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Reluctant Chicago Democrats change tune on concealed carry

By   /   February 22, 2013  /   News  /   6 Comments

By Benjamin Yount | Illinois Watchdog

SPRINGFIELD  —  Democratic leaders in Chicago admit that they cannot ignore a federal court’s ruling that Illinois must allow some people to legally carry a weapon in the state. But that doesn’t mean they support concealed carry.

Chicago aldermen, Chicago police officers, and even the head of Cook County government all told state lawmakers Friday morning that while the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that concealed carry should be legalized, Illinois lawmakers can craft a very tough law.

“Elementary, secondary and higher education buildings should be a gun-free zone,” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle told lawmakers. “Government owned and operated buildings should be gun-free zones. … One should not be able to possess a weapon in a hospital or a nursing home. Houses of worship should be gun-free zones.”

WE WANT OUT: Cook County’s Preckwinkle wants to opt-out of a concealed carry law.

Preckwinkle also wants local governments, notably Cook County and the city of Chicago, to be able to opt out of any statewide concealed-carry law.

“There are 102 counties in the state of Illinois,” Preckwinkle said. “Given the special circumstances in Cook County, it might be something we would want to consider.”

But Preckwinkle did break with another of Cook County’s Democratic leaders. Preckwinkle said she would “abide” by the 7th Circuit Courts ruling, bucking the polic director for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, who earlier this week told lawmakers they could ignore the federal court.

If Cook County and Chicago cannot opt-out of Illinois’ concealed carry law, other Chicago leaders want that law to be as tough as possible.

“I ask as you endeavor on the issue of concealed carry … that you keep in mind the public interest and the public safety of the residence throughout the state of Illinois,” Chicago Alderman Harry Osterman pleaded at a legislative hearing on concealed carry. “Especially in those areas that have significant gun violence like Chicago.”

Osterman said any concealed carry law must have tough, mandatory background checks. Osterman also would like lawmakers to tie concealed carry to other gun laws, particularly laws that target lost and stolen weapons.

DON’T KNOW THE RULES: Alderman Cochran says Chicago isn’t ready for concealed carry.

Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran said before lawmakers allow someone to legally carry a gun, the state needs to teach people the rules.

“Chicago Illinois is a culture that is not astute on firearm possession and concealed carry at this point,” Cochran said. “I am not supporting concealed carry unless we get education to go along with it.”

Illinois is facing a June 9 deadline from the federal court to either pass a concealed-carry law or see anyone with a valid firearm owners’ card be able to carry any weapon they want almost anywhere they choose.

NOT READY: Rep. Drury wants to slow down implementing any concealed-carry law in Illinois.

State Rep. Scott Drury, D-Highland Park, said that is not a lot of time, and Illinois likely will not be ready.

“Delay any implementation of any law or any issuance of a permit until the Illinois State Police and all of the county clerks across the state can certify that they have the processes in place to actually implement the laws that are already in place. Because they are not working,” Drury said as he pointed to an audit of the state police that showed a huge backlog in forearm owner identity cards.

The balance between how Illinois will allow people to legally carry a weapon seems to be the only unanswered question for lawmakers.

On Friday, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s request for a new hearing on the concealed-carry ruling.

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Ben formerly served as staff reporter for Watchdog.org.


  • Good job 7th Cicuit Court of appeals court. That wonderful obamazite Lisa Madigan has lost her case in the FEDERAL Court and its against the US Constitution why should this left wing beaurocrat waste more of our tax money and time holding out the ONLY state in the U.S.A of the right to protect themselves and concealed carry for trained and law abiding people. She and her corrupt Mayor and the rest of the left just want diarmament of the people no matter how much it shows its going to cost them their personall safety while they are all protected by armed gaurds at our expense and they are exempt from all the draconian gun laws and bans themselves

  • sanfordandsons

    Illinois and New York have the most restrictive gun ownership laws in the US. Chicago and New York City have some of the highest murder rates in the US. Let me see if I can figure out the relationships? Ummmmm?

  • Gun free zones not only create victims, it advertises them

  • gritswurst

    i can understand a mistype, but not continued ignoring of it. What in the world is a forearm owner identity card? Doesn’t help your credibility very much.

  • Agreed. The ignorant politicians who support gun free-zones advertise open shooting ranges where their constituents and our children are the targets for criminals and madmen.