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Video: Dems toss Wisconsin Reporter from convention

By   /   June 8, 2012  /   2 Comments

State Democratic spokesperson Graeme Zielinski barred Wisconsin Reporter’s Ryan Ekvall from the Democratic Convention. But security staff for the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton, WI–site of the gathering–subsequently allowed him the freedom of the hotel’s public spaces.

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Ben Yount

  • Bret

    He is right no? You don’t have any reporting here. Everything is on the election and your website brings no actual information to the discussion, you have only opinions and stuff reported else where.

  • http://www.bottomline-productions.com Andy Drefs

    How weak, pathetic and so perfectly inline with the policies of Dear Leader. Heaven forbid you allow scrutiny upon your activities…oh no…we only allow people who will praise everything we do and who ask cutesy, softball questions. Send someone in from channel 12 so that we can hear about what they had for lunch!