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Silence surrounds talk of guns in schools

By   /   December 22, 2012  /   76 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

It appears Omaha area schools are reluctant to discuss a future where teachers or security guards carry weapons in hallways and classrooms.

The National Rifle Association sent the issue viral on Friday.

GUNS IN NEBRASKA SCHOOLS? Whie the NRA is proposing armed police officers in every school in the nation, Nebraska state law prohibits guns or weapons in school buildings.

“I call on Congress …to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said.

Last Tuesday, Nebraska Watchdog contacted several school districts in and around Omaha asking for comments regarding armed school personnel, an option currently prohibited by state law.

So far only Omaha Public Schools has responded. OPS simply noting its policies:

“OPS Security Officers do not carry guns, but utilize response resources such as verbal de-escalation techniques and all are certified in Disruptive Student/Adult Management,” said Safety Administrator Roddie Miller.”The School Resource Officers, as police officers, can and do respond when necessary to ensure the school environment is safe, secure and welcoming for students, staff and visitors.”

The NRA’s proposal came in the aftermath of the Dec. 14 massacre in Connecticut which found 20 students and six adults shot and killed in a matter of minutes by a lone gunman.

While there is no immediate push from Nebraska lawmakers to change state law when they meet early next year, it appears pistol-packing teachers would be a last resort while armed security guards could be considered.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • BlueReview

    What a wonderful idea–a police officer in every
    school! Because, as we all know,
    police officers are totally stable and never shoot any one who doesn’t deserve
    it. Is the NRA going to pay for
    this? No? Who, then–the middle class? That’s what I thought. In the meantime, is Congress going to
    allocate any funds for mental health?
    No? What a surprise.

  • Joan

    People are being silent about guns in school REALLY? No they are in shock! No one can believe what they heard and saw when every TV channel gave time to the CEO of the NRA to present his brain fart that we should place guns in our schools to combat the violence that is occuring in our communities by mentally deranged individuals who have managed to get assault weapons legally thru an out of control organization of 40,000 lobbyest known as the NRA. God help us if we can’t squash this mad man and his mad bad idea of a gun in every school. Every child in this last shooting, 20 babies were gunned down in ten minutes and each had three or more bullet wounds. This assault weapon and clip/drum thing is a war on our children, our socity. All in the name of “I LOVE MY GUN & YOU CAN”T TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CAN”T HAVE!”. But by golly don’t let them there women have an abortion of those zygotes cuz thats murder! Killing five, six and seven year olds with assult weapon isn’t?

  • D. Mark

    That’s all we need is a gun fight in some school classroom. Start with making sure that our schools are secure, that every person coming into a school belongs there. No matter what you do, we will never stop the crazies!!!

  • Bart

    Mass murder within our society and around the globe is horrific. We all agree. It’s emotional and politically charged, but outrage in itself solves nothing, nor does name calling or scapegoating. Only action will improve our security, yet security measures have economic limits and can never be prepared for every contingency. A level of risk will always be present. How do we economically improve our security to reduce our risk of murder and mass murder?

    Three factors will always be present in America – guns, violent criminals and the innocent. For those that want to ban guns, do you really think that will happen anytime time soon or even in your lifetime? Restrictions on guns are just that; they do not eliminate the threat. Do what you may but acknowledge guns will still be present, then seek solutions to these threats for the present. Accept the fact that cold blooded killers will always be with us whether they are rational or crazy. These evil monsters will always prey upon the innocent and weak. The time and place and victim of these attacks are almost always the choosing these criminals. As a responsible citizen and society it is we that must help protect our children, families and civil society. We are the vast majority yet it is clear that are not prepared. We must meet these threats.

  • As long as a gunman can walk into a school KNOWING THERE IS NO ONE ARMED INSIDE, we will continue having school shootings. Good luck with refusing to have Teachers, staff or security unarmed. Do you know that there were 7 theatres within the area of the Aurora Colorado Shooters apt. only one of them had a NO GUN policy and guess which theater the shooter chose? Sandy Hook was totally secured too – it didn’t stop the shooter did it?

