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NM: Student center costing taxpayers millions

By   /   November 27, 2012  /   News  /   No Comments

By Rob Nikolewski| Capitol Report New Mexico

COST OVERRUNS: A new student center at New Mexico Highlands University is costing state taxpayers millions more than planned.

It hasn’t received much attention outside of the small New Mexico town of Las Vegas, but the construction of a student center at New Mexico Highlands University could cost taxpayers $4.8 million more than it should.

“I believe there is gross malfeasance at every level,” New Mexico Board of Finance member Robert Aragon said Monday to Gov. Susana Martinez and other members of the board.

Back in the summer of 2009, the Board of Finance approved a budget of $15 million in state dollars to help fund a new, glass-enclosed student union building at NMHU, but the project has been dogged with problems that led to the original contractor getting fired by the university amid complaints and legal action.

Aragon and other members of the Board of Finance took a trip to NMHU to take a look at the construction site earlier this year.

“The floors don’t match, the windows don’t fit, it’s got a roof that leaks, the floors are not level,” Aragon said. “You can take a marble on the floor and it will roll off to the side.”

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