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VA: Giving no endorsement, Bolling says convention makes GOP a ‘party of exclusion’

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NO CONTEST: Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling says nominating conventions make GOP a party of “exclusion.”

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau

RICHMOND — Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling said today that the state GOP’s decision to conduct a nominating convention – instead of a primary – “makes the Republican Party a party of exclusion, as opposed to a party of inclusion.”

Bolling, who dropped his bid for governor this week, also declined, repeatedly, to endorse presumptive Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli in an anticipated showdown with ex-Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe.

“Nobody loves the Republican Party more than I do. As I look at the candidates out there right now I cannot in good conscience give an endorsement,” Bolling said.

Deriding a nominating convention contest as “hand-to-hand combat,” Bolling said at a news conference at the Capitol, “I didn’t want to be part of that process when, in my heart, I didn’t think we had a realistic chance to win.”

Alluding to criticism that the convention format isolates the party from the general electorate – which would be eligible to vote in a Republican primary — Bolling said, “We have to decide if we will be a party that actually wins elections.”

“I felt I was the more electable candidate,” he said, in comparison to Attorney General Cuccinelli, now the GOP’s presumptive nominee for governor.

“If we want to grow our party over time, we do that in primaries with 200,000 or 300,000 people voting.”

Bolling called the delegate-selection process “arcane.”

“You essentially have 128 mini-elections (at the county level) which adopt their own rules. It’s a terribly complicated process.”

Giving no intention of endorsing a successor as lieutenant governor, Bolling vowed to be an “independent voice” at the 2013 legislative session.

The lieutenant governor presides over the state Senate, which is split 20-20, between Democrats and Republicans. Bolling cast 32 tie-breaking votes in that chamber this year.

Susan Stimpson, a candidate for lieutenant governor, blasted Bolling’s failure to endorse Cuccinelli.

“While I understand his disappointment that he won’t win the nomination, this position is simply indefensible and destroys his legacy as lieutenant governor.

“This is the same ‘burn the house down’ approach that the establishment has threatened us with in the past when they don’t get their way.”

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Kenric Ward was a former San Antonio-based reporter for Watchdog.org.



    This Computer Programmer makes it clear:

    1. It is Simple
    2. “Undetectable”
    3. The Computer Program is never subjected to Audit Oversight
    4. Whereas Polling Station Rigging was easy to detect – the new method of tampering with the Computer Software Program is far more sophisticated and it is identified as “Fail-Safe” – yet this is far from the case – it is now far, far EASIER to RIG THE VOTE!
    5. If the money is paid – the vote can be swung!

    Clinton Eugene CURTIS, a computer programmer from Florida, testified before a Congressional panel that there are computer programs that can be used to SECRETLY FIX ELECTIONS. He explains how he created a prototype for Florida Congressman Tom Feeny that would FLIP THE VOTE 51%-49% in favour of a specified candidate.

    This happened all the way back in 2001 but you might not have heard anything about this claim unless you searched for it. Wired News Report on this topic + a few local Florida newspaper stories mention it but otherwise, NO MAINSTREAM COVERAGE!

    You’d think claims of ELECTION RIGGING software would be plastered all over the news in a sensationalist style – like Watergate. No chance the MAINSTREAM MEDIA was bought out. News media prefers to point out VOTING FRAUD in other foreign jurisdictions but NEVER at home.

    Clinton CURTIS makes disturbing claims of DEMOCRACY! Something this newsworthy – coming from the same State as the Bush/Gore election hinged upon – was ignored.

    With US NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS that seem obvious to anyone, 10 (ten) years and 2 (two) elections have gone by with NO media mention of these MAJOR allegations.

    How many voting polls now use computer programs for voting? Voter fraud allegations at the hands of Rep. Tom Feeny.

    The potential for this kind of software to exist is enough to warrant scepticism on the reliability of ANY computerized voting machines. LACK OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA attention on a US Congressional panel hearing about such FRAUD is even more frightening.

    Mr CURTIS is a Software programmer who worked for NASA, Exxon Mobil & the US Department of Transportation in a sworn-oath DEPOSITION testifies that US elections are RIGGED by inserting software into the voting system.

    The timing of this deposition was just after George W BUSH was re-elected President Of The United States.

    Should you not be ALARMED that this grave disturbing matter NEVER made it into the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    Mr CURTIS goes on to name US Representatives who attempted to pay him to rig their election vote counts.

    Understand this story & you understand how the Cartel of 5 (five) WALL STREET BANKS owns the FED + the Council on Foreign Relations (“CFR”) + Senior US Politicians!

