrity in the workplace? There would be pink slips coming out of the woodwork.

  • Dave

    Intellectual nonsense – you actually think progressive ideals promoted by Obama and his like are actually better than any administration in the past 200 years. Liberal, progressive adoption will be the death of this country

  • carl6352

    we will be at war with the middle east in our lifetime it will be a world war 3 scenario. radiaclized islam will control most of the middle east in 15-20 years maybe sooner. its funny what got us into the afghan war is whats happening in egypt and libya and obama got it started. of course the media brushes it off but that is whats happening

  • S schmedly

    The money. Always follow the money $ Caps on elections and term limits.

  • Bill Powell

    Oil companies pay taxes, bid on and pay for lease of Federal lands and sea-tracts, pay for their own research, pay for the equipment they need, and etc. Creating REAL jobs that fill real human needs.

    Oil companies are so much more useful that the pie-in-the sky, government funded crap.

  • karl

    One at least get a ‘decent’ payback for the money invested at a strip club or liquor store. I leave those establishments happy and feeling I got something for the dollars I spent. These people are simply stealing our money. Ethanol? You have to be kidding me!!

  • junipersnippets

    Words of wisdom, my friend. Science is a scam, a prostitute reliant on government hand outs. America is fallen, fallen. God forgive us.

  • coloradan

    NREL is far from remote. The exit on the highway is in plain view, is just outside of Denver in a highly populated area, is about 10 minutes away from a mall, and is open to the public. Don’t make it seem like its some secret base nobody knows about in the middle of nowhere.

  • Sage

    This is the energy cumming from…goat blowers.

  • JQuindreDTeriusJacksonIII

    You idiots are the ones who vote for the stupid liberals. Everybody with money is leaving this country. You stupid fools sell your weed and give it to them. D.F’s!

  • vb_guy

    these people have been rewarded a 50% salary increase since the start of the great recession.. No doubt due to their extraordinary ability to produce nothing …

    way to go liberal,environmental wackos …

    “stimulus funding” == 50% salary increases for worthless democrat campaign contributors

  • TheResistance

    Not to be confused with the teat party, Mr Perlmutter, as I’m sure you want to hasten to add…

  • junipersnippets

    This is what happens when the people turn their back on God. God abandons a nation. Make your vows carefully, my friend. God takes all things in His name seriously.

    *Harvard University- Founded in 1636, and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its motto, “Veritas,” means “Truth.”

    *Princeton University- Founded in 1746, and is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Its motto, “Dei Sub Numine Viget,” means, “She Flourishes Under Protection of God.”

  • coldhardtruth

    Great story! This isn’t about any particular party and their mishandling of our tax dollars, it is about pie-in-the-sky good intentions and shows the inability of politiicans to un-do or stop doing failed programs and policies. In the private sector this type of management results in the failure of that business. In govt, they just continue to pump money into it and attack any opposition.

  • John720

    And if they have, did we, the taxpayer, lose money? No because it is private investment. Risk vs reward, government gives the reward upfront thus lessening the motivation to succeed. Meanwhile the risk falls on the taxpayers with know hope of reward. Do the government give Rockefeller money to drill oil wells? Nope, but it worked out for him and others. Many drilled dry holes and lost their money, but ultimately the whole benefited.

  • If bulls qualify for an Obamaphone now, then they would have qualified for a Shrubphone back in 2005.

  • junipersnippets

    Just from looking at the posts here, I don’t believe these are “the idiots” who voted for the Vile-crats. Maybe a few who now deeply regret doing so…

  • So, an initiative started under Jimmie Carter has now stumbled forth for decades like a blind man trying to traverse desert arroyos while tossing millions into the wind hoping that will cure his problem. Look again at those salary increases, basically DOUBLING in the trough of the DEPRESSION. That does not happen in real life private industry no matter how talented you are…!…!…!

  • lbeacham

    In a few sentances, you’ve made an indisputable point that wind genenerated elecricity for mass distribution is foolish and does not work. The same points apply to solar panels too. The applications for these are sailboats and off-grid rural cabins (paid for by the user). The taxes wasted on this should be criminal. It obvious that if we left this money in the pockets of tax payers and relied on markets to pick winners, we would be better off. No argument is good enough to stop this as long as The Federal Government can spend money that tax payers refuse to give. If the Government could tax us at the rate they spend, they would. Of course, they can’t. We must find a way to break the addiction to deficit spending. In the past, elections insured against overeaching. In this past election, we saw a tipping point exceeded. Liberal, big government democrats now think they have reinvented the recipe for one party, one ideology rule; minority majority constituencies. Where will this take us? Look to history, if you dare.

  • you disgust me. President Obama has saved this country from the Bush destruction.

  • DLinz

    Hey Mark: Let’s not forget the additional benefit Detroit gets as a result of 60 years of democrat management. Here’s a violent crime map of Detroit over just the last 9 months, and the best part is…….WE are paying for it.

  • sactomike

    I was a paid intern at the Solar Energy Research Institute, the precursor to NREL I believe, in 1979. Our scientific projections at the time were that Solar energy would be economically viable and a major force in our energy economy by 2000, IFF the government would support the fledgling industry long enough for it to get a good start. Well, the support was certainly there, but gee whiz, I guess something went wrong with the amazing growth we projected.

  • vb_guy

    no doubt they give free public tours as well …

    what a worthless bit of advice yours is … another useful-idiot has spoken

  • Soop

    Innovation comes from the private sector, not the public. You cannot force invention.

  • junipersnippets

    We are in a time when dependence on the government (food stamps, disability claims, subsidized housing/daycare) is a living for millions of people in the US. That is how the Vile-crats stay in office. They are the the masters on the Democrat (Vile-crat) plantation.

  • Opasteve

    God bless the Tea Party. Stay the course, my brothers.

  • DLinz

    Larry: Here’s the quote……..”Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” Barack Obama. Google it. It’s just stunning to me the stupidity of the left.

  • Most folks will come and read this and think, wow they really are wasting our money. I. being familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla know this whole renewable energy runaround is a blatant 100 year charade!

    The powers that be have free energy already, they won’t give it to you because it gets humanity off the wheel!

  • ralphie44

    “The federal government’s dream of a renewable energy empire”?.. Thats a CROCK. The Fed Govt, or more accurately, the jeus who run it, want you tethered to the system and the state ever so tightly. Energy you can collect and use yourself doesnt fit into that picture. We will never see progress till we unseat the Jeus.

  • sanfordandsons

    Oh, you bet there is not any waste in government. And the Sequestration is going to cause mayhem? BULL PUCKY!

  • levendiman

    And you comment is the bottom line of everything. The Fed and the people that own the Fed own us as tax slaves. Though taxation we really own nothing because we are one tax hike away from homelessness.

  • Kram Retlaw

    Right……………have another glass of Kool Aid idiot. Can you say $16,000,000,000,000 in debt?

  • another_engineer

    but but but.. obama keeps telling us the GOP is the party of the rich

  • Yankeelouie

    I am cutting up old tires and making rubber bands with them. Then I am linking them together to form long elastics to store the kinetic energy for use to power cars, boats, trains and aircraft with clean energy. We can hire millions of people to be winders and solve the unemployment problem, too. Where can I go to collect my millions?

  • More money wasted on ideas that don’t work. Yet the libs always throw around the “sustainable” word. Fiscally sustainability needs to be looked at before throwing taxpayer’s money away.

  • JohnGaltDurham

    Part of the reason the progressive/liberals want to control energy development so much is simple. Whatever is developed, they want to male damn sure they have the ability to tax it. Fortunately, liptards are incompetent idiots. We will spend all these millions and the real innovation will come from the private sector anyway. This just makes private sector developers hesitant to enter the market. They either naively think the government is already on it, or do not want to have to compete withe the government.

  • Victor_Velo

    When I bought my Chevy VOLT I spent an extra $2,500 for a Solyndra solar panel on the roof. On sunny days I can play the radio (but not the CD) all day long and for FREE!

  • Jim Denney

    Like “Jimmah” Carter himself, a lifetime spent tilting at windmills (on the taxpayer dime, of course).

  • Enderr

    so if you get an honest, competent representative you want to deny being allowed the choice to reelect him, Where is your freedom of choice. These bad representatives win election after election due to voter apathy. Four million fewer republicans voted in the last election than 2008. They stayed home, by choice, because they felt they didn’t have a choice. So instead of voting for the lesser of two evils they didn’t vote at all. Being a free citizen of a Republic takes work passing a law to make your job as a citizen easier isn’t smart it is lazy. Which is what got us in this position we are in now.

    I prefer the choice of voting for who I want, when I want, passing a law saying I can’t vote for a certain purpose isn’t freedom. I never liked that the President was limited to two terms, but I am now because people are afraid to vote or voice opposition because of the race card. So the term limit will help us but what if, one day we have a President who does the job well and returns prosperity to our Nation? They are talking about repealing the term limit law not based on competency or even logic but race. That is wrong. So to answer your comment obviously I do understand the concept of denying me the freedom of making a choice that was forced on me by a political party not wanting to lose power.

  • John

    Bigwigs sucking large at the government teat. John Kerry’s first speech as SofS was about global warming, so you do the math. We’ll eventually drop to our knees and allow a peaceful takeover by anyone who wants our decaying corpse.

  • peteee363

    ok, then if it gets 2 to 3 percent why does it also drop the mileage by nearly 5%? and on e-85 fuel, it is more then 20% lower. also, the cost of the ethanol is highly subsidised. not to mention you cannot even put the 10% blend in most boats, it destroys them quickly. so where did you get your opinion, the editorial pages of your local leftwing rag? mine are from facts, not opinions. and today oil companies are being fined for not using celuosic ethanol, and blending it. did i fail to mention it is not even made? and don’t forget ethanol blended gas cannot be transported in the pipelinle, gasoline can. all blending must be done locally, and transported in trucks. it seems to eat up oil pipe lines. one of the reasons it adds cost, is local blending. so once again, why are we using it?

  • RedondoSC

    They’ll probably pull that dead horse “Cold Fusion” out of the freezer any day now. Solar will work where it’s always worked, in the Southwest U.S. where more than a few Tea Party’ers and Preppers probably use it to live off the grid. Heck, the people they denigrate are probably some of their biggest practical customers. That’s the reality. If they’d market to these folks, instead of trying to make political statements and force others into it, they’d actually make inroads.

  • Enderr

    what does that say about our citizens when your vote can be bought for 250 free minutes?

  • Grayzel



    1.( sometimes initial capital letter ) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

    Sound familiar?

  • oldwhiteguy

    when did you get your lobotamy?

  • Rocky Rococo

    This Obama’s world. This boondoggle becomes the metaphor for all your symbolic president does. What Americans need to realize is that Barry Sotero really is just a community organizer from Chicago.

  • Kram Retlaw

    I have a dream, that someday we’ll have a real man in the white house once again. George Soro’s puppet is nauseating and incompetent as is his staff.

  • S schmedly

    OMG you are serious. Please say you are kidding. Bush spent poorly I agree but this guy is out of control. Showing no leadership but still campaigns. The king has NO cloths- for real.
    Please look at the facts. No president has ever been re elected with the unemployment rate at 8 percent. He was and is a community activist and should have been a preacher but NOT a president. Our system is broken and we needed a leader with skills to craft our way out. But we are left with Barry and smilin Joe. Wow…

  • Richie Dubetsky

    Hey Norm: stick your head back the hole..

  • It is part of the overall plan to bankrupt the United States. http://vimeo.com/52009124

  • Enderr

    whats goofy about being able to have a choice. If they are bad, vote them out if good then reelect them. Having a law to make your job easier as a citizen required to make adult informed decisions doesn’t help anyone. Besides do we really want all 500+ Federal representatives rotated every term, the one term full retirement plan will bankrupt us faster than everything else they are doing.

  • Sig

    Run a search for Adnan al Shukrijuma. This is the guy responsible for binging the “Day of Islam” to America. The plan is to first crash the economy, then detonate nukes on at least 10 major cities. After that, America will be ripe for Sharia.

    There’s your “better future to America”, and why the precedent has stated that NASA’s mission is “Muslim outreach”.

  • AdamsParachute

    So lets see, this was started during the Carter Administration? How fare has solar and wind energy progressed during that time? Or for that matter any alternative fuel, funded by government? How affordable has it become? Now for those of you old enough compare your mobile device of today to the one you had back during the Carter Administration? Or your computer?

    Evil profits drive innovation.

  • Liberals work very hard to spend us into debt and this is a small part of what Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetoro must do to insure we continue down the road of default. Jimmy Cater was a failure then and Barry is a carbon copy of liberal expenditures when these programs have been a failure for 40 years. Nothing has come of it and nothing will. We wouldn’t be in debt if it wasn’t for liberals. The fair housing act was another liberal program from Jimmy Cater with Fanny and Freddie milking the tax payers. Unions milking the tax payer.

  • Destruction is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t know what you consider destruction, but unsustainable debt and selling that debt to other countries that do not have our best interests in mind is a sure path to destruction. Using a sledge hammer (Affordable Health Care Act) to crack an egg (getting people the health care they need) isn’t smart. We are on the path of destruction for good health care for most to a path of poor health care for everyone. But I digress.
    Obviously this organization and its work didn’t begin under Obama or Bush – sounds like it started under Carter (1977). But the current administration took it to a whole new level of waste. What everyone needs to do is to step back and look at the big picture. Instead of being able to provide more food around the world (beginning at home) we took a substance meant for food (corn) and began turning it into a much less efficient fuel for vehicles. Think about that. Why on earth are we doing something so stupid? And it costs an enormous amount of money vs. the return for fuel efficiency and consumption that our children and grandchildren will be over-burdened to pay back. Not to mention the unintended consequences – ethanol destroys certain parts of engines (gaskets and other materials) so that we are more quickly creating waste (broken down parts and machines) that will be piling up in landfills. I will also put $20 on the table right now (as a bet) that we find out sometime in the (probably not distant future) that ethanol causes “global cooling” or dirties water sources, or causes cancer at a higher rate, or…whatever the next cause is.

  • Grayzel

    I have three passive solar heat collectors on our little farm here in Wisconsin. I made them for a cost of about $300.00 a piece. By my calculation they supply 20% of our heat, with wood providing the rest. Why 20%? Because in the winter that is the percentage of the time the sun shines in the winter. Solar cells would do the same for electricity.

  • vb_guy

    “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

    ie; before the tea party, we were accountable to no one, and nothing, we got our tax payer money, and huge salary increases, no questions asked….

    and people continue to fall for this siht

  • banger377

    Science fiction.

  • junipersnippets

    Wait until tomorrow morning. Suddenly there will be all kinds of activity at that site. Obama made the call to tell them to “look busy.”

  • John

    Atlas Shrugged played out in reality- just energy instead of railroads in play

  • JayHackett

    The libs love the word “sustainable” only because that is what they want most

    For them to be “sustainable” in power – government power.

    That is the path, for them, to a high standard of living and more available money to spend on anything they want.

    If they can convince the “low information” voter that they are the “answer ” to all of the problems: Free Healthcare, Free Obama-phones, Free Government housing, Free child care, Free transportation.

    And all you need to do TO GET ALL OF THIS is to continue voting for the Democrats and they will make the RICH PAY (their fair share). It’s always fair when it is other people’s money.

    Hey I like it. Vote DEM Face it because the Department of Education did such a great job there are more “low information” voters now than ever before. So don’t worry about your taxes going “through the roof” It’s FAIR.

    America, you’re screwed

  • J G

    When POTUS says we need to go ‘green’, we didn’t know he was referring to the color of money.
    Oh, wait……… yes we did.

  • Sig

    Yes. He tells us that all the time. Wake up, man!

  • Infidel

    Bring this government down. All of Federal Government is corrupt to the core. Tear it down, start over with the original Constitution. The current government is for the corrupt, by the corrupt and all need to hang.

  • lbeacham

    Oil has Rockefeller, the automobile has Ford, The PC has Jobs, the telephone has Bell. Solor panels have Jimmy Carter. Get the picture? It’s insperation, persperation and personal risk and reward vs. government manadates and other peoples money. The former created how we prospered and the latter guarantees how we fail. Who chooses the future for us? Obama says it’s him.

  • S schmedly

    Oh another speller critic. I bet you are real smartz aren’t u.

  • Grayzel

    That is coming. Can you imagine a freight train running on solar panels?

  • festus hagan

    Not to worry…the money (like union dues) will find ways to end up in the socialist party treasury DNC etc to buy votes and grow the monster gov-meant…

    what a joke, question them and they blame the Tea Party…
    always the demon, never the transparency…
    same ole bold lying/smearing utopian socialist dimdems.

