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Filibustering NE senator hits Christians, Bible, pols

By   /   February 20, 2013  /   News  /   155 Comments

CHAMBERS TO COLLEAGUES: Jesus “looked more like me than you all.” (AP Photo)

By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog

Updated 8:25 a.m. Thursday

LINCOLN – While filibustering a bill that would expand a prison work program, a Nebraska state senator fired verbal shots at the former lieutenant governor who resigned for using his state cell phone to make personal calls, a former senator who gambled away campaign donations, the Catholic church, the Bible, Christians and, last but not least, the governor.

Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers — famous for his bold pronouncements, oratorical flourishes and mastery of parliamentary procedure when he comes across a bill he doesn’t like — launched his full-on attack Wednesday. Chambers is back in the Legislature this year after a four-year absence due to term limits.

The subject of Chambers’ latest ire was Sen. Mark Christensen’s bill allowing a McCook prison work camp to provide labor to charitable, fraternal and nonprofit groups. Caught in the crossfire of his filibuster was the lieutenant governor who recently resigned after a newspaper found he’d made about 2,000 phone calls to several women other than his wife.

Chambers questioned why former Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy hasn’t been charged with a crime, even though using government resources for personal use is against the law. The state auditor said since the phone was on a unlimited usage plan, there was no cost to the state.

Chambers also questioned why the senator who replaced him during his four-year hiatus and was defeated by him in November, former Sen. Brenda Council, didn’t get jail time after being fined $500 for gambling away $63,000 in campaign funds. The attorney general charged her with two misdemeanors rather than a felony, saying the penalty would likely be the same.

Chambers alleged that if “some scruffy person” like he were in their shoes, he would’ve been treated differently.

“Sheehy and Council commit crimes but aren’t charged,” Chambers said, although Council was charged with misdemeanors. “We can’t put Sheehy in jail. We can’t put Senator Council in jail.”

Then, while burning up time trying to talk Christensen’s bill to death, Chambers talked about attending a fundamentalist church where, as a child, he claimed children were terrorized and made to feel they were headed for Hell. He called Bible stories “fairy tales” that he outgrew.

Chambers sounded more like a preacher – albeit an unconventional and blasphemous one – than a senator, but he blamed the Legislature for that, too, noting that the body “invites religion into the chamber every morning” with a prayer. He said preachers who enter the legislative chambers are entering “my territory” to “do their damage.” He accused senators of not heeding those preachers’ calls to “do the right thing,” which he said “brings condemnation on you.”

While on the subject of Christianity, Chambers noted that Jesus “looked more like me than you all.” Despite his claims he doesn’t believe in God (though he sued God once), Chambers demonstrated that he knows the Bible (which he derisively calls the “Holly Bibel”) well, telling his fellow senators that you can judge a society by how it treats its children, elderly and enemies.

He eviscerated “religious people” and Republicans who “have taken people’s wives” and “shiver of shivers, engaged in homosexuality.” He then reeled off a poem about Sheehy being a lonely man who used the government’s phone to make 2,000 phone calls.

“Why shouldn’t Sheehy be sentenced to do some free labor?” he asked. “It would teach him good work habits, and it would let him know that crime of any kind doesn’t pay.”

He attacked Gov. Dave Heineman, saying it’s racist for him not to allow young immigrants, who are here illegally but allowed to work by the feds, to get driver’s licenses. The governor’s spokeswoman, Jen Rae Hein, said in response, “The governor respects Senator Chambers. The issue of drivers licenses for persons here illegally is a matter of following Nebraska law, not race.”

Finally, Chambers said the Mafia has higher standards than the Catholic Church hierarchy because if their members were “raping children, they’d off them.”

After spending about three hours filibustering the bill, Chambers was cut off when the Legislature ended its floor session at noon Wednesday.

Christensen said in an interview later that Chambers told him he doesn’t like the bill because it reminds him of “chain gang days.” Christensen said he didn’t listen to the rest of Chambers’ rant.

“He knows the Bible but he doesn’t have the relationship that it takes to be a Christian or go to Heaven,” Christensen said.

Chambers is expected pick up his filibuster Monday where he left off, talking a full eight hours before he can be cut off.

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Deena formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.

  • Three cheers for Ernie! And a great read by Denna. Why did Sheehy and Council get off easy? And that Christanson is one strange guy. I bet he endorses Charlie Janssen for Governor.

  • cliveklg

    McCook prions is a for profit prison. These prisons are a blight on the US legal system, and some of the biggest exploiters of what is essentially slave labor.

  • Cookie

    So nice to know that Sen. Christensen knows who is going to Heaven & who isn’t. Some how these modern “Christians” know that kinda stuff.

  • AllSeasonRadial

    “He knows the Bible but he doesn’t have the relationship that it takes to be a Christian or go to Heaven,” Christensen said

    Isn’t there something like, “pride goeth before a fall” in Christianity, Mr. Christensen?

  • Hal

    If only there were more state senators like Chambers! And yes, Sen. Christensen, thanks for telling us who are to be judged—lest ye not be judged.

  • I also am glad (in a way) that Sen. Chambers is back…I love his oratorical skills and watched much of today’s “preaching” with amusement..he does at times resemble a “fire and brimstone “preacher which is ironic given his professed lack of faith….however, I know many of his fellow lawmakers must be extremely frustrated but can do nothing about it he because he knows the legislative rules better than anyone else. Chambers must really mess up the Speaker’s schedule with his wasting of valuable time…but freedom of speech means he can say what he wants as long as it is not profane and follows the rules. I expect Sen. Chambers will likely serve two terms ( 8 years) again, sit out four years and win his seat back again in about 2025. The people in his district love him and will likely never vote him out of office.

  • Bam

    Nice to see Ernie back, bringing North Omaha to the forefront and giving it all the attention it deserves. Yes, I know there’s more than one way to take that.

  • chuck drew

    Chambers needs to be in DC as Nebraska’s next US Senator! He’d shake up the lazy obstructionist GOPERS & do nothing Dems! He would be someone that all Nebraskans would be proud of in spite of themselves. Nothing like the Puppet on a String like DF is now, is he!! Go Ernie always telling it like it is!!

    BTW; I wonder how much $$$ Christensen’s gotten from the private prison Corp?? Maybe it’s time to put a fly on his tail to find out!!!

  • Gayle V.

    Hi, I’m Deena Winter. I write for the Ernie Chambers fan club as I work to legitimize every syllable of idiocy he rambles. I’ll be covering him from the nursing home, too, in just a few years. Ain’t he swell?

  • babler16

    He is a rotten no good POS do nothing windbag and everything that is bad about this country. The day he drops dead from a heart attack there should be dancing in the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking whack job

  • Jazzee

    I don’t compare what Sheehy did to what Brenda Council’s actions
    Listen we have old Ben Gray the big rep for district 2 who owes the federal gov 60,000 in taxes and he sits and tells us how to live and what to think seriously? they all stink !!! both parties losers

  • Lincolnlulu

    Ernie for congress.

