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Video: Dane Co passes union contract extension

By   /   September 21, 2012  /   5 Comments


  • Madison Tax Payer

    I was in the audience last night. Except for a few, the Board is shameful lot of crazy leftists that care NOTHING about the tax payers of Dane Cty. They might as well come to the meetings AFSCME tshirts.

  • Brad

    The Dane County board certainly didn’t waste any time, did they? Nope, they only wasted taxpayers money. Again.

  • Art

    How can this be legal? The part of state law only allowing a single year contract was not overturned by the Act 10 ruling. Are they saying a year at a time that they can add 100 years to the existing contract as long as each only covers one year?

  • I could care less, as long as it’s Dane County Taxpayers money! When they go broke, and come begging to the State for handouts: “just say-NO!”

  • Troy

    Here comes Wisconsin’s Detroit. Massive layoff’s, No utility services. The Unions will Pillage our State until nothing is left. We won’t even get into crime statitistics. There is not one sane employer that will ever hire anyone with Madison Cridentials, Public School or College. And since there’s no more laws in America. Yes We are asking Who You voted for, befor hiring. Welcome to the Poverty You voted for.