  • Congratulations, to the author!: Tori Richards

  • cmdorsey

    Bush and the Tea Party. They have joined together for a fierce battle to ‘take the country down’. This wind and solar crap is such a waste of money. I’m so sick of looking at the damn things. All that fertile farmland with those stupid looking turbines, miles and miles of them. All those $billions of OUR money gone down the craphole to environmental whackjobs. Think of all the cities they could clean up and repair with that money, or how many children are STARVING – all those $Bs could feed many families for years and years. Then this perljam guy or whoever or WHATever he is keeps on whining. HIm and his spawn have become wealthy on OUR backs and he’s still not happy. I’m beginning to wonder if some of the people in the space program brought these people from some other planet because they sure are disgusting. The turbines were to help keep energy costs down. Well I knew better than that. You can always expect the opposite of what these fools say. O’crack does that trick very well. He said not long ago that nobody was gonna take our rifles. And we are not to worry about the drones either. BEWARE! Satan In Charge. Now he’s also going after traditional marriage. They are starting to brainwash the little ones earlier now – mush up their little brains with ideas that if they are girls or boys, they shouldn’t FEEL like they are girls or boys. It’s called brain neutering. These scum make me sick.

  • S schmedly

    Term limits. Caps on elections! Bravo on your thoughts though.

  • cmdorsey

    Sure are alot of non-profits out there – seems to me, spending that much for this joke, shouldn’t be a NON-PROFIT. I would love to turn my fed LEGALIZED EXTORTION FEES forms in to them and say, well, a lot of checks went thru the bank, but I’m just a non-profit so if I didn’t see the checks or if YOU didn’t see the checks, it didn’t happen. Soros finances many many many communist takeover websites – but they are ‘non-profit’ of course.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Grifters, government agents who funnel ill gotten gains offshore and produce nothing of value. Follow the money, start with forensic audits.

  • eneils bailey

    Under Obama, this country is turning into a place I don’t recognize any more; government irresponsibility on steriods.

  • S schmedly

    Yes but the spent poorly. Corrupt how it gets allocated.

  • nickshaw

    A government funded facility not involved in defense and nobody is allowed in?
    Would an appointment help?
    Otherwise, that seems like pretty big paychecks for managing stuff that doesn’t seem to work but, costs us more anyway!

  • bvee


  • Grayzel

    Bush and the TEA Party? What the heII are you writing about?

  • banger377

    Amy! Save your breath. Norm is incapable of understanding logic. Oldwhiteguy is closer to the truth, LIBS are born with a lobotomy. anonymousconservativeDOTcom has the explanation and the solution to all this

  • Yeah, the execs get huge salary increases one year then the next they lay people off when their budget gets trimmed. They never trim their own administrative budget or lay off administrators…..only the real workers.

  • wvernon1981

    Did I make that claim?

  • banger377

    They ARE hookers.

  • nickshaw

    “Bush and the Tea Party. They have joined together for a fierce battle to ‘take the country down'”
    Oh, I see. It was the Dim that said it.
    Sorry, you should use the quotation marks better, CM

  • you tell em norm,, said the cat in the hat

  • banger377

    Solar has been promising a lot for 50 years and has not delivered except in specific circumstances. It is now a pipe dream, for the most part. It’s the least green of all, right behind windmills. You may as well hope for a “flux condenser”.

  • In the eyes of the left, what’s the big deal spending all of this money if we can keep the printing presses on 24 hrs.? Oh and they are locking up 51% of the voters for the long term future too.

  • David Dunlap

    Give him a buck and a half and a huge kick in the ass!

  • darkeagle

    you are full of shit obama has taken us further down the tube

  • Just one more “grasshopper” telling the “ants” to keep on working. For those educated in the public school system here is the link that will correlate the ant and grasshopper.

    As for you Norm, thanks for yor service but try and remove your head from where the sun does not shine. Obummer is destroying this nation and lemmings like you have no clue.


  • GinAZ

    I’m tired of people complaining about this bastard president and the corrupt congress”men”. You know the only way to effect change is to kill some of these people, within the confines of a revolution. It serves no purpose just to go and blow away a politician, just as it serves no purpose to sit here and bitch and moan about the laws they make and break. Until the American people are ready to remove these bastards I’m done complaining. I’ll believe it when I see the demand for real change.

  • beachbum

    Hey George ,they lrt you off the hook on this one!!!!!Now it’s the tea party .

  • brace_for_impact

    More out of control Marxist government waste – reward your friends (solyndra), punish your enemies (oil pipeline). Maybe they are researching marijuana for a better tomorrow.

  • nickshaw

    The Black Pampers were dealt with?

  • Can we all spell “Money Laundering”? Taxpayers’ money, that is.

  • Greg Smith

    Cap Federal salaries and benefits at 90% of comparable private sector jobs. Except for federal managers. Cap them at 150k. If they want more, get a real job in the private sector. Those Allhosel aren’t worth that kind of pay.

  • nickshaw

    Good profits drive innovation.
    Evil profits are gained from government intervention, subsidies and mandates.

  • Gerard Neumann

    Gosh a real reporter doing her job. Thanks.

  • FloridaJim

    The entire department should be closed at once…we are broke! If Russia, china and Canada can live off their oil and gas America should also. They are just as concerned for the environment but they control their environment whackos like Gore, RF Kennedy Jr. and the Solyndra crowd. Only a President and a Congress that wants to destroy America economically would follow their programs serious people would open the Keystone Pipeline, follow North Dakota and become wealthy with 2,000,000 jobs and no Obama, isn’t that heaven on earth. I’ll bet Steven Chu is trying to join this foul group.

  • Gerard Neumann

    Really? How long are you going to keep playing the blame game?

  • ric

    The left is all about taking $$$ very good care of their friends….there are the peasants (us) and then there are those in favor.

  • Blaming the Tea Party for the failure of non-viable businesses propped up by the government is like blaming the proliferation of shoes for bank robberies.

  • Purly should be fired by his overtaxed voters. He, not the concept that is the Tea Party, is the problem. Nobama just likes to wear her crown and waste tax money and demand higher taxes. What the voters have created in the demoncrats must be reversed.

  • Steve Neely

    “The Tea Party?” Of course. For those who want the unfettered right to spend taxpayer dollars to fund their campaigns, reward their friends and further their philosophical agendas, however improvident, the Tea Party is a problem. Thank heavens.

  • Daniel Brown

    How can an organization (the Tea Party) that uses the constitution as it’s foundation, be the boogeyman for every ill we have today? This republic and and capitalist market place, that the left now wants to destroy, has created that greatest country in the history of mankind. Yet somehow, we are now told that this entire system is unfair and those that led this growth are the evil tyrants that must be taught a lesson.
    WOW! Here I thought the greatness of this country was that we all had the opportunity to be the most we could be. Here we have a man (a minority no less), that has risen from obscurity, from at best could be described as a lower middle class environment, to one of the most powerful positions in the world, yet we are still a society that is unjust and flawed and must be completely reformed to another socialist definition of fairness?

  • Grayzel

    Sorry Mark but oil companies get no subsidizes. They get no taxpayer checks. What they do receive is the ablity to keep more of their own money.

  • . “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

    Hahaha. If it wasn’t for those meddling kids, no one would
    know about my little scam.

  • rgrkovach

    You are easily disgusted as well as misinformed. Einstein had a word for people that repeatedly perform the same labor expecting a different result. Look it up.

  • John Frykman

    Yes, of course. Once again, it’s Bush’s fault. Obama has saved nothing. If Obama “saved” this country from the Bush destruction, it was only because Obama wanted to do it himself. He has succeeded.

  • Please watch Dr. Ben Carson’s speech given a couple weeks ago. You can find it on YouTube. What he purposes would help this country.

  • This guy is Perlmutter is a liar coward and thief and the media should hound him until he resigns and pays back the money he has wasted

  • This company is typical of the renewable energy industry. sucking on the Government Teet until dry,

  • boilerjunkie74

    Have you ever tried to sell a bull with tits? Trust me, compared to a regular bull, its gonna cost ya.

  • Really? So Jeffery Immelt is a republican? Seriously, that was a really stupid post…

  • Grayzel

    Nothing. Like Barack Hussein Obama says repeatedly “An all above energy policy.” Or, “A balanced approach” Should this not include oil?

    Transparency and the Rule of Law will be the touchstones of my presidency.” ~’Preezy of the United Steezy’ Barack Hussein Obama (JAN. 21, 2009 – one day post-inauguration)

    Do they even begin to realize what colossal pathological liars they truly are?

                              In America, Government Owns You!

    Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools who’ve made him their Prince.

    It will certainly be far easier to limit and undo the follies of this horrific ongoing Barack Hussein Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a deeply depraved electorate willing to have such a despicable Constitution loathing flim-flam man and abject failure for their President — twice.

  • Welcome to the world of liberal theology where the CEO of a successful corporation who makes $1 million a year is demonized while the $1 million a year president of a failed green energy company suckling at the government teat is a hero.

  • rgrkovach

    And Obama doesn’t hesitate to waste our money on a wealthy democrat contributor.

  • doodad69

    Really norm? 8 million fewer jobs, a contracting economy, millions more on food stamps, millions more on “disability” after their unemployment ran out, $7 trillion more in debt with nothing to show for it, and you retardedly claim Ostalin has “saved” this country??? He “saved” if from prosperity, you idiot! You Ostalinphiles are the disgusting ones, you sissy.

    Bush gave us 5% economic growth and we were screeching about $140 billion budget deficits (as well we should have!), PLUS we had statistical full employment up until the ‘Rats took over Congress. That’s when schit went down hill. Bush warned in 2007 “elections have consequences!” and he gave the ‘Rat Congress everything they asked for. That was his parting shot to the country that was bullied into hating him. Now we have the worst and the dumbest president EVER that we’re bullied into loving! Not me, but you go ahead and jack off to your Ostalin posters, you fruit bat. You leftards will be the first casualties of the Ostalin Revolution, stupid.

  • Trust me, we’re disgusted by your complete lack of intelligence and by your stupidity of allowing yourself to be propagated by the radical left…

  • rgrkovach

    That was exactly his point!

  • people lets get real, or is that reel,, no matter, brobama is going to save the planet, so get on down with that. remember he has attended a very nice church in the past, he voted present the majority of the time he was in the senate, his mother is white,, but he is black, he wouldn’t wear a flag pin, or act in a patriotic manner while the national anthem was playing. his circle of friends include a known domestic terrorist and his wife has great disdain for the united states. is there any wonder why this country is in the shape it’s in? about half the voters in the country think he is the most wonderful man on the planet. so just chill people, the brother got this. besides,, as sillery said,, “what difference does it make”.

  • Larz

    I think the more important question here is “why are the women getting paid less than the men?”

  • rgrkovach

    It is appropriate that the word best associated with wind technology is “Windmills”. Time for a trillion dollar study to rebrand the terminology.

  • Who’s to blame for the industry’s troubles? Government subsidies? Poorly run companies? Insufficient demand? Foreign competition? Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party.

    thank god for the tea party. there are still a minority of americans with the i.q. sufficient to separate fact from fiction.

  • rgrkovach

    No, but it paid back a campaign contributor.

  • onetermandout

    Here piggy, piggy.

    Grade A prime US pork; ironically it’s a pig getting it for his family and district.

  • u know I’m fucking sick of all governemnts and big companys they fuck us over and over and over again making millions but yet so many people are outa work cant eat cant afford to live i work my fucking balls off just to live pay check to pay check

  • doodad69

    Yet another Ostalin apologist, stupidly spewing “Bush did it too!” nonsense. Ostalin has taken EVERY stupid government program to new heights, like the oh-BAWMUH PHAWNS, which benefits one of Ostalin’s benefactors with MY money. Since you’re a leech parasite, and don’t pay one dime in taxes, and are probably sustained with MY goddamn money, you don’t care that tax dollars and Chink money is shoveled into an incinerator, but by God those of us who get phucked every week do! Do the world a favor and choke yourself to death like David Carradine did.

  • And they should worry about sequester. Ha.

  • relax, chill out, have a diet pepsi.

  • logic

    This group has some the best pay raises. Wish my employer could use tax dollars so we could get more than 1.5% increase.
    We allow this happen, so shame on us and our elected officials.

  • cmdorsey

    I’m writing about what this guy said toward the end of story. He said getting these subsidies was easy UNTIL THE TEA PARTY got involved. So I was saying all they do is blame Bush and Tea Party for everything that doesn’t work out for them.

  • in Colorado

    Factual reporting in the article except for this:

    “the site, which looks something like Nevada’s Area 51 with its remote location and forbidding concrete buildings”

    The NREL site is directly adjacent to Interstate 70 and is well within the built-up area of metro Denver (population 2.5 million), nothing remote about that.

  • John D

    Right you are. That seems to be the M.O. for this corrupt administration.

  • joedoakes202

    Your ignorance is massive. President Bush and President Obama are brothers from another mother. But, if I needed a guy to get liberals to fight a war I would pick little barack too . . . . this world is not a simple place.

  • Their property probably has so many liens on it that it is worthless.

  • The main reason the property owners failed to pay their property taxes? They no longer live in Detroit. Sign says’ “Gone to Texas”.

  • doodad69

    So YOU think solar energy is a grand idea, huh? How many solar panels run your home? I am guessing none….

  • Wow, how long have you been out of diapers?

  • vb_guy

    NREL has been working feverishly on the future of alternative energy … Wood Chips. (only takes 500 million a year to discover wood can be burned to produce heat)

    Wood Chips to Heat Laboratories, Save Natural Gas

    On winter’s icy threshold, NREL is switching to a sustainable and
    efficient source of heat using wood thinned from Colorado’s dying


    (this is not from the Onion, it is a link to NREL itself. Notice they included “dying” in it’s report. Colorado forests are alive and well thanks to all that CO2 available for them to eat.)

  • doodad69

    No, a “flux capacitor.” Dr. Emmett Brown has been working on this since the 1980s…and stuff…

  • Frankie Schultz

    You’re a moron…..Norm. You can’t see the trees through the forest. You have a form of derangement. Let me take a stab here, you voted for the other hypocrite and fellow moron, Al Gore.

  • Seriously??? Instead of sitting on your couch while waiting on your welfare check, go to the window and look outside! You’ll see high unemployment, high poverty levels, high gas prices, high food prices, high home energy costs, no federal budget, and higher healthcare costs. I could go on forever….. Quit listening to your socialist lib buddies and start thinking for yourself and applying a little common sense…………

  • John D

    There will be even fewer electric cars if you do that. I have no argument with folks that want to conserve and think that driving an electric car meets that goal. I have a huge problem with the government subsidizing it. There is a taxpayer financed project in Tenn that has installed dozens of electric car charging stations. They are hardly ever used, and the director of the project refusing to reveal the taxpayer financed costs.
    Why Tenn? The Leaf is manufactured is there, Leaf (Toyoto?) received a $1.2 B grant a couple of years ago.

  • It’s interesting that democrats claim to be against people that make a lot of money, yet they support NREL and its obscene salaries. Hypocracy at its finest.

  • John D

    That makes too much sense. Besides, Obama can’t reward his donors if he only gives money for research.

  • doodad69

    LOL! Another ‘Rat whose district profits wildly from this fraud, waste, and abuse blaming the Tea Party to deflect attention from the real issue! Only a ‘Rat could get by with such chutzpah. Ostalin’s plan it to make energy affordable only for the “rich” he claims to hate so much. He’s already shutting down 204 coal-fired power plants over the next 5 years, and his “Unicorn Tears” energy plan is going to make electricity rare. He and stupid Ed Perlmutter won’t have to worry about it though…they’ll have theirs, won’t they? Socialists just ADORE being rabid hypocrites!

  • luckydog

    Democrats: the failure party.

  • LysolMotorola

    There is a major difference between PapaDoc Barack and Bush. That is, Bush did not despise this country for the very attributes that made it great. This narcisistic geechie street hustler boy of a president is actively attempting to destroy our free enterprise system, our military and any influence we have in the world just to push forward his insane, socialistic dreams. His unconstitutional actions would have resulted in impeachment long ago if the “birdcage floor” media were doing even 10% of their job. I also not that you do not refute a single thing that AMERICANVETERAN said. Probably because you cannot.

  • John D

    Clem’s comment says it all. Government does have a financial role to play, but it should be research, not direct contributions to companies. That is crony capitalism and it’s wrong.

  • At least hookers work for their money………oblamer voters: NOT!

  • freddie_o

    “It is clean and it is the future of energy production,” Perlmutter wrote on his website. “Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”
    Note that Perlmutter never attempts to justify the existence of NREL by pointing to results (unless you consider a “tax credit” as a success). Instead he adopts the usual liberal stance of blaming the opposition for his own failures. Remember folks, with liberals the important thing is maintaining the utopian aura of the big IDEA, not results. The payoff is always just down the road or just around the corner and if you can’t see that you’re a Neanderthal (or a conservative – same thing). But hey, it appears I’m wasting time pointing these things out since we seem to keep electing these liberal fools to the highest offices in the land.

  • So

    “Until the Tea Party took over….”

    Took over exactly what?

    The Tea Party is denigrated, mocked, libeled, slandered, caluniated and hated more that al qaeda by the left and their media puppets on a daily basis.

    If that is “taking over”, I shudder at the thought of what defeat must look like.
    The thought that my taxpayer dollars are paying these liar’s exorbtant salaries infuriates me.