  • Bart

    We have a gap in our security between our first responders and our citizens in a society of criminals with guns determined to commit murder. First responders are just that; they respond during but very offten after a crime. Their presence reestablishes security, but they are too often not present to prevent or confront these determined criminals preying upon our otherwise civil society. There exsists the gap in our defense between armed but most often unarmed citizens and private or government security forces.

    I propose a partial solution. Please consider it. Debate, modify, reject or except but please consider it. We should close this gap in our defenses with voluntary security organizations in much the same way we accept volunteer fire departments that cover 97% of Nebraska’s land mass and half of the state’s population. Call them volunteer security departments. Each county should form one under the supervision of their county sheriff.

    These volunteers are selected based upon criteria similar to police recruits where judgement and courage are valued traits. Criminal and mental evaluations are conducted. Then train them to defend the space of their presence whether at work, school or movement within the community. The more their are the more security is enhanced.

  • Retired police officers would be an excellent pool to use for this purpose.

  • Please give me one example of an officer or security guard shooting up a school. Please give me the statics or report you’ve used to base your opinion on that police shoot recklessly or just because they are having a bad day. What’s wrong with citizens who are teachers and staff voluntarily being trained and certified and armed? Each person would pay for their training, permit and gun. You raise a great question about mental health, we absolutely need to address this and make sure insurance is better at covering it – I’d also be interested to know what Obamacare offers in mental health.

  • I don’t know what you find so offensive about the fact that most gun owners are law abiding citizens. Would you suggest we do nothing about securing our schools from the inside so more school shootings can take place? What about the NRA is “out of control?”. The difference about the thousands of babies who are killed in the womb is that it is LEGAL to have an abortion – by law. Going into a school or anywhere else to shoot it up is NOT legal – there is no law saying it’s okay to do that.

  • You’re right we will never stop the crazies, terrorists or other criminals who think they can do whatever they wish. I think it is unreasonable to suggest that because teachers or staff are trained, certified and packing would create a gun fight in the school – what statistics are there to back up that theory? This Sandy Hook shooter blew out the door with his weapon – it’s not like he entered through the front doors with everyone else.

  • President Ronald Reagan said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, Society is guilty rather than the law breaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

  • You may also want to consider researching what has and is happening in other countries with gun bans. Google it, you may be shocked at what citizens have to say about it.

  • Bart

    Yes they would, particularly as trainers and leaders within these volunteer security organizations. The key is many responsible citizens with sense of community service similar to volunteer firefighters. Thanks for your interest.

  • Joan

    To Bart and Susan and all the other gun lovers who believe violence will stop violence. No one is saying we need to take your beloved guns away from you. I was raised with two brothers, a dad and many other family members who hunted every year on the farm for game with a rifle. NO ONE used an AK47 or a clip that held a hundred bullets. NO ONE carried a conceled weapon except the Mafia and the crime rate was very low. The crazies as you called them were locked down in the State Hospitals until President Regan and Republicans began the process of defunding mental health. Now mentally unstable people are in our sociery or prisons because we have few places for them to go. Republicans are responsible for the major break down of the mental health issues in our society. Just look at Paul Ryans budget. But keep pushing more guns, we can have everyone a gun owner with personalized bullets at this rate. Ah, America land of the free, home of the brave with an armed guard at every door of their schools. Beautiful sight isn’t it?