  • Korruptor

    There is no right thing, nor condemnation, if there is no God.

    Maybe you should first learn how to use logic. It’s a little thing called ‘thinking.’ Which proves you know nothing about the Bible, or God.

  • Korruptor

    Welcome to the new debtor prison system. Just one major economic calamity from being fully staffed, and ready for production.

  • Korruptor

    By Mr. Chambers own admission, he does not believe, much less acknowledge nor love God.

    Chambers has his standards. So does God.

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Of course there is no war on Jesus Christ. & this story just proves that Christians & Christ are only easy targets. Why didn’t he compare himself to Allah or bash the Muslim faith?? I know why? They would have killed him, that why he didn’t attack Allah & Muslims! !

  • We’ve missed you, Ernie! Go get ’em!

  • oldwhiteguy

    i would have thought that term limits would mean you don’t get to come back.

  • Pat Boyle

    Yes Sir!! Welcome back Sen Chambers!!

  • Pat Boyle

    If you believe that kinda stuff.

  • allthingsnew

    National pastime of a … nation of loon – quacks — nitpickers !

  • resistwemuch

    All you Ernie lovers, most or all of which are liberal, progressive, socialist, democrats, constantly espouse your moral distaste for “bullying.” Yet, after reading the posts at this site it is evident that you really like the tactic of “bullying” as long as it is directed at conservatives, christians, whites, and jews. Mr. Chambers is the epitome of a seasoned bully. The costume he wears highlights this propensity to bully. The only thing missing is a pack of Lucky Strikes rolled up in the shirt sleeve. His primary intent is to silence opponents through fear and intimidation. Please, one of you ardent Ernie supporters tell me one thing this man has done to reduce unemployment in the area of the city he represents. Name one thing he has done to reduce crime in the area of the city he represents. Name one thing he has done to reduce poverty in the area of the city he represents. I waiting. In the mean time you can take joy and revel in the fact that your idol is “taking it to the man.”

  • amabo skcus

    “Jesus looked more like me than you all.”

    So, he is judging someone by their color and not the content of their character?

    Tell me “O” wise one; What did Jesus look like?

  • justsayin

    Just another angry black who was elected because he is black.

    Years ago, people like this used to be medicated and housed somewhere away from society for everybody’s well being. Now, people like him are elected to office, and we are keeping our kids drugged up for the sake of everybody’s well being…

  • selahgreene

    I am sure he was referring to the fact that he was likely the only one in the senate chamber with a beard.

    Chambers is known for his rhetorical flourishes? “A fool has no delight in understanding, but only in expressing his own heart.” And the more he ‘flourishes,’ the more foolish he looks.

  • Kevin

    Ernie’s solution is to blame the white devils for all the problems in North Omaha.

  • farmer

    Only Fools don’t believe in God. Enough said and that is not being racist…

  • Kevin

    I like his new black suit. It’s not much of a trade up from the blue one he had, but it shows he has a broader wardrobe than I thought he did.

  • selahgreene

    You can judge a society by how it treats its children, its elderly, and its enemies,
    Mr. Chambers? You are absolutely right – we have murdered 55 million of our most innocent of innocents for the sake of convenience; we fill our surviving children full of the filth of the world – violence, lust, anger – through the electronic
    babysitter. We treat our elderly like worn out, useless baggage, while destroying their financial lifeline, social security. Obama’s buddy, ‘bioethicist’ Peter Singer of Princeton, provides the tone for our ‘post-America’ society when he says that ‘non-humans’ and ‘non-producers’ do not deserve life and are expendable. The ‘non-humans’ are children up to the age of 5 (when he alleges they gain consciousness), and the non-producers are the elderly who are no longer working. This is all ironic, coming from a man whose paternal grandparents were butchered by Nazis in the Lodz concentration camp because they were declared sub-human by the state.

    As far as enemies, Mr. Chambers, Jesus was referring to personal enemies when He said “Love your enemies” and “Turn the other cheek.” He was not referring to national enemies. And, keep in mind that it was Jesus who commanded His disciples to sell their tunics and buy swords.

    It is apparent, Mr. Chambers, that while you lambast others for their shortcomings, you have no understanding of either our society or Christianity and the Holy Bible. Every time you speak, you make a bigger fool of yourself.

  • Kandalyn Hahn

    Ernie, you are one of the people who make me proud to be from Nebraska. Now if we could just borrow you here in Chicago, I think your filibuster might last a little longer. Please think about it 😉

  • If you don’t,I will pray for you

  • Chauncey Freeman

    INDECOROUS CHUMP. SOMEONE SHOULD REMIND the clown that civil-rights are for civil people and our republic is too good for the likes of Chambers making a mockery of our flawed but inspired form of government.

    If Chambers is anything like Mayor Barry he must have enough graft in his freezer to buy something better than a sweatshirt to wear to the senate? Why is it that vile anti-theist, neo-Marxist mini-despots all wear jogging suits and sweat shirts when they sit on fortunes in graft and plunder?

    The worst part is the useful idiots they surround themselves with fall for the, “I’m just an average guy like you” routine and the fake image the “street dress” aims to convey.

    There’s an idiot born every minute and chumps like Chambers live to exploit their idiocy.

    It is far past time for Af-Ams to emancipate themselves from the mental slavery and dependency of Uncle Sham’s democrat plantation and from slave masters like Chambers who sell legions of his constituents into cradle to grave subsistence. Hoodlums like Chambers don’t want Af-Ams to become upwardly mobile as he would then not be able to exploit economically liberated Af-Ams. Tragic irony.

  • Finally, Chambers said the Mafia has higher standards than the Catholic
    Church hierarchy because if their members were “raping children, they’d
    off them.”

    I think he has a point there.

  • Well, if anyone knows who is going to get into it would be him!

  • kbj

    err, only fools believe in a wholly inaccurate description of creation as depicted in an old, heavily modified book. Regardless of his views, good on him for filibustering the old fashioned way. If we made Congress do this, some work might actually get done, because they wouldn’t have the stomach for filibusters like they should be!

  • Most term limits disrupt consecutive time in office, not total time served in a lifetime like the Presidency does.

  • Thor prays for you John….also, please kill more Frost Giants if you want to get into Valhalla.

  • Thor says that you can still condemn things, you just need a bigger hammer. Also, YHWH is pretty much stolen from other gods that already existed, so swing and a miss.

  • Thor whispered in my ear and let me know that Mr. Chambers is too busy getting elected to office to bother reading your blather on the internet.

    He also told me you need to eat more Goat meat, or you will never have enough strength to drink the Ocean.

    Also, what was it that Jesus said about Abortion?….oh yeah, nothing.

    You better get to killing Frost Giants, or you will never make it into Valhalla.