  • Daniel Brown

    How can an organization (the Tea Party) that uses the constitution as it’s foundation, be the boogeyman for every ill we have today? This republic and and capitalist market place, that the left now wants to destroy, has created that greatest country in the history of mankind. Yet somehow, we are now told that this entire system is unfair and those that led this growth are the evil tyrants that must be taught a lesson.
    WOW! Here I thought the greatness of this country was that we all had the opportunity to be the most we could be. Here we have a man (a minority no less), that has risen from obscurity, from at best could be described as a lower middle class environment, to one of the most powerful positions in the world, yet we are still a society that is unjust and flawed and must be completely reformed to a socialist definition of fairness?

  • Look at all those smiling faces. I guess I’d be smiling, too, if blowing other people’s money was my ticket to lifestyles of the rich and famous. I think the US government may owe an apology to Bernie Madoff.

  • Magor Right

    This article turned sour for me. When Amy Cooke went to NREL and said “I’m a taxpayer let me see”. What does Amy really expect her Beefcake guard to do? Welcome Amy Cooke even though she could be from Green Peace or some other terrorist group? If Amy asked for an appointment the she mite have found out about wasted energy research dollars from the inside.

  • NREL employee, have you no shame?

  • Frank

    Saved the country? Bush looks better everyday.

  • Disgraceful, and the norm for for liberals. The whole government is full of this type this type of BS.

  • This is more abuse of taxpayers and our labor.

    – – TAX FACT:

    According to IRS website…

    1. Federal tax law BEGINS with the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC)

    2. Federal tax Regulations (26 CFR) –PICK UP where the Internal Revenue Code leaves off

    3. The Service is bound by the REGULATIONS, Internal Revenue Manual,


    Note, According to IRS… Income tax law is in REGULATIONS, and most importantly, IRS must follow and obey REGULATIONS.

    – – TAX LAW (as they said, pick up Regulations):

    Exempt income, defined – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)
    Legal defintion, codified, i.e. there’s only one.

    Income that is not – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)
    List of taxable income. BINGO!

    Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Govt Printing Office.

    According to U.S. Income tax law, MOST income is exempt (i.e. not taxable), while very little income is not exempt (i.e. taxable).

    Of course, criminals will often say, I didn’t do it. So, Naturally, the government perps say Sec. 861 is frivolous, yet there we see it, actually written in law, in black and white, … by who else, but more government perps.

    Arrest the perps … before the next fraudulent taxpayer bailout, which will go to insurance companies, and of course, accompanying executive pay bonuses they’ll get from YOUR money and hard labor.

  • redhawk123

    Big deal. Why complain? These people are investing our tax dollars for the future! Probably hard to live on less than a 1/2 mil in that part of the country!!

  • Garr

    Just a scratch on the surface of government boondoggles and repayment for campaign contributions. Are we surprised? NO!

  • NorthAtlanticIslander

    You are absolutely correct – Obama is the Campaigner in Chief – he has literally never stopped campaigning, because he doesn’t know how to LEAD. He only knows how to whip up his base.

  • John D

    Bill I understand your concern, but government funded the universities and colleges that developed the internet. They also paid for the space program, and we benefited with hundreds if not thousands of spinoffs from that. The airline industry was a direct beneficiary of government funded military aircraft development. So there is a role for government, just not the way the corrupt Obama Administration does it.

  • h0nestabe

    Watching Republicans and Democrats go round and round arguing over who sucks worse is such a sight to see. Bush was equally as incompetent as Obama is now. Both spent like drunken sailors while perpetuating more war, more big guvment, more BS! Just opposite sides of the same damn failed coin. Americans are suckers!

  • John D

    Don’t confuse Mark with facts. He has already made up his ind.

  • Mike Rowley

    Quite a gig and a stupendous pay package for a company that does not produce an actual product nor generate income…..kind of like the story about owning a boat….(like pouring your money into the sea, to never be seen again)! It is this type of DemocRAT/Progressive/Socalist led thinking and spending that is driving this once proud Nation into Bankruptcy as well as turning us into a “third world” economy.

  • Garr

    If the taxpayer money we gave all the banks and the auto industry has worked so well how come the city of Detroit is still a sewer?

  • K M

    Thnak You, KING OBAMA!….. Thank You, Low Information Morons that gave us KING OBAMA!

    It will all snap one day. Keep playing games….

  • John D

    In the mind of the liberal, that is a subsidy. They think all money belongs to the government. They graciously allow you to keep some of it.

  • John D

    Nick, that was sarcasm.

  • They’re simply looking to get a rise out of people.

  • Grayzel

    Thank your for the clarification, Dorsey.

  • They aren’t serious, our taxes pay for this garbage

  • Americaweeps

    Demigraphics pure and simple. Name one place on the face of this planet where blacks are in the majority that is not a complete shitpit.

  • and read a teleprompter

  • NorthAtlanticIslander

    Now the left claims Dr. Carson is a racist uncle Tom – I guess any black man that succeeds in something other than sports or music is a racist…..Dr. Carson is something this country needs more of – a brilliant, true success story that isn’t afraid to speak the truth!

  • John D

    The American manufacturing Mecca was made more efficient by computers, robots and other machines. NAFTA helped destroy it.

  • bobofky

    Good job Mr. Perlmutter, nice dental work too. Glad we could help.
    US taxpayer

  • K M

    Nailed it. We have a population of increasingly uneducated “voters” (Obama constituents) and an increasing population of elites that want a piece of the pie….

    The only ones that are real Americans are stuck in the middle of this game…

    But, it’s all gonna fall. The reset will not be pretty for all those that are on the take….

  • suzanna


  • K M

    All in due time, libtards…. All in due time….

  • Whatsallthisthen

    I love it, receiving money as a grant from the fed. govt. is a tax credit in a leftist’s mind. A legal tax deduction on a producing oil, gas, or coal company is called a loophole or subsidy in leftist speak. A decrease in the amount of proposed increase in spending is called “draconian cuts” People (51%) that don’t pay attention just take statements like these as fact.

  • uptoid

    wow, maybe my son can get a job with these guys when he graduates!

  • ponyexpert

    It’s a “Simple CONTROVERSIAL” pocket lining boondoggle for intellectual snots who enjoy the wet dream of all the bottom feeding fleawits who want fat paychecks for doing nothing.

  • This isn’t whats really going on.

  • how about the truth.

  • Dan Arvisu is not a government employee. Describing him as such is disingenuous. He is a corporate executive, just like thousands of others who’s companies have contracts with the U.S. Government. Check out the CEOs of Northrup Grumman or Lockheed if you are worried about salaries. Also, don’t try to make it sound like a big accomplishment to discovering where the money goes. All businesses who let contracts with the government are required to keep transparent, publicly accessible corporate records on established databases. All Tori and Earl had to do was look at D&B and CSC while Googling quotes and anecdotes about this issue. This is lazy journalism and completely yellow. If you want to attack the R&D project as wasteful, or as Congressional pork, then do so legitimately. Focus on the science, or identify kickbacks or ANYTHING halfway useful. Not a bunch of obvious spin and unsubstantiated innuendo.

  • xarpen

    Reagan phone right?

  • Doa74656

    Are you serious? Lol ! Are you stupid in tgat you believe your own bull shyte or are you stupid in that you expect to change people’s minds and get them to believe you? So how do you see yourself in the coming socialist utopia? Pet or cattle you useless idiot

  • 1940voter

    . We are being screwed by this administration at every turn. Wake up folks before it’s to late/ Forward this article to local media outlets and then follow up.

  • realfan

    What in the hell could be “top secret” in green energy research ?? This is government gone wild.

  • S O P for the feds!!!

  • cmdorsey

    Thank you for thanking me for the clarification. I didn’t mean to make you upset. If it’s one thing we don’t need is another thing to be upset about. Sometimes I’m so frustrated, my fingers don’t type out the words exactly the way I want. Thanks for writing back!

  • Doa74656

    Fine but what are YOU doing to help fix the problem? The TEA Party isn’t interested in assigning blame we go after republican and democrat We just want the problem solved

  • Oh Norm, you really can’t believe that we are better off with Obama, granted, I wasn’t happy with Bush either. But Obama is not acting in the best interest of this country. I disagree with you.

  • John Phillips

    It has been my thought for a very long time that King Obama set out to end our nation as the founders viewed it. A Revolt is coming when and where it starts who knows? All evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. I am prepared!

  • vb_guy

    defense contractors actually deliver products to help congress fulfill it’s constitutional mandate. NREL produces squat.

  • barney59

    Can we propose registering Liberals?

  • this is total bullshit. al gore is probably the ceo. what a crock.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Outrage, close the entire facility.

  • omg1172012

    I wish I could legally steal from the America people like Democrats do. On a pipe dream that doesnt exist. Buy my place of power and soak up more money the all of Chicago gets in welfare support a year.
    Democrats have sure designed a system to make their lives better while consuming the freedom and constitution of America.
    Like a super hot star, the consumption of power ends eventually. The Democrats are ready to burn out.


    Me smells a Rat.

  • doug1961

    Perlmutter is a loon. 40 years of wasting taxpayer money on this boondoggle and what have they to show for it? Wind turbines? NOT a new concept. Biofuels? NOT a new concept.
    All they have to show for it is the enrichment of a few at taxpayer expense.

  • rbolles

    Solar – Clouds, WindMills – No Wind, Corn – to expense of a process – Only grows once a year, Insects, drought, fire, etc, etc, etc………So you get paid by the government for being stupid?????????? Yes! Just like thoe freeloaders who vote Demo-Communist ( Democrat). No wonder George Orwell is no longer required reading in US schools.

  • Grayzel

    Mine don’t either. It was more confusion than anger or upset. Your post was logical and written with reason except for the first three words.

  • rogern1967

    Nice work, if you can get it.

    Story was not clear–are these salaries paid from Fed funds, or from the Management Company? Big difference, because Fed payroll would include all the pension bene’s we have been hearing about

  • AWGBlog

    I think it’s time for a tax revolt…

  • That is a freakin lie. Shame on you.

  • Towers23

    It’s boar hog, not bull.

  • “increasingly uneducated voters” – That is the purpose of government run schools, isn’t it?


    We have enough oil & natural gas to fulfill our needs for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

    And I won’t even get into the nuclear power possibilities where we could be building co-generation power plants on all three coasts that would not only provide all the electricity we would ever need but all our potable water too!

    Yet we allow a handful of tree-huggers to waste BILLIONS of our hard earned tax dollars on windmills, 40% of the funds which we have to BORROW from the Chicoms no less! BRILLIANT!

    Lenin sure had Liberals pegged when he called them “Useful Idiots!”

    The jacka$$ has definitely proven to be the ideal mascot for the Dimwit party.

  • nickshaw

    Crap! You’re right!
    What can I say? It’s early where I am!
    But, I wasn’t responsible for that TD Jack got, at least!

  • Enough already with all this utter jealously. If you want to be a slave go work for some stupid “private” company that offers nothing and only leaches off the poor. If you want to make money you go and work hard for the government and get a living wage that will allow you to pay your bills.

    You don’t need to be some stupid billionaire getting rich off the poor and the slaves working for you. Take a green job that not only saves mother earth it give you a sense of pride that you are not working for the man.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Nope, he just substituted obama obliteration for bush destruction.

  • Einstein did not come up with his theories because of the existence of some bureaucratic boemoth mandating new products and ideas. Scientists and investors will most efficiently come up with the next sources of energy for our planet, and it can be done most efficiently without government funding and mandates. Democrats act as if the laws of economics don’t apply to their ideas, and it is destroying this country.

  • redneckkk

    Norm, your corn bread ain’t dun in the middle.

  • winnebago

    who want’s to bet the over/under on how many similar government facilities hide off the radar in the nooks & crannies of this country spending your hard earned tax dollars?

  • lugnut4

    Good job….Dumbocrats!!!

  • How much you want to bet that each of these highly paid, government employees has an IQ south of triple digits? And, no, I don’t care what letters the paste after their names. The government is notorious for hiring dullards and elevating them into positions with ever increasing cache and ‘importance’.

  • lugnut4

    Go to hell!

  • jrhmobile

    Yeah, but when state colleges pay football or basketball coaches $5 million a year or more, that’s somehow worth it?

    Yet spending money for top-flight talent to secure our energy future is somehow a waste of money. Please.

  • The governments Job is not :Investing in business

  • Dash Riprock

    Here we are with potentially billions, perhaps trillions, of barrels of oil locked up in tar sands and oil shale and in proven reserves, and we’re trying to make electricity form devices that require the very finite resources of exotic minerals and compounds or using food that could feed the hungry millions.

    We laugh at those Alchemists of the middle ages that took the king’s money in pursuit of the “science” of turning lead into gold.

    Is this any different? We’re making government-employee millionaires who are unaccountable and are wasting million of dollars for what?

  • OracleJones

    The Obama clique is into picking winners and losers to appease his delusional supporters. The problem is that they inevitibly pick losers like Obama and his lemmings.

  • LVR

    You’re a clueless idiot. What policy of Bush’s caused this so called destruction? You mean 5% UE? $1.84 gas? The highest revenues ever received by the fed in 2007? Or do you mean the CRA that caused the housing crash? BTW, Bush warne agaainst it at least 4 seperate times only to be shouted down by the like of you. And who’s idea was the CRA? Cater, that’s who.

  • The deliberate sabotage party.

  • Obama shows no leadership because he knows nothing about leadership. He cannot recognize it, he cannot describe it, and he cannot provide it. He is nothing but a professional schit disturber. That’s it. He’s a trained community organizer, which has nothing in common with a leader. Leaders understand that the best interests of the organization are more important than the petty interests of a single person or sub-group. Community organizers, on the other hand, ALWAYS place the interests of the sub-group above the interests of the organization.

  • annie

    too bad reagan was such a dope, we could have had great solar by now.

  • JD

    Cut and eliminate all subsidies bottom line. No more funding for healthcare, green, oil, agriculture, firefighters, police, TSA, education,.etc. The govt is drunk with money and needs to do with less. In fact it’s time to privatize the schools. No more govt conferences as they all have teleconference yet need to waste hundreds of millions of dollars annually on bogus events.

    The govt budget needs to be reduced by 15% to see any real growth as the numbers now are horrible. Sorry if you cannot decide what to cut it’s a cut across the board of 15%.

  • Another example of business in the bizzaro world of government. In the private world you get the big payoff for your innovation or invention afterwards, not before.

  • But it’s top secret. We peons aren’t entitled to know what goes on there, we’re not entitled to go anywhere near it. All we are entitled to do is pay for it.

  • gleanerone

    outrageous!!!..need to shut this down asap!

  • Your Master

    We will own you and there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry, too late to start now! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • It’s probably top secret because it’s some kind of government funded fetish club that Obama, Menendez, Reid, and their ilk go to burn off steam and smoke some pole or minor.

  • Garbonzo333

    the Tea Party took over???

    you wish!

    the Tea Party stands for accountability, smaller Gub’mint, and less hand outs.
    i guess someone with a modicum of sense crashed
    your little experiment on how much OPM you could waste…

    to all you green kool-aid drinkers out there:

    -isn’t it supposed to be those “evil capitalists” investing in new technologies so they can take tons of money away from all the poor folks. (ie see venture capitalists)

    -i’ll bet you doughnuts to dollars that at least 3/4 of the high paid staff at this sinkhole are Democrat donors and/or buddies of Owebama

    can you say Crony Greenyism…

  • Taxpayers should be able to see it , its their money

  • imying72

    and how exactly has he done that? by adding 16 trillion to the debt? by adding 11,000+ people to the food stamp govt dole PER DAY? By continuing the wars and even adding MORE troops? (you know, the wars BUSH started) by wiping away the constitution with things like the NDAA? By adding what can only be considered NO jobs (comparatively speaking) and driving the unemployment rate up to 7.8 %? By giving amnesty to illegals? By starting NEW wars WITHOUT congressional approval? By bringing our country to the brink of civil war with his gun ban agenda? Are THESE the ways he has SAVED our country? Do us all a Favor Norm.. Raise your hand before speaking…then promptly put it over your mouth you ignorant fool!

  • nickshaw

    Well, there should be some limits. Like defense projects.
    But, “green” energy research? Please!

  • mrsharfer

    Apples and oranges. Football actually exists!

  • Arvizu isn’t a government employee; he’s president of the private company that has a government contract to run the place. By contrast, the CEO of Lockheed, another government contractor, earns $22 million per year.

    Your article is deeply dishonest, but it does a good job of enraging the yahoos who believe everything they hear from the right-wing media. Nearly a thousand comments expressing outrage about the things you lied about. Well done!

  • Give them time….They have discovered energy from ground up animal crackers.Its a promising new source of clean energy…. give them time, I tell ya.

  • Perlmutter is a moron who can only exist by sucking off the teat of the American taxpayer. He’s too stupid to do anything useful. His tactic, therefore, is to do or say anything to allow himself to continue living in the style in which he has become accustomed.

  • Garbonzo333

    Social Security
    U.S. Postal Service,
    all well run organizations, so nothing to see here,

    move along, move along…

  • mrsharfer

    Funny, that is how most of us see the government.

