Evolution of Liberal Dance: Michelle Malkin goes after Obamas in awkward video

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THIS HAPPENED: Michelle Malkin produced this awkward video trashing Obama.

THIS HAPPENED: Michelle Malkin produced this awkward video trashing Obama.

By Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – By now, you’ve probably seen media icon and First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Evolution of Mom Dancing” video she performed with late night funnyman Jimmy Fallon last week.

If you haven’t here it is:


So, apparently conservative pundit Michelle Malkin didn’t think the first lady’s performance was that funny, so Malkin produced a clip of her own.  Take a look as the dancer in her video awkwardly grooves while knocking President Barack Obama on his golf game, sequester and stimulus spending:

[youtube T1iRdUwnFWo]


Yikes. One quick tip for Malkin: Real gangstas say “make it rain,” not “let it rain.” Amazingly, Malkin’s video has more than 137,000 views on Youtube. Michelle Obama’s video has just more than 8 million views.

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Correction: The original version of this story said that Malkin’s video had 8 million views. The story has been changed to reflect the accurate number.


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  • Robt Hauser

    Uh, yeah…I s’pose. Frankly I have far less than zero use for one Michele and not much above that for the other…and neither one of them can get within fifty country miles of Marcel Marceau. One definitely needs to be sent back to Kenya in a cage and the other should really be over in the PIs where she belongs.