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$500K ad buy targets Baldwin on health care, stimulus votes

By   /   July 12, 2012  /   1 Comment

By Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON – As Republicans debate who will represent them in the U.S. Senate race, conservatives are working to ensure their Democratic opponent doesn’t have an easy ride into the November election.

Tammy Baldwin

American Commitment, which advocates free-market policies and limited government, on Thursday launched a nearly $500,000 television ad buy aimed, the group said, at “exposing Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s record of putting special interests ahead of Wisconsin jobs.”

Baldwin, who represents the Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, is the lone Democrat in the race to replace retiring Sen. Herb Kohl, also a Democrat.

A Republican primary to decide the GOP candidate will be held Aug. 14.

The ad, titled “Cheating,” attacks Baldwin for voting in favor of the $831-billion stimulus bill and President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Phil Kerpen

“Rep. Tammy Baldwin is hurting the very Wisconsin taxpayers she was elected to represent,” Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, said in a statement. “It’s time for Rep. Baldwin to stop putting special interests in Washington, D.C., ahead of her constituents in Wisconsin.”

The ad buy is the latest sign that the Wisconsin Senate race — thought to be a key seat in the battle for control of the U.S. Senate — is heating up.

Baldwin, too, has been on the attack, taking on the GOP regarding Medicare in her latest ad.

“When Nana became frail it was my honor to help take care of her, so when people in Washington talk about slashing Medicare benefits instead of asking millionaires to pay their fair share, I know it’s wrong,” the congresswoman says in the ad. “I’m Tammy Baldwin, the granddaughter of David and Doris Green, and I’m proud to approve this message.”



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