  • Garbonzo333

    maybe Sequestered will be to Owebama
    what Borked is to Bork (RIP)

  • Hookers provide a service. Obama voters provide nothing but an endless spew of BS.

  • Actually, the lifeline program is much like it was in 2005 when cell service was added to that program. And, if you’ve been keeping up, there has been a large effort to rein in fraud as it concerns the lifeline program… but I don’t guess you were keeping up in 2005 or keeping up now, eh?

    I’ve been paying taxes every year since I got out of school and started working in the late 70s. I had some hard times during the Carter and Reagan years, but I never felt like I was getting, as you put it, “phucked.” I have no explanation for that, other than you must be more phuckable than I.

  • OracleJones

    Sorry annie but you are the dope. Even the cofounder of Greenpeace and the originator of Gaia now admit that 24/7 nuclear power, of which Reagan was a proponent, is the greenest energy source. Wind turbines are an expensive eco/ esthetic disaster and health hazard and Obama needs to know that we can’t comptete with China on solar which only works when the sun shines.

  • Fastgirl

    A poor use of taxpayer money with so many Americans suffering.

  • Wes

    Hey Norm! have another beer at Cheers and stop sending out childish and I must say it stupid comments. Have a great day

  • Garbonzo333

    the market doesn’t consider wind and solar viable,
    so why is our Gub’mint acting like venture capitalists

    don’t stub your toe on that fraking pipe going out the door…

  • cupera1

    HE found out that going off the liberal/progressive plantation you will get the same treatment as any other escaping black slave. You will be hounded and lynched by the DNC masters. This time they will use word processors instead of ropes.

  • nickshaw

    Germany tried. Spain tried.
    Both are now realizing the folly of it.
    Maybe, some day, our government will too.

  • imying72

    This is VERY interesting. Not the article of course, but the comment section. THE WHITE HOUSE SHOULD REALLY PAY ATTENTION HERE.. ONE comment Supporting Obamunism.. then an ENDLESS stream of comments railing on it.. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT WITH OBAMA AND BIG GOVT.. THE TIME FOR REVOLUTION HAS COME!

  • Norm. You’ve definitely been on the KoolAid too long. But if you’re a leftwinger just keep paying your taxes and the rest will form a line in an employment line and after that, we’ll form another line at the Welfare station. That is if any are left in this country and not gone to some other country.

  • Nancita

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a federal lab. Arvizu is its Lab Director & Chief Officer. You think they don’t pay him? He may head up Alliance, but NREL is operated FOR the DOE by Alliance, which is far, far from being “a private company.”

  • nickshaw

    Perhaps if we all recognized the false premise “green” energy is based upon, GoreBull Warming, then we could stop all this crap.
    Until the majority wake up and realize it’s a scam to control them and take their money, (promoted by the Dims but, more than a few GOP are complicit) we will continue to be ripped off and led down the path to socialism at the least and One World Government at worst!

  • Garbonzo333

    sorry, i missed that “own” part in the Constitution…

  • westernread

    Gee whiz, there is absolutely NO WAY we can cut anything, including the less than 2% (?) cut on the INCREASE in spending that sequestration brings into play.

    When interest rates rise folks, and eventually they will, our only government output will be paying interest on the debt. We need to get off the gravy train before it’s too late. Drug wars, environmental laws, terrorist wars; it’s all about the money. Both sides of the aisle spend like drunken sailors. If we don’t cut spending, the dollar will be worth less and less (tank of gas anyone?). Granny can take $100 from her social security check to buy a loaf of bread. At that point you will see some very upset voters. Read the history of Weimark Germany, then you’ll understand why the Germans are such fiscal hawks. rileyjamesbooks.com

  • brazuca

    Yes, they are correct it may be the answer for the “future” but right now, oil is cheaper and easier to get at than hoping to come up with an answer for the future. Here in MA you see these horrendous wind mills every where and for the most time they are not turning at all.

  • Another pack of porkers at the gov feeding trough.

  • brazuca

    Give us all some examples please.

  • TheCommonSenseConservative

    No wonder they all have big smiles on their faces– they are making large corporate salaries in an enviroment of botched production that most private sector businesses would not permit.

  • OracleJones

    The “right wing media” has enough sense to realize that however you slice it the entire enterprise is another monumental waste of our tax $ on “feel good” activities to appease liberals like yourself. We would all be better off if Obama took a permanent vacation because when he elects to show up for work he spends most of his time giving other people’s money away.

  • mrsharfer

    At our earliest founding only land owners could vote. It didn’t matter if you were black or white, man or woman.. It is high time the bottom feeders stopped calling the shots for those of us with skin in the game.

  • JBSPuddintane

    I do not approve.
    I want to know NREL-employee party-affiliations.
    I want government OUT OF BUSINESS. Period.

  • CorrectionPlease

    These thieves are creative.
    They convinced me that “Bush Did It”
    Now its, “Foreign Competition”
    The Tea Party Did It.

    The Sun did It?

  • The article would be greatly improved without the credibility zapping hyperbole about Area 51, NREL is located within Metro Denver and is hardly secret. That said, the Democrats are perfecting the concept of the non-profit corporation as the ultimate tax dodge. If the government supplies all your capital rather than the capital markets, and your “profits” are paid out via salaries and via them dividends in the form of political donations, the very concept of tax exempt non-profits is one that needs to end.

  • JBSPuddintane

    ..the victim-party.

  • BrutalTruth

    Exactly how did he do that?

    Your pretty ignorant not to understand that you can’t stop the downtrend by spending money you don’t have. In your case, you can’t see that the trillions spent didn’t stop anything. It just hid the problems from idiots who don’t want to look. It cannot be hidden forever and even you will see the error of your thinking eventually. In the meantime, people like you are actually making things worse. Congratulations.

  • Garbonzo333

    ah, no. where is the lie?

    where is an outraged 99%er when you need one?



    “If” solar or windmills were such a great idea, investors would be lining up to invest!

    Next case…

  • booger71

    But his salary is paid by us, so he is a government employee.

  • You’re wrong. I used to work for MITRE, a Federal Contract Research Corporation. Like Alliance, it is definitely a private company; none of its salaries, benefits, work rules, etc. are subject to the federal guidelines for government employees. Go look up MITRE, Rand, Aerospace, and other organizations like Alliance.

    Having worked as a contractor for both DoD and DoE, I can say with some authority that the cost of NREL is chickenfeed compared to the waste found in defense contracts. DoD wastes an amount equal to NREL’s annual budget every few hours, 365 days a year.

  • Max17

    Thanks to the sequester, DoE has some mandated cuts coming this year.
    Thank you, sequester. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Now all we need is a much bigger sequester.

  • Garbonzo333

    yeah, like we won the “war on poverty”
    so long ago…

  • cbpelto

    TO: All
    RE: Heh

    Don’t expect anything from these people at NREL. They are under no pressure to perform, as people in the private sector are.

    Look at NASA compared to Virgin or Space X. The former has done NOTHING since the Space Shuttle program. The latter two are preparing to take paying customers into space.



  • booger71

    Until you can get rid of the large bank of batteries that you need to even run a 60 watt bulb when there is no wind or sun, then it will never be financially sound investment.


    That certainly explains the vote last November. And his current popularity and approval figures.

  • mrsharfer

    Why on earth would anyone buy a Volt?

  • Max17

    The banks paid all their loans back with interest. That was a Bush program.
    The auto industry and Fannie/Freddie, not so much. That was another Oblunder program.

  • M A

    Norm you are moron. Barry Oduma has done more to divide this country than any President in history…

  • Solar, Wind and Ethanol are “top secret?” Give me a break. All three are dead-end technologies as far as any viable replacement for fossil fuels go. Not only that, but they are horrible for the environment due to the large swaths of land all three methods require. Ethanol is just outright burning of food– it doesn’t get any dumber than that!

  • booger71

    The only thing they are securing is their own bottom line. At least a winning football or basketball coach will bring enough TV money into his university to pay for his programs.

  • djbaluta

    What is really laughable is that all the Ohbie people truly believe that the Dems really care about them deep down inside!!! Wait till they finally realize what the real “Bill”, the downpayment and and the monthly payment plan will ultimately cost them! Too bad they never paid attention in math class…if they were even able to finish school in the first place!

  • Dr. Bimbu

    There is nothing remote or foreboding about this location. It’s in a densely packed urban / industrial area, four miles from Coors Brewery, four miles from a TA large truck stop, five hundred yards from I-70 (a major shipping corridor), and one hundred feet from an average neighborhood. Making West Denver sound like are 51 is an amazing bit of story telling. Other than that, the rest of investigation in this article is acceptable

  • But his salary is paid by us

    So is most of the $23 million that the CEO of Boeing makes. Where’s the outrage there?

  • Max17

    Ah, so it’s the Tea Party. Whew! I was sure it was going to be the Koch Brothers or Fox News. ROFL!

  • Progressives in congress are criminally insane. These kook Alinskyites will say/do ANYTHING to advance their radical “green” agenda. This A**hole Perlmutter’s NREL “the nation’s green energy crown jewel” claim to fame is BURNING OUR FOOD for fuel (Ethanol)??? Pssst, we’re sitting on more energy than any other country on EARTH, you fools! This Jimmy Carter boondoggle is just ONE of a million examples of how lib Bullsh*t steals money from your family and flushes it.

  • booger71

    Our Federal government enslaves more people than the plantation owners ever did.

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    Wake up America before it’s all over….

  • Common Man

    Hey! Drunken sailors get drunk on their own dime.

  • thunderclapnewman

    it’s fascinating that these same, bloated, individuals have the pomposity to demand say, the capacity of a magazine for Americans, or the destruction of a baby.

  • booger71

    They are paid by the management company who gets their money to run it by direct payments from the Feds.

  • vb_guy

    uses one boogyman to get rich and another to defend himself, global
    warming and the tea party, respectively… great leadership, stylized
    after obama’s no doubt

  • Common Man

    That Kool-Aid must taste good, keep right on drinking it.

  • Garbonzo333

    ‘Perlmutter has leveraged that role to keep alive a 20-year-old

    energy tax credit to producers of wind technology’

    and yet these businesses are dropping like flies!?

    did someone say “Loophole”…

  • mmmilesll

    Perlmutter needs to be voted OUT of office. If he thinks the Tea Party had anything to do with this total waste of taxpayer money then he needs to get his head out of the dark place where it has been.

  • IdolHanz

    Fire them and send Bobi back to the welfare line.

  • Whachutawkinboutwillis

    I drive by this place every day. What was once a pristine area with hiking trails, etc. is now a covered parking garage for spoiled gubmint workers. Wouldn’t want them to have to slog through the snow like private sector peons. The place is always lit up like Vegas, likely with coal generated power. Not surprising that Squirrelmutter and his merry band of silk-stocking libs are profiting from this.

  • IdolHanz

    Over fifty people now say you’re full of ”Odungo”

  • Garbonzo333

    right, no limits on what you ‘deem’ to be important…
    but, those icky soldiers, i don’t like those!!!

  • Evelyn Johnson

    If the Federal gov’t were in charge of the Sahara desert, in no time at all there would be a shortage of sand.

  • Once again, Monkey, you are just another deceptive poster. As on all the other news sites I have had occasion to find your work, you spout nonsense and dishonesty. Wonder what motivates you?

  • Common Man

    Only ¾? I’ll bet they are sucking out of both sides of the hose. We borrow money from China to get a fake company started for some big donors of Berry, then we sell it back to China for a dime so they can have all that “cool” green energy crap technology (see A123 bankruptcy). All that research is going into the Chinese military right now, thanks Democrats for helping to destroy America.

  • Thank you for the voice of reason. That’s what I was getting at. The portion of the comment I was responding to was, “If a company can’t stand on their own, or get their own private investors, then they shouldn’t be in business.”

    You don’t have to be in favor of this administration’s initiatives to realize government plays a huge and critical role in the advancement of science and technology. You can be generally “anti-government” while understanding where we do need their participation. Government has more than proven its value there.

  • OregonBuzz

    It’s an old term but it is appropriate; can we say government boondoggle, boys and girls?

  • vb_guy

    incorrect, NREL recently spent millions to switch to the future of alternative energy to heat its labs. Wood Chips. I’m not making this up.

  • ladyjk

    You disgust me. Still blaming Bush — I guess Bush made Obama give all that money to failed solar companies whose owners were Obama’s donors. Bush is still making Obama behave as a community organizer, robbing we the taxpayers and giving to all his failed donors, blocking state voter ID laws so we have corrupt elections, killing four Americans in Benghazi, giving weapons to murdering drug lords in Mexico, and the worst of all–Bush makes Obama mispronounce his teleprompter speak–corpsman. Get a life, liberal lemming.

  • nickshaw

    It wasn’t a “lie”. it is the truth.

    At least we get something for our money from Lockheed. Whether or not it is good value is debatable. Perhaps this author will be writing about it next but, because it involves defense it will be a tough nut to crack.

    I would not hesitate to guess that most of the people here “expressing outrage” are just as outraged by the bills run up by defense contractors!

    It was conservatives who broke the $35B Bradley Fighting Vehicle story, for example.

    This, on the other hand, is a facility that has “worked” on solar power since ’77 without any appreciable gains. Solar doesn’t work much better than it did in ’77 (and it still doesn’t work at night) though the panels might be smaller. If it really did work better contractors would be installing them on every house, like sinks and toilets! The free market knows what sells and what doesn’t.

    I forget, are they installed on the White House yet?

    And there are any number of large scale installations on buildings where the cost didn’t live up to the savings.

    “Working” on ethanol and other bio-fuels? These things have been known for years! Everyone knows how to get fuel out of vegetation. The Germans were doing it during WW2 to power their war machine. You think it needs more “development” for an insignificant gain in proficiency?
    Electric cars and batteries? Please! There were electric cars a hundred years ago that managed the same speeds and duration as the electric cars of today! Now that’s progress! Not to mention where the electricity comes from to charge those cars.
    We deserve to be “outraged” over this.

    Just as we deserve to be outraged over any kind of government waste.
    What you’re doing is engaging in deflection like a typical Lefty.

  • Common Man

    America is broke, millions out of work and hurting, 17 TRILLION ind debt, millions on food stamps, the average American household has lost $5,000 of income since 2009, and this is funny? Time to get out of your mom’s basement and get a job (if you can find one). Welcome to Berry’s world troll.

  • ShootyMcBang

    The only thing that the government will ever produce that is renewable is debt.

  • flyboy

    “Who’s to blame for the industry’s troubles? Government subsidies?
    Poorly run companies? Insufficient demand? Foreign competition? – Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party.”

    Stupid mindless incompetent libtard DemoRATS. The IDIOTS blame the Republicans when their OWN POLICIES FAIL??? Who knew? Pathetic America wreckers.

    ““Until the Tea Party took over this has always been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”

    Someone tell this left wingnut libtard troglodyte that the Tea Party is NOT the majority in Washington…that belongs to the DemwitocRAT party.

  • geo brecke

    This Author is right on the mark!

    Did >ANYONE< follow all that tax payer supported Amonix crap? Read the Amonix articles in all the Gang Green publications, all the hype, And do note the NREL's heavy hyping of the project. Read of the NRELs giddy excitment about cell efficiency and more.. but as soon as the money was spent, the sound of silence! The NREL is little more than a conduit to dispense money to friends of this administration. And in some cases the ideas are down right nuts. But it appears the majority of voters don't expect results, empty promises will do.

  • Garbonzo333

    please, don’t post that…
    use your frustration in positive ways…
    do not think that, suggest that, or support that…
    would our founding fathers wish that on anyone
    when we have so much to lose?

  • nickshaw

    There’s no way to explain the stupidity of Americans except to say, when you have no skin in the game and you collect government cheese, who ya’ gonna’ vote for?

  • ShootyMcBang

    ROFLMAO! …then I lit a cigarette.

  • nate

    I dont know about you but I think this tax funded top secret govt energy program needs to be out in the open .The military and law enforcement should be the only departments to have top secret programs only when developing new weapons or War stratagies.Doesnt mean they have to put it on the front page anywhere but I do think America needs to be able to see where most of their tax money actually goes and be accountable for every penny.

  • RoyBaty

    It is not wasting money or investing in green technologies. It is payback for liberal pals of Obama, Pelosi and Reed. No one will dare complain about “investment” in renewable energy, that would be like mentioning black on black crime. It’s the Perfect Political Scam.

  • flyboy

    The ironic thing is that those mouth breathing islamic troglodytes would probably target the largest cities which are all run by liberal Demwits and inhabited by liberal Demwits.

  • Garbonzo333

    doesn’t voting six times explain part of it?

  • raw

    I love that we want to use corn for fuel. Maybe we can start eating oil,!

  • Jaitop

    There should be a cap for any federal employee’s salary. Anyone above the salary of a senator or congressman should be subject to review every year explaining the reasons for a higher salary. Aproval from both houses may be required.

