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Flack kicks Wisconsin Reporter out of state Democratic Party convention

By   /   June 8, 2012  /   9 Comments

By Wisconsin Reporter

The Wisconsin Capitol in Madison.

APPLETON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski is at it again, this time throwing Wisconsin Reporter beat reporter Ryan Ekvall out of the party’s state convention, Friday at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton.

Wisconsin Reporter was in Appleton to cover the convention and talk to rank and file members and leadership about the party’s strategy following the Democrats, defeat in Tuesday’s historic recall election.

Zielinski interrupted Ekvall during an interview with a conventioneer in the hotel’s lobby, telling Ekvall he could not interview Democrats.

When Ekvall protests, Zielinski responded, “You just want to see what you can do to cause problems.”

Ekvall recorded the exchange on video.

“That’s exactly what Wisconsin Reporter does. They have a history of that in that organization,” Zielinski tells hotel security.

Zielinski walked off toward the security department. When the video resumes, someone off camera tells him that Ekvall can speak to people in public areas of the hotel.

“Not in here,” Zielinski replies. “I mean, he can go on the, on the, you know .. . but we don’t want him here . . . . He’s bought and paid for by the same people that bought and paid for Scott Walker. So we don’t want them here.

Zielinski points at the camera.

“And please don’t film me, please don’t film me,” he says.

Ekvall takes the camera off Zielinski and points it at the spokesman’s feet.

“All I’m saying is . . . .” Ekvall attempts to explain.

“Please turn that off,” Zielinski says.

“Why? I want to have a record of what’s said. I don’t know what you’re going to say about it later,” Ekvall says.

“Please turn that off,” Zielinski says.

“This is just a record,” Ekvall says.

“Please leave,” Zielinski says. “This is not a record. You’re not a reporter. You’re not a reporter. And you’re still recording.”

Hotel security told Ekvall that he could remain in the hotel lobby and interview convention-goers, if they approved.

But Zielinski persisted. He guided Ekvall out the door of the hotel and told him, “You can stay out here.” On his way back into the hotel, Zielinski told convention door guards that Ekvall lacked appropriate credentials. Ekvall protested that he is, in fact, credentialed by the Capitol press corps.

“I can report on the Capitol, I guess, but not the Democratic Party,” he said.


  • Never in my life have I seen how lying, sinful, criminals that democrats are! Never do Republicans treat others as victims. Democrats are disgusting in their horrible action by the criminals for them, the Union people and other democrats. SO SINFUL!

  • Mary

    So much for working together for the betterment of WI…NOT. The dems aren’t capable of working together…it’s their way or no way. …. this goes for both state and federal democrats….. immature, whiny, and down right nasty! I cringe at the thought of Mark Miller as the senate majority leader….can you spell ignorant!

    Obviously, Zielenski and the democrat party must have something to hide to not allow interviews. Ignorance!

  • Basia

    The democrat party is no longer our parent’s and grandparents democrat party. They have morphed into a rabid pack of socialists, marxists and communists that are hell bent on destroying our country and led by their messiah and Marxist in Chief Comrade Obama. They have been exposed to be goons, thugs, criminals and cheats. The taxpayers of Wisconsin have seen the light and the darkness in their wallets.

  • La Verne Cole

    Something to hide? What, the Dems??? Say it isn’t so…

  • jimspice

    So who DOES pay the reporters here. Where does the money come from. Is there a full, transparent accounting somewhere? And if it points back to the usual suspects, would that mean GZ was correct?

  • Fran

    who are you kidding???? I am an independent and not even a reporter with recorder/video in hand and have repeatedly been asked to leave or not even been able to access rallies, meetings – which the republicans started doing when GW was running for office the very first time. You need to get up to date with your lying party.

  • You are right about that they are lying some violent poor excuses for a human being.

  • Bea

    Good question, jimspice. Short answer is out-of-state owners in Virginia, funded by corporations and wealthy individuals. It’s a partisan organization. You’d have to be blind not to realize that.

  • Jack P.

    The “Wisconsin Reporter” is a non-profit news gathering organization, and several for-profit news groups use their articles in their own reporting. And even if WR were funded by the right-wing, Graeme Zielinski would still be wrong trying to deny anyone, let alone a credentialed reporter like Ryan Ekvall, their First Amendment rights in a hotel lobby.

    Apparently liberals do not believe in the biblical proclamation, “”And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32. Maybe because in their case, the truth could land them in the unemployment line?