Is this the No. 1 reason to keep sequestration cuts?

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By Dustin Hurst |

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Judging by the media frenzy this week, the sequestration-induced budget reductions set for March 1 will destroy America as we know it.

Don’t believe me? Google this line: “Sequestration will devastate.” See what pops up on the screen.

Here’s a short look of the apocalypse sure to come if lawmakers  cut $85 billion out of the federal government’s expected $3.55 trillion 2013 budget: The EPA won’t be as transparent, the TSA won’t frisk you as efficiently, the National Zoo may cut some planned projects and the USDA may have trouble ensuring your steak isn’t horse meat.

The Daily Beast even suggests that the sequester cuts could ruin your life.

Sounds bad, huh?

Yet, silver lining exists in all this. One of the ripple effects of sequester might be that federal lawmakers lose a posh travel perk.

Here’s the scoop from The Washington Post:

Members of Congress adore flying on Air Force jets, particularly for overseas trips — there are no security lines, check-in is a breeze, and the service couldn’t be better.

But if the government-wide cuts aren’t thwarted and the military has to pinch pennies, lawmakers might have to kiss those perks goodbye, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told the crowd at the Air Force Association’s winter conference in Orlando, Fla., we’re told.

In short, members of Congress traveling on those notorious fact-finding missions would have to go through airport security, endure cramped seats amidst crying babies and deal with lost baggage like the rest of us?

Maybe this sequester thing isn’t such a bad idea.

Also, check out this piece from Veronique de Rugy on why the sequester cuts just aren’t that bad.

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