  • wildeagleone

    There is only one answer to all this To[p Secret bull shite going on and that is to get this fake President out of the office he is holding illegally

  • Garbonzo333

    um, i think Boeing has a little more to show for their work

    than rainbows and unicorn farts…

  • nickshaw

    It’s not that I “deem” it important at all, Gar.
    It’s just that some defense installations involve work that neither you nor I would want to fall into the wrong hands (not that it doesn’t already!!)
    I have the utmost respect for our fighting men and women!

  • Worst pResident of the white house in our history. Spending our future now, trillions in debt, nothing to show for it. The big zer0 himself could be the spark that ignites flames across the nation.
    He’s doing it on purpose.

  • Garbonzo333

    yeah, and while you worked there

    you donated all your wages to the green energy industry…

  • skyway2ls

    Perlmutter blames the Tea Party? You mean the group with the name based on the Boston Tea Party and their complaints of “Taxation Without Representation?” Dontcha just hate it when someone holds you responsible for your actions, demands accountability and visibility, and wants to know how much money you are spending and for what?

  • BlackRapGuilty

    This is nothing new – agencies like this are setup all the time to drain tax payer dollars and give it to the few that are close friends to Washington. NREL has yet to discover/produce anything this country can actually use. It’s unfortunate that this continues to happen, but why would anyone expect anything less than an administration full of corruption and nepotism. You’ll continue to see and hear stories like this more frequent but guess what – nothing happens. ZERO.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    It must be a sham.

  • azpete

    give it up the american dream is lost. im glad im older. my children and grandchildren will live in the same poverty of mexico and other third world countries. this is and has been the goal of our government for decades. at the end of the second world war, the communist changed their names to progressive. this evolved into the mainstream government. both parties are are up to their eyes in this deal. look forward to being the people of have not. only the corperations and their bought and paid for politicians will prosper. then end is not near, the end is here.

  • nickshaw
  • Amen

  • Did the meaning of – ‘Non-Profit’ change while I was taking a nap?

    If someone is making more than a quarter of a MILLION DOLLARS, wouldn’t you say they are profiting?

    If they are making close to a MILLION DOLLARS a year, does’nt that qualify them as ‘Fat Cats’?

    It’s a good thing democrats are incapable of corruption [ I know it true, Chris Matthews tells me so ] otherwise I might think this was all about ‘Make your buddy smile’ instead of being completely above board.

  • nickshaw

    You gave me a start there too, CM! 😉

  • At least we get something for our money from Lockheed.

    Like the F-35? A trillion-dollar boat anchor.

    If it really did work better contractors would be installing them on every house, like sinks and toilets!

    Have you visited Germany lately? Japan? Singapore?

    I forget, are they installed on the White House yet?

    Yeah, by Jimmy Carter. If Carter’s programs hadn’t been shut down by Reagan, we wouldn’t need foreign oil now, and wouldn’t have had to fight a war in Iraq.

    The Germans were doing it during WW2

    And today the Germans are many kilometers ahead of us in solar and wind energy. They are producing 25% of their electricity with renewable sources, aiming for 100%. Do you think they’d do that if they didn’t believe it was good for Germany? Why do you think the Chinese are spending so much on alternative energy research?

  • F.O.O.L.S.


  • DemBMatt

    Agreed. And going along this line of thought, the US government should also stop subsidizing oil companies via tax rebates, credits, deductions, and kick-backs. Oh and it should also stop giving credits/subsidies to the agricultural sector – big farm and little farms – “if they can’t get their own private investors, then they shouldn’t be in business.” And using federal dollars to help finance oil and gas pipelines, and construction/maintenance of nuclear and coal-fired plants should be stopped too – if these companies can’t pay the for infrastructure themselves, they should be out of business.

    The real solution is obviously more nuanced than this, Richard. But it is much easier to rip on R&D for clean energy. Let me preempt the haters – I’m all for using oil. There’s a lot of it and it is and will be the dominant source of energy for the near and middle term. But what happens after that? I think its prudent to be conducting research and experiments to future energy sources because oil won’t last forever. The real issue is not that R&D is occurring, which is in itself is costly, but when it becomes a political tool to funnel money to their districts. Slightly off topic, this same thing happened with the C-17 cargo plane – we have over 200 of these things, well above the stated needs of the air force, but a number of congressman were insisting on keeping the production line open and building more because the factories were in their district.

    The problem is not necessarily that the government spends money, its how the government is spending money, which is decided upon by congress and both the Reps. and Dems. have screwing the pooch on this as they buy in to special interest groups.

  • Garbonzo333

    but no limits on sinkholes is thinking with your green pole…

  • NeoZon

    This is why government should get completely out of the business sector and provide it’s only valid function of protection only.

  • gun_nut

    Bush was a well-intentioned fool who messed up most of what he touched. Obama doubled-down on all the worst Bush did and abandoned what little good he did. Please list anything that is better since Obama took over?

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    My–it would seem that many in the 99% are actually in the 1%! Or do they not matter, because they are given a pass?

  • HappyG

    More environmental carnage brought to you by the “Save the Planet” coalition…


  • Garbonzo333

    …”well, that’s just not fiscally responsible”
    Owebama 2008 campaign speech excerpt
    about borrowing and the continued deficits…

  • nickshaw
  • you donated all your wages to the green energy industry.

    There’s a tiny bit of truth to that; I used a chunk of my wages to install the geothermal HVAC system that’s now saving me about $4,000/year in fuel oil costs.

  • cppthis

    “Alternative energy research” is just a front for institutional corruption, a way to give kickbacks to lobbyists and firms who game the system while making it sound benevolent. Ethanol is one of the finest examples of crony capitalism in history; the corn lobby invested billions in the political process in return for hundreds of billions in subsidies, stipends, and the like. And if it’s top secret, all the better because then nobody has to answer questions about anything.

    Also note how the people pushing for alternative energy never have anything nice to say about nuclear power, which actually works. And nobody ever talks about hydroelectric (river or tidal) or geothermal, for the same reasons.

  • nickshaw

    I’m thinking you’re mis-reading me, Gar.
    I’m on your side!

  • FL_Stingray

    Appalling that we actually fund such nonsense. Appalling that the management pays themseves such salaries. Appalling that the annual increases are so generous. I guess government is not nearly as broke as Bammy would have us believe.

  • jayyuma

    WHEW!!!! Your lask of common sense stuns me!

  • Boeing has a little more to show for their work

    Ah, the Dreamliner. Some of them must be parked next to Lockheed F-35s. Neither is flying.

  • Neo

    You just know when they invoke the “Tea Party” that it never was based in reality.

  • I believe that Colorado has a fair supply of trees.

  • tgkelly

    Are you f—–g kidding me? We are totally screwed as a Nation.This kind of crap goes on and on and nobody cares. million dollar govt. employees; try the assholes that ran fannie & freddie ;democrats all and multi-millionaires to boot. repubs allow it to occur and their complacency has cost us OUR nation .

  • obozo_the_gelded_clown

    Purlmutter is a typical lib hack. Spin numbers out of his @$$ and then act like they are true. But hey, Colorado, you can solve this by voting this clown out. Hopefully you’ll do the right thing.

    But as far as this place goes, this is just one of thousands of gov’t agencies that spend money like water all in the name of ‘making life better for Americans’. IOW, a Nanny Bloomberg mentality.

    Let’s get gov’t back to what it is supposed to do: protect us from enemies without and within (including the unsupervised invasion from the southern border) and guarantee our freedoms. All is is fluff.

  • Colorado forests are alive and well

    In fact forests there are in trouble due both to increasingly violent storms and the fact that their required climate conditions are slowly moving north. Forests can “migrate” only a few feet a year, by dying on the southern side and sending out new growth on the northern side.

  • vb_guy

    are you suggesting that burning wood chips is some sort of renewable energy break through that warrants 100% increases in salaries at the national renewable energy lab, whose mission seems to be to replace CO2 emitting energy sources?

    Are you that daft?

  • nickshaw

    Yeah, because they are using the lithium ion batteries, no doubt “researched” by NREL.

    Wait, didn’t a battery factory we put so much money into (now being sold to the Chinese) do work primarily on lithium ion batteries and failed?
    Didn’t they “benefit” from the work of NREL?
    Why, yes, I believe they did!

  • nickshaw

    So, you put your money into a proven technology.
    Good for you.

  • Yeah, we’re right around the corner from solar-powered 767’s and windmill powered autos. Another few trillion to Democrat contributors ought to do it.

  • “Norm” from your comment, I know “norm” is not short for NORMAL. Idiot…..geeeeezzzzz.

  • NutsBolts

    Obama’s kind of people at work.

  • vb_guy

    Al Gore just made a 100+ million dollars, paid to him almost directly from Qatar, selling his “news” outlet to an anti-American group… yet, he stills commands tens of thousands per global warming speaking engagement. Their end game seems to be to drive all rational people insane, the irrational are already on their side.

  • Notamo

    You mean he makes $928,069. does not create a product, has no profit, pays no taxes, is a Registered Democrat voted for Obama. So this guy is also a high level functionary of the politburo. There is a man and his stazi who will be serving a long sentence in prison when the conservative get elected. Mark my word Liberals will not hold on to power for much longer.

  • Tim Vronay

    during the time Seniors, Disabled and Veterans were receiving ZERO COLA increases these people were receiving 35% raises and their counterparts in DC were getting 4% annual increase in salary and 15% increases in beneftis

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Shouldn’t you be at a bar getting drunk?

  • odumby says anyone making $200K is a millionaire!

  • A Secret Government is now what we live under. They make everything classified to make the FOIA useless. We have no knowledge what our government is doing. Where is the outrage?
    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is a must read book cause it’s decent Americans (taxpayers) who take a stand against this tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s provocative, but the book could become real soon so I recommend it.

  • vb_guy

    the American dream is to destroy tyrants and ensure individual liberty … if anything, we are entering a new Renaissance …

  • lithium ion batteries, no doubt “researched” by NREL.

    Lithium ion batteries were invented by those elite universities that wingnuts hate so much, mostly Oxford, Penn, and the Technische Universität München.

    Didn’t they “benefit” from the work of NREL?

    If the Chinese are benefiting from our research, maybe we should classify it until it reaches commercial usability.

  • are you suggesting that burning wood chips is some sort of renewable energy break through

    No. Why in the world would you think I said that?

  • ace65

    WTF wind “technology” , the wind blows it turns a propeller , the propeller turns a generator. These idiots think we are stupid (well ok we elected obama) but some of us aren’t.

  • I wouldn’t blame it all on Republicans. Hacks are all liberal Democrats and The Hack Brotherhood was enchanted by Oblamer’s oratory from day one. They amplify the Party’s message. Their megaphone is loud and clear. The Dems are always portrayed as innocent bystanders, despite all evidence to the contrary. Do you really think, even after eight years, they will actually let their messiah take responsibility if the economy continues the way it is? They will blame Republican “obstructionism”. It works for them.

  • Norm – what’s “saving” us from paying the top 3 at this government funded company $1.5 Million? This is just another example of the Obama boondoggle – I take your tax dollars, and spend them ridiculously…

  • a proven technology.

    NREL has done significant research on geothermal energy. It’s one of their main areas of focus.

  • headoutofsand

    Until the Tea party took over, too funny. Oil is the answer for now. Get used to it. Private industry and entrepreneurs will decide when that change happens not government. This is just a waste of taxpayer money, aka Solyndra.

  • Obama nation bringing you NO energy policies, and wasting to date almost one billion in “green energy” hand picked projects. Absolutely sickening how this President wastes the taxpayers’ money, and continues to do so. Pathetic!

  • unless you work for the gubmint

  • has TURNED into

  • Green Dave

    It is funny that the people who want to ‘drill, baby, drill’ and give away our natural resources for pennies on the dollar to companies are complaining about a relatively small budget to research alternative energy as crony capitalism.

    Also, I will happily tell you that I support alternative energy including Nuclear, Hydro and any other power source with ~0 emissions.


  • Vote Perlmutter OUT!

  • devon

    Look at the defense budget, some 600 billion. The whole system is screwed, attack one of the worthy pieces of the puzzle.

  • Obama is destroying this country. He’s done nothing to help the economy but take away the dreams of the American people.

  • egm80

    Guess how much the head of SANDIA national labs makes? 1.4 million dollars. That’s just one of MANY national labs across the country that deal with nuclear weapons work. Because of course, the 50 billion we spend a year on nukes couldn’t possibly be filled with pork projects and budgetary fat.

  • weneedrubio

    Global warming and, subsequently, the green movement are the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the US and the world. These feckless and hypocritical politicians will do anything for money and power and will watch the country go down the drain and enjoy it as long as they make money. Treason is what I call it.

  • Curmudgeon10

    This is DOE culture at work. You won’t be able to change it until a different party takes the White House.

  • Our government has absolutely no business of being in the business world that is not a function of what the government is paid/hired to do by the American public. Their main job is to protect the country not run it into bankruptcy by backing things they know absolutely nothing about nor do those that they hire!

    Any one who starts this type of crap including the fast and furious boondoggle need to be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law and also be put in jail and if there is no law against this then they better start writing it NOW and stop all the other unnecessary law writing they are currently wasting time with that is foolish and stupid.

  • Tony Jay

    Blah blah blah, its the Tea Party’s fault. So I guess keeping failed projects going with tax payer funding is a good thing. Because we know the democrats and their spending machine always get a rush when they are recklessly spending other people’s money. The Tea Partiers are just average folks wanting just the simplest of things. Fiscal discipline.

  • oahumike

    One word comes to mind – BOONDOGGLE.

  • More of our liberty being stolen or denied. This is nothing more than a sham to line the pockets of the so-called “Elite.”
    When will clear thinking Americans speak and rise up to put this waste and others like it to an end?
    This is why under our feckless leader, Obama, we are on our way to suffering the same fate as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and France.

  • Crooked unethical dens once again wasting tax dolllars

  • cmdriker

    The VP of “outreach” makes over $500K /yr….her view of outreach is hiring security thugs to stop taxpayers from learning what is going on there

    Colorado helped elect Obama and his band of democrat hacks like perlmutter who are destroying the country. You get what you elect

  • vb_guy

    so, the national-renewable-energy-lab is heated by a wood stove….

    Obama really has halted the rise of the oceans with this latest innovation. These people aren’t being paid enough.

  • biglipzulu

    What a SCAM. The top guy working for a government agency gets a pay raise of over $200,000 in one year! Looks like the people of Colorado really screwed themselves by voting in a scam artist in Dem. Ed Perlmutter.

  • MaritxuSF

    You are an American Veteran? Of what? I dare you to name one thing (the truth, of course) that Barack Obama has done to “save this country.” A book could be already be written on what he has done to destroy it and he still have 4 more years in office. And you don’t care! Pathetic!

  • biglipzulu

    The security is tight at NREL probably because none of the execs are even there, probably playing golf or banging escorts while some underlings set up solar panels and do very basic research. That’s the American Dream (Act) now.

  • Their salaries are total B.S.. This is INSANE! I’m fuming over this.

  • Observer

    Another nail in the coffin of the once great USA!

  • atillathehunney


  • Taxpayer with young family

    Those salaries are OUTRAGEOUS!!! It’s time for taxPAYERS to rage against the political machine. ENOUGH. Enough!!!

  • You have to love the hypocrisy. The libs created a Czar to monitor CEO pay but of course I seriously doubt there is a Czar to monitor gov’t worker pay!

  • txbiker

    Cut them off the grid and see how well their green energy works.

  • Wang_Yi

    You disgust you’re parents by spewing nonsense like that. The only thing that Obama has saved is our path to bankruptcy.

  • Garbonzo333

    install is not a donation

  • Don Tuschoff

    Thank you Tori and Earl. Please don’t stop until you have run those greedy, corrupt bastards out of town and out of a job.


    That very well may be, NORM. But now he’s making a new destruction all his own!!!

  • Most servicemen and former servicemen are very conservative and do not support the “Democratic” party or the ideals of the current administration. I have meet a few that do follow the ideals of the left, in the push to provide cradle to grave coverage, but even they eventually realize that this concept is financially impossible!

  • Frizz

    Right O, 101. The “Taxed Enough Already” party has not, and is not, “personality” driven! It (we) are driven by the Constitution, pure and simple, and it’s how the candidates lined up with the document that won in 2010 and 2012. With Obama”care” fully implemented in 2014 I think as the dismal realities of it set in, that by election day, anything and/or anyone not to the RIGHT of center right will have a difficult election and, we have the historical data that seldom does the party of the White House gain in the midterms. Remember, the Senate has roughly twice as many Democrat seats up for election than the Republicans and some of the Democrats were elected solely because of Obama’s coat tails in ’08. Let’s “TEA It Up” for 2014!