  • Korruptor

    If you believe everything your ever told. Sorta like there is no JFK conspiracy, WTC7 was brought down by an office fire, GMOs are good for you, man-made CO₂ causes global ‘warming,’ and Anna Nicole married for love.

    If you’re that stupid, I’ve a bridge for sale.

  • Sickofthemall

    He’s just another radical blackman with a chip on his shoulder. An attention whore just like jesse, al,jerimiah and their master obama!

  • Snowyday

    Maybe the court reporter in the Charles Kay case (altered the official court transcript without permission or court order) will be doing time with Mr. Sheehy…then again, maybe not. After all the judges and fellow “stakeholders” protect those who do wrong when they are members of the correct social group. Now to be poor, a minority or from a lower economic class…..lock em up and throw away the key.

  • j_in_texas

    If you question Mr. C’s comments and how he knows Mr. Chambers is not going to heaven, I suggest you read in the Bible 1Corinthians 2:12-16. Real Christians are born of God’s spirit and God’s spirit enables them to see what the natural man cannot. Then read John 3:5 or all of John chapter 3.

  • j_in_texas

    Read Matthew 5:18–that is what Jesus said… and then read Exodus 20:13… that is God’s law….So Jesus did say something about abortion.
    W.P. You oppose something (God and the Bible) which you don’t really know anything about… God wants a relationship with every human being…but He does not force himself into your life…. I challenge you to “give God permission” to do whatever it takes to help you come to know him.

  • j_in_texas

    New discoveries in science support the Biblical view of creation. Norman and Setterfield analyzed the speed of light taken by other scientists over 300 years and the data revealed that the speed of light was slowing. Based upon the data the speed of light could have been millions of times faster only 20,000 years ago. Hence light could travel across the universe in a short time.. And since the speed of light impacts nuclear decay all these long ages of things would become very short…another scientist named Tifft found that red shift is quantized… this says that red shift is not as Hubble thought, an expanding universe is not the cause of red shift … based on these two new discoveries in science, the earth being 4 billion years old is not accurate…

    go to http://www.setterfield.org/GSRresearchpapers.html and some of the articles… Get an up to date view of science…

  • robotscott

    Dominionist spiritual egos invading American governments all over. Jig is up when even the angry ecentric makes a coherent attack upon your false philosophy of fear, shame and unchecked ego.

  • oldwhiteguy

    too bad, it should mean you don’t come back.

  • One state senator in Nebraska who has made statements critical of religion versus almost every politican in America trying to make pro-Christian, pro-God, pro-Jesus staements. Politicans who fall over themselves trying to affirm a god in the Pledge of Allegiance or our money. Trying to ban gay rights based on the bible. Nice to see there is at the very least one state senator somewhere who represents the voices of Americans who dont’ buy into the mythology of Christianity.

  • Jazzee

    agree with the kids being drugged up…………..all those shooters were on drugs that NO ONE ever talks about

  • Pat Boyle

    Like Ernie Chambers fool. You just said so, effn mowron!

  • Pat Boyle

    Massaging the verses to fit an argument.

  • Pat Boyle

    Thanks John. Before you start let me send you my Christmas list.

  • rickcain2320

    Wow there’s a lot of corruption in NE. Chambers is normal compared to the rest of the clowns running the state.

  • After looking at your source I can’t take this seriously. You are trying to use a supposed scientist, who unlike most others in their respective science fields, doesn’t have a PhD and the name of the website “Genesis Science Review” leads me to believe it is absolute rubish. Also in his biography nowhere did it say that any of his findings were published in credible peer reviewed journals of merit. Good day.

  • Inigo_Ona

    Seems like the school systems – public and private – are the source of most child sexual abuse these days.

  • Inigo_Ona

    As for what jJesus looked like, here is an article on some mummy paintings from the period. Some look very European, some lookl very Arab, some looked mixed race Euro-Arab-East African. .None look like the Senator.

  • Inigo_Ona
  • JhoffaX

    What an idiot..

    Whoever voted for him is getting the government they deserve.

  • JhoffaX

    DARRRRRRRRRR.. I don’t like teh name, rubbish, darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Good post! lol.

  • JhoffaX

    **“He knows the Bible but he doesn’t have the relationship that it takes to be a Christian or go to Heaven,” Christensen said.**


  • Mr. Chambers tries and tries to get the people of Nebraska to use their heads for something more than a hat rack, but the thick headed seldom stop and really think about what he is saying and modeling.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    And we will think for you….

  • skinnercitycyclist

    Your fatwah envy is showing….

  • skinnercitycyclist

    FYI, I believe the concentration “camp” in
    Lodz was a ghetto, not a camp

  • skinnercitycyclist

    You are cute as David Barton wiping his rear with American History!

  • Lol are you kidding me?

  • Kevin

    I see no problem exploiting prisoners. Make them earn what they get for free and take for granted.

  • doodad69

    Making poor prisoners work so the taxpayers don’t have to foot 100% of the bill upsets you, little woman? Get over it, fool. Those “for-profit” prisons are ran MUCH better than state-controlled prisons. See, in the REAL world, businesses have to answer to shareholders and stake holders. Big Government doesn’t answer to anyone! One would think you dummy leftists would eventually realize this!

  • doodad69

    “Three cheers” for a rayciss ni99er that hates you because you’re a crackah? You’re not very bright, are you? Idiot.

  • doodad69


  • Alfredo Ramirez

    finally, just what the legislature needed to keep it on its toes. Accountability is needed.

  • selahgreene, If you think the sword verse has something to do with violently defending yourself or supporting guns etc, you need to study the passage some more. As to Ernie, he is not the problem, it is the other legislators who will not take the time to learn the rules of the game as he has and who are afraid of him.

  • It doesn’t take a God to understand that abortion is a barbaric practice used by totally selfish people who care only about themselves. That would indicate that Liberals would abhor abortion since they believe they are for the poor and defenseless. But that is only when the poor and defenseless don’t inconvenience them. Talk about a hypocritical stance. Oh by the way, I volunteered at a pregnancy center and guess what, Ernie would have a lot more of his minority voting for him if he were to stop abortions. Blacks are by the far the largest users of abortion compared to whites. Ignorance is allowing your political base to be decimated by genocide and not even realizing it is happening. Now there’s a person to look up to.

  • How about the fools who believe that life began in a toxic waste that no life form could survive in, then became fish then become a monkey which then became man all in a time span proven to be to small to allow for such evolution to have been remotely possible. Quite frankly, kbj, your way takes a lot more faith than any God believing person’s.

  • You are literally a stain on the underpants of society.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    another America hating obamabot……………no surprise

  • Faithisuseless

    Ironic that you would appeal to someone to use logic in order to understand the bible. Here’s a little logic for you: if people don’t follow every letter of the bible, they must have a reason for that, right? Why do they get to ignore some things and follow others? There must be a sense of morality that is independent of the bible for that to be true. After all, god would not tell you to ignore his word, so it can’t be god telling you to ignore it. Turns out there is indeed a right thing (or many right things) and condemnation, completely independent on god.