  • Gary in Ogallala

    Let’s put things in perspective…
    On any given day nearly 700 children are harmed due to accidents on our roadways. Of the 250,000 kids injured each year, approximately 2,000 die from their injuries. Children make up about 5% of total fatalities due to car accidents. In fact, for children between the ages of 2 and 14, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death.
    The deaths of the children in Connecticut were terrible, but if we are outraged, we should be even more outraged by the deaths caused by auto accidents. Using the prevailing logic, we should ban cars, not allow children to ride in cars, or create laws limiting the speed to 50mph, to supposedly save more children’s lives. This might help, but I would ve…nture to say children would still die in auto accidents.
    Armed security is used by our legislative representatives, movie stars, and many others, and some of these same people say it is wrong to provide armed security for our children. That doesn’t make sense.
    There is a picture floating around on the internet showing an Israeli teacher herding her kindergartners into class with an automatic weapon slung on her back. That is extreme, but the Israelis know how to protect their children and themselves. We should learn from them.
    The people screaming about banning guns now are the same ones that were screaming to ban guns before the Connecticut shootings. We need to put this in perspective and not try to destroy the 2nd Amendment

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    You’re proof, Susan, that crazies can’t be stopped.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    So, you’re advocating self-appointed posses and vigilante-ism? Or perhaps a police state tighter than even that which the Nazi’s and Stalinist Russia each had?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Think maybe there’s a reason why they’re retired? Perhaps they no longer wish to “police” the citizenry?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    People who wish to do the acts such as the shooter in Aurora or Sandy Hook couldn’t give a shit less what the “rules” are, Susan, and whether a theater is posted “No Guns” or it’s a gun-free school zone. Do you REALLY believe that a sign or absence thereof REALLY made a difference to EITHER shooter???? You are a real piece of work, no wonder the voters of LD-11 handed you your *ss in the last election, you are SERIOUSLY out of touch with reality!

  • Joan

    Why do you gun lovers always generalize, “those that want to ban guns” we want to ban semi automatic and assult guns. Clips and other types of stuff other than rifles used to hunt game. I personally opose conceled weapons but I know in Nebraska that is legal and every day someone is killed on our streets with a hand gun.

  • Joan

    Susan, you might want to research where this country ranks in the world when it comes to violence. We are right up there! As for Obamacare it would behoove you to read the mental health coverage, it is far greater than the piss poor coverage society got under Reagan when he closed State Institutions and put the mentally challenged on the street with little money that they did not know how to handle and enough food stamps to starve on. You really need to keep your opinion on subjects you know nothing about to yourself. Note how Gov Heiniman is following in former President Reagans footsteps when it comes to mental Health or haven’t you noticed cuz your a Republican too.

  • Bart

    That was a useless comment. If you do not have, questions ideas or solutions to add, then why insult?

  • From Breitbart.com

    FYI if anybody cares…
    In their zeal to rampage this left-wing agenda, the media has apparently forgotten that back in 2000, on the one-year anniversary of the Columbine shooting (which occurred with an assault weapons ban in place), President Clinton requested $60 million in federal money to fund a fifth round of funding for a program called “COPS in School,” a program that does exactly what the NRA is proposing and the media is currently in overdrive mocking:

  • Bart

    Joan, I don’t own a gun. I returned my government issued weapons when I returned from war in a country where it’s government murdered a million of its citizens. It’s mass murder on a scale really unimaginable yet all to frequent in history. One mass grave had 50,000 men and boys in it. Every decade of my life at least one government, usually more, slaughter their citizens. I’ll get a gun, when I feel threatened. In the meantime, I will support the wisdom of the second amendment, not to hunt, but to reserve my right to defend my life and liberty against criminals, totolitarian government and foriegn invasion. If not for me, then for a future generation that may need that right. Criminal murderers are a constant threat, yet their slaughter pales in comparison to rogue, murderous governments. Is the US Government above that conduct? It is today, but it hasn’t always been so. Treatment of Japanese-Americans, Native-Americans and African-Americans all had cause to rise up against the US Government to demand their rights. 600,000 Americans died in the struggle to end the liberty denied in slavery, including the assassination of President Lincoln, the first Republican president. But criminal mass murder in our society isn’t really a political problem. It’s a security problem. Debate it. Find a solution. Build a consensus. But, please, don’t polarize it over politics.