  • timbo44

    The sun doesn’t always shine, Liberal tree huggers don’t care. Car batteries need charged for hours every day by electricity which requires burning coal, Libs refuse to acknowledge that. In fact Obama promised to bankrupt coal companies which is illogical. You can’t eat oil, but the Libs want to burn corn instead and leave the estimated 2 trillion barrels in America right where it is. What about ANWR, surely drilling on 100 acres out of Alaska’s millions up near the Arctic Circle is acceptable to Liberals? No. Fracking fluid is eco friendly, what’s wrong with that? Hollywood Liberal homosexuals are against it. Scientists have irrefutably proven that Liberals have a defective gene, they see nothing wrong with Original Intent Abortion, Abortion on Demand (both championed by Obama unless of course his stance is “evolving” again) and see nothing wrong with homosexuals marrying each other but can’t explain the logic of: If everyone were homosexual, then the human race would cease. If 90% of the race were homosexual, then they would need the remaining populace for what, to reproduce more homosexuals, therefore propagating the species?

    The internal combustion engine is the greatest invention in the history of mankind, therefore Obama and his adoring followers must destroy it, just as Obama set out to destroy Mr. Edison, The Man Who Defeated Darkness, with his illogical war on the Edison-base light bulb, and replacing them with toxic mercury-filled curly Q bulbs which require a phone call to the EPA for disposal instructions. Good luck to all you Liberals in California dealing with millions of broken mercury-filled bulbs from the tsunami that devastated Japan and will be polluting your shores for decades.

  • Why doesn’t our loving, caring biased media take this on?

    Are they so indebted to Obama, bloated budgets, payola and sheer incompetence that they ignore this stuff?

    And some wonder why revolutions start and stop!

    Solar will work when it is economically feasible instead of a subsidized JOKE!

  • Garbonzo333

    okey, dokey.

    it’s just some comments above
    sound like some who think with their
    hearts instead of heads…
    reminds me of a friend who bought a book
    about “100 ways to make your house green”

    what a sham…

    #76 recycle your bottles and cans

    #98 turn down your thermostat when you’re not home

    what b.s., almost as earth shattering as
    keep the right air pressure in your tires
    (courtesy of Owebama)
    what a waste of money, energy, and trees

    you would expect better of Nat Geo (publisher)
    but, because it had “Green” in the title we are all

    supposed to bend over and genuflect…

  • Under Paid

    You do a disservice to all federal employees. These are not government
    employees but private companies contracted to work for the government. The US government for years has contracted to private companies to do the work that federal employees do for ¼ of the cost. Yet when the government talks about how much it civil service get paid they never mention that they contract out to private companies and pay they usually 4 time as much. There is a cap on how much a
    civil service employee can make a year and that includes over time, bonuses and
    award. The price you indicated is way over what is allowed by law for civil
    service so they must be contractors.

  • seabass3

    It’s funny that you would find the present operations acceptable. Your ” pennies on the dollar” amount being subsidized by us the tax payers. Perfect example of lack of oversight and Government over reaching.

  • Garbonzo333

    if that is a come back, well, keep trying…
    Dreamliner is grounded because of… wait for it…
    the new and improved Lithium batteries.

    so all you have is one example vs.
    multiple examples of “green” horsepuckey, lies, and
    wow, i see your point…

  • tommyrot

    Here is just another example of the Obama administration’s buddy-buddy scam the tax payers . . . Nothing the so-called green energy circle has produced has worked or worked at a cost=effective level. Obama is using our tax dollars to reward his contributors. The rest of our tax dollars go to his constituents: the Obama-phone crowd (Ah gots 35 of des Obama-phones. All you got to do to get ’em is tell ’em you is on welfare.”) Now the Obama regime wants to take away the guns of honest, law-abiding US citizens (people control) while leaving them in the hands of his thug constitutions and his “civilian army completely separate from the armed forces and as well funded . . . Is this guy pushing for a second American revolution or what?

  • kotodama

    It seems we are getting it all backwards. If this was a private company who REALLY produced something we all wanted and we all bought it, then they could afford to (and be justified in) paying these salaries. Instead, NREL apparently produces nothing but is rewarded beyond the dreams of avarice on our dime! Why is this not a huge story; way bigger than Solyndra? This is what you get when a Statist/Socialist government picks the winners and losers!

  • 1peevedbob

    Hey Barry, is this guy going to be able to afford his FAIR SHARE of the tax burden or are you giving him tax breaks for the work he is doing…Work that is not going to replace fossil fuel EVER…..
    I’m waiting for a solar powered air liner, an electric semi truck, and wind powered fork lift….Now will you please tell the American people how this RENEWABLE energy is going to power the three examples I just mentioned???

  • doug1961

    The dreamliner is not the result of a defense contract

  • C Weeks

    shites…thank goodness for the tea party then!

  • Libtards like to think of themselves as intellectuals and visionaries. If Gore envisioned moonbeam power, the libs would get on board and woe to the naysayers who challenged him. They would be depicted as Earth-haters. In lib world, dogma trumps reality. Sure, America has enough fossil fuels to provide for itself…. but libs would rather yammer about alternative fuels and being independent of foreign energy resources.

  • 1peevedbob

    These wonderful folks on the left..Progressives if you will..ALWAYS quote
    “Experts” as their source of information… But they never ever name the ‘experts’, they just quote their information as fact and move on…It doesn’t matter a whit if the ‘expert information’ is BOGUS….

  • Mark Cob

    you amaze me. Barry has ruined it more than Bush, and cant you see that its all the same crap…to suppress you and to eventually kill you, these prikks are evil and its US vs THEM pal….boy are you TV brain washed

  • srw


  • steamer5

    Hey, watch that drunken sailor crap. Even they know to stop spending when they are broke.

  • So…the “leader” of MRI gets $446.19 an hour. Not a bad gig if you can get it. His very able (I’m sure) assistant draws a mere $252.03 an hour…I wonder how she makes ends meet? (Should I start fund for her on PayPal?)

    It’s good to see that the government still has stacks and stacks of ready cash just lying around waiting to be wasted on yet another great government project that promises us cheap and abundant energy for k-zillions of years with zero pollution.

    I’m wondering if the reporter was chased off because they would have found the buildings are hollow, the “employees” are cardboard-cutouts and the only thing in the “building” is a row of cash-counting machines being operated by trained monkey’s?

    I’m so proud of my government, I am so blessed with such kind and benevolent leaders…ALL HAIL!

  • barbiecakes

    Bush had a good economy until the Democrats took both houses. It was democrat policies that made Fannie and Freddie fail. Democrats forced the banks to have affirmative action type loans for the minorities and the poor to have loans. Interest only at first and when the principle kicked in they couldn’t afford the mortgages resulting in all the foreclosures. Expand your information sources, Rev Al doesn’t have the answers.

  • Never said it was. It is, however, the result of significant government support.

  • Really?

    I spoke to an HR executive at Battelle in the last year. I am a recruiter and was working on HR search with a package close to $200,000. She let me know that was no where near what she was making. Amazing for a non-profit.

  • so, the national-renewable-energy-lab is heated by a wood stove

    No, NREL is a large office building (360,000 ft², 1325 occupants) that uses 50% less energy than a modern building constructed to current codes, all from renewable sources. A great many commercial buildings, here and abroad, are following their example. China, the UK, Germany, Japan are all far ahead of us in the application of this technology. If you knew anything about business, you’d know how important that is.

  • Dreamliner is grounded because of… wait for it…
    the new and improved Lithium batteries.

    No, it’s grounded because its electrical system was wired incorrectly.

  • bobby1122

    Perlmutter and the bosses at NREL- living large, doing no good- and MOST important COSTING taxpayers billions. SHUT all this scum down!!

  • I think this tax funded top secret govt energy program needs to be out in the open

    Go read their web site. It’s pretty much “open.”

  • Kingcruiser

    Actually, neither President “spends” tax dollars, Congress does. The difference is that Bush asked for cuts, Obama asks for more spending. That’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. Generally speaking, Republicans ask for military spending as authorized by the Constitution and Democrats ask for spending never meant to be at the Federal Level: Welfare, School, Energy, etc… and the other difference; the Democrats OPENLY spread taxdollars to their supporters and OPENLY get paid in return. Used to be call CORRUPTION. Have Republicans done that? Sure, but they usually get caught and fried by the news media which is the ROLE of a FREE PRESS. The difference is the “news” media is now a branch of the Democratic party and REFUSES to report the CORRUPTION of the Democratic party; President or Congress…

  • Bob Loblaw

    Solyndra, anyone? Nothing more than a political slush fund.

  • In one years time, the salaries of some of their execs nearly DOUBLED… from 2009-2010, the salary of Dan Arvizu went UP by $200,000!!! Is this a cost of living increase??? I think not. Is he doing substantially MORE than he was in 2009? I am SURE he isnt. This is called TAXPAYER GOUGING!!! WE pay his salary!

    Bobi Garrett’s salary went UP by $124,000 from 2009-2010!!! Again, WHAT IS SHE DOING NOW THAT SHE WASNT DOING IN 2009!?!? This is TAXPAYER GOUGING again!!!
    William Glover: UP by $125,000 2009-2010… !!!!

    Catherine Porto: Salary increase 2009-2010 of $182,000 !!!!

    What the HELL is going on here!??!?! Why hasnt anyone gone down there and gone after these leeches for taking taxpayer dollars like this and giving themselves lavish raises and benefits!!!???

    At this time of economic crisis, a government entity like this should NOT BE FLAUNTING MASSIVE SALARY INCREASES!!!! No wonder they are smiling in their pictures… In fact, such increases should be criminal considering that WE are the payers of their salaries and WE are the ones who are in crisis!

    I hope they are held to account all down the chain of command for this. Thanks Obama you prick…

  • noseitall


    Give them 2 choices: Either open up this facility to public scrutiny, or shut it down. Why should the citizens treat politicians as our masters, rather than our servants?

  • You missed the most important point that these companies are working with GOVERNMENT MONEY that WE paid for…

  • That is of no matter here.. The money being paid to research new energies is going into gouging the rest of us who SUPPLIED that money. Nearly doubling a salary from 2009-2010 is highly unethical during these times. A government who supplies this money knowing that massive taxpayer money gouging is occurring is complicit. Obama’s administration has much to answer for… He made his path clear when he touted Solyndra, gave them millions, and they went bankrupt.

  • Einstein did not come up with his theories because of the existence of some bureaucratic boemoth mandating new products and ideas

    No, but the first use of his theories to produce usable energy was done by a massive and highly secret government project.

  • JayHackett

    Better look into that Lithium chemistry a bit more. It would seem that Lithium battery packs for propulsion applications require very expensive Battery Management Systems. The BMS, as they are called help keep the individual cells, within the modules that make up any battery pack system, in a narrow operating range.

    Lithium Ion rechargeable modules are very sensitive to over charging and over discharging. Most Lithium modules are designed to save space and that means there must be a thermal management system to remove the heat generated during operation.

    So you MUST have both which makes any total management system very expensive.

    The consequences of NOT having a BMS or a BMS that works properly is THERMAL-RUNAWAY.

    A 1.2 kilowatt Module can explode with the force of about 4 Mega-joules of energy and produce temperatures as high as 1400*C

    Since this would be a Chemical/Metals fire, you are NOT just dealing with the simple fire triangle of fuel, heat and ignition.

    You have a Tetragonal (pyramid) where you must deal with the chemical reaction producing heat which drives the chemical reaction faster producing more heat and more FIRE and consuming more oxygen.

    Think about that the next time you ride in a new airliner.

    I do not believe that Lithium is ready for prime time production.

  • charlie

    Once again an article and headline written by someone who does not know what they are talking about. These are NOT government employees. They are CONTRACTORS. A Government employee doing the exact same job would be paid about ONE THIRD this amount.

  • aubreyfarmer

    Yea Tea Party. No one is more disgusted than I am with the growth of government. You may not call it Communism or fascism but that is exactly what we have in the US. The government putting all of us in debt forever just to line the pockets of their cronies. And how many government employees or government contractors really want to see a balanced budget if it knocks them off the gravy train? Responsible people are being financially threatened by a traitorous government and every person that helps these career criminals stay in power. We need a real revolution because it is obvious that there are not enough honest people working for this government to stop all of the criminality. The criminals are winning.

  • let Obama make the cuts. let make Solomon choices . makes the hard cuts.
    split the baby in half. do what ever it takes.
    sequester rules.

  • everyone dreams to have a job like this.

  • thecaptive

    Since they do not really want you to know what they REALLY do with the TAX MONEY -well don’t you think something “funny” is going on?
    What? If it has to do with a losing deal -well of course they do not want
    we the people to know-doncha’ thunk it???

  • cyclic

    *“It is clean and it is the future of energy production,” Perlmutter
    wrote on his website. “Until the Tea Party took over this has always
    been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit.”*

    And I would have got away with it too if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!

    -Old Man Perlmutter

  • thecaptive

    Wake up ! What planet are you on? Oh yeah– brotherhood-o

  • Perlmutter is simply muttering to himself… He blames the Tea Party because WE Tea Party members actually BELIEVE in Business Ethics and the proper treatment of the American Taxpayer. Money supplied to a company that came from taxpayers as in this case of NREL is being misused and appropriated by greedy top execs in that particular industry. This is NOT what the money was earmarked for. They dont have a right to abuse taxpayer funded money…

  • Better look into that Lithium chemistry a bit more.

    Actually I know quite a bit about it. I worked on the power and telemetry systems for the European Space Agency’s Spacelab program, in Bremen. Three of our modules are now part of the Space Station.

  • Wmn04Ken07

    How about cutting this sorry budget in the Sequester battle? Can they pronounce the words private sector? How many children will receive food, education and healthcare, first responder’s will keep their jobs, military budgets will not suffer, and people won’t die because these greedy self-serving cronies WANT more government money? Too rich that Obama cries about the many entities and people who will suffer if the wiley Republicans don’t do something all the while knowing funds are being funneled to another boondoggle. Colorado is turning into one of my “not on my list to visit states.”

  • aubreyfarmer

    Hey Norm. Google “Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama” or Barack Obama and Man’s Country. How about Barack Obama and the Choom Gang or Barack Obama and the Down Low Club. The president might be a smooth talker that appeals to your sense of self worth but he is not of the kind of character that should be leading a nation. That is unless the goal is leading a nation to destruction. Just wait until the un Affordable Health Care goes into full swing. The fraud us going to be off the charts. It isn’t just the Commiecrats of the left but the Fasicans are just as bad. Washington is now two criminal gangs battling for power. The decision you need to make is whether you prefer Communism to fascism. As for me I say lets have a real revolution. Peaceful is preferred, but I think the government will as it has in the past provacateur violence, when violence is seen as necessary to forward a political agenda.

  • trajan2448

    As far as solar power development, the Chinese are WAY ahead of these US government hacks where failure is rewarded. In China failure is NOT an option, if you want to live. Our government is an absolutely embarrassing disaster.

  • PatThe Rat

    The same government that bashes people who risk their entire life savings to build a business and work 60 to 80 hours a week to make $150k a year turns around and pays almost a million a year for people to run a company that is basically a green energy ENRON. We need to bring back public floggings for these elected officials who allow such crap.

  • Wardenclyffe Tower

    The great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla already did all the work for free energy.
    Only problem he was not in it for the money.

  • aubreyfarmer

    I would always put the Constitution first. Sometimes what the government needs it gets but the rights of the individual shall not be infringed. Pretty soon we aren’t going to have any rights. The government is not going to tell you that you have lost a right, that right will just be ignored by the government. We no longer have a right to privacy. The Utah Data Collection Center, DHS, NSA and the rest of the spooks are listening and recording our telephone, e-mail, and any other electronic communications. What goes next? Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? Man we are in deep do do. “If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Madison

  • Stinks to high heaven. More chucklehead utopian boondoggles from the Leftist loonies

  • Cpkdr

    One should read the book “Myth of the Robber Barrons” to get a good history of how govenment subsidies corrupt inovation and business. It’s not the Tea Party Mr Perlmutter

  • Vince

    And electorate that is asleep allows those in power to produce nightmares.

  • hikes

    So cut 3/4ths of the jobs.

  • Vince

    And who’s going to save future generations from the ever growing national debt? Sad you have no clue.

  • hikes

    Private companies put their own money behind their ideas, gov should never be involved.

  • aubreyfarmer

    You would think that a GMO corn with the Bt pesticide built right in would have a little higher octane rating. I mean after all if it makes an insects stomach explode…..

  • hikes

    Solar was tried in the 70’s, didn’t work. Companies went broke back then also.

  • hikes

    Nancy Pelosi is responsible for all of that, CA should be sent a bill to pay back to the taxpayers.

  • TiranuSaurus

    Oil is the most feasible, and long sustaining energy source we have for the time being. Nuclear energy although very promising we are not disciplined enough to control it. Natural gas ranks very high, but unlike oil doesn’t have the feasibility, and long sustainabilty reqruired to move massive indrustrial capacities. So, for now let’s put things in the right logical perspectives, and deal primarily with what we have at hand. Or, we could embark on long protacted expendings to find the magic wand that will never materialize.

  • hiway280z

    If it is top secret I doubt if it is what they say it is. Why would that be top secret ?

  • hiway280z

    That would explain why it is top secret.

  • anyone check to see if they are gun owners? How many of these people have family memebers who are child molesters?

