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MD: Teachers union seeks fees from teachers who don’t join up

By   /   January 11, 2013  /   News  /   2 Comments

By Meg Tully | MarylandReporter.com

PAY UP: The state teachers union in Maryland wants to force teachers who don’t join to pay fees to the group, anyway.

Maryland teachers would be required to pay union fees even if they are not union members under legislation expected to be introduced this session on behalf of the state teachers union.

The “fair share” fee is a top priority of the Maryland State Education Association, which represents about 70,000 people or 80% of school employees.

Union spokesman Adam Mendelson said the fee, at about 68% of current union dues, is intended to make sure everyone contributes to the cost of contract negotiations, from which all employees benefit. In addition, state law requires that the union provide representation for all educators who want to resolve a grievance, whether they are union members or not.

The fee would pay for such services and could not go toward the cost of political activities, he said. 

The idea doesn’t sit well with some lawmakers.

“It’s a forced tax on those who choose to teach,” Sen. David Brinkley, a Republican who represents Frederick and Carroll counties, said.

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  • Regaleonline

    Who is behind this (politician) Sounds like a soon to be right to work state about to happen again…Unions need to quit HURTING non union people.

  • heidihoneighbor

    I f that, Peaches.

    Public schools are the epitome of stupifying your children.

    Unions are literally profiting record scale and indoctrinating them with their own liberal views.
    There will come a time when it is to late to save our society if you dont act now.

    Do not let the unions buy your politicians votes