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PHOTOS: Voting under way in Wisconsin's historic recall

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By Wisconsin Reporter

Voters across Wisconsin are heading to the polls today in the state’s historic gubernatorial recall elections. The lieutenant governor and four state Senate races also will be decided today.

Among the earliest voters were Gov. Scott Walker and his challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Soon, the protesters and demonstrators followed.

A lone protester voices his opinion of Tuesday's gubernatorial recall election.


Poll watchers from the Milwaukee County election board arrive on campus at Marquette University to oversee the voting process.


A single voter at a polling precinct casts his ballot on Tuesday.


An afternoon rally in Madison drew a sizable crowd.


A statue in front of Wisconsin's Capitol in Madison is decorated with recall signs.


Gov. Scott Walker waits his turn at his polling place on Tuesday.


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signs in before casting his ballot.


Police officers cast a watchful eye as Gov. Scott Walker queues up to vote Tuesday morning.