  • cecil91

    Any president except O’ would have been on impeachment row by now. But this blundering spendthrift could get away with scalping a foreign envoy and boiling them in a backyard pot. No matter how many distortions and lies he tells, the press and his moonbeam hordes look right past all of it. The only thing to do is to toss as many obstacles in the way of this walking train-wreck as possible until his four years are up.

  • tax payer

    welcome to a corrupd goverment the good old buddies down at demo. white house

  • MrEggplant

    I be’s hear’in that they’s has a watermelon patch growin dares thats cans fry chicken too. Now I knows thats gota be’s top secret fa sure!

  • tax payer

    as has been said before— the U.S.A.— will destroy itself from within

  • NREL is a Government LIE. The stuff of their research has been proven to be a failkure in the Jimmy Carter ear. Guranteed there will be noi new shifts forward in Energy savings. just more expensive….. Our energy is bound to the stars and especially to the near space little bits of matter called “The Moon”, “Mars”, “Europa” etc. But of course such exploration and subsequent events would stop up a very agressive little philosoiphy called Marxism being used most effectively today against letting the USA to get back on its feet..

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Well, if he’s been working 24/7 for the last 20 million years he’s almost earned his money by now.

  • Can you still hear the echos of your tax money going down the tubes…. Oh, down the tubes.????

  • Whores, thieves and progressive wastrels. Every failed energy initiative seems to be sourced here. the trials after out national bankruptcy can begin here.

  • Lee Walter

    1984….This is where the dems are taking us

  • noquestion

    The issue taken by this article seems muddled. It jumps all over the place and has conspiracy theory overtones. Is this article complaining about renewable energy or national lab expenditures? It seems like both, but it ignores the larger federal laboratory system. They do pay their executives too much, but they should compare the salaries their with other national labs to add context. This article tried to set a negative tone and then follow it up with mostly background information and things not specifically related to NREL. I have been near the gates of area 51 and I have worked at NREL, and area 51 is much more remote, much harder to access than NREL. At NREL there are no security staff pulling you over unless you drive through the gates without swiping your ID (which sounds like what this writer did). NREL has been in that location since 1977, it is no “secret energy lab”, and is in fact well known around the world. Perlmutter had nothing to do with it being there, but the article seems to imply that initially. This article is also misleading because wind power is nearly at parity with coal in wind rich regions. Of course debt and spending is a concern. This country has a serious problem. However, the negative spin in this article because of some partisan ideology is both deceptive and deleterious. If you got tricked by this article, you should be concerned.

  • vb_guy

    are you blaming the Tea Party? because , you should, most idiots rely on that defense

  • Norm is a troll.I saw him on a comments section yesterday with the same rubbish and a large number of folks pointing out his idiocy so obviously he simply enjoys the attention.How pathetic.

  • DontwearaNosestud

    “Experts” are usually people who think they know everything, and make sure others think that, too.

    Go back home, Amy. You ain’t getting in.

  • joeyblueyes


  • jerryomega

    Given how oil moves the world and all of the petroleum based products it produces I find it simply astonishing that the public doesn’t understand the function of government and free market role of the private sector. If alternative energy is to ever reach feasibility without pouring tax payer money down a hole it has to come from capital investment, and the creativity of the private sector. Time and time again we are shown how government fails when it undertakes social engineering.

  • jerryomega

    Fraud, corruption, government. All the same.

  • jerryomega

    Progressive liberalism distorys the consent of the governed.

  • notwar

    Two words explain it all. Obama supporter.

  • nickshaw

    Give yourself a shake!
    Geothermal HVAC is NOT geothermal energy production.

    Taking advantage of the temperature differential 6 feet down (or 30 feet down in a vertical system) is, in no way, a means of producing energy and definitely NOT what NREL is researching.
    And it was a proven technology more than 75 years ago!

  • byebyebigred

    Perlmutter is a thief just like NREL’s management.

  • epv33

    The real scum bag here is Boehner, the “leader” of the House. HE has the power to un-fund any agency since the House has the power of the purse.
    With “leaders” like on the GOP no wonder the marxist gets away with robbery, among other things.

  • epv33

    There is no “muddle” here, plain and simple: payola time.
    Obama’s cronies get the spoils of winning elections.

  • pchem01

    This article is misleading. These people are not true government employees. They are contractors. I’m not saying that it is not outrageous or that they desrve these salaries. However, articles like this make it sound like govies, in contrast to government contractors, make all kinds of outrageous salaries whis is simply not the case. This lab and others like it are owned by the government but are run by contractors. Yes, these people are overpaid and we, the taxpayers, are being ripped off, but regular government employees do not make these kinds of salaries.

  • Django

    What a racket, the mafia is not this brazen! America is 58 TRILLION dollars in overall debt with this kind of open robbery of tax payer money! They have the balls to blame the tea party!

  • jerryomega

    Notice how when politicians get elected all of a sudden they become experts on every subject under the sun and on how you and I should live our lives?

    When left with minimum regulations and government intrusion the free market serves mankind quite well. I can’t begin to tell you how angry I get at the thought of someone like Obama getting to decide how much of the fruits of my own labor I get to keep and whether or not I get healthcare.

  • This looks like a good place to cut costs…no employe is worth this salary..even obama

  • Blame the Tea Party, What a stupid remark! If it is so secret they will not allow anyone to visit, why do they think they can blame anyone except except our stupid Washington Bureaucrats. The ethanol is NOT worth trying to save. It costs more to produce it than the savings of gasoline. It pus more carbon into the atmosphere due the farming machinery and processing that gasoline does, so where are we better off by still using it? You saw what the outlay for Wind Farms cost the Nation, so that is not a worthy cause either.

  • D_M, what a foolish remark. Business came up with that strategy, in part, when labor costs rose too high in the U.S.

    You can live in your Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive ignorance or you can change. You would be less embarrassing to yourself if you did the latter.

  • Daniel Brown


  • ufosrreal

    What a racket, makes the mafia look like pikers!

  • Oboy_must_go

    obama’s salary? He’s tanking our economy. We should pay for that? He should be in jail for what he’s doing!

  • Daniel Brown

    How can an organization (the Tea Party) that uses the constitution as it’s foundation, be the boogeyman for every ill we have today? This republic and and capitalist market place, that the left now wants to destroy, has created that greatest country in the history of mankind. Yet somehow, we are now told that this entire system is unfair and those that led this growth are the evil tyrants that must be taught a lesson.
    WOW! Here I thought the greatness of this country was that we all had the opportunity to be the most we could be. Here we have a man (a minority no less), that has risen from obscurity, from at best could be described as a lower middle class environment, to one of the most powerful positions in the world, yet we are still a society that is unjust and flawed and must be completely reformed to another socialist definition of fairness?

  • Remote? Hell – it’s in DENVER. West suburbs, right next to one of largest malls in the Denver Metro area… Secure? Yes, but you can drive up, park and walk into any building.

  • hoosiercommonsense

    Very Republican-slanted viewpoint and article with lots of misleading, and some utterly false suppositions and conclusions.

  • hoosiercommonsense.

    Then I guess we shouldn’t have been subsidizing oil and gas companies for a hundred+ years. How much do their R&D employees make?

    The attitude of people like you is the reason we’re 25 years behind Europe in the development of clean energy. Why? Because oil, coal and gas companies don’t want competition.

    Stop whining.Invest in clean energy and green building. It’s the future and your attitude is the past.

  • People on both sides of the political fence cheer when some new law that limits a freedom they want to see limited is proposed. If they don’t like guns, they love anti-gun laws. If they don’t like a someone smoking pot, they love anti-pot legislation. The arguments used are generally the same, too. “Guns are dangerous, therefore, I want them restricted.” “Pot is bad, therefore, I want it restricted.”

    What really needs to happen is that people need to understand that freedom means someone has the right to do something we don’t agree with, so long as no one else is hurt by it. If Americans could learn to respect freedom and private property, we’d all be better off.

  • carlo

    When it comes to paying your friends, the price is born by the people who do not pay attention to the theft by political association…..The American People are to blame. When have any of you called and asked why Mr. Obama and his party make billions from government activity…….Billions.

  • bill redd

    Why are you fools letting this POS in the whitehouse and his posse of criminals do what they want to destroy America!

  • On this day in 2008 the national debt was 9.4 Trillion dollars and that was from the beginning of this nation. Today we are at 16.5 Trillion dollars, 6.1 Trillion is owned totally by President Obama. Those are the numbers from the CBO look it up.if needed. Before the right starts to dance, every state in this nation is in debt some worse than others, NY is the worse with 27% debt to GDP, Kentucky is at 25% debt to GDP and California is at 20% Debt to GDP. There is enough blame to go around. We had best figure this out, we don’t need promises we need someone who has a clue on economics, has a clue on budgeting. The US Government has too many sacred cows and many of these sacred cows need to be slaughtered. Many agencies dating back to FDR are still in business today, many of FDR programs are still growing. However they are no longer the FDR program he first started we have improved on them and added more and more money we don’t have. Our Financial problems have their origins in 1900, right after the Spanish American War. Since that war ended the U.S. Government has grown by the power of 10.

  • Oh, so they discuss ways to drag down our energy system and get payed hundreds of thousands to do it? What a job.

  • JILL


  • ELefevre

    “Until the Tea Party took over…” Really?
    Only a statist lickspittle would characterize asking questions about the government wasting taxpayers’ money as ‘taking over.’

  • Of course. So are you going to deny that they are spending millions or billions on low-quality energy sources while we have the most efficient resource readily available?

  • What do tree-huggers care about security?

  • Government ROI is great for crooks, you put in $12,000 to some douchebag, and get Billions back. And the morons whine about Enron hypocritically but throw my hard earned money in the river. Those guys must all be laughing at us with the curly lightbulbs and coal powered prius’. How disgusting

  • Undergraduate

    Make a promise to God. Swear on your life. When the time comes, you will fight.

    Make that promise and keep it. If you do, we will be all right. We WILL know when the time comes. Forget the political system. It is broken. Get ready physically, and mentally. And when the time comes, remember, Liberty or Death.

  • radioone

    Like a “worldly scholar” recently said, “What difference does it make”? It’s just another government welfare program that will never end.

  • UpstateNY

    Remember that O has NEVER had a real job. But now he is a multi-millionaire.
    Proof: The mega mansion under construction in Hawaii.


    3000 A DAY. Irs is busting peoples chops for every cent. So this guy can be paid 3000 a day. To produce a more expensive less efficient means of energy ,which they havent accomplished even that. Obama would cut first responders before those fat cats go on a diet. Impeach Obama now and maybe we have a chance.


    Obama has many of these projects that turn tax dollars into campaign funds.


    If it were govt. fun it would be even more costly.

  • The gubmint should NOT be subsidizing ANYTHING. If you can’t make it you go bankrupt end of discussion.

  • TAG

    The first law of thermodynamics: Energy can change form, but it cannot be ‘created’ nor destroyed. There. Problem solved. Now pay me instead!

  • carltjohnson

    The two creatures you mention are the same, from the same ancestrial background, both are stupid and both are humanoid. Both are just carring out the babylonian new world order occults vision.
    Stop doing business with parasites and join me in ” The Fight for Conscious Human Life©” available at bookstore.authorhouse.com and all other popular ebook sites.

  • CrashFroelich

    The USG has no business getting involved in economically unjustifiable research for the sake of chasing ill-defined objectives with no known practical application. If ARL or DARPA were doing the work, with concrete applications in mind, I’d be much happier. Perlmutter’s long association with this losing area of research is suspect and his whining about the TEA Party is clearly a smoke screen. Like most Democrats, he’s probably in politics because he has no marketable skills other than lying and money-grubbing, and he is leveraging his office to secure a high-paying, no-show job when he retires on his overly generous Congressional pension.

  • VetMike

    Perlmutter has to be a complete idiot. This is pork pure and simple. There are so many things wrong here you cannot even begin to count them. And in desperation he plays the TEA Party card. ” I cannot defend this but it is all the TEA Parties fault”

  • Sick of King Obama

    THE MOST TRANSPARENT administration. Lies, lies and more lies.

  • JBSPuddintane

    This is why the sons of bitches in Washington will not create a budget for which they would be accountable.

  • francis kelly

    Sounds like earth shattering research will come out of this facility in the next few decades – NOT!

  • JBSPuddintane

    Ok, Jill, what are you doing, besides bitching and complaining?
    Please lead.

  • gingercake5

    The housing crash happened because of deregulation that started during the Clinton years. Andrew Cuomo was behind it. They decided it was racist to NOT give mortgages to people who could not afford to pay them, so they quit asking for qualifications. No down payments, etc. It was a wild ride up before it crashed down 5-8 years later, when Bush was in office.

  • I blame those damn kids and that Dog……..Scoooby Dooooooo!

  • Are you a fucking retard Norm?

  • The National Science Institute in Atlas Shrugged, looters.

  • NY, Democrat ran. California, Democrat ran. KY, Democrat ran. Do you see a pattern here? Probably not, because you cant educate a Dumbocrat.

  • Yes he was the winner in a district with 145% voter turnout. How does one get 145% turnout?

  • Joetheplummer

    You are full of sht, your average tea bagger “sentiment” is about the valor of is trailer home and how chip can pay for is boloni sandwich and doing so wasting our time bitching about everything

  • DrZarkov99

    The oil companies get no more tax breaks than any other industry that takes risks, and their profits are about 3%. The right thing for the government to do is conduct a Manhattan project style R&D program, pushing money into advancing renewable energy, instead of propping up inefficient technologies that aren’t ready to compete.

  • Honest&WorkingForALiving

    All of them are crooks. Robbing their fellow citizens.

  • Are the skyrocketing salaries presented accurate? Is there a reason for these huge raises?

  • bluesdoc70

    Obama and the democrat party friends of the working people and enemies of the big mean corporations. Liars and hypocrites doesn’t come close to describing them. And who else is in on it with them? NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS,NY Times, Washington Post all the democrat water carrying big media whores.

  • bluesdoc70

    That’s where Obama came from. Chicago politics. He views government as an ongoing criminal enterprise.

  • enos33

    You amaze me. Mr. Obama has nearly fulfilled has goal of destroying the USA. Bush was a progressive also.

  • former demorat

    F’ing demorats. Blame the Tea Party because you’re wasting hundreds of millions in taxpayer money on BS projects? Gee, Mr Perlmutter. Nice that they contribute so freely to your campaign. I’m guessing that’s taxpayer money as well. You should be ashamed of yourself. We have every right to question where our money goes. What you’re angry about is the end of the gravy train.

  • sick of bloated government

    With all of that Government funding and haven’t seen a single ROI for the public…shut them down and let the private sector do what it does best, actually get things done with its own shoe string budgets…pathetic!

  • (from California)

    these Big Government geniuses are turning us into a 3rd world dump. If you don’t stop them they will to the same thing to you.

    At this moment they are preparing to destroy hundreds of profitable farming operations in the San Joaquin Valley (and dis-employing thousands of the farmworkers we supposedly need even more of), in order to build their fairy-tale “high speed rail” project. Allegedly to link SF and LA, they don’t even have a place to build it yet in those urban areas, so they are preying on the rural regions first.

    But perhaps you all may reap a benefit from our misfortune of far-left one-party rule, they just passed “cap and trade”, an extortionate monstrosity to gouge billions out of what is left of manufacturing in this state, to be run by a Delaware-incorporated, closely held corporation that they have exempted from all open-government laws. Their euphemism for businesses that flee this insanity is “leakage”; so soon California with be “leaking” on you!

  • Perlmutter blamed the Tea Party. The TEA party? Since when is the TEA party in Power in D.C? How do you blame the people who have no f’ng control over D.C. bureaucrats? Perlmutter has reached a new level of stupid.

  • Mr Chow odysseus660

    I am an engineer. It is amazing to see that there are successful top paying employees that work for an agency founded on the principles of JUNK SCIENCE. Wind and solar power are gimmicks and the American voter has fallen flat on there face with subsidizing the JUNK SCIENCE with their tax dollars. No wonder this country is going bankrupt. Oil and gas are proven industries, yet progressives get their cronies to work on tax payer dimes. Throwing good money towards bad is not a good investment.

  • caligula

    democrat money laundering machine in action. what’s new?

  • mrhuehls

    Thank you for pointing out more government fraud, waste and abuse. This is one line item to delete from the next budget.

  • donwon

    Costa Rica is looking better all the time!

  • McBob79

    No surprise. This is typical government waste. Needs to be cut big time.

  • you have your head stuck up where the sun don’t shine

  • j_a_c_k

    Sorry 1eyeninja, while you were out of the country last fall, we held elections. The majority of the votes counted went to Obama. Communities were organized using their free cell phones to coordinate the get out the vote(s) activities. People who aren’t working found time to get to the polls, perhaps more than once. In the meanwhile more than 3,000,000 people who had voted for McCain in 03 were too busy or too feed up to vote at all.

    Be careful 1eyeninja, more than half your friends and fellow citizens are likely to think that you are a wacko, Under Obama’s proposed legislation, being a wacko is justification enough to invade your home, confiscate your weapons and lock you up in a state “mental health facility” until you no longer pose a threat to yourself or others, as determined by the comrade commissar of that facility.