  • Faithisuseless

    I think that those who have no qualms about wishing death on other human beings would be everything wrong with this country, actually.

  • Faithisuseless

    Wow. Does anyone see this ^ ? Talk about exercising your right to free speech because you can and definitely not because you should. Though I’m not sure how much free speech support one can get with the N word.

  • Faithisuseless

    Only fools believe in anything without evidence.

  • Faithisuseless

    The issue isn’t so cut and dry. Nobody out there loves abortion. The real goal should be comprehensive sex education, including contraception. It’s plainly obvious that unplanned pregnancies drop dramatically in areas with better education in those regards. Also, how selfish is it? Say a woman ends up pregnant, and is totally unable to care for the child (not terribly uncommon). Is it better to condemn the child to a life of poverty and likely crime, thus becoming a drain on society and perpetuating the cycle, or to stop that while the “child” is still just a group of non-sentient cells? You can prattle on as much as you want about life beginning at conception, and the existence of a soul, but that is a moot point. We have zero evidence for the existence of any souls, and of course it’s alive, just as the flies you swat are. Don’t mention the potential for life, either, because that point is silly too. By that logic, every sperm cell has potential for life. Every nocturnal emission made by every male is tantamount to genocide, what with the murder of approximately 500,000 potential human lives. The only point one can make is about the moral responsibility of all of us to educate ourselves in every means necessary so as to avoid those unplanned pregnancies in the first place. But you can’t follow a moral responsibility if you don’t know that you have it. Education is the answer.

  • Faithisuseless

    Hardly bullying. He’s pointing out inconsistencies of the law, not picking on senators because their ears are too big or stealing their lunch money. He’s presenting evidence and asking questions.

  • Libertarian01a

    There are more than enough families out there willing to adopt even the handicapped. It is a red herring argument about poverty. Not only will the child be adopted, their care will be taken care of also during the pregnancy. To the civilized, yes it is cut and dried. Once you start down the road to euthanasia, then everyone is at risk depending on who is in charge. Education helps, but quite frankly, most kids get it on the streets and internet. There is no rationalization for abortion, it is barbaric.

  • Faithisuseless

    And the racist from further down the comment line shows up with another doozy, this time “little woman”. Impressive. Way to bring credence to your cause, sir. Nothing that is “for-profit” is better than anything. Having to answer to shareholders means sacrificing anything and everything, including the rights of all people involved, in order to keep their profits rising. “Big Government” (a term that very quickly revealed your penchant for right-leaning, closed-loop media. Don’t think it’s closed-loop? Remember how surprised Karl Rove was that Romney lost? Think about that.) is a silly myth. The government is the name we give to the things that we as a people collectively decide to do, based on votes. As it turns out, the government still answers to the people. Though many politicians on a certain side would like to change that, because when they have to answer to the people, their positions are unpopular, and therefore don’t get passed.

  • LukeinNE

    I don’t dispute that he is angry or that he is black. I also disagree with him on pretty much everything, but I would hazard a guess that the man is the most intelligent guy in the legislature. There’s no doubting his capability.

  • Faithisuseless

    The slippery slope argument need not apply here. We’re not talking about euthanasia. We are talking about a part of a woman’s body. The woman is responsible for what happens there, not the unborn child, who is not sentient, and not fully human. There is a reason that personhood legislation failed. It makes no sense. Also, no, adoption is not that simple. If it were, more people would do it. Many people adopt lots of kids for the tax breaks you get. They end up getting awful care, lacking education, and the problem continues. Finally, if you really think that education is fine because “most kids get it on the streets and internet”, then there is nothing I can do to help you. Education is woefully inadequate in many parts of this country and for many people, period. There are mountains of evidence to suggest this.

  • Faithisuseless

    You betray your lack of understanding of evolution here pretty handily. The time span you speak of is a couple billion years, which has not been proven to be too small. It has been proven to be quite the opposite. But really, what would tens of thousands of scientists who spent their lives studying this stuff know? They only spent that time pouring over all of the evidence, and found that the overwhelming majority supports evolution. Tell me, do you go to the doctor, find out you have cancer, but then tell him, “No way doc. Can’t be. WebMD says it’s a cold.”? Granted, scientists are constantly amending our understanding of everything, including evolution. But the basic premise has so much evidence in support of it, that it may as well be set in stone. Also, we don’t truly understand how life began. Yet. Life 2.5 billion years ago was much simpler than now. It was little more than a few complex chemicals strung together. It could very well have survived in environments that we now consider harsh. There is life that has adapted to environments unsuitable for anything else. Why is it so hard to accept that life may have come from something that is toxic?

  • Libertarian01a

    Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely (AGI).If Ernie doesn’t see the racism in abortion, by the time he does, his race will not be relevant.

  • Libertarian01a

    Actually we are. 90% of downs children are aborted because they are downs. I am the grandfather of a downs child and wouldn’t trade him for anyone. What about china? One child, abort the rest. In many cases the perceived handicapped are discarded because they are handicapped regardless of severe it may or may not be, especially in Eastern European nations. I might believe that those who support abortion add nothing to society and become in charge and want those type of people eliminated also. The point is, the more you try to justify things like abortion, the more it becomes evident that you can justify the termination of anyone. Morality by pro abortion folks is relative and when morality becomes relative, those in charge determine what morality is. That is a scary thought. That you might have to live with my morality or that I do have to live with yours. Adoption is only difficult in those cases people choose to make it so. Having seen a few, it is relatively simple. As to education, I didn’t explain myself well. I don’t condone street/internet teaching, but as wired as kids are today, you can’t get around it and most of it is woefully inadequate and incorrect.

  • Korruptor

    God, as creator of the universe, would have to the epitome of logical thought, and ordered reasoning.

    If not, then logic is the highest form of human reasoning possible, and any emotionally based actions or response is just hormones.

    If there is no God as the ultimate form of good, then there is no defining standard of what is good, or morally acceptable, and Hitler was as equally ‘good’ as the rest of humankind.

    If there is no God, there is no right or wrong. Merely what you believe, or are made to believe.

    I won’t bother apologizing to you about Christianity’s dispensationalism and antinomianism, as you’ve more than benefitted from the moral code of even that flawed doctrine.

    BTW, dispensationalism and antinomianism, are both heresy. And I ascribe to neither.

  • Korruptor

    BS, they are not. All private-run prisons throughout the US are rife with internal corruption, drug trafficking, and malfeasance. Do you honestly think a guard paid mere minimum wage or little better wouldn’t take the $30 – $60Gs to move a little heroin? A single guard can make more in one movement of goods than he can in an entire year of work.

