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Peter Kinder blasts MO Gov. Jay Nixon’s Medicaid expansion plan

By   /   January 22, 2013  /   No Comments

By Eli Yokley | Missouri News Horizon

JEFFERSON CITY — The man who has led the Missouri Republicanopposition to the federal health care law believes there is no way

KINDER: Nixon didn’t run on expanding Medicaid, therefore there’s no voter mandate for it.

the state could move forward on expanding the state’s Medicaid rolls.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder believes that despite the re-election of President Obama and Gov. Jay Nixon, there is no mandate to expand the low-income assistance program pushed by Democrats.

“He did not seek a mandate on Obamacare. He didn’t even talk about it during the campaign,” Kinder said. “There can’t be a mandate if you did not lay a program before the people and say I want to be re-elected on the basis of this program.”

Nixon — pointing to numbers from the Missouri Hospital Association — claims more than 300,000 Missourians would be added to the state’s Medicaid rolls if the state were to move forward with expansion. Furthermore, Nixon and the group have claimed it would add more than 24,000 jobs to the state’s economy — leading Nixon to repeatedly say it is a good thing to do, and the “right thing to do.”

Nixon is expected to lay out his case for expansion on Jan. 28, during his first state of the state address of his second term.

Republicans have consistently touted their opposition to expansion, and Kinder believes there is no compromise opportunity at this time.

“The Medicaid expansion is unaffordable, it is unworkable, it would break the state’s bank fiscally, and we are not going to do it,” he said.


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