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Miami Dolphins seek to cash in on taxpayer-funded stadium remodeling

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PAY UP: The Miami Dolphins want taxpayers to fund at least half of their $400 million stadium renovation.

Once the purse opens up, the beggars are sure to come.

First it was the Tampa Bay Rays looking to score public dollars for their brand new stadium somewhere in Tampa in order to get out of Tropicana Field. Now it’s the Miami Dolphins.

But rather than a new stadium, they just want some renovations — $400 million worth of upgrades and remodeling at Sun Life Stadium.

And the team has pledged to pay more “at least half,” according to the Miami Herald, leaving Miami taxpayers on the hook for yet another stadium.

The Marlins ballpark, constructed at a taxpayer-funded cost of over $500 million, despite the protests of several groups, opened in April of 2012.





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