    You’re welcome to prove that a minimum wage slave is immune to temptation, bribery, or extortion.

    You know nothing of which you speak.

  • Korruptor

    Really? Inherent right to self-defense. Book of Esther.

    Liberals who think they know, or even understand the Bible without really studying it. Hilarious.

    “Ernie, he is not the problem, it is the other legislators who will not take the time to learn the rules of the game.”

    In other words, he’s a penultimate politician, as far removed from the viscera and filth of the street as his fellow white legislators.

  • Korruptor

    Sorta like AGW, chem trails, GMO is good for you, and extraterrestrial life.

    Liberals are funny, as long as it’s you’re own personal political agenda, it’s not a conspiracy theory.

  • Korruptor

    Hardly. You presume that the verses are limited in their connotation, and thus their applicability.

  • doodad69

    Oh, the state-ran prisons are any better and with less corruption?!? You are a goddamned idiot! Some union thug “bawss-man” who can’t be fired is less corrupt than a guard in a private prison? Idiot. And who says the private guard is payed minimum wage besides you? Shut the f u ck up, stupid sheep boy.

  • doodad69

    I’m not here for credence, stupid little woman. I’m here for the cathartic experience. If it were possible, I would curb stomp every single one of you sissy b17ch boy leftards. But since that isn’t possible, I smack you pu88ies with words.

    Obviously you haven’t heard of stakeholders either. Look it up, stupid. A corporation sets up shop in a town and hires people from that town. The townspeople are stakeholders, as are the customers of the corporation. Every corporation protects the interests of both the stockholders AND the stakeholders, stupid.

    You seriously think communism is the best way, don’t you, little sissy? Why don’t you pack your Power Puff Girl suitcase and move to that worker’s paradise we call North Korea, or Cuba, or hell, even Venezuela?

    And NO, the government doesn’t coordinate with the population every time they propose a bill, dummy. You need to take a civics class along with a business class. You’ll look less stupid the next time you try to best your betters. I can’t believe you’re so stupid that you think the “collective citizen” sends their ideas to their state houses and to Washington, and the “leaders” simply do it! You are one dumb mothereffer! LOL! Moron.

  • doodad69

    Oh shut up you kvetching washwoman. I would love to see you try and take away my right to anything. LOL!!! Those limp-wristed flails will get you hurt, but would be both entertaining to me AND therapeutic at the same time. You wanna meet up, mama’s boy, let me know. You’re as useless as you think faith is, stupid.

  • Korruptor

    Maybe you should actually look at some real facts instead of knee-jerk ad hominems like the rest of the filthy liberals.

    I don’t know about your state, but in mine, DOC is an open shop.

    I said ‘little better than,’ but thank you for proving your inability to read critically, much like the rest of the liberal scum.

    Paygrades in NE:

    Compromised COs:

    Private Public Partnership Prison corruption:

    Private Public Partnership Prison analysis:

  • Korruptor, I am about as conservative as they come. Ester is for yesterday. The old testament also states we should stone blasphemers. Stoned any lately? Christians are to be Christ like in their behavior and do all for the glory of God (New Testament). Nothing about allowing the killing of fellow humans is found in the new testament, which is the testament we live under. If you must use the old testament, remember Noah, where in the end God states man shall not spill man’s blood. As to Ernie, he is fun to watch but adds nothing to society much as conservatives who think they know the Bible without really studying it and consistently bring dishonor to God. God is neither Liberal or Conservative, he is above it all.

  • FIU. I don’t know where you get your info but even non-faith based mathematicians have shown that the earth and it’s life forms is not old enough to have gone through all the permutations it would have to go through to produce man. Your statement that a few billion years is enough is conjecture on your part and not supported by the math. I would also ask, which part of the flagella (motor) came first and what did the parts do, since they were useless separately, until they all came together, and how did they figure out how to build the motor? Evolution tells us the useless is discarded, not carried around until a use is found for it. Same for your life environment from the beginning. Science has been trying for years to reproduce that failed theory and has been unable to. Maybe they just aren’t smart enough. As to your last question, because there is not a shred of evidence that such a thing is even possible. It’s take a lot faith to believe that something thrived in a toxic waste, beset by extreme volcanic heat, lightning and toxic sun rays and grew into a water loving life form. More faith than I have.

  • It is a shame that a man of Ernie’s talent, who has spent a life time, mostly inadequately, in fighting the death penalty, has done nothing to help eliminate or lessen it in his own back yard. In his own neighborhoods, people are killed everyday. They live under a death sentence, they just don’t know whose turn it is today. It is a neighborhood that has 14 year olds stating all they are good for is making babies. Where the society now believes that raising a child by one welfare parent is the norm. Many encourage him because he “sticks it to the man.” How quaint. He is Nero fiddling while his home burns. Yet many find him admirable. Fools following a fool off the edge a cliff. Lemmings! In Ernie’s world, just like those who he chooses to chastise, it is all about Ernie. What a waste!

  • Pat Boyle

    I’ll meet up.

  • doodad69

    Great let’s do this. Where do you live, Patsy? I live in Georgia off I-75. I’m sure logistically we can meet somewhere where your shrieks and squeals can’t be heard and I won’t be interrupted. Let me know when is good for you, and we’ll make it happen. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity longer than you know. Oh, and I won’t meet up with you for some downlow Ostalin-Reggie Love schit either. So get that germinated idea out of your sissy head.

  • JhoffaX

    Huh-HU! HUH-HU! HUH-HU!

  • doodad69

    I’m waiting, Patsy, and I’m getting any more calm either.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    You are an ignorant fool arguing empty rhetoric, doodad69. Audits, undercover investigations and numerous lawsuits have shown that these “for profit” prisons are instead very poorly ran, rampant corruption among staffers including running drugs into the prison for prisoners, are understaffed with poorly paid and ill-trained guards who regularly engage in acts that verge on torture and most certainly violate the Constitutional Rights that even convicted felons still are protected under in this country, and subject these prisoners to overcrowding, unfit (rotten) food, denied proper medical care, and failure to prevent prisoner on prisoner violence.

    Why? Because the corporations who run these “for profit” prisons run them just like another “for profit” prison system from seventy years ago – Nazi Concentration Camps and Soviet Gulags – running them at bare-minimum operating expense to squeeze every penny of profit out of them and into the pockets of the major shareholders – the CEO, CFO, COO and Board members.

    With Government ran prisons at least they’re held accountable to the taxpayers, private “for profit” prisons are held accountable to no one but their shareholders.