  • Bart

    In the 1960s and 1970s, murders in the US were around 25,000 a year. Despite the addition of over 100 million Americans since then, over the last decade US murders average around 15,000. 1929 was the worst year for criminal mass murder. America is safer, but not safe enough. I believe fear of crime is greater today because of 24/7 TV news coverage. We are simply more aware of the problem, today. Now, let’s do something about it.

  • Bart

    I’m not advocating either one of those extreme conclusions you have drawn from my comments. Do you feel the same toward private or government security guards? Do security guards act as posses or vigilantes? Do they act as an extension of a totalitarian police state in this country? Of course not, they simply provide armed, trained security where they are present. Off duty police officers move about the city armed and are prepared to intervene during a criminal act, anytime. Armed security and police power are distinctly different capabilities, but both secure people and places where they are present. Security guards are costly and police officers are very expensive.

    The solution I suggested is an economic means of adding many more armed and trained security personnel throughout our community to augment police and security forces. Its based on a model similar to many communities with volunteer fire departments but as volunteer security departments. It’s not a difficult concept to understand, but it’s nothing like the extreme light you portrayed it. My suggestion is a partial solution that is based on organization, leadership, training, screening, volunteers and low cost to greatly increase our security. The main difference between a posted security guard and this volunteer security guard is a paycheck. How does that threaten you, your rights or society? The only people that ought to feel threatened by this force are criminals looking for a victim.

  • Bart

    Fair enough. Their is a spectrum of views. I’m not a gun lover, though, but I do love my Constitutional Rights – all of them. I do not hunt, and I view that as the least important aspect to the right to own fire arms. I want the right to protect life, liberty and property from those that will take any or all that away.

    I don’t own a gun, but I know a great deal about them from military service. Banning semiautomatic guns would ban nearly all guns. I don’t see that happening. Assault rifles are military weapons. The distinction is the ability to fire fully automatically, like a machine gun. It’s extremely difficult to get a federal licence for one of these weapons. They are seldom ever used in the commission of a crime as so few are owned, privately. The government owns nearly all fully automatic assualt rifles. Some weapons look like assault weapons, but they are not. I’d be fine with restricting drums and magazines, but how do you implement that? Their are no serial numbers on magazines. 100s of thousands are already in private hands. Criminals will not cooperate, obviously. This approach solves little.

    Our focus should be on felons with guns and those mentally dangerous. We should improve our security, too. Murder has decreased dramatically which demonstrates efforts to remove the criminally dangerous does make a signficant difference. We have failed with those that are mentally a danger, but isn’t that also a very difficult challenge? Improving armed security is quickest and measurable, and it’s the most plausible because political resistance would be less an obstacle.

  • NeuronMD

    Stick to the topic at hand if you want to be taken seriously. This discussion is about guns in school, not about what a woman and her doctor decide to do: And, who the hell are you to try to interfere with this process anyway?

  • NeuronMD

    “What’s wrong with citizens who are teachers and staff voluntarily being trained and certified and armed?”

    Can you even bring yourself to THINK about the effect it would have on the KIDS?

    I guess not since a mass murder of 20 little innocent kids just made you gobble-zee-goo the Wayne Lapierre BS even harder.

    Are you totally brain dead or what? Are you so blinded by your political ideology that you can’t even appreciate how demented your statement is?

  • NeuronMD

    For the same reason she’s hard at work insulting the intelligence of everyone on this board.

  • NeuronMD

    Chew on this: There are NO ABSOLUTE RIGHTS! We regulate the First Amendment, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and what have you. That is the price we pay so we can live in society. This has been like that since the dawn of times.

    You CAN’T skirt the simple fact that the 2nd is subjected to the same inescapable logic.

    You know what Susan Smith? if my guns get taking away one day, it’ll be because of people like you who can’t accept reality and forces society to overreact.