  • After hearing poll watcher Dara on WMAL, many other
    listeners weighed in on what they saw on Election Day:


    From Victor in Fairfax: I was a poll watcher in Fairfax
    County, in a precinct in Annandale.
    Several incidents occurred, all of which were reported by me to the
    hotline given to me by the Republican Headquarters. Nothing happened, but I don’t
    think it was because they were not interested, they were overwhelmed.

    I called about 6 or 7 times to report the incidents. One of
    the incidents included a young man of hispanic origin, did not speak a word of English,
    he had another man with him and also had a voter registration card issued to
    him by the State of Virginia. As he came to vote, they could not find his name.
    I was right there next to the people who were checking the names. He did not
    know his address, nor did he speak a word. The man with him did all the
    talking. I stood right there next to the precinct captain as she was trying to
    ask questions. I asked how old he was. He did not respond, but the man with him
    said that “he is going to be 18” I asked if he is 18 , he said he
    will be in December, but he was told he can vote. As the captain was mulling
    over the situation, I said, there is no way he is going to be allowed to vote,
    that I will challenge the vote and I will immediately bring it up to the
    attention of the authorities. She said to the man with him that she will give him
    a provisional ballot until she checks the status; I immediately interjected
    again telling her that absolutely no vote or no provisional ballot. He is not
    eligible to vote under any circumstances. Eventually as I stood my ground, she
    told the man with him that he can’t vote.

    Another incident which involved 3 elderly voters who
    approached the precinct captain with respect to an African American man in line
    allegedly to vote, who was harassing them and intimidating them. Trying to
    influence their vote. The issue went unanswered for a few minutes apparently
    until the voters came in the voting area. At that time the election board
    representative at the door apparently ignored the incident and blamed the
    voters who complained. As I found out about it, which was at the time they were
    giving their names and addresses, I went out to the door with the precinct
    captain to address the issue; he was gone and ran out of the door. It is
    alleged that the door representative was sympathizing with him and was insolent
    to the voters.

    Another incident involved another African American man who was just outside the
    40 foot lin, just where the Republican sample ballot givers and across from
    them on the other side of the pathway, the Democratic sample givers, who was
    blocking intentionally the way towards the Republican table and he was
    menacingly close to the 2 women handing out the ballots. When I saw him, I went
    out approached him and confronted him about his behavior and asked him to move
    to the other side of the pathway, first he refused, then he was approached by
    the Democratic ballot giver and asked him to him to “cool it” and to
    move to their side of the pathway. He did and then I went in the voting center.
    As i watched from the glass door he would return towards the Republican side
    and every time I walk out the door, he would leave. After realizing that I will
    not give up or allow him to get away with it, he left the area completely.

    Other irregularities consisted of people coming to vote and
    did not live in the district, always with the excuse that they just moved. It
    was as if everyone moved to this precinct, and that is a small district, to the
    point that all the workers including the precinct captain acknowledged that
    this was an unprecedented turn out, never seen before in this precinct. They
    were given provisional ballots.

    Another person showed up to vote with a Maryland driver’s
    license with a Maryland address and a Virginia voter’s registration card with a
    different address. He did not have any other ID. I intervened and called the
    hotline, after which I was advised to challenge the vote, then they changed
    their mind and told me to just accept the voter registration card, even as I
    told them that he had no other IDs to prove who he was.

    The conclusion I came to was that a large number of people
    got their Virginia voter’s registration card somehow, even though they were not
    entitled to vote in the district.


    From Joan in McLean, VA:

    “When I got to the polls they told me I had already
    voted, I hadn’t. They did take my driver’s license info for a provisional
    ballot. Poll watchers made calls and said “let her vote this has happened
    in other precincts today.” So I was allowed to vote. They believe the
    other voter used a fake utility bill. A campaign person had come to my house
    and had asked me if I was early voting, I told him no. That gave a window of
    opportunity to show up and vote in my name before elect.”


    From Lynda in VA:

    “I was a poll watcher for Project ORCA and experienced
    some of the same issues the caller this morning experienced… We also had a
    group of severely disabled people come in and the other republican poll watcher
    witnessed one of the care givers saying, “you wanted to vote for Obama,
    right?” The poll watcher cried foul and called the campaign. He also stood
    there and witnessed the rest of those votes and wouldn’t allow the care givers
    to tell them who to vote for. We also had a number of curb side voters. VA law
    allows for that if you are elderly, but it was impossible to monitor all of it.
    Romney lost that precinct, Robinson Secondary School, by 300 votes.”