    Perhaps if you were to spend a few months in one of these “for profit” prisons your attitude might be a little different. Then again, you might just make it back out of one of them at all with your attitude.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    And apparently Chambers’ standards, without G-d, are higher than Christensen’s standards with G-d. You do not have to believe in g-d to be a decent, moral, ethical human being, but there are an awful lot of people who profess to believe in a G-d who lack all sense of decency, morals or ethics themselves.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Go, Ernie, go!!! Welcome back to the Unicameral!!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    If you happen to believe that highly edited, redacted and third and fourth hand account of events reported three centuries after their occurrence by mere mortal humans with their own personal agendas of power and wealth consolidation who’s sole aim was to control the masses and their wealth with blind obedience to them through the powerful psychological tools of guilt and fear (the NT). Oh, that’s right, I forgot, you believe that that is the literal word of G-d not to ever be questioned and the Earth is only 6,000 years old and dinosaurs walked with people and fossils are only G-d’s enigmas to test the faith of the ignorant, yada, yada, yada.

    Yeesh, Barry Goldwater was dead on right when it came to the Fundamentalists and the pox they would become upon the Republican Party and all of America if allowed into politics.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Hear, hear, Luke!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    So who’s the racist cracker, doodad? You wearing your formal white robe and hood while typing your diatribe?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Add me to that list, Pat. Let’s see how this loud mouth stacks up against a pissed off Republican former Combat Arms Army Officer and hand to hand combat instructor. Bet he wets himself.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Bullsh*t!! Just WHERE are all these families you blather on about????? There are THOUSANDS of children here in Nebraska alone who go unadopted each year, and hundreds who age out of the Foster Care system and are then discarded by society each year. Where are all of those “waiting” adoptive families you so authoritatively speak about??????? Hmmmmm? Waiting, waiting, waiting, the silence is deafening, because THERE ARE NONE!!!

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Evangelicals, holier-than-thous who think they have all the answers and are thus superior to everyone else, then start turning on each other because they perceiver others not being as “holy” or “pure” of thought as them self. remember “Yet ye who is free of sin cast the first stone”? Guess what, you are NOT free of sin, so you have NO right to judge the decisions of others when it comes to their own bodies and circumstances.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    One more Texan who’s tin foil hat has slipped. Please do the rest of the United States a favor and take your wacko governor, Rick Perry with you and secede from the Union (but let Austin, bastion of sanity and culture in your barren, forlorn state, remain part of the U.S.) like he threatened to do. It would help the Federal Budget tremendously in NOT having to pump all the Federal Tax money from other states into your welfare cesspool.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Shows how little you know. Scientists in the lab HAVE created amino acids, the basic building blocks of life, under EXACTLY those same conditions, repeatedly. Perhaps if you read Scientific American, Omni or Discover instead of The Watchtower or the drivel cited above, or watched Nova or Discovery or National Geographic channel instead of the the 700 Club, Voices of Victory of Fox News you wouldn’t be such an ignorant person unaware of how the world around you really works.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Because the demographics you cited are also more economically impoverished and have both less educational access and physical access to birth control and thus higher abortion rates than more affluent, Caucasian females (who, incidentally, practice birth control in defiance of religious bans to the contrary more frequently than their less affluent, non-Caucasian counterparts). Equal the playing field, and you would see those statistics for abortions drop precipitously for those minority groups, because pregnancy rates would also fall correspondingly, religious affiliations not withstanding.

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    And in your world, you are the Great White Dope?

  • Watching_From_Lincoln

    Doodad69 must think that Cool Hand Luke, Shawshank Redemption and both Longest Yard movies are the truth about public prisons because he saw them on TV, and everything he sees on TV must be true, just like Fox News is.

  • Libertarian01a

    My faith does not ban birth control that is not abortion, so your generalization shows your lack of knowledge of those you criticize. Why are those demographics what they are? Who perpetuates them? The people you support. You can blame history all you want, but history has shown enough repressed minorities who have changed their lot to show it can be done. Once again, for the first time ever, a society (black) believes that a one person parent is the norm for raising children. That is the belief of the society that they have perpetuated and now live by. Omaha has been working on those demographics since the 1960’s. I know I was around then. They have not gotten better they have worsened. As much as you would like to blame everyone except those involved, if true, then the demographics will not change until the minority becomes the majority and can push it’s will upon the people. And then it won’t be what they can do for themselves, but what they can take from others.The last figure I heard was that we could give each welfare recipient $60,000. per year and save the federal government a ton of money. Why hasn’t your side done so? Because then they loose their power base and then their power. That’s why Ernie can’t work to really to change things. If he does he becomes non relevant just as the liberals would and then where would you be? The point is simply, doesn’t matter which side you look at, neither is pure, both are corrupt with power and to throw stones at one while touting the virtues of the other is done by someone with no integrity or wisdom. When your watching, truly open your eyes instead of using rose colored glass for one and not the other. (Great to see you wrote a whole paragraph with out calling names:)

  • Libertarian01a

    Here we go again. As a volunteer at a pregnancy center, I know we had families read to go at a moments notice to step up and help pay for a pregnant mother’s needs and then adopt the baby. I don’t know were your facts come from but those who are not adoptable are usually those older kids. By the way, how many have you fostered or adopted? Volunteered any where to help them? If your not involved then your criticism is hypocrisy of the unknowing. As to the foster care system, open your eyes and read the papers. We have one of the worse in the Nation. And you have done exactly what to reverse that? Keep waiting, shooting off your mouth, and let others carry the load. Mean while your responses on how you are personally involved in helping any of these kids is also a deafening silence.

  • Pat Boyle

    Hey Nancy Goober, I don’t live in Georgia. You’ll have to come up to Nebraska to get that heavy dose of ass whoppin I will happily provide you. I haven’t been waiting for a long time. I’ve been in fights before, I know how to handle myself. I suggest we meet in north Omaha. I have a spot picked out. I know where and when we can do this.
    You let me know if you’re a fool or a pussy.

  • cliveklg

    Grow up. Make an intelligent civil response. That you have to resort to name calling and personal attacks says a lot about you.

  • cliveklg

    Have fun when the police come to talk to you about the threats posted.

  • cliveklg

    They are human being that have rights. Our system of incarceration does not work. And is racially biased in nature.

    And the ones pushing for more and more people to be locked up for ridiculous things that pushed us to be the number one prison nation in the world are these for profit companies lobbying and pushing for more and more jail time, mandatory sentencing, etc.

    Our system needs serious reform, and one of them is the private for profit prisons.

  • Kevin

    So what is wrong with working to earn some of what they get for free? More than what many of us have to begin with. Hot meals 3x a day, medical care……………..

  • doodad69

    LOL!!! What “threats” have I posted you dumb broad? Now that’s funny there, I don’t care who you are. “Uh thir, I jutht called 911 on you for making people who are obviouthly inferior to you in every way nameth, and thtuff. My 6th grade teacher, Mithth Thmith thaid that it wath againtht the law to call people nameth!!! You are in thhhhooo much trouble, mithter!!!” What a childish little b17ch you are. Pfft!