  • moose2271

    I think people would be surprised if they knew how many schools already have either armed guards or armed police officers in the schools around the country.

  • JoeSixPack56

    Did I miss it when the NRA held a news conference after Trayvon Martin was shot dead, calling on our government to give guns to every black male so they could defend themselves? Could an NRA spokesperson or member please tell us is they support that idea?

  • @ Joan, NeuronMD and Watching from Lincoln: Let’s do a study, you three post a “NO GUN ZONE” sign in your front yards and I’ll post a sign that shows the end of a gun barrel with the words “Forget the dog, worry about the Owner” and we’ll see who of the four of us get robbed first. I hope the readers of this article (who have not decided where they are at on this issue) read all of your comments because the pure left wing hatred you show is reason enough to never to give one inch on the 2nd Amendment.

  • I beg your pardon… #1. I addressed the comments made by Joan so I am very much on topic but I guess you would have to read her comment first before attacking me. #2 I could care less whether a liberal troll takes me seriously or not. #3 Who the hell am I…why I’m a citizen in this country who uses our 1st Amendment right to free speech.

  • If anyone had bothered to listen to ALL of NRA’s speech he said that this was just ONE of the many options that would be made available to address the situation of school safety. Having Teachers/staff armed at schools would NOT have an effect on the kids as you suggest – it is the BAD guys who are are armed who walk into their schools and shoot everyone up because they know they’re defenseless. Even though you have no regard or respect for anyone who has a different opinion from yours, I do. Please read your history, at the least, the Constitution to figure out what the purpose was our Founding Fathers put in the 2nd Amendment before you label me.

  • I won’t be chewing on anything you are shoveling. If YOU lose your 2nd Amendment right it will be YOUR fault because YOU failed to defend it and the right of others. The next time should the killer use his vehicle to smash into a school or a playground, tell me will you be on the bandwagon to ban vehicles too? How about when a killer uses a handgun or a knife or a 15ft chain…after all with schools a “no gun zone” the killer(s) are free use whatever weapon they choose because once they enter an unarmed school they can do whatever they want.

  • There is no need to lie NeronMD. I have not insulted the intelligence of anyone, in fact, it has been you and Joan who can not have a civil conservation about a very serious issue.

  • Thank you Bart for your common sense. I am used to people calling me names because I have an opinion opposite them and when I ask questions or provide information they
    reply with more of the same left wing rubbish.

  • Joan, your indoctrinated hatred for anyone who has an opinion other than yours is apparent in every comment you make. That is a reflection of you, not me. Until you abolish the 1st Amendment I will make use of my right to Freedom of Speech – unless, you can show me where it says in the 1st Amendment that one only has the right to Freedom of Speech unless they disagree with Joan.

  • The 2nd Amendment applies to every citizen regardless of race. Black males do not have to wait for the Government to give them permission to own a weapon legally.

  • Germany and Russia were able to establish a police state after they banned citizens from having guns. It didn’t go well for the citizens.

  • I’m sure there are plenty of retired officers who do not want to re-enter the work force – but who is to say what their reason is? I don’t think providing security at a school could be considered the same as a job description for policing the citizenry.

  • You are an internet troll who stalk individuals – I see now that I am on your list for what reason only you know. Check your hatred or maybe the internet police should be checking it for you. Your verbal attacks are getting more and more aggressive…maybe Nebraska Watchdog should turn your information over to the police? I’ve lost count now how many times you’ve angrily obsessed over my loss in the bid for State Legislator for District 11.

    Once again, Joan, the 6,000+ who voted for the racist, anti-white, anti-American Sen. Ernie Chambers and those 3,000+ who voted for an admitted Gambler and embezzler of campaign funds and reporting false campaign reports their votes for either of these two individuals is a direct reflection of the mentality of those voters. It had absolutely nothing to do with me or my campaign. I’m not angry about it so I’m wondering why it bothers you so much that you bring it up every time I comment on an article? Are you the one who at a North Omaha Org’s meeting in November who purposely bumped into me? Are you one of those good Christian ministers or attendees of these meetings who stare at me with hatred in your eyes? I would check the attitude if I were you, your slip is showing.