    From Danny in Baileys Crossroads, VA:

    “Thanks for running that segment this morning. The whole issue has been bothering me since
    the election.

    My observation was my polling place in Baileys Crossroads
    had long lines. News reports had many
    polling places across the region, state and many places in the nation with long
    lines. Most observers reporting on the
    election previous to Nov 6 noted energy and enthusiasm. Many people were turning out for rallies and

    If those observations were correct … and if absentee and
    early voting were at record numbers, how then could there have been so many
    fewer voters this cycle than last? Are a
    certain amount of votes just simply “unaccounted” for? I hope you
    guys keep asking questions.”


    From Jack in Dayton, MD:

    I’ve been a check in
    judge in Howard County, Maryland for two primaries, two general elections, and
    one off year election… We did have three Latino females show up in the
    evening, couldn’t answer the simple questions. They seem to have multiple
    identification, names, and addresses. The Chief Judge had them vote
    provincially, a hand written ballot. These women wanted to vote electronically.
    There was a short argument. The River Hill precinct is very small 1400, the turnout
    was 80%. We did have a large number of provincially.


    From Mary Ellen of Rhoadesville, VA:

    Heard the conversation with the “poll observer” in
    Thurs. While I was not at her precinct I
    was an actual “election official” in my area. She had some points but may not have been
    aware of some of the checks and balances built into the system. I feel that our vote was “clean”
    where I was (one of the reasons I wanted to work at the polls). That said IF the head and assistant people
    running that location wanted to cheat it could probably be done. Always love the show.

    Mary Ellen


    From Anne in McLean, VA:

    “I volunteered to work at polls for “absentee in
    person early voting” at library in McLean, VA. had several busses pull in
    loaded w/folks from retirement homes. Noted
    by rep volunteers that the SR citizens only had one sample ballot until given
    the second one (which outlined the amendment questions) bus drivers were none too thrilled and said they have all they
    need. Good thing the amendments were
    printed for the seniors to mull over while waiting. Thanks for good show.”


    From Bob in Springfield, VA:

    “The polling situation on Nov 6 is worse than the id
    related reports from the Woodbridge scenario. I’m a Precinct Capt. where I
    live, and the id requirements for the WHOLE state of Virginia are so loose that
    it was a meaningless effort in the polling places to attempt to verify identities
    and voting status. For example, one person came in (a young man of about 28
    years) with ONLY a power bill in his hands. NO ID — and NO way to verify who
    he was — but the Polling Chief permitted his vote based on that piece of
    mail. I later asked the polling chief
    about this — that the person could have been holding ANYONE’s mail — and he
    agreed but stated that the state of Virginia is allowing it. I’ve been doing this for years, and you’ve
    got the hard truth on this.”


    From Carolyn in Gaithersburg, MD:

    “I was listening this morning when your caller talked
    about being a poll watcher in Virginia.
    She didn’t mention that her job was supposed to be Poll Watcher and
    Challenger — the most important part being the Challenger. She should have had forms with her to
    Challenge any suspected voter fraud. All
    she had to do was tell one of the Chief Election Judges in the facility and the
    person challenged would only be allowed to vote Provisional, if at all. With 4 Repubs there, there were plenty of
    Challengers to stop the fraud quickly if they had done their job
    correctly. It’s too late now, Obama has
    been re-elected. But going forward this
    poll watcher/challenger needs better training.
    I was a poll watcher/challenger in MD — people who had requested
    absentee ballots, were not allowed to vote except provisional.”

  • The
    whole flap over Bill Bolling pulling out of the Governor’s race and
    threatening to run as an independent has stoked emotions on both sides.
    To me, it reveals the blatant hypocrisy of folks who savaged Virgil
    Goode for running against Mitt Romney (never mind that Virgil’s
    differences with Romney were very significant, and we’re all told that
    Bill Bolling actually is a conservative and not that different from Ken

    But what’s more important to me than which
    individual is right or wrong, is that this whole flap sets out in sharp
    relief two of the greatest things WRONG with the modern incarnation of
    the Republican Party – certainly at a national level and perhaps even
    more exaggerated in the Republican Party of Virginia. I think each
    deserves our attention.

