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Robin Vos Interview

By   /   September 21, 2011  /   5 Comments


  • Ann Strakulski

    you are a disgusting UGLY person!

  • Ann Strakulski

    the woman against republicans is the ugly disgusting person, NOT the republicans!

  • Fran

    The BREACH OF PUBLIC TRUST started during his campaign – he NEVER put forth the draconian strategies during his campaign – the stupid brown bag was truly a sly cover to AVOID ANSWERING QUESTIONS!! Walker can never be trusted and is not honoring what Wisconsin citizens were expecting – His Recall can’ t come fast enough – Rich – please retire and go work in the hospitality industry cleaning parking lots.

  • Jeff

    Typical Liberal response…Name calling..

  • http://MozilaFirefox Susan Noegel

    Dear Sirs. This recall is ridiculous. Is the A. G. B, Part of the Wisconsin constitution. I think the are useless can they be abolished? It is going to cost Wisconsin taxpayers more money . What if Scott looses . We will have lost any gains he and the state lawmakers have made. We will go back to the same Democratic loser we had with Jim Doyle. DISGUSTING !!!!!


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