  • How many of the criminal shooters in Nebraska have concealed carry permits? It’s unfair to compare law abiding citizens with the Gangs who are shooting up my neighborhood. If you have been around guns then you should know that it is a person who chooses to kill – the weapon of choice does not matter.

  • Also interesting is that President Barack Hussein Obama cut funding the Secure Schools in the last budge and totally eliminated it in next year’s budget. I think that information came from the President of the NRA too.

  • That information does put it in perspective, so is the fact that a study commissioned last year showed 7,000 citizens and legal immigrants are victims of illegal alien crime. No outcry there to get the borders secured. No outcry to get illegal immigration under control by the left wing or churches or other pro-amnesty orgs.

  • Jim

    For the record, Texas has had armed law enforcement officers in public schools for years. They are employed by the districts and receive the same state certification as officers woking for the city PD or County Sheriff. I taught in a public school for 15 years and was witness to the effectiveness of the these officers. In 2009 there was an incident with a former student. We (the staff) were notified at home early one morning not to report to school until late morning. As it turned out the former student was planning an attack on school personnel. He had several weapons, ammo, body armor and a detailed diary of what he was going to do. His mother discovered the plot and notified authorities. Guess who was first on the scene to lockdown the school and set up a perimeter? That’s right, the school’s PD personnel. So this notion that police officers on campus is some how a novel idea or not feasable is just not credible. It should be an option for any state to consider.

  • Ceunei

    Reinforce the school buildings. That is my answer. I know, it would probably cost more money…I can see from the public school my child will ~maybe~ attend, public school buildings aren’t a big priority (hence, the maybe, not so sure I want my kids young brain to be subjected to whatever that headache inducing smell was in that school…something to do with ventilation)…but neither is a modern public education (churning out little sliced boxed human citizens fit for yesterday’s industry, but not tomorrow’s…churning out kids that physically slice themselves until they bleed…oh wow…what does the modern educational system do to its kids)…but…why keep the kids sitting ducks while they get their underfunded public educations with what seems to be a very brutalized profession of teaching (something about loonie liberal teachers would never shoot or give their lives to save children is mentioned time and again)? Line the windows with bullet proof lining. Make the locks on the doors to be bullet proof…put vehicle barriers in front of the main doors…lots of ways to spend money wisely without arming every Tom, Richard & Harriet.

    Sure sure, gun use as tools needs to be defined as does the “well regulated militia” part of the Second Amendment…(it is the first part, my dear gun owners that only listen to the part the NRA has been quoting….Out of Context, and, causing state laws to be written on without regard to the entire amendment), and, yup, something needs to be done about the mentally ill (like we really care as a culture what happens to those people with bent minds…and…never doubt…it could happen to you…hopefully there will be health insurance to cover the bill)…but to keep the kids as sitting ducks in the schools, still, is really quite a message to me just how important those little humans the parents shoo off to the cheapest caregiver at around six weeks of age are to my culture.
    Right now?

    Not important enough. I have a planned child, a wanted child. I certainly wish my Elders and Peers (I am an older parent, most of my peers have already put out their Gen Y product…many allowed to be well undereducated…can’t really spell for some reason…some even dropping out of High School?) would act as if their children were planned and wanted, also, not that I’m perfect… But, when I possibly wade into the Public School System, I will actually care and I will put work into improving whatever building my child happens to occupy…that is, if we are forced to go the Public School route. Just learned my kid’s school will lose even more funding and they are already at a 78% darker colored child rate…so…I know that will be allowed. I’ve noticed this culture doesn’t really value children of the darker hues, either…and…my kid may get to suffer for what my Peers and Elders have allowed. Good job. No wonder that CT massacreist came to the conclusion school age children and teachers are expendable. He was merely reflecting his view of the modern culture.