    1.We tend to idolize individual
    politicians. I believe our Founders would have warned us against this.
    We ought to look to the American people for direction, not to
    self-anointed leaders. Perhaps this was best expressed by one longtime
    Republican activist who stated that with Bolling’s withdrawal, she would
    just retire from politics.
    Are we serious? Are our years of effort
    really so tied up in the worship of a single man or woman that the
    person’s defeat leaves us without a cause for which to fight? There is
    no candidate out there, Bolling, Cuccinelli or otherwise, who deserves
    that level of idolatry. Many of us in the “party activist” ranks are the
    folks most susceptible to the clearly false idea that “Congress stinks,
    but MY Congressman is a great guy.” This attitude of “politician
    worship” leads us to judge what is right or wrong on the basis of our
    preferred politician’s actions, instead of judging our politicians with
    an honest yardstick of objective right and wrong; that is, we measure
    truth by a man instead of measuring a man (or woman) by the truth.
    That’s why it’s “wrong” for Virgil Goode to challenge Romney, but
    “right” for Bolling to do the same thing to Cuccinelli. We become a
    nation of men, not of law.

    2.We look at public office as
    something to be “deserved” because the politician has “paid his dues,”
    or “put in his time.” Now “it’s his turn.” This attitude is cancerous.
    In truth, public office is a high honor, and more importantly, a sacred
    PEOPLE WHO PUT HIM THERE. No one “deserves” four more years on the
    taxpayer dime because they have already been granted twenty. No one
    “deserves” a promotion to the highest office in the state because he has
    been blessed to hold the second-highest. It is destructive to believe
    that I, as the citizen, owe some allegiance to an elected official
    because he’s been there. We are not far removed from the “divine right
    of kings” theory.
    As a party, we MUST reverse our thinking. Our
    elected officials are NOT our rulers; they are our servants. Being on
    the taxpayer dime is a privilege, not a guarantee of tenure for life and
    automatic promotion. They are our REPRESENTATIVES. WE are the rulers;
    THEY are the servants, who serve at our pleasure. We owe them nothing;
    they owe us everything. We have lost all concept of government of, by
    and for the people, and we must reverse our thinking.
    How do we
    address both these problems? By a paradigm shift in our thinking. Today
    we view a “Party” as a group of folks bound together by a blood oath to
    “elect Republicans,” and then to serve and re-elect those incumbents
    basically for life. If we are to move forward, we MUST view a “Party” as
    a group of folks bound together by a basically shared set of IDEALS,
    PRINCIPLES – sworn to find folks who subscribe to those ideas to support
    at election time, to hold them accountable once elected, and to REPLACE
    THEM if they “become destructive of those ends” for which we elected
    them, as the Declaration put it. WE MUST BE DRIVEN BY IDEAS, NOT

    What are those basic ideas? For simple starters,
    our elected officials MUST believe in Life and Liberty. They must stand
    without apology for the simple understanding that unless we ALL have the
    right to life, everything else is but window dressing. The “Republican”
    state senator who bottles up pro-life legislation in committee, who
    “reaches out to single women” in a craven bid for power, with the lives
    of innocents as the 30 pieces of silver he trades for votes, is as
    shameful as the openly pro-partial birth abortion Democrat. Secondly,
    our officials MUST understand the government is too big, and be
    committed IN PRACTICE to making it smaller. Not “smaller growth,” but
    making it smaller. Almighty God only demands 10 percent; government
    already demands 40-50%. How DARE we consider “raising revenue” or
    raising debt ceilings? EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD IN THIS COUNTRY IS
    ALREADY IN DEBT $250,000! It is UNCONSCIONABLE for a Republican, yea for
    an American, to support allowing unelected groups of bureaucrats to
    have the authority to tax us. Yet our Governor, Lieutenant Governor and
    most “Republican” Congressmen and state legislators supported the
    creation of unelected taxing authorities. We used to have one of those;
    his name was King George III. We had to fight a war to get rid of him. A
    politician who votes us back to 1775 shouldn’t get another chance!

    If we will swear our allegiance to Life and Liberty, and make our
    politicians run the gauntlet of Principle before they “earn” our votes,
    we will, as party activists, rebuild the trust in this party that 2012
    proved we have so manifestly lost. If we continue to put “Truth upon the
    scaffold and Man upon the throne,” we deserve the contemptuous title of
    “party hack.” We are, like it or not, accountable for the votes we cast
    and the folks we help elect. If they betray our Ideals and we wink at
    it, we too have become Judas. We too have broken faith with the folks
    who trust us, as activists, to present them with leaders who earn their

    This “Bolling’s Charlie Crist moment,” as Richard
    Viguerie puts it, is a Moment of Truth for us as a Party, and as its
    activists. Will we be content to be hacks, or will we determine to be a
    new breed of freedom fighters, rebuilding from the ashes of 2012 the
    dream our Founders bequeathed to us. Forget Bolling vs. Cuccinelli; I
    call us to choose – Are we in service of Men, or in service to Liberty?