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Janssen “seriously considering” run for governor

By   /   December 13, 2012  /   17 Comments

By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog

Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen said today he’s seriously considering running for governor of Nebraska in 2014 and is close to making a decision.

Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen

“I’ve been seriously considering it for some time,” he told Nebraska Watchdog. “I’ve been touring the state and I’ve been talking to strong conservatives.”

Janssen is known for his tough stances on illegal immigration and has pushed for legislation requiring people to present identification before voting.

“I have very deep convictions in the Republican Party,” he said. “I’m not afraid to face a challenge even when it may not be popular.”

Janssen served in the Navy and was a member of the Fremont City Council before being elected to the Legislature in 2008.

He said Speaker Mike Flood’s recent departure from the race – after his wife was diagnosed with cancer – hasn’t played a role in his decision-making. In fact, he sat down with Flood and discussed his intentions about six weeks ago. He also discussed it with Flood when they were both in western Nebraska last summer.

“I’ve been all over the state,” Janssen said. “I’ve been traveling all over as part of my legislative duties.”

Janssen said he has nothing against the Republican already in the race – Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy, who has the backing of the governor, who cannot run again due to term limits.

“My decision is not based on who may be in or who may not be in,” he said.

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Deena formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Who exactly is Charlie Janssen’s constituency? The anti-Hispanic vote will only take you so far. And isn’t Fremont mad at Senator Janssen for costing them over a million dollars in legal bills?
    Who in Omaha and Lincoln would vote for Janssen for Governor? Nobody that I know. Save your money Senator Janssen.

    ricky from omaha

  • Darth Watchdog

    Slick Rick you’re OBSESSED with Charlie…you post comments about him here and on Leavenworth Street. Let your hatred go…or is it a man-crush instead?

  • Dave Fall

    Great another one of the 49. Yawn.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Will he be able to read his campaign speech notes through the eyeholes in his white hood?

  • D. Mark

    Anyone who will do something about the illegal immigration population in Nebraska has my vote! People have to know that they are costing this state millions every year that could be better spent, they are criminals and the criminal element comes with them. Pay attention to the crimes they commit, the cost to the taxpayers and many of you might change your mind. Who will be the best candidate, we will see, but make sure that the person will do the will of the people and that includes making sure that illegal immigrants are not welcome in the State of Nebraska.

  • miss peace

    Conservative is described as holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation. As a noun it is a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes. This does not describe Charlie at all. One only has to live in Fremont and know this is not true. Once he decides to run for governor his personal life will become very public as any other candidate will too. Not sure he will get past the public eye. I have heard him brag about himself on numerous occasions and he bores me to death. He is not the right person to be the governor of Nebraska. Peace

  • Yes just what the State of NE. needs, another “conservative” windbag that will lead this State nowhere. we give up Millions a year to our boarder States in tourism revenue because we cannot get Casinos legalized or an amended helmet law in place. We fight every single progressive change put forward and then wonder why out young people leave the State for jobs elsewhere. We will spend Millions on bike trails and civic centers in Lincoln and Omaha but allow our State Parks to go to hell in a hand basket because we don’t have the $$$ to keep them up. Central NE. has given up thousands of jobs to Lincoln and Omaha and what so we get in return? the State Fare. WOW, what a deal that is.
    I watch every other year as Nebraskans vote against their own best interests and then spend the next two years blaming the Liberals/Democrats.
    “NE. The Good Life”, more like NE. The Tax Me State or NE. The Big Brother State.

  • Nebraska GOP Voter

    “He’s been talking to strong conservatives” – gimme a break. The only person he’s been talking to is Jordan McGrain who needs a job as his manager, and the rest of the party Senators at the capitol who drink with him in the afternoons instead of doing their job. Charlie Janssen could not articulate a platform for Governor if his life depended on it. What a joke.

  • Franklyn Fahrkwhar

    Undocumented immigrants are not en masse “criminals.” Each of them is a human being, in this country for a variety of compelling reasons. Many of those reasons have to do with our unreasonable and antiquated federal immigration laws. The status of being undocumented is a civil offence, not a crime.

