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BREAKING NEWS: Police evacuate WI Capitol after man claims to have Molotov cocktail

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By Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON – Portions of the state Capitol were evacuated Tuesday afternoon after police apprehended a man who claimed he was carrying a Molotov cocktail in his backpack.

Kvon R. Smith was taken into custody and being transferred to the Dane County Jail, Stephanie Marquis, spokeswoman for the Department of Administration, said in an email to Wisconsin Reporter.

Authorities took a man into custody Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to do harm at the state Capitol, just hours before the governor’s speech.

The scare came hours before Gov. Scott Walker was expected to deliver his annual state of the state address before the Legislature.

Smith earlier in the day allegedly stated on his Facebook page he was going to come to the Capitol “to do harm,” but the threat was not made against anyone in particular, Marquis said.

Capitol Police received information of the comment, and began to investigate the threat. Agents from the Wisconsin State Patrol, the state Departments of Natural Resources and Justice, and the University of Wisconsin police were called in to assist.

“Smith’s photo was circulated in order to identify him if he came close to the Capitol. The Capitol Police Department also contacted Milwaukee and Madison Police Departments for assistance,” Marquis said.

Police took up positions at all Capitol entrances, and Capitol Police officers “immediately identified Smith when he entered the Capitol,” Marquis said. He was apprehended in the rotunda, and stated that he had a Molotov cocktail in his backpack, the DOA spokeswoman said.

“The backpack was taken outside to Wisconsin Avenue, and the City of Madison Fire Department and the Dane County bomb squad have been called to further investigate the contents of the backpack,” Marquis stated.

Capitol police evacuated staff in offices facing Wisconsin Avenue as a precaution while the contents of the backpack were identified. Marquis did not say if an incendiary device was found in the backpack.

Smith is in custody at the Dane County Jail, and charges are pending.

The Capitol police asked staff in offices facing Wisconsin Avenue to evacuate as a precaution as the contents of the backpack are identified. Smith is in custody and charges are pending.

Marquis said extra security was added to the Capitol today, as it always is, as a precaution prior to the state of the state address, “where all of Wisconsin’s highest elected officials will be present.

“This is consistent with protocol in previous years.”

It appears Smith has a recent arrest record. A Kvon R. Smith, 20, of Milwaukee, was arrested on Dec. 18 in Dane County on charges of resisting or obstructing an officer, according to the Wisconsin Court System online Circuit Court Access.


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  • They also detained another random black male because he fit ‘the profile’. I know because that would be me.