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Gun background checks split two red state Republicans

By   /   January 17, 2013  /   8 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Republican Rep. Lee Terry tells Nebraska Watchdog that at least one of President Obama’s major gun control proposals is worth considering.

“Background checks are something I’m willing to look at,” said Terry.

Congressman Lee Terry is willing to consider background checks for all gun sales

That puts the Omaha Congressman, who is coming off one of his toughest re-election campaigns, slightly at odds with the state’s senior U.S. Senator, fellow Republican, Mike Johanns.

A member of the National Rifle Association, Terry is not convinced that the President’s call to ban assault weapons and limit ammunition clips to 10 rounds will make the country safer but says background checks for all gun sales appears reasonable.

“Background checks can be done rather instantaneously. I’ve gone through background checks to get my permits.”

Johanns, who is not a member of the NRA, is taking a harder line.

“Placing a heavier burden on responsible gun owners will do little to prevent troubled individuals from carrying out violent acts,” said Johanns who is concerned about attempts to curtail the 2nd Amendment.

Johanns’ spokesman tells Nebraska Watchdog those concerns include background checks.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Tell me Rep Terry what part of getting assult weapons off the street and magazine clips that carry greater than 10 bullets is not helping to keep the number of people slaughtered in a mass murder situation better than what happened in Sandy Hook. Babies standing in a row shot down with three to eleven bullets in their little bodies crying out in horror. And you think one of the President’s ideas is worth thinking about. Well said by an NRA bought and paid for Republican from Nebraska. This will be your last term!

  • Senator Johanns, you have been elected to your highest level of incompetence.

  • OutWst

    Johanns = Joke.

  • Smith

    We already go thru background checks to get the permit from the state to purchase a gun…

  • So? Obviously we still need to address the issue of assault weapons and magazine clips.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Obviously, Terry Lee hasn’t read the memo from the NRA yet. Give him a week, he’ll be his usual placeholder Party line-toeing self.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Don’t forget the thoroughness of that background check, there’s still a lot of loose nuts able to get permits. We need to tighten up both the criminal AND the mental background checks.

  • Just saw on the 10:00 news tonight that they are having a record turnout at the Carter Lake gun show. On sale are AK 47’s and magazines…terrific, in three days these weapons can be on our streets. Oh, also on the news, a student was picked up at North High with a gun. When are you crazy gun nuts going to stop this madness and get our society back to where we are safe and the only guns out there are the guns used to hunt game or food for the family to eat.