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At small suburban elementary school in Wisconsin, Walker casts vote

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker waits his turn Tuesday morning at his polling place.


By Yaël Ossowski | Wisconsin Reporter

MILWAUKEE— Voter number 51 at Jefferson Elementary School in Wauwatosa. As a testament to fair democracy, despite the sea of millions of ballots to be cast in the Badger State gubernatorial recall election Tuesday, this single vote is counted just like any other.

Though the ballot cast was that of Gov. Scott Walker, the man facing off against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a high-stakes gubernatorial recall election watched nationwide, the modesty of the voting process was enough to remind supporters and opponents that an orderly process exists for changing political leaders.

Without pause, the governor queued up behind dozens of voters with surprised looks, reminded by his security detail that he could bypass the line.

“No, it’s fine,” he declared, taking up his wife’s hand and smiling at his father, Llew Walker, who stood in line behind him.

After he submitted his ballot, Walker was asked what he hoped to talk about in the closing hours of the bitter recall contest that has lasted for months.

“We’re going to talk about ways to bring the state together tonight,” said Walker.

“But the most important thing we can do is actually not just talk about, but do it, and I think that tomorrow will be the first of those steps.”

He spoke of putting recall politics aside after today, instead concentrating on his son graduating from school and perhaps even a weekend ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“It will also be good to get back to work and not have a campaign going on. Actually being able to get into the capitol, start sitting down and figuring out ways to work with lawmakers in both political parties to do more to put our neighbors and citizens in this state back to work.”