  • Darn right I am going to be on this guy like stink on you know what. This right winger is the last guy Nebraska needs as Governor. We’ve had enough immigrant bashing and voter suppression from the likes of Charlie Janssen.

  • Darth Watchdog

    In case you didn’t realize it Slick Rick, you happen to live in a “right winger” state. Immigrant bashing and voter suppression? Just calm down and don’t go postal on anybody.

  • JoeSixPack56

    Charlie Janssen has a good chance of being elected to be governor. He has proven that he works against people with brown or black skin. He wants to make it harder for the poor, young, old, brown and black people who are mostly Democrats from voting. Isn’t that what most Nebraskan’s want in a Governor?!?

    What has he done to promote Nebraska as a good place, instead of always working to tare it down?

  • JoeSixPack56

    Did he really get the child protective services to move from Omaha to Fremont so his mom could rent a building to the state agency? I think many employees in Omaha did not move to the new location in Fremont. The children of our state suffer while Janssen’s mom gets rich.

    Is the state paying her more than the normal rent for her property?

  • Rich

    1st _ He has done nothing about immigration. He has only followed the playbook of the troublemaking idiot from Kansas, who has cost many states much time and money, both from the taxpayers as well as loss of business incomes.
    2nd_ Immigrants contribute to tax revenue as they pay sales tax on purchase and contribute to business by purchasing good and services, paying rent,
    3rd_ Breaking administrative law in not getting permission to cross a border has not necessary more prone to commit any other crime than anyone else.
    4th_ Jannson’s approach has nothing to do with the will of the people, as you may recall his immigration bills did not make it out of committee, and were seen as embarrassing by other senators. They all knew that he was not working for Nebraska but from the Kansas secretarty of State and other radical Tea Party reactionaries.
    You one vote will not matter much when most Nebraskans know what he is up to and do not favor it.

  • D. Mark

    Everyone needs to read the “Federal Immigration and Nationality Act” to understand that illegal immigration is against the law. It is a Federal crime for an employer/employee to falsify an I-9 to work here if you are an illegal immigrant. It is against the law for an illegal immigrant to operate a vehicle in the State of Nebraska. Illegal immigrants commit crimes here in the State of Nebraska, when there is a crime, there is a victim! If you who think illegal immigration is just fine, maybe you should adopt a family and take the burden off the rest of the taxpayers of the State of Nebraska! I am against illegal immigration, BECAUSE IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!

  • D. Mark

    1. At least he has tried, that is more than The Judiciary Committee and its members have done, they won’t let anything out on the floor!

    2nd. What they take is much more than what they contribute! The Nebraska taxpayers pay for their healthcare, schooling, etc.

    How many of the employers of illegal immigrants provide health insurance for them and their families? We provide healthcare in the schools for the children, free lunches, etc. As an American citizens everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we could spend this money on our own citizens to make their lives better and not on people who broke the law to be here, work here, etc.

    3rd. On October 24, 2011 if was reported to me that the Nebraska Department of Corrections has approximately 191 inmates incarcerated that will have deportation hearings upon release. It costs $28,179.00 per year to house one inmate! Illegal immigrants commit crimes and remember when there is a crime there is a VICTIM!

    4th. You do not have a clue of the will of the people. Let the Judiciary Committee let a bill out to the floor and then we will see the will of the people. Brad Ashford the head of the Committee will not let a bill out! He has held two hearings on illegal immigration and has done nothing about them and he wants to be the next Mayor of Omaha!

  • Rich

    I am sorry that you do not understand the workings of the Unicameral. Only bills that pass the committee are able to come to the floor, however within the committee there are public hearings, and the will of the people is heard there. The will of THE people is not always YOUR will. Sometimes you lose, and THE people win.
    Actually, the contributions from undocumented is generally higher than the the cost. Those that are awaiting deportation and are in jail is a cost that many do not want to pay, unless there are true criminal charges. Yet the aggregate cost would not diminish by the 28K for the 191 (although that is probably an incorrect number. Instead the average cost for the others would probably go up.