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First TV ad launched in Omaha mayor’s race

By   /   January 22, 2013  /   5 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—With the city’s primary election just over ten weeks away the first TV ad is off and running.

According to his campaign, on Tuesday (today) former City Council President Dan Welch, a Republican, is launching a 30 second commercial (see video below) touting “One Omaha united.”

Welch, who raised $270,000 in 2012, started the year with $230,000 in his campaign account.

In 1989, the last mayor’s race with a similar crowded field—there are five major candidates this year—P.J. Morgan hit the air early and partly credited the move to his eventual win.

It’s not clear when Welch’s opponents, which includes incumbent Mayor Jim Suttle, will begin their TV ads.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Not ONE minority person in the ad.

  • Nice job with the ad – professional and to the point.

  • Pat, is it necessary for every ad to be laced with individuals from every background? What makes you think that white people are not a minority? I’m not sure what your point is, could you explain it a little bit for me please?

  • Dave Fall

    Generic and boring..Any one can say, Wow we will all work together by golly and be so happy as everything will be better with me. Yeah sure.

  • Mike C.

    Not only the best candidate, but the only good one in the group.