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NE: Top ten Nebraska Watchdog stories of 2012: 10-9-8.

By   /   December 24, 2012  /   9 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

During the last year Nebraska Watchdog has continued its commitment to original reporting.

We’ve uncovered numerous exclusive stories involving the U.S. Senate race, Omaha’s race for mayor, the nuclear power plant at Fort Calhoun, Lincoln’s arena, secret political deals and more.

This week we look back at Nebraska Watchdog’s top ten stories of 2012, original reporting first seen under Nebraska Watchdog’s banner, beginning with numbers 10-9-8.

10: Governor Pushed to Keep Power Over Phipps’ Job

This has been a year of one complaint after another targeting Douglas County Election Commissioner Dave Phipps. Nebraska Watchdog recently reported that State Sen. Steve Lathrop plans to introduce legislation early next year aimed at ending Phipps’ role. It’s a role given Phipps by the governor and as Nebraska Watchdog first reported earlier this year the governor and Phipps want to keep it that way.


9: Ashford ‘Strongly Considering’ 2013 Mayor’s Race/Welch Running for Mayor

Omaha’s 2013 race for mayor wasted no time picking up steam in 2012. Nebraska Watchdog has consistently broken stories on the race including the decisions by Brad Ashford and Dan Welch to take on incumbent Jim Suttle.


8: Family planning clinics closing in Fremont and Norfolk after state yanks grants

Questions about abortion and women’s health services were first uncovered by Nebraska Watchdog’s Capitol Bureau Chief Deena Winter in this exclusive report.


What is your top story of the year? Please comment.

The countdown continues tomorrow.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Hate to quibble (and on Christmas Eve, yet), but a more realistic description of Phipps’ year would be that there has been one complaint after another BY THE SAME HALF DOZEN activists. That at least would shed more light on what’s gone on here, and why.

  • Hate to disagree Senator but the actions of Mr Phipps and the State Legislature and the national G O P to suppress the vote was held in disdain by millions of Americans. Luckily you and the Republican party was largely ineffective in suppressing the but not by lack of trying.

  • Factually and grammatically wrong- and absurdly so. So all the Democrats in the Leg. were in on it too? Oliver Stone never concocted anything so ridiculous.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Bombastic buffoon, Scott. Your denial of reality is the hallmark of the ideologically ignorant Koch sucker.

  • JoeSixPack56

    The flip-flopping of Governor Dave Heineman on the foreign company Transcanada’s plan to build a huge tarsands pipeline right above and through the Ogallala Aquifer. When he thought President Obama was for it, Heineman was against it. As soon as President Obama said NO to the pipeline, Heineman flip-flopped and was for it.

    Why doesn’t Heineman stay on the side of Nebraska’s agriculture and people by saying NO to the foreign oil?

    Why doesn’t Heineman work harder to get more wind and solar farms in Nebraska – to reduce our dependance on foreign oil?

  • JoeSixPack56

    THE HOTTEST STORY (in more ways than one):
    The way human-caused Global Warming is changing our climate. This resulted in the hottest year in recorded history, the worst drought in Nebraska and other states as well as record setting wild fires in many states, including Nebraska.

    How OPPD is on track to meeting is goal tor 2020 to reduce their carbon output by having at least 10% of their energy produced by wind. They are doing great work by meeting this goal 6 or 7 years EARLY. This will help reduce Global Warming.

  • Agreed my post up there was grammatically unsound; I usually do better than that. However my points were sound. And I believe the G O P’s move to suppress the vote by Voter ID laws and purging voter rolls and reducing polling hours and confusing the voter (like what happened in Douglas County), backfired on the G O P because it made young people and minorities even more determined to show up at the polls.
    And the Voter ID move in Nebraska is dead, but you can try again Senator but you better get it by Senator Chambers. Good luck with that.

  • Real voter suppression or intimidation is when The New Black Panther Party stood outside of polling places with billy clubs. I guess everyone missed the video of that party’s new leader King Shabazz giving a shout out for black people to “kill the Crackers and their babies.” Left wingers never miss an opportunity to make issues about racism, political party and trying to be as ugly in their responses as possible toward those who disagree with them.

  • Never-ending left-winger rhetoric. Yawn. Everything you claim about conservatives is exactly what the left do – the fact that any reader can go back over the comments to most of the articles Nebraska Watchdog posts will see the same names, the same comments, the same colorful personal attacks at those who disagree with them. Yawn.