  • doodad69

    Saying that the police is going to knock on my door for non-existent “threats” says even MORE about you, dummy. It’s impossible to make civil responses to you lemmingtard ‘Rat voters, so I’m not even going to try, you stupid sissy. Oooohhh…are you going to call the FBI on me now, for calling you a sissy. Remember, you stupid president just said he’s going to furlough a bunch of agents, so you’d better hurry and call them like, uh NOW! Idiot.

  • doodad69

    So you’ve been a quad-queen in one of those “for-profit” prisons, huh? Did your empty rhetoric little mind think to provide a source for your shrill, anti-profit, sissy rant? Did your female brain think to compare the efficacy of “for-profit” prisons to state-controlled prisons, which we all know are ran terribly? Nah, you’re just a dummy that thinks some bureaucrat in whatever capital can run ANYTHING better than the private sector. I want you to consider that the next time you’re waiting for hours at the DMV, or the free clinics you frequent, stupid.

    I did learn something, or excuse me, heard something interesting. You compare a “for profit” prison to Nazi German and the Soviet gulags. How well did those “for-profit” concentration camps work out for the Nazis, you shrill little twit? You actually are stupid enough to compare what the Nazis did to the Jews to a “for-profit” prison?!? Wow! Well, that’s about right for a libtard, isn’t it? Par for the course, it is. It’s why I despise you dummies. I hate stupid people, and boy do you fit the bill.

  • doodad69

    Ok stupid, educate me then. Let’s see your proof that every single private sector prisons are “rife with corruption.” I also want proof that the state-controlled prisons are ran any better and with less corruption. This ought to be good. Oh, if you don’t have any proof, you need to shut your glory-hole money-maker. Effing lying sack of schit. Like you’ve been studying private prisons for years and are an authority on them. Shut up, you moron, unless you have proof, that is, which you DON’T. You sissy leftists are too lazy and stupid to even know how to start researching anything.

  • doodad69

    Actually dipschit, you can see all the proof you want by watching the prison shows on MSNBC. Those shows are the only means for MSNBC to stay on the air, because that’s about the only time sane people ever watch that station.

    That said, you’ve never cited your source for your “truth” about private prisons. I’m sure I’ll never hear back from you, will I stupid?

  • doodad69

    Saying I’m a liberal is about like saying you’re intelligent. You screech like a pu88y liberal, and you are a state-control-is-better-than-private a-hole. Stop accusing others of what you’re too ashamed to admit you are, dipschit. I promise you, little woman, in person, you’d be licking my boots. Want to find out, let me know, you little punka88 b17ch.

  • doodad69

    “Racially biased?!?” So the feral negro doesn’t commit most of the crimes, huh? No, the po-po raids the ghettos every night and “in-cah-cerates” all of these poor, innocent blacks, huh? You want to see less blacks imprisoned, march your narry a88 to the nearest ghetto, tell them you are “for” them, and plead with them to stop committing crimes, or at least getting arrested for nothing. Report back to me and let me know how it went. LOL! Twinks like you never make it out the ‘hood. The feral negro can smell your fear and weakness, and will pick their teeth with your brittle bones when they’re through with you. Oh, don’t fear the ‘hood though. You know they are peaceful, harmonious places, and that the racist Big Media only makes them look violent and cacophonous simply to make blacks look bad. So go ahead, go find your “inner-negro” and give us all a report, stupid.

  • doodad69

    Pick up a newspaper, toots. You might learn something.

  • doodad69

    You’re the one who said you’d meet me, remember? But that’s just like a pu88y who only runs his little sissy mouth. Since I want to do this so badly, meet me halfway, pus8y. Or are you going to say you “have to work” or some other such schit? I have vacation days that I would gladly waste to stomp a muddy hole in some sissy-boy libturd’s a88. Memphis works good for me. Since you said you’d meet me, running your sissy mouth, and then wanted ME to meet YOU in that schit hole we call Nebraska, you give me a means to get in touch with you. I will stalk your punk a88 until you do, so you may as well do it, you tough gal wannabe. Call me out and then tell me to meet YOU! Typical coward leftardist. Send me an email, phone number, whatever. I promise you I’m not a pussy, and we’ll get to see what you’ve learned in your fights with your sister.

  • doodad69

    “Nancy Goober?” Is that what passes as sissy-boy ‘humor’ these days? Pfft! “I know I said I’d meet YOU, but I have cats that need feeding. So you’re going to have to come to ME!” Go f u c k yourself you goddamn coward.

  • cliveklg

    Welcome to ignore. I could care less what a trolling racist like yourself thinks anymore. You are pure scum.

  • cliveklg

    That isn’t how it works Kevin. Slave labor is slave labor. Regardless.

  • cliveklg

    He’s a coward that is only big on the internet.

    He’s only showing how sad and pathetic his life is that he gets off on this.

  • Kevin

    Consider it a job for the prison. Instead of a paycheck, they get board and room.

    Hopefully this simplifies it for you.

  • Korruptor

    Yesterday? Sorta like learning to can, growing a garden, or hunting maybe. So yesterday. That was for them, not for us. Because Christ has two bodies, with two different destinies. Because something a God outside of time said can somehow have a time constraint. Listen to yourself.

    Esther is not for yesterday, you merely presume that it is.

    “Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things not yet done,”
Isaiah 46:8-10

    “The Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”
    James 1:17

    The right of self-defense remains inherent. Why else post watchmen to the rampart walls? Are they to tell the people to run, and give up their lives, their eternal possession in the Land? Shouldn’t they just ‘turn the other cheek,’ or do you suggest Messiah contradicts Himself? He cannot [Hebrews 13:8].

    As a point of note, Purim 2013 to Yom Teruah 2016 is 1290 days.

    Might want to go look up why there was to be stonings. “To purge the evil from your midst.” Now take a look around you and tell me that we are better off not following God’s irrevocable, infallible Torah. Such a burdensome law that allows God to be within our midst, that releases all debt every 7 years, that is fair and just, and only through it can grace and mercy be made manifest.

    Yes, what a nation we’ve built unto ourselves.

    No, it is better for the few, or the One, to perish than all the congregation [Joshua 22:20, John 11:50]. Oh look, even that isn’t new.

  • Korruptor

    I’m sorry, who are you to define what is ‘decent, moral, and ethical?’ Quite simply, if there is no God, no absolute moral authority, there is no greater truth on this planet than ‘might makes right.’ Certainly not an amoral legal code, nor an amoral politician.

    You, as person, determine for yourself what is supposedly decent and moral, by strength of consensus, strength of your own righteousness, strength of your own logic or humanity, you remain yet using ‘might’ to ‘make right.’ This in no way makes you a decent, moral, or ethical being. Your ‘solution’ is just as that of Hitler and Stalin.

    Chambers doesn’t care about his constituents. He cares about getting re-elected. He is a penultimate politician.