  • Ceunei

    Haw, most gun owning law abiding human citizens aren’t in school with their children all day. Most gun owning law abiding human citizens are paying homage to the only allowed cultural loyalty: Paid Work.

    Reinforce the outside of the school. Fix the building, otherwise, the children everyone professes to value so much they allow the school buildings to deteriorate right before their very eyes, are STILL sitting ducks.

  • Ceunei

    Also, Susan Smith I heavily encourage you to use at least two forms of birth control so I don’t have to pay for any of the types of ‘accidents’ that come from women who can’t be bothered to use birth control to control their uteruses. I don’t like to pay for the unwanted kids of the more conservative any more than I want to pay for the unwanted kids of the more liberal. Unwanted kids tend to be badly parented, and, allowed to be sent to underpar schools whose parents don’t realize….hey….we can reinforce the outside of the school buildings!

  • Ceunei

    Here is the entire second amendment:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Most intractable gun owners only know the part they’ve been fed, out of context, by the NRA which is:

    “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Please keep in mind, this amendment was written in the 1780’s. The founding fathers had a very small number of people they considered citizens (citizens were all human at that time). Anyone not a citizen or refusing to swear fealty to the new nation got their guns taken away.

    Fast forward: 2013.
    My question : What is the modern definition of Well-Regulated Militia (bunches of people wandering around concealed carry with their names guarded by the state government upon the permit being given…is that a well regulated militia…as long as the state government knows who has those permits)?

    Again, reinforce the school building.

  • Ceunei

    Well, your solution ties right into who ever sells the guns. Get more newly manufactured guns out into the population. Guns aren’t like jeans…they don’t wear out in a couple of years…

    I’d reather reinforce the school building itself…but I already know the answer…what about the angry parent? What if there isn’t a gun to stop them….but…at least my solution takes care of the angry massacreist problem.

    See, the problem with most gun owners is they have so much hysterical fear and they try to force their way through life with this fear…cramming it down everyone’s throat. I think the power of the tool overwhelms them. Most gun owners that do not hunt with their weapons or shoot the weapons for sport bought the weapon with only one intent. To kill another human. And they shake with fear at the thought of using it, but, instead of admitting that, they instead go through all this superperson bravado…I must wear my concealed weapon to SAVE you. Yah…and how many layers of clothing is that holster under…..

    I’m sick of the fear mongering.

  • Ceunei

    I wonder if they are paid more than the teachers? The security personnel…I wonder which profession Texas actually values more…

  • Ceunei

    If you are in my neighborhood, please, don’t shoot. (And, since you don’t know me or what is in my basement…don’t even try to guess my stance on guns…which is…they are tools.) I’d rather have the police than some random person walk up to me to defend me by drawing their weapon…I may be trained in martial arts, myself, and, may take what you think you are offering as help…as a threat…kind of like the silly elders did on the routes whenever I asked them if they needed help…and I never needed a gun on a route…I’ve been in a lot of places…driven many miles…NEVER needed a gun.

    I view more people with guns as more dangerous, and, I trust all ‘law abiding’ grown up human citizens about as far as I can throw them. I’m older, I see what my Elders and Peers have allowed, and, frankly, it isn’t impressive. I’ve run routes, I’ve talked to all sorts, and, those who think they should be armed, usually shouldn’t be.

  • Ceunei

    The First Amendment (I do so dislike people quoting from the amendments without citing or even reading them):

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Huh…where were all the 1st Amendment quoters when the Occupy Movement was getting its bottom whipped by the police I wonder….

  • Ceunei

    There is that fear, again.

  • Ceunei

    Actually, the founding fathers did not consider black people to be citizens. They were slaves, therefore, not allowed to own guns.