    Smile, talk nice, don’t be conspicuous and you will have a chance.

  • Scam Central.

    None of those things will provide more than a fraction of our needs. Ever. Nuclear is the ONLY option, going forward. Nobody in government has the balls to admit the obvious.

  • wouldn’t even have made a good preacher, lies tooooooo much

  • inachu

    Nobody There needs to make oVer $200K…. Waste of money

  • It may seem to be a paradox until you recognize that the Left hates the Constitution

  • What happened to Kentucky? I had no idea.

  • Luxomni

    “Green energy” is entirely about exploiting people’s emotions for personal enrichment. Who can possibly be against the environment? Perhaps, but look at the concentration of “redistributed” money it generates in crony places.

  • newshound4life

    This is the same corruption we lived under communism, those lucky enough to live thru it, but in US soil. For the the uninformed, Socialism is just a quarter dial more to the left of what they call the “democratic party”. These are the ones that could not sell their craft in the private sector but found useful idiots in government to buy it..

  • slopar

    ha… Why do we waste our money on this “renewable” crap? The base I work on actually loses money on all the solar panels they bought and installed. Mathematically speaking they will NEVER recover the cost of the panels they installed, add in the cost of maintenance (they didn’t propose completely to the base when selling the idea and subsequently the base didn’t budget for) this crap is a complete waste of good money. Oh… the electricity they currently have pumped in comes from a damn river dam! Oh Oh… I could care less which yahoo is ruining err.. I mean, “running” our government… the left and right are both friggin delusional if they think their plan is going to work. We need a fresh outlook.

  • 1970greenie

    Yo, dude. A government person would be in favor of solar et al…. Furthermore the physics of solar and wind limit them to nothing more than a minor contribution to the world’s energy need, ie. low energy density and intermittent nature. Subject: [watchdogorg] Re: CO: Secret energy lab spawns million dollar govt employee

  • Bill Powell

    Well, I was going to mention NASA but, they’ve pretty well ruined that and, bear in mind much of what they did was done by private companies under contract. The internet was a defense department development that they allowed the public to use – started with Universities I guess and expanded exponentially with the addition of www, which was developed by a Brit. Also, most of the internet is now on private networks and servers. The point is, government money and politics tends to pervert real science because funding often follows the dictates of those who want to USE the scientists to their own end. It seems to also allow accepted paradigms to become so entrenched that development stagnates.


    This aint nothin, if Bummer makes good on his threat at the sad state speech,you will see the biggest fraud fleecing of wealth scam ever devised. That’s the big one ,what Global warming was ever created for Its all BS but look how they have successfully managed to frame the debate enough to make a non issue an issue that now, since most people are not buying it, Obama is gonna go around congress a institute carbon credit taxes.Which by his suggesting it is treasonous because ther is no economic upside for us. But to state that you intend on further violating you oath of office and the constitution to accomplish this shackling of our free market capitalist system is a High Crime.


    This why our government is so screwed up!! I am a government worker, have been for 14 years and I make $43k a year. These bastards need to be furloughed for ever!!

  • Soflodoug

    forget it, crime is out of control there,the country is like 45% nicaraguan now anyway.

  • JayHackett

    Three our of How many?
    I’ve directed an extensive program to map out battery module performance. The Battery Management System must be flawless in operation, even with the new separator material and new cathode material designed to prevent thermal runaway, if the BMS can not or fails to prevent even a moderate overcharge or an over discharge the module usually erupts in flames and it can burn for a long time.

    So you may know a bit about it, and theory is nice but I test for the limits of safety and in my opinion it isn’t ready for widespread applications where the general populace would be directly exposed.

    Safety first, The ESA program is a much different application than commercial aviation. There are risks on any space flight and your battery module is probably not at the top of that list.

  • “It is clean and it is the future of energy production,” Perlmutter wrote…

    No it isn’t and you’re a fraud. This is one of the problems with taxpayers funding this type of thing. There is no accountability and no reason to actually have the ability to manage something when you’re going to get paid despite not delivering.

  • The real renewable energy is all the “thin air ” money created by the Fed for all of this green energy fraud. Tired of paying 4 bucks (plus or minus) for gas ? Apparently you are not.

  • HughGKnutts

    Democrats start off on public welfare. Once they’ve mastered getting the most out of the public welfare system, they move into government where the real welfare money is.

  • Sharon

    I thought that the CEOs were being denied million dollar salaries…….. Oh yea stupid me thats the auto industry and people that actually build a product that can used by the American people.

  • slickzip

    ODUMBA and his socialist thugs want to destroy America ,,,,,

  • Laura Johnson

    let it register…IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO IS IN THAT OFFICE (president)….our presidents appear to be puppets …look at how things simply continue from one administration to the next…homeland security….Bush Obama….there is something bigger going on behind the scenes…

  • Its_Not_A_Tax_LOL

    There’s nothing to see here, move along.

  • Geothermal HVAC is NOT geothermal energy production … definitely NOT what NREL is researching.

    Actually they are. They’re doing research on improving the efficiency of ground-loop heat pumps. Why do you claim they aren’t? Are you just typing in whatever lie comes into your head?

    is, in no way, a means of producing energy

    Really? So somehow my house is currently 40° warmer than the outside air and it didn’t take any energy to do that? It’s been a long time since I switched from being a physicist to computer science, but I’m pretty sure you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • I guess I just need to think outside of my current box and get a government job in solar power

  • orneagle

    Ah…so these conmen that are stealing our tax money have finally found something to blame besides Bush? I say put em in jail, NOW.

  • andrew musaelian

    saved what? He has incurred 6 trillion more in debt. He will be impeached as a traitor. Scum

  • andrew musaelian

    if people stop buying newspapers, they will fold within a year and Obama will not get his lying word out..


    The “”FRAUD” continues.

  • richardsh

    Why have we been subsidizing oil and gas companies for a hundred+ years you ask? Probably because petroleum yields more energy at a much cheaper cost.

    Obama funded billions into energy companies that have failed, or are in the process of failing. The number or companies and failures is high. There a many reasons why they failed, but I’ll sum it up in a few words.


    Bear with me on this line of thought: Did you ever see the Mel Brooks film ‘The Producers’? The premise was that a producer intentionally set out to make the worst Broadway play possible (his was ‘Springtime for Hitler’) that would close on the first night from bad reviews. Why? Because the Producer conned around 25 elderly women to each put up 50% of the show’s cost. So if the show bombed on the first night, the show would never reopen and the investors would accept their loss but the producer would keep ALL the money.

    Most all of these energy companies that have failed remind me ‘Springtime for Hitler’. The business people behind all of these solar energy and other companies, were well aware that they faced a fierce competitor from China. If they were not smart enough to realize from the beginning, that they could never compete with the Chinese on this, then they were not business people to begin with. But I think they were smart enough to know that.

    But why do I say fraud? Here is what I suspect. President and his programs pump billions of dollars into these companies. These executives were no doubt paid handsomely (just like the $1M employee in this article). I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that these executives were all making the maximum campaign contributions so that ultimately taxpayer money was going into someone’s political campaign.

    The taxpayer got fleeced, the executives in the companies that failed probably made some nice money and it only cost the taxpayers, BILLIONS.

    One last point. You wrote: “Stop whining. Invest in clean energy and green building. It’s the future and your attitude is the past. My response: yawn.

  • California CARB fuel was close to zero ethanol in our fuel in 1992..

    1992 fuel price about $1.40 per gallon.

    Ethanol push from fed EPA and friends pushed ethanol to 5.6% and we paid more for our fuel.

    Fed EPA and Big oil refiners pushed the oxygenate to 10% and we paid more.

    Now BP GMO fuel is pushing for over $1.00 in corporate welfare with 15% of the fuel market while cutting back Oil and refining

    Will BP GMO fuel patents generate credit trade income from the Big oil industry with the Queen Mother help.

    The Queen banker friends may want a share.

    So. how big does California ethanol bill need to be to qualify for the EPA waiver?

  • Disaster Face

    too bad george bush didnt do anything in his 8 years of presidency now we’re in this quagmire

  • MetaCynic

    So once again bureaucrats are pretending to be entrepreneurs and are “investing” taxpayers’ money in companies and industries they expect to be winners. What happens if such investments go sour? The bureaucrats blame it on budget cuts, demand that more money be stolen from taxpayers for their “visionary” projects and, of course continue to draw their fat salaries. Since they have no skin in the game, they do not personally suffer any loss from poor judgement.

    When an investment fails in the world of real consequences, the real entrepreneur loses his money and that of his backers. His reputation takes a beating, and he may even be shunned by respectable society. Therefore he is under great pressure to competently do his homework before committing his money and that of others to a hoped for winner.

    In the real world, the market punishes failure. In the make-believe world of government “investing”, failure, which is all too frequent since such investment is politically motivated, is rewarded with promotions and more money stolen at gunpoint from taxpayers. It’s no wonder that government run or subsidized enterprises are everywhere in the world and at all times in history money losing boondoggles. Bureaucrats can no more pick winners than a blind donkey can win the Kentucky Derby!

  • Left / Right. Its all of them. Dividing lines is destructive when there is an opportunity to agree across the board. R or D, you are bought and sold and all you care about is another term.


    Obama owns this mess.


    They need to break this country financially,morally, then physically. Then the rest of the world is easy after that.


    Ya, Bush was a liberal, and Obama is a communist. Dont forget Obama was a senator who would not pledge of allegiance or face the flag during the national anthem. When he went on his apology tour around europe he had an O on the tail of the .and removed the american flag. He refused to wear the american flag lapel pin, but wears it everyday now. Because he was forced too by his masters,he is otherwise completely opposed to everything the flag represents and is is mission to reverse anything that may strengthen us as a nation. I wish this was a gross exaggeration but if people dont believe thats true then they are blinded by hatred as well.Obama hates this country more than most people could imagine having contempt for a country that elected him. It has not phased him he will force us into communism is his plan, and the bill of rights, he will abolish it like he has done in the NDAA bill giving him power to jail us citizens for life without evidence, or a trial, or a legal charge. Not to mention if he cant catch you, then, he has given himself authority to drone tag you. Obama supporters are supporting a monster that devours little children for breakfast, and could care less about loyalties,once the supporters are not needed they get the axe usually early on. Wake up, people. At the very least have some integrity and stop defending a man who could care less about Amercans fighting for their lives in Bengazie and then lies to you about what took place. Nobody should defend that unless they are on our enemies side. Obama has every intention of stripping you of all of your rights.


    Their budget is almost 600 million a year. Those salaries are correct and maybe even modest if the formula they go by is a certain percentage of the budget thats like half a percent. The rest of the money im sure has some creative book keeping attached.


    Tesla has given the Black pyramid corp the free energy and they make all kinds of destruction with that gift. All stuff that would think was science fiction.


    Clinton sent China the technology to fly long range missiles. Traitorous, Obama is arming alqieda will all kinds of weapons, missiles,Our president is dis arming us and arming cartel’s in mexico and alqieda and the muslim brother hoodlems are gonna get a new tank and f16. We have the advantage but thats being disassembled daily.

  • John D

    There is a lot of truth to what you are saying, But most of the research, especially at the University level, depends on government grants. Unfortunately, a lot of it is garbage.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    it that you, obama…………..blaming everyone else, as usual

    but, we know…………….its Pres Bush’s fault

    just ask obama, he will whine it to ya

  • Jack_Kennedy

    looks like they have done the job

  • Victor_Velo

    Psssst it was a joke

  • Roger

    What a waste. The whole program should be shelved. The ecomonies of scale are not there. Let private industry develop this through &D.

  • bureaucrats are pretending to be entrepreneurs

    Yeah, I remember when Larry Roberts (ARPA IPTO) did that. What a disaster!

  • Garbonzo333

    oh, not what i heard…
    ok, oooo,
    two examples of trouble!
    they still have a way better track record

    than the ‘Green Industry’…
    but if you want to stick your head

    in the sand and pretend go right ahead…

  • The sun doesn’t always shine

    It’s always shining somewhere. And we’ve discovered that it’s possible to move electricity from one place to another using something called “wire.”

    electricity which requires burning coal

    Or photovoltaics; or windmills; or geothermal; or wave/tide power; or hydro.

    his illogical war on the Edison-base light bulb

    Huh? All my LED lights and high-efficiency incandescents have standard bases. And they save me huge amounts of money.

  • Smart Conservative

    Area 51?? This is right in the middle of Golden, with an apartment complex on one side and a housing development on the other. Oh, and stop by the WELCOME CENTER, where you can sign up for a tour with any one of the hundred or so school children that visit daily. And the next time you go to Home Depot and consider signing up for cheap solar panels on your house that pay your electricity bill and run your 65″ flat screen TV, take a minute and think about where that technology came from.

    NREL is a research facility, one of several owned by the Federal Government to research, test and develop new technology for the benefit of the greater (American) good. Should it be watched over and scrutinized? Absolutely! But unless you all want your grandchildren to be mining coal for the Chinese industrial complex in 30 years, you better recognize the one thing the U.S. has left on this planet is the (slim) ability to still out-think the rest of the world when it comes to developing meaningful technology (not x-boxes). If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.

  • Robert

    That is what I would call crony socialism!

  • doodad69

    Yeah…I never remember advertisements for them in 2005, stupid. Just like there were no ads for food stamps running in May-hee-co, like there is now. That could be your drug-addled brain playing tricks on you. I’m only taking your word for it that cell phones were added in 2005. Yeah…maybe I should look into that myself. You leftards are famous liars and/or parroters for known liars.

    As for not being phuckable? Try losing a little weight or working out. You sound like a low-information/zero-liability voter, so of course your government doesn’t phuck YOU. Of course you didn’t get phucked during the Reagan years if you worked either. But your government wasting money phucks everyone, including you recipient-class vermin. Eventually Ostalin will run out of other people’s money, and where will you lazy recipient-class scum get your next bag of Cheetos, six pack of Schlitz and carton of smokes? Come for mine, and you’ll only get lead and a bullet wound for your trouble.

  • doodad69

    You got it the first time, stupid.

  • You might want to check into it for future use. The FCC’s decision to add cell service in 2005 is one of the reasons Tracfone is so big today. There’s a scandal concerning that company bubbling just below the surface. Indeed, if you don’t want to become a low info voter you should look it up so you can know more than the stupid people.
    I’ve never felt my country phucked me. Sadly, I could trace virtually all my troubles to something I did or did not do.
    So why would I want your Cheetos? Sheesh, the things conservatives value.

  • Encycloman

    What a complete, utter waste. Best boondoggle since the guy who invented “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  • Attila

    Dont be deceived by a detailed analysis of waste. The politicos want us to focus on arguing over details while their buddies rake it in. Then they collect their own peanuts in the deal by way of “campaign contributions”. Then we the people reimburse them a hundred times over.
    Before you offer any contribution to any politician, extract their written agreement to restrict their activities to the legal bounds of the Constitution, as in defense, diplomacy, and regulation of duties between the states (original intent of the Commerce Clause). That would eliminate 80% of the opportunity for corruption, along with the income tax.

  • icthelite

    Maybe this has “always
    been a simple, noncontroversial tax credit” because no one has bothered sliding
    a magnified glass over it. Probably would have remained what it’s been had
    there not been so many tax dollars wasted on unsuccessful projects. Solar and
    sun power projects are being abandoned as fast as new one’s pop up. None of
    them are financed with private monies, be they loans from financial
    institutions or by venture capitalist. This in its self should make voters see
    the red flag that’s flying over it. The Tea Party that so many people blame for
    things going bad are just shining spot lights on the wasted pork coming off
    Capitol Hill.

  • In a word…C’MON!

  • I see what you’re saying. Thanks for the distinction. I do see what you mean with that difference.

  • doodad69

    There’s an “effort to rein in fraud,” huh? I don’t believe you for a second since it was uncovered that one can get multiple oh-BAWMUH PHAWNZ at one time. How, J., does that constitute an “effort” to rein in fraud? Hmm?

  • See, for instance, Obama v. Obamaphones:

    Hordes of critics attacked the president in 2012 for giving away free cellphones to the poor, with the tab covered by fees on every cell and landline user in the country.

    But last week the truth came out: President Obama is actually helping dial down the federal program that’s created a $2.2 billion lesson in what happens when Washington’s good intentions go bad.

    BTW – that’s a great invented spelling ability you’ve got,

  • ace65

    Yes , we need a gradual transition back to private market

  • pvtgomer

    what joke?

    I served by country from ’64 to ’67 thinking I was defending her from a socialist like emerpor/dictator O

    the POS OWS people never did a thing except make a big POS mess…..literally

  • MrWell

    Raygun tripled the national debt, the Bushes incurred 4-5 trillion for unpaid wars with tax cuts for the wealthy, Cheney stole 2 trillion from the pentagon after orchestrating the 9/11 attacks on our soil and Repugs verily support the Plutocrats on Wall Street and elsewhere to the detriment of the 99% of this country-are you evil or just an unrepentant scumbag?