  • Korruptor

    Did you just utterly fail to read the previous message, or are you so fucking lazy you couldn’t even be bothered to read the summaries? Guess not. Too stupid to click and read? The evidence is strongly mounting.

    I already proved my point. How corruption even gets to those who should be so far away, and incorruptible, yet still are. The pathetic wages for such a hazardous job. The studies on internal corruption, corruptibility, and cost-benefit analysis.

    You haven’t shown a single article, study, scientific journal, or reference, to prove your point.

    Act all insulted like some minimum wage, power-tripping, TSA pedophile, run your mouth, you stupid child. It’s the extent of the power, glory, fame, and influence you’ll ever have, you communist freak show.

  • cliveklg

    Again, that isn’t how it works. If we want to use this as a punishment and take away their freedom to “protect us” (even though a large large number are not a threat) and the free right to choose jobs, then we have to pay for it.

    It is forced labor so it is slave labor.

  • cliveklg

    Just another racist, upset that someone dare stand up for their rights or views.

  • cliveklg

    He makes people think. And at first I thought like you, thought I disagreed with him on most everything. But started really looking into his positions and he is right on many if not most.

  • cliveklg

    A clump of cells without a thinking brain is no more human than a tadpole.

  • cliveklg

    And supposedly god commanded the tribes of Israel to slaughter men and children and rape and force the women into servitude. Jesus also said it was OK to beat slaves even if they didn’t know what they did wrong. I can pick and choose also.

  • Pat Boyle

    LAME, this is craphouse quality at best.
    Here are some of the emails you can send more big brained ideas to.

    [email protected], [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    You & I clearly are not on the same level. I’m bored with you. I’m afraid I’m going to be disappointed when I get to Memphis and discover you’re a little dog that doesn’t know he’s a little dog.
    By the way, I’m sure my sister could clean your clock too.
    Ok DumbAss69, Don’t be a stranger. I’ll wait for your stalking to begin.

  • Pat Boyle

    Guess this means your a broke ass pussy! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • doodad69

    It’s “you’re” retard. How am I a “broke ass pussy?” That truly makes no sense, and I know you’re trying to change the subject at hand, which is you putting your (not you’re, numbnuts) money where your (again, not you’re) glory-hole working mouth is. You liberal “males” are really as shrill and stupid as your female counterparts, who it appears are more manly than you “males.” Again, you mouth-running sissy, how do I get in touch with you to set up your life lesson, which is not not call out someone who is clearly more intelligent and obviously much, much stronger than you? If you go ahead and admit you’re (not your, stupid) a chickenshit, we can get on with our lives. Sure, I will screw with you mercilessly on comment threads when you say libtarded stuff like “ooh…gunth are thooooo icky and thtuff!!! We should ban all of them except the pink oneth. Thothe are really cute and would fit nithely in my man-bag!!!” and we’ll both have a good laugh, because you know I am funny, in spite of you being the brunt of my cutting wit.

  • doodad69

    Uh huh, that’s what all of you pansy-ass, limp-wristed liberal “males” say. I even called it in a previous post, but you didn’t use the “Uh…I have a cat to feed…I just can’t run off and get my ass beat senseless!!!” Maybe you should send your sister in your place. I have a jacket that I need to get a stain out of, so maybe she can do that for me. There’s only one way to find out if we’re on the “same level,” which I’m glad you see me as heads and shoulders above you in every way, but still, you ran your glory-hole worker to me. You’re a pathetic little schitbird libtard. Man up and back that big mouth of yours up, Patsy. An ass beating never hurt anyone, and it might make your testicles finally descend, and you’ll start thinking instead of “feeling” like your 14 year-old sister who whoops your ass does. Take your ass beating like a man, Patsy.

  • doodad69

    No one is forced to work those jobs, Nancy-girl libtard. Why don’t you take the financial risk and start your own business and pay poorly-educated people like yourself $100/hour to scrub toilets? One, you’re not smart enough, and two, you’re a dipshit libtard who can’t run your own life without the likes of Ostalin telling you what to eat and when to schit, let alone a goddamn business. Pfft! Loser dickboy.

    Your stupid links mean nothing to me. It’s not like the internet is full of schit that libtard Nancies like you can go to prove the supremacy of Big Government. God knows there are plenty of people who live large off of other people’s money, so they have a vested interest in convincing little schitdix like you to worship at the altar of the bureaucracy. So go fuck yourself and your little links, dickboy. Keep voting ‘Rat you shrill little girl-child. Eventually you’ll die when your gods run out of my money.

    One thing about running my mouth is that I can back it up. I seriously doubt you can, but I’ll give you a chance to prove it. It’s all fine and good when you sissy lib-boys can sit behind anonymity and run your glory-hole workers, but you can never back it up face to face. You’re no different, but feel free to prove me wrong, you kvetching washwoman.

  • Pat Boyle

    HA! HA! HA! You Georgia inbred dweeb!! I firmly own in that tiny territory you use for a brain. Looks like the south lost again. BTW… I’m waiting for the stalking to begin. Please “screw with me mercilessly on comment threads.” Really got me on that one (Rolling my eyes) I’ve never been so underwhelmed by a threat in my entire life. You are such a pussy. Do you know how much of a pussy you are for even thinking that? Man-Card revoked…double pussy. It makes me wonder how many times you got choked out for wearing your mama’s panties.
    Who corrects grammar in a conversation like this? I’m thinking you’re a nerd pussy.

    If this is the brunt of you 8th grade wit then your nut-sack is size of mouse’s bladder.

    This would be more interesting if you were funny, but you suck at this. You keep saying the same thing. So it’s the same material. Blah, blah, bullshit.

    I CAN wait to see your response because You are clearly below grade. I hope you take this criticism constructively and stop humping your dog. It’s gross and someone had to tell you. 🙂 smiley face.

    Have a good life loser now back to mam’s basement with you.

  • Korruptor

    I’m curious how many more of your ignorance-laden, insult-laced, foolish remarks will be deleted, by either you or the moderators.

    $100 /hr Janitor? Clearly shows you know nothing about running a business. For a douche accusing me of being incapable of performing the most sundry of business related tasks, you’ve not even the flimsiest grasp of the most basic cost analysis.

    “Your stupid links mean nothing to me.”

    Translation: ‘I have nothing with which to counter nor rebut your argument, so I completely refuse to acknowledge it nor my own failure to either inform myself or keep my cock-holster mouth shut and prove my ignorance.’

    “God knows there are plenty of people who live large off of other people’s money… kvetching washwoman.”

    Translation: One big long diatribe resorting to nothing but insults because you failed to support your case or even refute mine.

    Let us sum up the traits you’ve so aptly displayed:
    lazy, foul-mouthed, deliberately abusive, assumptive, woefully misinformed, and willfully ignorant.

    FYI – I’m not a liberal, or a democrat, or a socialist, or a progressive, or a supporter of Obama, or Chambers.