  • Ceunei

    I know our upper grades do…then…I see the buildings the kids must go to school in…obviously armed guards are more important than nice spaces to learn in in my city, anyway.

  • Ceunei

    The Israelis also constructed a brand new school building. Reinforced to withstand rocket attacks…so…the gun thing in school must not have been working as well as they’d hoped…

    Anyway, we don’t live in Israel. And, they are assuming their land the same way the United States assumed its land. A whole lotta killing…

  • Ceunei

    Well, then, since the car analogy has come up…

    All forms of gunownership should be put under the same licensing system one endures for the privilege of driving a car. Just about anyone can get a normal operator’s license. However, I paid more for my CDL and continue to…I choose the additional endorsements I want to have on my CDL and pay for those, too. Heck, I even have to train with an air braked vehicle in order for me to drive without an airbrake restriction on my license… Oh…and…I had to pay for my own training in addition to passing a Federal Medical Test…so…gunowners pay for their own training, and, pass a Federal Medical Test…only this one is to ferret out the would be gun owners we don’t want owning guns…

    So…why not gun owners. My trucks could kill (trucks do kill).

    Oh, but, in order to monger more fear, the reply will be…but criminals won’t do this…blah blah blah… but, I am looking to the future not the past…. the guns that are sold today, will still be out there, tomorrow…possibly for generations…

  • Ceunei

    Breitbart is still alive? Speaking through the fingers of his flock?

  • Ceunei

    Darn, so no money to reinforce the outside of the school building against invasion…only money to arm folks. Yup. That is my culture…sure cares about the kids.

  • Ceunei

    There are currently enough guns in circulation to arm the entire human adult population in the United State…plus…and don’t let that personalized bullet idea get out….oh dear…that one is a profit maker!

  • Ceunei

    Keep the populace terrified by fear…and that populace becomes paralyzed. Ineffectual. The Congress We the People elect (or reelect) reflects no one but We the People.

  • Ceunei

    What about Veterans? A lot of them need work.

  • Ceunei

    Sandy Hook was not totally secured. A door was locked that a normal person would have pressed the buzzer for. Sandy Hook school building allowed its glass to be busted. There do exist materials that can be retrofit to render glass bullet & bust proof. I asked my Veteran husband if bullet proof locks exist…of course they do…

    But, most people in politics just want to go for the ‘Big Ticket’ items to get their names volleyed about….things such as school building updates aren’t so exciting as say Gun Control & Mental Health…

    All will take funds, of course. So, I watch with interest what is more important to my culture…buildings or guns.

    I’m already betting on the guns. The lack of a good education for those about age 40 and under is really really telling these days…good for the gun business…

  • Jazzee

    excellent post
    if school officials want to be armed we should train them
    how about tasers for the schools? or a blinding light object that a former military guy was talking about…there are many things that can be done …volunteers can patrol schools like in Arizona…and there should be MAJOR discussion about the DRUGS these shooters have been using……….why no mention??? and of course the lovely videos children ‘play’ all the time loaded with violence hmmmmm

  • Jazzee

    because we are FORCED to pay for them…..sorry we don’t want to

  • Jazzee


  • Jazzee

    look at Israel the kids seem fine to me….get over the anti law abiding gun owners please it’s a bogus issue ..check out the DRUGS hey MD

  • Jazzee

    but the problem is we can’t afford 100,000 a year cops…the feds only paid for them for about 2-3 yrs and then we pay
    we need to explore all options…we have cops in some schools now but we can arm the schools if not with guns then there are other things that can be done….let’s open our eyes and really try to solve the problem as much as we can instead of attacking law abiding gun owners

  • Jazzee

    YET his kids have 11 armedd guards plus Secret service but then obama is all about telling us what to do
    he is a loser

  • Jazzee

    maybe you should worry more about Lincoln….always comments you make are personal argue the merits

  • Jazzee

    and you haven’t?

  • Jazzee