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CO: ‘Murderous Rampage’ worker eyed by cops, off job

By   /   December 21, 2012  /   2 Comments

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By Tori Richards | Colorado Watchdog

GOLDEN, COLO. – A government staffer who threatened the mass murder of Watchdog.org reporters after we uncovered a $1 million salary at the Department of Energy lab no longer works at the lab and is the focus of a police investigation.

Kerrilee Crosby

A spokesperson for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) said Thursday that Kerrilee Ann Crosby is no longer employed there, just two weeks after learning about threatening tweets she posted while at work.

Crosby, 34, tweeted “Have you ever felt like going on a murderous rampage? Start at @WatchdogCO‘s offices. They perpetuate lies like this.”

When asked why she advocated mass murder given the incidents at Columbine and Aurora, she  tweeted, “Because you deserve to die” and, “I DO! Especially since you are next door! I can’t remember where I left my gun, though. Found it!”

Another tweet soon followed: “GUNS FOR SALE! @WatchdogCO

NREL spokesman George Douglas did not respond to an email by Watchdog asking whether Crosby was fired because of her tweets. He did, however, say on Dec. 7 that Crosby’s opinions “do not represent those of the Laboratory. She has been found in violation of NREL’s policy on social networking and appropriate action is being taken.”

Kerrilee Crosby tweet

In addition, detectives at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department have opened an investigation into Crosby, a 2011 graduate of the University of Denver who goes by the nickname Crosbolicious on Twitter. Her threats of mass murder could be deemed a terrorist threat.

As for Crosby, she sent out dozens of tweets while at work every day detailing a partying lifestyle of sex and alcohol that included showing up on the job drunk or hung over. NREL officials refused to say exactly what type of work Crosby did at the lab, which together with its management companies has received more than $1 billion tax dollars since 2010, Watchdog discovered.

Kerrilee Crosby tweet

Her work-related tweets accuse a co-worker of sleeping with a supervisor and boasts about Crosby arriving drunk at an office Christmas party and farting in a chair during staff meetings.

On Monday, Nov. 19 at 8:45 a.m. she wrote: “I’m gonna go to work drunk the next three days because I’m thankful for the four-day weekend.”

Kerrilee Crosby tweet

And, on Friday, Nov 30 at 7:59 a.m.: “I am not going to get anything done today until I sober up.”

After Watchdog’s story exposing Crosby went viral, the Catholic High School graduate set her tweets to private and removed a Linkedin profile that had the headline, “I take my day job seriously.”

Undaunted, angry Twitter users sent her messages such as:

  • “Wishes she lived in CT so she could learn from the best. Don’t worry honey – another killer will come along to mentor you”
  • “Is @crosbolicious mentally stable? Terroristic threats? Shouldn’t the police look into this before someone gets hurt?”
  • “Is this a terroristic threat? The media and obama would have her in jail if she were a Republican.”


  • @crosbolicious I do hope you’ve been spayed. Nasty little cur….”

Crosby has not responded to requests for comment.

Tori Richards can be reached at [email protected]

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Tori formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

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