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Video Special: Tax battle finds Gov fighting death by delay

By   /   February 11, 2013  /   8 Comments

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

If there’s one thing lawmakers are good at it’s talking—sometimes even talking something to death.

Gov. Dave Heineman

And that’s just what’s on tap for Governor Dave Heineman’s plan to eliminate the state income tax if his opponents get their way.

Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan spoke exclusively with Heineman about a move to push his plan back a full year.

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Joe formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    The jig’s up, Herr HeineyMan. Everybody knows your just a lapdog shill for the fascist agenda of the Koch brothers and this latest boondoggle of yours just proves it.

  • Joan

    Governor, you are so finished as our govenor. Can’t wait for the elections.

  • finished is a good word. But he won’t go quietly. Somebody should tell him his time is up. he is a lame duck just admit it Gov.

  • Jazzee

    how about coming up with some new ideas if they don’t like the gov’s??????

  • ProgressiveOasis

    Here’s Watching, Joan and Ricky’s idea and ideal…the government takes 100% of your gross income and then “they” give you back what’s “fair” for you to have. Pinhead fascist Marxist proggies whose sole objective is to make sure others share their own complete failure.

  • Hunyock

    Right now, I would like to see more effort put into tourism in this state. the governor tried to compare Nebraska with South Dakota, but SD has less than half the population that we do, but they have a ton of tourists in large part due to all the fishing and hunting opportunities there.
    I would like to see our natural resources developed so that we may get people to want to come to Nebraska for hunting and fishing. this would increase revenue from sales taxes, but from an external source. It may also keep those in Nebraska in state for vacations instead of traveling to another state and spending their money there.
    It would take a while, but it is a better way to increase revenue than to break promises made to companies that we made to get them to bring their jobs here in the first place.

  • shameless_1

    SD. also has no Mandatory Helmet Law the Same as MO. KS. IA. We watch as Millions go around NE. every year in August as Sturgis rolls around. The same could be said for other big Bike Rally’s. Bikers that have a choice will side track NE in favor of friendlier riding territory
    We can’t get Casino Gambling passed in NE so all that $$$ goes out of state and the same tired excuses are used every time it comes up. FACT, if a person is a Gambeling Addict then driving a couple hundred miles much less 5 miles across a River will not stop them from going to a Casino.
    @ Honyock, you have a good idea. Here’s a very good example of what your talking about. Several yrs. ago the Township of Ayr [12 miles S. of Hastings] deeded a small but very beautiful park complete with a small lake suitable for swimming, several nice outbuildings, a Tennis Court, Electric Hookups for campers and potable water. The little Blue runs adjacent to the Park, (Crystal Lake). In 09 a bad storm came thru and tore the park to pieces, I was one of two contractors that bid on the cleanup. 183 Trees to be completely removed along with the Stumps and back filled, many other trees that needed trimming to remove the dead and broken branches and all cleanup. I bid this at Approx 186K, I know I underbid the competitor. After several weeks of not hearing from the State I was informed that the Dept. of Parks and Rec. would not pay that much to clean the park. In short the Township took the Park back and cleaned it up, there is anew well feeding the Lake and the Electrical hookups are being redone, we re-roofed the Outbuildings and painted what needed painting. Game and Parks will restock the lake next year. The point is if this had been a bike trail in or close to Omaha or Lincoln the State would not have hesitated to spend three times that amount to clean it up. I have seen them spend 50K just to upgrade a Interstate rest area and you couldn’t tell anything had been touched when they were finished.
    You want more money coming into this State then changes need to be made and the Republican/Conservative approach has stagnated the Economy here for the last 25-30 yrs.

  • shameless_1

    Should have read, deeded this park over to the State.