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Video Special: Johanns says Hagel needs to “make the case”

By   /   January 7, 2013  /   5 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Although Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns, a Republican, considers Republican Chuck Hagel a friend, there’s no guarantee Hagel will get Johanns’ vote to be the next Secretary of Defense.

Only minutes before President Obama officially nominated Hagel, Johanns told Nebraska Watchdog that Hagel—who has been tarred by some as anti-Israel—needs to “make the case” that he’s the right one for the job.

Johanns says if the Senate voted today Hagel would lose but Johanns notes that could change.

According to Johanns he’s “open minded.”








Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Bam

    Part of me actually hopes Hagel gets in. He’d be an embarrassment to the administration fairly quickly.

  • Dave Fall

    Yep there goes Mike shooting off his usual talking point of the day. Well Mike you and I are personal friends for many years now.
    To my buddy I say am saying, this is an appointment those of us who know Foreign policy support. Republicans from Brent to Democrats like Zbig. Many of us are watching you on this one Mike. In the end I believe Mike will do the right thing..

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Typical chinless, spineless Mikey the Groveling Power-Kisser. In an LJS article today he praised Hagel for coming to his defense in an election, now leave it to Mikey to typically return the favor with a knife between Chuck’s shoulder blades. I know and respect Chuck Hagle, I spent nineteen years in the Army, sixteen as an Officer. We conversed shortly after he announced he would not run again for the U.S. Senate. This country would be FAR better off right now if MORE people in D.C. had the integrity, moderation and pragmatism of Chuck Hagel.

    Mike Johanns I’ve dealt with since his days on the Lincoln city Council and Mikey Johannns is NOT fit to lick Chuck Hagel’s boots – let alone even try to comment on his fitness as Defense Secretary. Let’s face it, on the Big Stage, Mikey screwed the pooch as Ag Secretary, how DARE he try to question the qualifications of Chuck Hagel at Secretary of Defense.

  • Jazzee

    johanns is just like hagel RINO

  • resistwemuch

    Ahmadinejad totally agrees with WFL and Dave. Jedem das seine.